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Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII🔁Just a reminder, you shouldn’t be pinning your political goals on Mueller, you should be registering as many ppl to vote in 2018 as possible
Ben Barrack @barrackaid🔁@Dolores66937470 @TomFitton @JudicialWatch Mueller is schooling @jeffsessions on how NOT to recuse
Tagsit @Tagsitqaf🔁 The case Robert Mueller is putting together against Paul Manafort appears, in a word, brutal.
MATT DRUDGE @DRUDGE🔁Mueller DC grand jury pulled from population that voted 93% for Hillary, highest in nation. Whatever...
Mikel Jollett @Mikel_Jollett🔁Mueller is a decorated Vietnam vet & FBI Director under 2 presidents.

Trump has been sued 3,500 times.

Which one is lying?

TJ Mair @TJMair🔁Tonight at 11/10c, Sean Hannity reacts to Mueller’s indictments by delivering a master class in bullshit.
Am~I~Blue @irregularjoe🔁"Trump Seething With Hatred After Mueller's First Arrests"
#TYT Video
sassygirl914 @ToniC8🔁 Trump Rejects Bannon’s Hard Line Against Mueller (via @politicalwire)
Dame51 @deborahelwood🔁 Newt just called Mueller "a out of control prosecutor" on Hannity
Nic Robinson @nicnic167🔁Interesting. Esp. since Clovis was Papadopoulous' supervisor and gave him the go-ahead to make the Russia connection, acc. to Mueller papers
Jim Somers @JimSomers5🔁Isn't this the truth! Major coverup/diversions going on. DON'T FALL FOR IT! , DO YOUR JOB

Katherine @StayHopeful16🔁Mueller finds that Manafort has three passports — and poses a ‘serious flight risk’
Expose Corrupt Libs! @seanhowardCT🔁If Mueller can look back 10 yrs for Manafort & bring charges, he can do the same 10 yr review w Hillary, Podesta, Obama & himself
Call me Doris Day... @AfcAllison🔁Trump is reportedly TERRIFIED over the fact Don Jr might be next to be indicted in Mueller probe-he wants to fire Mueller more than anything
via @PalmerReport
Judith M. Donohue @Lemonbalmj🔁 Remember there are probably many more indictments coming from Robert Mueller. This is just the start! It's Mueller Time!
🌈M. L. Owen🏳️‍🌈 @MarthaLynneOwe1🔁We've only just scratched the surface. Mueller & his team are EXPERTS, hence the recent indictments! Patience & will help! 😌
Trump ✊ @Thandeleko🔁 @realDonaldTrump Mueller has 4 more indictments filed. Better hurry or they'll be the Pence tax cuts.
stuletto @stileto04🔁Former FBI Asst. Director says by aggressively charging false statement, Mueller showing every other witness or target he means business.
#People's President @EmmaNole🔁 DRUDGE: 93% of Mueller’s grand jury pool voted for Hillary.
'GITMO' BAMA ▪️ @President1Trump🔁Clearly firing Comey threatened 2expose all involved “Corrupt Government Officials” including Mueller in Uranium1

Jean Mumford @jean_mumford🔁 @jean_mumford @WexlerDebra @CNN I'll go with it Mueller Friday would be a nice way to go into the weekend.
George Browne @GYingYang🔁Steve Bannon Tells Trump To Bring In New Lawyers as He Looks For Ways to Kneecap Mueller | via
paxlynx @paxlynx🔁Do the math: Three Republican senators (looking at you, McCain, Corker and Flake) could bring the Senate to a halt.
grenville @spidermanngp🔁It’s only logical that T will either fire or defund #Mueller or issue blanket pardons for #TrumpRussia. Let’s be ready to get street-bound.
Helen Hughes-Evans @helenhugheseva6🔁.:
In this tweet, you unwittingly described yourself and your “presidency.”

Leighanne Swift @leighanne_swift🔁Tillerson meets with Russian ambassador one day after Mueller indictments in Russia probe
Trump ✊ @Thandeleko🔁Your GOP House members are working hard/late toward the massive tax cuts THEY think they DESERVE, but Mueller is working hard/late, also!
YouTube Red Fanatic @RepubliClowns🔁Trump’s Lawyer Panics as Trump Publicly Obstructs Justice in Mueller’s Investigation #Topbuzz
Catscan @Catscan314🔁 The one small detail in yesterday’s arrests that ensures Robert Mueller can take Donald Trump down
Jasmine Phillips @JasmineDalton17🔁@thehill I understand ,,, but I’m pretty sure if you looked into mueller you would find things
Erik Witsoe @ewitsoe🔁To the Trump family and all that encircle it: there IS a place at long last where lying is not tolerated. Thank you Mr. Mueller!
Rhonda Drummond @RhondaDrummond🔁Let's all take a minute to realize that the George Papadopoulos indictment and guilty plea shows that Jeff Sessions lied under oath. Sessions could be indicted right now if Mueller wanted to.
Mary Beth Corb @mbcorbutt🔁@realDonaldTrump can't be allowed to fire special counsel Mueller or pardon his family or friends.
Henry galvin @henrygalvin88🔁 Putin’s pro-Trump trolls just targeted Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller via @MotherJones
#NotMyPresident @TawniVixenMT #Mueller finds that MANAFO🔁//" target="_blank"> @RealdonaldTrump 's EXTREME VETTING
LittleTweetStories @StoriesTweet🔁. says Papadopoulos' guilty plea means:
-Mueller is moving fast
-More charges should be expected

Liz @LizNBntown🔁@funder UNTIL...Mueller shows her an email she was included in, or rolls tape from Papadopoulos wire.
Wertham @fredric_wertham🔁Manafort and Gates posed a "serious risk of flight" because of their wealth and connections abroad, per court docs.

