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capitão @capitao_madness🔁 Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa got every Warner Bros exec involved with the Justice League movie like:
JodoFett @FettKeven🔁 Save Movie Madness on @Kickstarter!
Chuck Palahniuk @chuckpalahniuk🔁Help the Hollywood Theatre save legendary Portland video store Movie Madness & its collection of 80,000+ titles -
Aaron Scott OPB @aarondavidscott🔁Breaking: the @HollywoodTheatr is launching a campaign to save Movie Madness—and w/ it the history of cinema itself:
Talia Deady @t_diddy240🔁I just backed Save Movie Madness on @Kickstarter
You should too!!
Priscilla Marie @prissy119🔁Day #12- In the Mouth of Madness, 3/5
An older movie that'll creep you out. Simply crazy, simply good.
Billy Pearl @TheeBillyPearl🔁In the past 2 years we've lost so many of the things that make Portland what it is. We stand to lose another, and...
Enjoy the Film @enjoythefilms🔁Our campaign to just hit 2000 backers - in just over 24 hours! We are absolutely blown away.
VFX/PDX @VFXPDX🔁 Help Save Movie Madness! -
AHC @VisitAHC🔁 Help us #SaveMovieMadness and keep Portland's iconic video store alive!
David D. Levine @daviddlevine🔁Help the Hollywood Theatre save legendary Portland video store Movie Madness and its collection of 80k titles!
Portland Now @TopPortlandNow🔁Portland trends now: Oregon, CLOSED, Movie Madness, Canby, Vancouver.
Corey Bayus @coreybayus🔁Dear film freaks who love PDX, plz signal boost?
Robby Bucknum @djrobbyrobpdx🔁It's amazing how much has been donated so quickly! Almost there. We need Movie Madness!!! 📽🎞? ?💿
Selena Rose @selenarose182🔁Don't think of it JUST as saving PDX Film History. Think of it as a 1-time fee to keep access to over **80k titles**

Apoca-Lips Cast @ApocaLipsCast🔁We got a little mention among the fun times and Monster Movie Madness! Who is going to marathon all of these...
Jennifer Brozenske @jjbrozenske🔁Halloween Movie Madness: Day 12
SKELETONS BRUH @KaiMonkey🔁 Movie Madness is an incredible place!! Help save it, Portland!
🎈death.of.a.micaela @Yoseobs1stGirl🔁 If any of you have any money to spare, then please consider donating it to Movie Madness!
Johnny Scotch @JScotchJustice🔁 Save Movie Madness, via Kickstarter
austin @ahhuatl🔁Movie Madness is such an important cultural center for cinema, and its survival is extremely important!
The Shriek @TheShweeb🔁If you can spare some cash, it would be neat if you could donate it to this. Movie Madness is lovely
Dan Schaefer @dvschaefer🔁Save Movie Madness, via Kickstarter
altWhitB @WhittnieMae🔁We made a short film for 's to save Movie Madness in . We're thrilled to see the campaign doing so well!!
M.R. Bowers @mrbowers🔁It’s late. Long day. But I wrote something about the Movie Madness Kickstarter project, and here it is:
Damned Schindhell @DanSchindel🔁oh dear jesus, there's a THIS TROTSKY FUCKS movie, when will the madness end
Rennie Coleman @RcolemanR3🔁@Impeach_D_Trump When your entire education is based on the movie "Reefer Madness".
austin @ahhuatl🔁If any of you have any money to spare, then please consider donating it to Movie Madness!
Nightmare On Film St @NOFSpodcast🔁Save Movie Madness on @Kickstarter!
Indigo Kelleigh @indigo_k🔁I shall wear it as a badge of pride.

