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Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi🔁The release of Memos are further proof of ’s contempt for the rule of law. His attempts to intimidate, circumvent th e law & undermine integrity of law enforcement investigations demand immediate action to protect the Mueller investigation.
Mlatan Mizenković @mattmiz🔁Just overheard Tomi Lahren on Fox News say: "Average Americans don't go home at night & wonder about the Mueller investigation."

Retweet if you DO wonder about the Mueller investigation not only when you go home at night, but when you wake up in the morning and all day long!

Laurence Tribe @tribelaw🔁The retired federal judge who knows the case inside out, , calls out the fake news smear of and exposes it for the T rump-protecting tactic it has become:

Smearing Robert Mueller

Greg Sargent @ThePlumLineGS🔁Republicans are now set to subpoena Comey's memos.

Let's be blunt: Rs are actively interfering in the Mueller probe to protect Trump.

They will likely try to selectively leak from these memos or create pretext for Rosenstein's firing.

My new post:

Kat4Trump @kath196482🔁Mueller won't be fired but people are going to be pissed off about this! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Pink Freud @alaskarebel🔁Davos. Where top City of London and Wall Steet bankers, international mining magnates and Russian oligarchs all come together. And where Bob Mueller is not invited..

Russian billionaire tangled in Mueller probe throws lavish bash in Davos

Two Little Pigs @LittlePiggies2🔁 I am excited about Giuliani joining Trump's legal team to help bring the Mueller probe to a conclusion though.
Nikki Cavin-Grace @CavinGrace🔁Rudy Giuliani Joins
Trump Legal Team to
Negotiate End 2 Moscow Mueller Russia 🇷🇺 Collusion
Illusion 🦅
g8rateful @g8rateful🔁The clock on President Trump's first 4 year term shouldn't begin until his nominees are confirmed and the Mueller Witch Hunt is over...

His first 1.5 years has been filled with nothing but interference & he's still winning.

Imagine if the rest of D.C. wanted to with him!

Mrs Lauren Altesse @makegoodsoup🔁Comey: “I couldn’t find collusion”
Mueller: “I can’t find any collusion”
Rosenstein: “Trump isn’t even under investigation. No proof of collusion!”

DNC: “Well I guess that means it’s time to sue Trump, Russia & Wikileaks for collusion!!”

Dems are the dumbest people on Earth

GloriaTeacher @Gloria4Educ🔁Giuliani says he joined Trump's legal team to "negotiate an end to the Mueller probe."

Let me be clear - If there is no guilt, then there is no reason to negotiate anything.

Trump is trapped & he knows it. He is scared & expressed his guilt by desiring to negotiate w/ Mueller.

James Toupin @Jamestoupin🔁Especially since the Republican controlled congressional "investigations" were shams intended to see what evidence Mueller had & try to protect 45. About time Dems take the fight to !
NJ Investigations Targeted Results @NJ_Investigator🔁 Rudy returns
USALiberty @americawins49🔁@lisakeymatthews @ZippyXavier @dbongino I cant wait till after Giuliani buries Hillary, he investigates Mueller..
Andy Torre @andywtorre🔁It was the Comey memo that Rosenstein used as the excuse to hire Mueller, because of supposed incriminating evidence that was inside. Well, now we see what's inside for ourselves, and there is nothing. This proves the Mueller probe is illegitimate. Rosenstein needs to explain
wendy dutton @windyweather57🔁The release of Memos are further proof of ’s contempt for the rule of law. His attempts to intimidate, circumvent the law & undermine integrity of law enforcement investigations demand immediate action to protect the Mueller investigation.
Knighthawk @Knighthawk1776🔁"I'm doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of our country and because I have high regard for the President & for Bob Mueller."

~Rudy Giuliani

Snidely Whiplash @Whiplash88🔁Prince knows exactly what's going on, from Loretta Lynch threating NYCPD, to the hidden pedophilia ring all over Wein er's laptop. There's a reason Prince is someone Mueller is suddenly eye-balling. Gotta protect the house, right Bobby?? is so corrupt.
C G Duck @CGDuck5🔁 Newt Gingrich: Mueller and FBI are Acting Like “Stalin” and “The Gestapo in Germany” (VIDEO)
AllAmericanGirl @Mama3Cubs🔁Schiff: “Releasing investigatory files during an ongoing investigation sets a disturbing precedent, and the Deputy Attorney General must be aware that no matter what he gives to these members of Congress, it will never be enough,” saying it’s a pretext to fire Rosenstein/Mueller
Mad Dog @caputo12_caputo🔁The following people deserve to rot in prison.