David Suchoff @Frohbaer🔁The facts are the facts. Special Counsel Mueller's investigation has revealed there was a connection btwn the Trump campaign & Russia.
Honeybee @FairyTaleHigh🔁All roads lead to Jeff Sessions. He chaired the campaign’s NATSEC committee that Clovis & Papadopoulos were on...

David Zublick @AmericaTalks🔁Kremlin Responds To Mueller Indictment: “No Accusations Against Russia” Zero Hedge
Oct 31, 2017

It’s strange how...

Deplorable Cool @hjim_ws🔁 Having Uranium One conspirator Robert Mueller run the Russia investigation is like having inmates run a prison.
Paul Baldovin @PaulBaldovin🔁Podesta Brothers and Manafort "Central Figures" In Mueller Probe Wouldn't that be great!
Dario Navarro @darionavarro111🔁1/ Today reported Clovis was interviewed by Mueller’s team and testified before the grand jury last week:
Ms. Butterflyyy 🦋 @MsButterflyyy🔁 Hi. If Trump tries to fire Mueller, will you commit to impeaching Trump?
Parsival2112 @Parsival2112🔁PrisonPlanet: DRUDGE: 93% of Mueller’s grand jury pool voted for Hillary.
BJSquirrel @BJSquirrel🔁 G.O.P. Collusion with Trump Continues Despite the Mueller Revelations - The New Yorker
Trump ✊ @Thandeleko🔁 @realDonaldTrump And Mueller is working hard to make sure ur gone by Xmas.
H. Rodham @chingfordian🔁FBI was corrupt
do your job investigate the Dems and HRC

Scully2017 @Scully2017🔁Mueller's Special Counsel's Office created a new webpage today to keep track of the indictments that will be coming.

Barbara Espinosa @1Barbara1🔁Retweeted MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE):

Mueller DC grand jury pulled from population that voted 93% for Hillary, highest in nation. Whatever...

Stacie Derepentigny @StacieDerepent2🔁I thought you might like this story from The Washington Post.
Trump resists pressure from Bannon over Mueller

S. LOUISE @SuelouiseS🔁Fact check: Team Trump uses misinformation and inaccuracies in responding to the Mueller probe
thamara figueroa ② @missvrctpr🔁For all you Wishful Thinking Trump Supporters, The Federal Court Docket Shows 4 More Sealed Indictments in Mueller Case Already
👿 DO SOMETHING! 👿 @RLElam🔁 If Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller, he should be impeached. Period.
Deplorable Peyton @PeytonCathy🔁 exposed what the obama admin hid
Prosecute & his BFF
They are complicit in crimes
Jules A @jules_laughing🔁He certainly and horrifically welcomed this as a distraction for what is going on with Mueller. He is disgusting enou gh to think that way.
Darlene M. Harris @Ready2B40🔁Robert Mueller’s Message to Paul Manafort: Cooperate Now or You’ll Regret It | via

@wasregan @wasregan🔁Fascinating article: how & why Mueller used the rare crime-fraud exception to compel Manafort's lawyer to break attorney-client privilege.👇🏽
Jeana K 🎃 @MtnLadyFair🔁 'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment'
Robin Greer @RobinGr1655🔁Am I to understand that POTUS thinks the part of the Mueller investigation impacting Dems is valid, but hitting GOPers is a witch hunt?
. @prabhatmuller25🔁Salihamidzic: "We are actually quite well occupied up front. But we have a special situation that Ribéry, Müller and Lewy are injured..."
Storm⚡️ @CDonatac🔁 More campaign connections: Clovis Spoke to Mueller Team, Grand Jury

LaOkieKat ن ⚜️🐯 @LaOkieKat🔁 ICYMI - Mueller Probe Appears to Hit Democratic Powerhouses, Too
Martha Ferrazza @martzferrazz🔁 Opinion: That crazy talk about Robert Mueller
Dan @Danenski🔁Following Manafort's indictment, my colleagues & I are working to stop POTUS from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Our letter:
Sean B. Grenier @SeanGrenier🔁 ICYMI - Manafort Indictment Shows That Mueller Is A Fraud
Barbara Espinosa @1Barbara1🔁 Mueller DC grand jury pulled from population that voted 93% for Hillary, highest in nation. Whatever...
No one @ungubunugu1274🔁 @KirithSotheril @TheRickWilson Mueller wins this round, for sure. May he continue to do so!
Trump ✊ @Thandeleko🔁 @LiberalResist @realDonaldTrump That's okay, Mueller has his tax returns
Richard T @Richieamx🔁LOLOL The DNC & Hillary paid for, FAKE dossier. that Comey used to force special counsel Mueller probe is nothing but misinformation!!!
James Edwards @EdJarring🔁Reminder: Robert Mueller was appointed by Trump's OWN Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein whom Trump himself nominated and praised to high heaven.


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