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Mueller Bojo Tv @bojo_tv🔁Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials
Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁Sweet Jesus. Bob Mueller better hurry the hell up before Trump ends up taking military action against at least 1 country in every continent.
chloedancer @chloedancer🔁 Boom!
Mueller Eileen Donovan @eileen_donovan🔁Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials
Laurence Tribe @tribelaw🔁Trump may have fabricated a faux nuclear standoff with North Korea to distract attention from what Mueller is finding out about his crimes.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Mueller's probe is moving with unusual speed and assertiveness, per half a dozen legal experts following the case.
TLSW48❤️🎶📷🐾 @thisisTW🔁 NEW: Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials...including @Reince
Dr. D. M. Everett @EverettDoreen🔁There is no doubt Mueller's team is investigating the President himself, among others. Will POTUS lawyers keep denying it on TV?
JUDAH @JudahRobert🔁EXPOSED: Judge Beryl Howell, who signed off on Mueller's request for a grand jury, is a top Loretta Lynch ally. 🚨🚨🚨
Rachel Detroit @detroit_rachel🔁 Obstruction. It's what's for dinner.
H Sumner @HSumner15🔁 This is an excellent thread w analysis of today's mueller WH news. @TrendeetalkCom🔁Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials -
Ronnate Asirwatham @AsiaRonn🔁: Mueller to interview senior Trump officials in Trump-Russia investigation: report
jenk @shewhopersists🔁👇🏼INDEED👇🏼

suddenly changed schedule to return to DC but CANNOT stay at WH👉🏼 says Mueller🇺🇸wants to interview Team🇷🇺Trump‼️🤔

Janette Kkias @janettekkias🔁Dear Bob Mueller,
We know you're thorough, meticulous, and cautious.
But if you could speed it up, we'd appreciate it.
-The World
The Acronym Shop @TheAcronymShop🔁He is going to destroy the republic with total chaos, chaos, chaos and more chaos unless Mueller can act fast enough, its a race for sure
Cynthia @phxwonderwoman🔁Mueller asked the WH about specific meetings, who attended and whether there are any notes, transcripts or documents @TrendeetalkCom🔁Mueller to interview senior Trump officials in Russia probe: report -
CAGCH @AgcCagch🔁IMO. This organized White Supremacy rally is Bannon/Gorka stoking fear of Trump being taken out by Mueller. It will get worse.
Renee. @Renee_maga🔁GOP Rep. Demands Mueller Testify In Public Congressional Hearing Over 'Conflicts of Interest' With Hillary Clinton
Michelle @mmbarricelli🔁New more at
Max Reid @_maxreid🔁"Among the matters Mueller wants to ask the officials about is President Trump's decision in May to fire the FBI director, James B. Comey."
M⭐️ @Scanalysis🔁THREAD:

1) This new NYT report suggests Mueller is very focused on Trump obstruction:

Here are two key sections:

CommishCommonSense @CommishS🔁If Mueller raided Hillary's home as well over the Russia/Plutonium deal it would be ~ fair. But then Mueller would be investigating himself.
Kelly Kennedy @KellySKennedy🔁JUST IN: Mueller to interview senior White House officials in Trump-Russia investigation: report
Wendy @wendyweathersco🔁 Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials, via @nytimes
Ernesto J. Ruiz @ejruiz🔁Robert Mueller, special counsel for Russia investigation, is said to be asking to interview White House officials
IanDom @liangyanr1🔁 Yes, #MuellerIsComing for you, orange fool.
JO @J0Marshll🔁 Mueller seeking to talk to several WH officials, including the shoved-out chief of staff
jpeeps13 @jpeeps13🔁Welcome to Cafe Provokatsiya

Today's outrage du jour:

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Amelia Escobedo @Ame_Phoenix🔁 - - - @realDonaldTrump - - - What U gonna do when they come for You? - - -
Alex @Alex97995602🔁@keithboykin As many as he can to divert attention away from his pending charge but Mueller is on him like white on rice like stink on shit
NeverStopFighting @TheUnitedWhirld🔁💣BOOM💣

Mueller🇺🇸talking w/WH about interviewing current/fmr staff, including REINCE PRIEBUS, over firing‼️

Jeannie Marie @jmarie12345678m🔁I told you this is why Kushner being sent to Middle East: Mueller in Talks w White House abt Interviewing Officials
Dolly Miller Brennan @Dolly_World🔁 REPORT: Robert Mueller's Witch Hunt Has a New Target — Reince Priebus
JE McManus Hall @ruraldogs🔁 Robert Mueller Has Likely Expanded Russia Investigation to Trump's Finances
Royal Carpet Clean @RoyalCarpetClea🔁 @ScottAdamsSays

Even CNN is turning.

♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ @carl_krash🔁 Will Priebus be a patriot or continue to be a humiliated lackey for the Nazis in the White House?
Nero Jones Free @thesoulwrites🔁NYT FLAG: Mueller is said to be asking to interview current and former senior White House officials.
Jennifer Geisler @jennygei3870🔁 While everyone is focusing on the provokatsiya...
NancyTheDeplorable @gomez2713🔁REPORT: Robert Mueller’s Witch Hunt Has a New Target — Reince Priebus
Sophia Lewis @sophire2500🔁@kurteichenwald Entirely possible. Then again. Does Mueller inform him?
Tabitha Stevens8 @TabithaStevens8🔁Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials Whoa!
James JP Hawkins @jphawkins2009🔁RED ALERT: Congress Finds Mueller’s “Conflict of Interests” and Demand... via @YouTube
Kimmers @Kimmers_59🔁Robert Mueller Accused of Treason by Retired Navy Commander, See criminal complaint officially filed
Tiger Squeakily, Jr @SqueakilyJr🔁@johnpavlovitz And also the mueller march on Russia collision will not stop until the truth is revealed and criminals jailed.
Roger Braun @MyrtleRentals🔁@POTUS STOP THIS DEEP STATE PIG @Robert__Mueller OR PATRIOTS WILL
Deborah Alcorn @DeborahAlcorn🔁Team🇷🇺Trump will argue "executive privilege" in effort to block 🇺🇸interviews of current/fmr WH staff.🤔
virginia mary west @virginiamarywe1🔁@jasoninthehouse /please don't let the dems take trump down via mueller....
Debra Connor @debra0120🔁RED ALERT: Congress Finds Mueller’s “Conflict of Interests” and Demand...
Janice Kajanoff @ZentekClothing🔁Mueller assembles growing team of legal all-stars, Trump has trouble keeping handful of also-rans
kmg @Alpena1943🔁@Pabloishappy @ODonnellKathlee @TheRickWilson Not temporary enough. Please Mr. Mueller, hurry.
Lorna Jackson @darnskippy🔁 We may finally get some answers.
Matt Brown @Colchester1891🔁EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Circulates Letter For Mueller To Appear In Public Congressional Hearing via
P S @phylie13🔁Several members of the special counsel team have a history of approaching lower-level figures to build bigger cases
Valerie Coon @VCOON53🔁Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials
Lauren Milicov @laurmili1🔁THREAD: What does the news that Mueller is interviewing White House officials mean for the investigation?
OneOfTheSmiths @OneOfTheSmiths🔁Pretty Fricking Lame response just now by on He is one Sick POS! He's enjoying the diversion from Mueller


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