Comey, Lynch, Hillary, McCabe, Strzok, Mueller, Holder, Soros & Obama. Plus MANY more.

Bring the Justice.

Julia Stain @JuliaSm45799532🔁.: If somebody did want to end the Mueller investigation how would they do it?

Comey: I actually don't think you could accomplish that by firing Director Mueller. I think you'd have to fire everybody in the FBI and the Justice Department to accomplish that.

ONGOING SLAUGHTER @dingalingy55🔁Very much worth reading, from a lifelong Alabama conservative and Republican: “We should all let Trump know we are Americans, not loyal subjects. The Mueller investigation must run its course, and let the chips fall where they may.”
Sue Conner @conner_sue🔁Adam Schiff releases statement on Comey memos: "House Republicans are spoiling to manufacture a conflict with the Justice Department that would give the President a pretext to get rid of Mueller or Rosenstein, heedless of the damage they are doing to our institutions.”
angie de kleine @adekleine🔁.: Mueller Says That Until Yesterday He Had Almost Forgotten to Investigate Giuliani.
MRose @mrosebrooks🔁Remember Flynn's reported involvement in a plot to kidnap exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen? That plot involved securing the release of a prisoner named Reza Zarrab.

Zarrab's lawyer? Giuliani.

Zarrab struck a plea deal in Nov.

He may be a cooperating witness. For Mueller.

Claire @cookiecat456🔁.: Giuliani says we’ll get this investigation wrapped up. What’s he going to do, make a call to Mueller? You don’t need to live in same zip code as a law school to know that’s insane.
Ron Wright @cacharly🔁VIDEO: Giuliani Just Revealed His Game-Changing Plan to Deal With Mueller, Russia Investigation
The time has come to

It’s Pat @Pple1st🔁Republicans did not think DOJ would release the memos because they are part of an ongoing investigation.

It was a House GOP ruse to go after Rosenstein.

But after Michael Cohen raid, Mueller knows he won't get to interview Trump, so it no longer matters to withhold them.

dyaps @momdcy🔁Traitor Rudy Giuliani is NOT going to be advising DT on legal matters, he's going to help him finish the job of destroying the US Constitution & helping The Con assume powers forbidden by it, including jailing law enforcement.

Prediction: DT will soon talk about jailing Mueller

J Wallen @JWallen1776🔁would provide a narrative to try to get a Mueller appointed and try to use the an obstruction of justice ploy to get Republican establishment members of Congress to push for impeachment (a repeat of Watergate). The pressure of impeachment would hopefully get Trump to resign.
Norm cordova @shegolf2🔁Robert Mueller Didn't Indict Flynn, Manafort, Gates & Papadopoulus...

...A Grand Jury Did!

Robert Mueller didn't plead guilty for Papadopoulus & Flynn...

...Papadopoulus & Flynn did!

Robert Mueller didn't appoint himself Special Counsel...

...Republicans did!


Christine💋 @USAloveGOD🔁 begrudgingly says s/d step down , his reasoning is that Rosenstein has usurped his powers ; & Sessions has lost control of the ⚖

Levin also cites a case that a Fdl
Judge says in [Open Court] that is acting outside the constitution ✔

Harke de Vries @HarkeVries🔁Mueller wasn't captured. My point being that Trump, a coward himself (dodged his tour in Nam) who hates Mueller and i s scared of him, by that logic should like Mueller.
Geri @AZgeri2004🔁Mueller investigation just got VERY bad news (bombshell!) via @ReadTheHornNews
JRT🇺🇸 @freedomloverjt🔁Corrupt Special Counsel.
End it now!
You’ve had more than enough time to destroy evidence Mr. Mueller.
We knew your true intent all along.