Along with the actual badges of pride I’ll be getting.

djcozmik @djcozmik🔁I knew some day Movie Madness might disappear - I’m glad there’s a chance to keep it alive.
capitão @capitao_madness🔁 First Whedon, then Affleck, now Jason Momoa. Things ain't looking too well for that Justice League movie.
Portland Now @TopPortlandNow🔁Portland trends now: Oregon, CLOSED, Movie Madness, Boy Scouts, Canby.
Kate D @reallytalltruth🔁Save Movie Madness is popular on @Kickstarter!
👻🎃Wendy Truong🎃👻 @WendyTruong3🔁The miss the original movie "Reefer Madness " He must have watched it recently and thought it was true...another mor on
Bethany Barnes @BetsBarnes🔁As a VCR owner and movie store goer, I love this piece about the effort to keep Movie Madness going
SomeClown @some_clown777🔁I liked a @YouTube video Mario's Movie Madness!! | Lockstin
ManMadeDIY @ManMadeDIY🔁My beloved city living up to its own high standards. This is totally going to happen.
Petra Gregorová @PetraGregorova🔁One of the many things that makes Portland great - Save Movie Madness
Movie Madness PDX @MoviePdx🔁@phillamarr @phillamarr Hi Phil! My name is Michael Clark, I'm the owner of Movie Madness. Thank you for your generous donation!
Voorhees the 13th @JasonLopezII🔁 John Page's Halloween Watch Recommendations: @cinemassacre's Monster Madness, and Bravo's 100 scariest movie moments.
(((DJ))) @_D_J_P🔁@joesonka Someone tell him that the movie Reefer Madness wasn’t a documentary
Spooky John Page 👻 @johnfreakinpage🔁John Page's Halloween Watch Recommendations: @cinemassacre's Monster Madness, and Bravo's 100 scariest movie moments.
Aabra Jaggard @acjaggard🔁Dear film freaks who love PDX, plz signal boost?
Portland Now @TopPortlandNow🔁Portland trends now: Oregon, CLOSED, Movie Madness, Boy Scouts, Vancouver.
Mike Haley @mikehpdx🔁Portland!! Movie Madness is a city INSTITUTION and one of the coolest things we have. Please help us save it!

Portland Film Office @PDXFilmOffice🔁I just donated to save Movie Madness b/c I don't want to lose my head (again)
Belmont District Pdx @BelmontDistrict🔁 #PDX you can Save Movie Madness at Kickstarter
Heather Minton @ohmylands🔁Hollywood Theatre Is Stepping in To Save Movie Madness @ericgerhardt
Portland Film Office @PDXFilmOffice🔁 I just backed Save Movie Madness on @Kickstarter
Javier V. Sánchez @JavierV_Sanchez🔁12 Monkeys (3/10) Movie CLIP - Plague of Madness (1995) HD
VHSRevival @VHSRevival🔁Check out 's for a glimpse at promotional madness ( was clearly misunderstood)
Germ T. Ripper @rottengerm77🔁Only 2 days from today there will be 24 hours of Horror movie madness! See you at The Massacre!

Nemomeme @nemomeme🔁A campaign aims to save an iconic Portland video store — and one of the biggest film collections in the country.
BriBreyBaeBee @bri_brey🔁 True story: I once rented a bootleg of the Star Wars Christmas Special from Movie Madness.
Lily Woodard @LilyWoodar1z🔁This weekend's Brunch with Benefits will sponsor saving Movie Madness. This Portland institution…
David Lawless @davidlawless🔁Save Movie Madness
PeterB @BaxterPeterba🔁@MikeCarlton01 @SimonChapman6 The divine madness of Madd Devine. Got to be a movie in it.
Milanesa @Milanesa_d_poio🔁 @birdofhum dude people wanna bone the evil movie clown and school shooters there’s no end to the madness
Brittany H. @CedarNomad🔁If you love movies, from all over the world and all eras, help support Movie Madness! 🎬🎭
christopher wade @blueprint1980🔁Belly (10/11) Movie CLIP - Rise Above All This Madness (1998) HD via @YouTube
Chris Hoge @hogepodge🔁Save Movie Madness
jeff wishnie @jwishnie🔁Help the @HollywoodTheatr become the steward of @MovieMadnessPDX 's collection, and keep a classic store open:
TravSD @TravSD🔁"A Night in Casablanca": The Marx Brothers simultaneous come-back and swan song:
Nilina @NineInchNilina🔁Grew up down the street from here - Movie Madness is my childhood.
Save Movie Madness @Kickstarter #SaveMovieMadness
Anna Velouria @AnnaVelouria🔁I just backed Save Movie Madness on @Kickstarter


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