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Jamey Wilkins @Jamey311🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Ghostbusters (2016) - Short Movie Review
Chef Mke @mango_carrot🔁The Hitman’s Bodyguard #Review

A by the numbers action buddy movie, that’s predictable but has an excellent final 3rd with some GLOLs 7/10

Vicky Bhai 🤘 @cvicky4u🔁We apologize for late tweet!!! Review of any way! Positive movie after long time .all the best brother
Seamus @SeamusTWD🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist It | Movie Review
Seamus @SeamusTWD🔁It | Movie Review: via @YouTube
beep beep 🎈 @rudyhalloran🔁i loved IT. YES i'm a sucker for cute kids and YES i'm an easy scare, but it's a great end to a bad movie summer.
Muanna @Muanna8🔁Unfriended is the first film to accurately capture our virtual lives via @verge
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Dawn Witzke🕈✍️ @dawnwitzke🔁Movie #Review Double Feature: Alien Covenant and Logan
Michael Medved @MedvedSHOW🔁@ITMovieOfficial
Fun for the whole family? Maybe the Manson family.
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IndiaTodayNews @IndiaTodayNews1🔁IT movie review: The scares are few and far between in this Stephen King adaptation #movie
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phantom_jm @laufnBoii🔁Yo @UnrealEntGaming what's up with the review and your thoughts on the new "it" movie
Brent McKnight @BrentMMcKnight🔁We all float down here. My review of 'It,' if you're inclined to read such things. #horror #ITMovie
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BrickRSS @BrickRSS🔁[The Brothers Brick] LEGO Ninjago Movie 70615 Fire Mech [Review] #BrickRSS #LEGO
The Film Coterie @FilmCoterie🔁Episode 24 is hot and fresh. The guys review the new IT. Did the movie sink or did it make Adam and Roger float?

J Gutierrez @iamjgutierrez🔁Just gonna go ahead and say it. LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK IS A VERY GOOD MOVIE. My break from Bar review was worth it!!
K.Reeves~SuiGeneris @KeanuReeves_USA🔁“To the Bone” movie review
marlene carrasco @TWITtwitR1TCH🔁I liked a @YouTube video **Spoiler-Free** 5 Reasons I LOVED the "IT" Movie(IT 2017, IT Movie Review,
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Nolan Vogel @TheNolanVogel🔁ICYMI: @Austin_Plourde and I reviewed the new Death Note movie. Possible new review early... #WasItThatBad
mona @henne38🔁 manages to tickle your funny bone and also neatly embeds a social message. Rating: ***

Ayako Ueda @okka_nyan🔁“To the Bone” movie review
"I would tell you to watch it, it’s an interesting...."
Dillon Green @52dgreen🔁@Jack_Septic_Eye I'll wait for your review to watch it. I so badly want this movie to be good.
Men vs. Movies @MenVsMovies🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist IT: F@!$%*# Clowns! | Movie Review
Diego Moreno Gomes @ta_lentus🔁New Pixar art book presents individual movie stills according to their rainbow hue. Review and links:
Andy Triefenbach @triefy🔁 Time to float. @triefy reviews 2017's horror event, @ItMovie!
harsh dani @harshdani1🔁I liked a @YouTube video Daddy Movie Public Review | First Day First Show | Arjun Rampal As Arun Gawli
Julia🥀 @JuliaDeBlaere🔁Prof: "so you'll have a movie review, it's not that bad, gather the bros together, have a few brewskis, smoke some weed and you'll be fine"
Mediadarling @urbanmw🔁‘Bodied’ Review: Eminem-Produced Satire Is the Most Subversive Hip-Hop Movie Ever — TIFF via @indiewire
Squizy @squizgigx🔁 What did you think of #ITMovie? @Moviepolls2017

Check out our review:

Petter Danielsson @PetterDanielson🔁I liked a @YouTube video Home Again - Movie Review
Ryan @Dope_Dad1🔁 So stoked to have @NolteNC movie reviews again. He's the only contemporary critic worth reading!
Alan Smithee @ShyHustler🔁Listened 2 a movie review 2day that said the cast had an "African American guy, women & a regular guy." If they're re gular, we can write em😉
Retard Son @autismo_ebooks🔁after seing the ass creed movie i have to wonder if 20th century fox flooded the user review section tagging him...
That Girl @myonlymizztake🔁Movie Review:
"Grumpy Old Men 2"

President Trump and his cabinet
bumble their way through a
disastrous presidency.

Do not recommend

NewsWallet App @newswalletapp🔁IT movie review: The scares are few and far between in this Stephen King adaptation...


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