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MuellerMueller MA 🎶' @M0art24🔁 Who would you rather have at centre forward?

RT for Müller🇩🇪
LIKE for Firmino🇧🇷

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson🔁His attacks on Mueller tell me a lot. He KNOWS how bad it is. His "warning" to Mueller tells me finally understands how bad it is.
Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff🔁Mueller has authority to investigate any ties Trump family has to Russia, including financial, and anything that arises. That is his duty.
Mueller Randall Ratt @Report_the_Rat🔁 Trump warns Mueller: Don't investigate my family's finances beyond Russia probe
Richard Blumenthal @SenBlumenthal🔁Threatening the Mueller investigation is more evidence of obstruction of justice - a criminal case unfolding in real time before our eyes.
Ellen Poe @ellenpoe1🔁Trump warns Mueller not to look into Trump family finances unrelated to Russia — and won't rule out firing him
Rrhyl @caesarnappy🔁Threatening the Mueller investigation is more evidence of obstruction of justice - a criminal case unfolding in real time before our eyes.
jr gotti @jgottihalloween🔁@re_analyze9_11 mueller LIED and hes in charge of cheetolini?? aka Beeeellieveme riiite
Oscar Whiskey @Sputnik1990AFA🔁 Don't look now, but Bob Mueller's "follerin' the money!" Trump's gonna try to fire him soon.

Stephen Citizen @Citizen_Stephen🔁Trump effectively admitted: 1) he wanted Sessions to quash the Russia investigation; 2) He's seriously considering firing Mueller. Stunning.
patti barfield @pattibarfield🔁If I had been laundering money for Russian Organized Crime for twenty years, I wouldn't want Bob Mueller looking at my finances either.
Isabella Cabre @isa97🔁 to exonerate Putin and vilify Comey. Trump must fire Mueller as the investigation closes in on him and his family. EOT
Peter S Miller @PeterSMiller🔁I said it in a thread and will say it here: Trump's threats against Mueller ARE Obstruction—if you, me, or anyone not rich or famous did it.
Dak Bambo @DakBambo🔁Threatening to fire Mueller if M looks into Junior's or Kushner's finances is a dead giveaway that the jig is up:
Seamus ÓMurchu @Omurchu64🔁Trump threatened to fire Mueller, backed the bus over Sessions, and just told Wray he expects him to serve at his pleasure. Massacre coming.
Chaos Theory @SheTroubleETP🔁Jaws Drop As Trump Threatens To Fire Robert Mueller For Looking Into First Family's Finances
Micaela Garzoni @MicaelaGarzoni🔁So, Trump:
1) Accuses Comey of blackmail
2) Admits he wanted Sessions to obstruct
3) Threatens Mueller
4) Admits talking sanctions w/ Putin
Bonnie J Preston @antipandemonium🔁This is big --> Trump's finances are under investigation and Deutsche Bank is expected to provide records to Mueller

Conrad Beckner @ConradBeckner🔁 Trump is going to fire Mueller. He's setting up the path. GOP let's see what you got.
dh @concernedya🔁This is why it matters that Trump's ties to Deutsche Bank are under scrutiny. It's also why Trump is terrified of what Mueller will find👇
#WethePeople @kagode12🔁The fact that he is willing to risk consequences of firing Mueller tells you how bad underlying offenses are.
Suze Weinberg @SuzeWeinberg🔁If firing Mueller doesn't make Republicans take action,we have lost our country as we have always known it.
#Repeal&ReplaceTrump @airforcepam🔁Hey Republicans -Trump is going to fire Mueller. If you don't start impeachment hearings clear out your offices and relocate to the Kremlin
Sheila Almanzor @saimanzor🔁Jeff Sessions needs to probe roles Mueller & Comey played in FBI Russian spy case to see if they overlap into Trump Russian case.
djp @djpsom🔁To condemn Sessions for recusing becuz of his conflicts but hint Mueller has disabling conflicts shows Trump's total illogic & hypocrisy
James L. Greenlee @GreenleeGazette🔁@bobcesca_go Wow. Talk about decorating his families finances with shiny, sparkly "Mueller, investigate me!" signs.
Mary Rose #Persist @Beutifulgame🔁GOP Congress has opp to prevent Mueller from being fired but they've done nothing—tell them they must:

Cheryl @CherylC2017🔁You can't threaten Robert Mueller by telling him to be careful what they dig into. Trump needs to be impeached immediately.
Tom @hall_mackey🔁If Trump fires Mueller Congress will have to re-establish independent counsel statute & reappoint him.

