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Mueller (((Toni Tommasi))) @toni_tommasi🔁 Mueller, reporting for duty.
Stacey Fortune @_Stacey_Eff🔁 1. Mueller given civil service protections

2. Will not be able to be removed by the president

Mueller Sean Spicer Truths @SeanSp1cer🔁Oi @PressSec does Trump smell of Cheetoes? #SpicerFacts #MAGA #Mueller
Mueller 🦄🏳️‍🌈McRésistance @dzsteph🔁 "Why Trump will likely resign as Mueller pursues 'Putingate'"
Druid City Media @DruidCityMedia🔁 1. Mueller given civil service protections

2. Will not be able to be removed by the president

Mueller Cameron Herrera @CameronHerrer10🔁What the Special Counsel Appointment Means
Sierra Hines Owens @SierraNYC🔁@tedlieu Well, R. Mueller will be looking at those tax returns THOROUGHLY!
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Dear Jared: You may want to consult your lawyer. Lying on your security clearance form is within the jurisdiction of Special Counsel Mueller
CBS News @CBSNews🔁As special counsel, Mueller will be given civil service protections; won't be able to be removed by the president, reports.
Preet Bharara @PreetBharara🔁Reminder: Mueller was FBI Director when he & then-DAG James Comey together intervened at Ashcroft's bedside in 2004 & threatened to resign.
DeplorableAgent Mom @agentm0m🔁Mueller should get high praise from all, but I could see liberals hitting him for allowing GWB to use the hurricane machine on New Orleans
John Shea @JohnShea20🔁@2Us2Ks2Points Could see Senyshyn in for Mueller so that's good
Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁 Maybe Special Counsel Mueller can give Huma immunity on the outside jobs, but of course he'll have to decide that.
John @vothelo🔁Today Sen. Claire McCaskill said Mueller would have “complete discretion to take the investigation” where it needs to go. Remember this.
Mɑɾisɑ Ϲմҽղiղ 🌎 @cueninja🔁4. With Comey under bipartisan fire, Rosenstein chose best option–fire Comey, bring in someone Trump can't fire–Mueller as Special Counsel
Jodi @jodotcom🔁What does the president owe, and to whom does he owe it? on the questions Mueller can't resolve:

Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁 Special Counsel Mueller needs to look at the four outside jobs Huma had while being paid by State Dept.
Pamela Martin @BigRichTexasPam🔁WikiLeaks cable Robert Mueller delivering highly enriched stolen Uranium to Russia in 2009 h/t
CV @LoneSomeCedar🔁When this ends in rubble, will be out of business for a decade, the not far behind.
bullm00se @bullm00se🔁Robert Mueller worked at a law firm that represents Paul Manafort, Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner. Is that a problem?

Wendell_Barnhouse @WBBBPB🔁Can't argue with any of that.
But Mueller is a by-the-book straight shooter whose charge was to ONLY look into the R ay Rice case.
jaszy la @jaszy13🔁I suspect Trump is much more worried about his financial ties to Russia than Mueller finding solid proof he personally colluded with them.
PJ_Steiner @PJ_Steiner🔁Should Barack Obama Be Impeached or Tried For Treason 4 Aiding, Abetting Iran in Terrorism by Giving $150B ??

Robert Mueller

C @W1nOrD1e🔁Democrat narrative changing,backing off impeachment & obstruction. Why!?! Careful what you ask for, Dems might not like what Mueller finds.
ACE @acekreeem🔁's Personal — 's defense of an embattled

Gypsy💜Jee💜Jae @Jee_Gypsy_Jae🔁Robert Mueller: A most welcome Special Counsel—Justice Department has chosen someone with stature and experience

Thomas J. Colatrella @TJWoodstockNY🔁Strict DC bar rules say no conflict for Mueller because of Wilmer Hale clients. WH using this to derail him.

Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁Mueller: Important Q for ppl on Hillary campaign coaching her to lie about missing emails: What did they know and when did they know it?
DeplorableAgent Mom @agentm0m🔁 If you ever wondered if Robert Mueller has Russian connections, we're about to find out
Jacob Botzman @JacobBotzman🔁Robert Mueller has an open checkbook to investigate possible Russian influence on the election. With that much money, will it ever end?
Melissa Shuler @kodiakpm🔁With Mueller things could quiet down. But don't fret. Still have Rachel,Lawrence,NYT,WaPo,Reuters.May take a while,but DT is going down.
Sour Fishfry @sourfishfry🔁People - on both sides -who expect Robert Mueller to take down Trump may have this backward. His handling of NFL/Ray Rice case tells a lot.
Winning Big League @KldudePap🔁LISTEN: 's ANDREW MCCARTHY 'Problem With This Special Prosecutor is there is No Crime to Investigate'
Dave Moser @dvdmsr🔁 Rosenstein also would not say why Trump wanted Comey fired because it could all fall under Mueller's investigation, senators say @hamassenger🔁Schiff Confident in Special Counsel Mueller
Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁 Word to the wise for Democrats after Mueller appt: Don’t let Podesta beat you to the best criminal lawyer!
Aly @aly_im🔁Chill out !
Knowledgeable source- MOE’s of VA Grand juries changed when Mueller came on “Don’t unseal until I’ve reviewed things”
Bowtie Killer @VXRY_RXRE🔁I forgot that Bob Mueller prosecuted and took down Noriega ...
*Rick Ross voice*
the REAL Noriega
eddie coke @eddiecoke🔁BREAKING: Top Trump Witch-Hunter at Robert Mueller Misled Congress About Surveillance of Anti-…
Chris Tognotti @ctognotti🔁Co-sign. Bob Mueller will not save you.
Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁 Tip for Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Depose John Podesta FIRST, before he can coordinate with others.
KSS @KSSchaack🔁When Special Counsel Mueller investigates the tarmac incident, he should check for both audio recordings AND any video recordings of tarmac.
robinallegra @robinraeallegra🔁Robert Mueller’s appointment is a positive step. I am hopeful that he will help us get to the bottom of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.
cjtown @ladyc10🔁Whenever the establishment and press says someone has unimpeachable character believe the exact opposite! Watch how Mueller turns out!
Alex @aroseblush🔁I really believe that New Special Council Mueller has Devin Nunes in his scope. Don't feel he will get away with his 'Obstruction of Justice
Richard L Reese @RichardLReese🔁Robert Mueller gets to work and brings along two veteran lawyers with him, including one who worked on Watergate
18d.Media @18dMedia🔁Andrew McCarthy: Special Counsel Mueller Should Investigate Leaks, ‘One Prosecution Would Do the Trick’
jose flores @joseangelf375🔁Andrew McCarthy: Special Counsel Mueller Should Investigate Leaks, ‘One Prosecution Would Do the Trick’
change for america @rorlolson🔁Mueller investigation will prolong, not halt, political controversy over Russia via @FoxNews App best friend to c
Christopher Law @No1Renaissance🔁 Watergate lawyer brought in for Trump-Russia investigation
Bayley McRoberts @BayleyM43🔁Phil Mudd on Trump: "He doesn't represent 320 million Americans. He represents one and that's Donald Trump"
HuffPost Contributor @HuffPostContrib🔁The special prosecutor appointment is a serious threat to Trump -- and a lifeline for the GOP
Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁Special Counsel Mueller MUST give immunity to tech guy on Hillary staff who pleaded the 5th. Will be significant moment early in the case.
Vicki Huddleston @realtybird🔁 --> Sen. Lindsey Graham basically just said that Robert Mueller is leading a criminal investigation. Into the Trump campaign.
BWD @bwdulken🔁Why Trump will likely resign as Mueller pursues 'Putingate'
Mitchell Grooms @digitalwater888🔁What Donald Trump Needs to Know About Bob Mueller and Jim Comey - POLITICO Magazine
Ling Chan @girllightning🔁Dear Jared: You may want to consult your lawyer. Lying on your security clearance form is within the jurisdiction of Special Counsel Mueller
noble grohe @walksalone3🔁@HuntsmanAbby Mueller is Comeys best friend both have great trust an loyalty . Beware the snake
Karen Wagner📎 @RhiannonKWY🔁 Jeremy Bash: Mueller is now U.S. atty. for the district of Trump via @msnbc
Michael Eaton @mweaton1🔁 I can’t think of one major witness Congress would want to talk to -- that Mueller wouldn’t also want to talk to. (2)
Patriot Girl - TX @Patriot_Girl_TX🔁People who have most to worry about with appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Hillary, Loretta Lynch, John Podesta, Bill Clinton…
DS @Duxgirl27🔁Demo ploy,back off, let Mueller be the hitman!Attack DJT appointees,obstruct government operation,riots&destruction over "resist summer"!Ok?
FlyoverConservative® @Smalltown_Voter🔁Robert Mueller lived in a country that @realDonaldTrump also lives in. Is that a problem?
EFreeman @EFreeman2017🔁 reads preamble to Constitution as we demand independent investigation. It can't be tainted by Trump's ability to thwart Mueller
Daisy Faye @_DaisyFaye🔁Ok tweeps, here's the answer to "can Trump fire Mueller?: direct from Neal Katyal, who helped draft the special counsel statute:
Lady 💋 @PetuniaTwo🔁The President will invite former Director Mueller to meet on the nearest tarmac to share grandkid photos and tell golf stories
Thomas Scheidt @Shearere13🔁Mueller needs to find out who paid for the "fake Russian dossier" used to frame Trump so Obama could spy!
Kev $ @KoolKev512🔁 God help us. Or Special Counsel Mueller.
Ms.Smith @wikedbitchowest🔁🅔🅧🅒🅛🅤🅢🅘🅥🅔: What it's going to look like when Mueller orders the Secret Service to arrest Donny:
Don west @donwest13🔁Mueller appointment threatens Trump –and saves the GOP via @HuffPostPol
George Weber @Boas72🔁 Pretty interesting
Leakd Nothn 2 Nobody @naturalbabies3🔁 @liberalady48 @naturalbabies3 @chelseahandler I submit when mueller is finished you'll be very QUIET.
Anci 1* @AnciH1🔁Trump met with lawyers the day after Robert Mueller was tapped to serve as the Russia probe’s special counsel


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