Jose Pedreira @therealpedreira🔁Since Mueller found no Trump/Russia collusion, the Democrats are suing to keep the myth going. Damn, politics is dirt y -- and the Dems are the dirtiest of them all.
Eric Lewis @ericlewis0🔁This is important.

Via Axios, a "source close to Trump" frankly admits that House Republicans are working to build "a case" against Rod Rosenstein:

And that's why you should bookmark this Adam Schiff quote:

Toby Blessings @toby_dorena🔁Once Mueller Investigation wraps up, what are the chances Sessions is Fired and Rudy Giuliani is put in his place?...

I could see this happening.

CarlyJA22 @CarlyJA22🔁Rudy Guiliani thinks he can parachute into the Mueller investigation - wrap it up and put a bow on it in a couple of weeks and fully exonerate Personally, I can't see the patrician Mueller in the same room with that rude, pedestrian low-life Guiliani.
Captain Sweatpants @HarringtonHonor🔁 “Good news, Mr. President. I negotiated you the top bunk!”

Curtis Fish @FishPar4N2🔁WOW.

These memo's were to be the reason for the appointment of a Special Counsel. THESE MEMO'S are what was to have lead Rosenstein to appoint Mueller. TRUMP TOLD Comey to investigate Russian interference. It's clear Comey lied to US, lied about Trump & to President Trump.

Don Milne @donmilne🔁Mitch McConnell says no law needed to protect Mueller because Trump will never fire him. Will he promise to resign as Majority Leader if Trump does?
Roger Rice @RogerRice10🔁Sounds like a good fit. Has extensive experience dealing with the mafia…
Cyndi Jolly Brown @cynbrat1🔁I'm a lifelong conservative and I support Robert Mueller's Russia investigation via @reddit
Disillusioned @Disilliusa🔁He is a step on the ladder that leads to mueller. Trump and company are going to remove each rung on the ladder including Mueller. Does anyone think that they will be stopped. No. So here we go. But SDNY will bring justice for all of us. Money laundering for yrs. bye bye trump.
Push Back Oligarchy @EatTheOligarchy🔁Rosenstein Tells Trump He’s Not a Target in Mueller, Cohen Probes via @bpolitics
Julie @magicalbaby🔁The President seems to be telling advisers that whether or not he fires Rosenstein or Mueller depends on whether he is a target of the investigation. That is further proof of intent to obstruct justice - he will impede the investigation to protect himself.
Madhatter @siriuskathleen1🔁They just don't like the way "The Mule" Mueller investigation is going. They need to distract from the possible McCa be indictment. Hillary's coming out with another book about why "they" wouldn't let her win. And Comey has decided not to be a Repub. Desperate.
Tomisa Starr @tvstarr🔁Trump reportedly told aides he wasn't firing Rosenstein or Mueller because they aren't targeting him personally.

That seems like a bad thing to admit.

Patricia Carthew @PCarthew🔁. ..seriosly? and have done this all to themselves. Thank God won or none of their would've ever come to light

accuses , of ‘coordinated smear campaign’ against Mueller, Comey

Jody Della Barba @cellinoatt🔁The next action needs to be indictments against and for interfering in an election and conspiracy with a foreign ag ent. You remember ! She and Obama, Mueller, Brennan all sold uranium to Russia.
SuzieQ🇺🇸 @MindfulnessWins🔁Good Lord, . You're going to sue over an unproven conspiracy theory? This means they've realized Mueller's investigation is a bust, and they need a new way to keep their ridiculous narrative alive. Pathetic.

Desperation time at the broke DNC!

Joseph @BackOnTrackUSA🔁.: It's Time for a Report From Mueller So the Country Can 'Move On'
Linda D. Martin @6549lmartin🔁Comey KNEW the Dossier was fake BUT used it to get FISA warrants anyway!
Good news is that today, Rudy Giuliani came back! He pretty much, single handedly took down the entire Mob! It's time to take down & the Democratic Party!
In the end,the Good guys ALWAYS win!
Helen @hwholcomb🔁“One Of The People they’ve hired,that Mueller’s hired,
Actually worked for the Clinton Foundation Fighting Freedom Of Information Act Requests”
Newt Gingrich
David Lyons @lyons784x4🔁Tell me again how the Mueller team is unbiased:
1) Andy Weissmann- emailed Sally Yates congratulating her for defying Trump
2) Aaron Zebley- was the attorney for the Clinton staffer who smashed Blackberrys
3) Jeannie Rhee- was the attorney for the Clinton Foundation & Ben Rhodes
Lloyd Fradkin @kinescopeman🔁Thank you House Intel Committee for the Memo's confirming COLLUSION by 's campaign & Administration. YOU'VE HELPED S AVE MUELLER & ROD ROSENSTEIN!