Out in my garden @outinmygarden🔁From the New York Times: Trump warns Mueller to not delve into family finances unrelated to Russia. WATCH:
Aura @Auraosorio33🔁If Mueller finds any evidence a Trump violated the Foreign & Corrupt Practices Act in a country not Russia, his duty is to investigate.
#WethePeople @kagode12🔁 Stop Trump from being able to fire Mueller.
Spartan70 @SpartanPic70🔁Bob Mueller may be the most important person in America/World today. May cap already distinguished career & his name may adorn new FBI bldg
Emojine Colrful @ColrfulEmojine🔁 Robert Mueller is laughing every time Donald Trump admits to his crimes in 140 characters.

Thank you Twitter!

Thomas Hobbes @Leviathan_circa🔁 threatening Mueller to not look at Jr's finances is itself a huge (or "bigly") red flag . R u that dumb or really wo rried?
pre-order reflection @jelke__jelke🔁Jaws Drop As Trump Threatens To Fire Robert Mueller For Looking Into First Family's Finances via
Jordan Cole @Jordanluvs4paws🔁Trump is literally threatening to fire Mueller if he looks too closely at his family's finances. There's your fire.

animal_lover @lieztche🔁Firing is a that 🇺🇸 can't accept.

Mueller's probe is what stands between the rule of law & .

renee woolman @tweettwits🔁I don't blame him. Mueller is a rat and so are the idiot democrats he is hiring to try and fry OUR President!
Time Traveler @shiffdog🔁MUELLER !!!?? Hillary Clinton admits to Colluding w/ Foreign leaders against Trump in Election !!

pauladrake @pauladrake🔁In Interview, Trump Expresses Anger at Sessions and Comey, and Warns Mueller -
stefi @stefiamico🔁 Which is why the Mueller special counsel operation may be unconstitutional.
Jim'sJunkBox @JamesIsaak2🔁Mueller knows this and has always known this. I am sure his first order of business was a contingency plan he knew would be needed.
minnie @clearlighte🔁Come on Mueller!! Give us the first arrest so Trump won't be able to interfere


Trump just threatened Robert Mueller & his team.

kathi d @kathid_d🔁Omg! Trump says Mueller will cross the 'Red Line' if he investigates Trump and his family's finances! Worried about his Mob ties coming out?
E B R 📡 @EBRecordings🔁@realJeffreyLord Jeff, any reaction to Mueller encompassing the doom of @realDonaldTrump ?
Hardball @hardball🔁From the New York Times: Trump warns Mueller to not delve into family finances unrelated to Russia. WATCH:
Kim Halliburton @kimhalliburton🔁@tribelaw If this punk fires Mueller, there WILL be a revolution. Period!!!
Gigi @GRiggleman1🔁JACKPOT!! LOCK HIM UP !! Rosenstein says Comey broke FBI policy by leaking memos!!
brian gilmore @brian_gilmore🔁If Trump fires Mueller it will be the admission of guilt the / can't ignore. I dare you.
JARosenberg @JARosenberg12🔁 Trump warns Mueller #axiosam
Shawna Bray @shawna_bray🔁Trump- "I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!!"

also Trump- "it would cross the line & Mueller could b fired if he looked in2 my families finances"....

kathi d @kathid_d🔁President warming mueller not to look into his finances.
You know it wont come down to russia, but donny's shady dealings.
Just Bob @deepstatepotato🔁It never stops. No wonder Trump Sr. gave Mueller an ultimatum: "Don't look at Jr's finances or you'll be crossing my red line."
Clawed 🎃 @BabeShadow🔁Such a *witch hunt* that you fired Comey; thinking about firing Mueller too? Spilling ur FAKE guts to *failing* ?

I smell fear.

Gigi @mkjpeters🔁.@AGSchneiderman T.Rump is trying to intimidate Mueller to not investigate his finances. Hoping this gives you incentive to legally do so.


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