Marc Slavin❄️ 🌊 @MarcVegan🔁Hannity is the Russia investigation’s most persistent and misleading critic, using his nightly television perch on Fox News to accuse Mueller and other Justice Department officials of acting as a “deep state” working to illegitimately bring down Trump’s presidency
SC💐Carol Boothe @CarolMBoothe🔁So the comey memo proves the Mueller investigation is built off nothing. Everyone now knows that. The Democrats more than anyone, so what do they do? They have now opened a lawsuit against Trump, Wikileaks and Russia over election "conspiracy". I hope you libs are catching on
Tolstoy @Bolshoibabushka🔁It’s being reported by NYT that President Trump May soon try and replace Attorney General Jeff Session with Rudy Giuliani, thus putting Giuliani in complete control of Robert Mueller. Giuliani appears to be part of the Mueller investigation!!

We can’t allow this!

Roberta Ramsay#NHSLove @RobertaRamsay2🔁BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had “back channels” to Russians trying to interfere with the 2016 U.S. election, a lawyer for the Department of Justice told a judge on Thursday.
Roger Rice @RogerRice10🔁Hell yea America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani is joining President ’s legal defense team. Let’s see the politically motivated FBI try to unconstitutionally raid or attack him. Not going to end well for Mueller and co if they do.

Carolyn @zorn17🔁DNC brainstorming session:

"We could let Mueller do his work and be confident that in the end he will find some collusion connection between Trump and Putin and from there we can go fo -"


JudyG4Trump🇺🇸 @God_is_good59🔁Hope Rudy Giuliani can get some quick results on Mueller HOAX and also stomp the heck out of this stupid law suit the Dimwits just filed!
We need our President to be able to concentrate on REAL problems America faces and not distracted by all of this liberal BS.

hawesness @hawesness🔁Abbreviated pundit roundup: Comey memos, protecting Mueller and more
Kathy Carr @mustbfreealways🔁Every agent supervising the investigation of has now been referred to for criminal charges by either Congress or the OIG.

Flynn’s plea should be vacated, all charges dismissed with prejudice, and the General should sue DOJ then and personally.

FBombah @FBombah🔁THIS is why Scumbag Rosenstein dragged his feet and didn’t want to turn over the Comey memos: THEY PROVE THE MUELLER INVESTIGATION IS A WITCH HUNT! This is Seditious Conspiracy to overthrow the Executive Branch of Government of the United States.
Ken Hoag @35start🔁@oknox Does this DNC lawsuit mean they have lost faith in Mueller? Sure seems like it.
🇨🇱🇺🇸Storme🇨🇱🇺🇸 @stormestone🔁 James Comey managed to fall into the same shithole that swallowed Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Up next: Robert Mueller

Blue Wave Rising ❄️ @midUSAmom🔁Watch Anderson Cooper dismantle "BS" attempts to smear Comey and Mueller with Boston Marathon bombing and Whitey Bulger
Culture Klutz @WhirlingPervish🔁This is also an extremely foolish move by the DNC. We need to let Mueller and his team do their job. Otherwise the DNC is going to overplay their hand and end up costing us another 4 years with this baboon.
crazyuncledonald @crzyuncletrump🔁Let me remind everyone Rudy Giuliani is likely under investigation by Mueller. So the fact he thinks he can serve as one of Trump’s attorneys is ludicrous. He’s directly linked to Putin, has worked extensively in Russia for years and is tied to folks in the Dossier.
Burgoo For Breakfast @DrockSands🔁This smacks of desperation -- what do they think they will uncover through the civil courts that Mueller, a Special Counsel with a Grand Jury, would have missed??


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