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Her Incognito🇸🇦 @NamelessArab🔁 Iraq's mood currently #Mosul
#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul It's a Freak Country @FreakCountry76🔁 Baghdad takes to the streets to celebrate the liberation of #Mosul. via @Khaqani_M
#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul Alemap @AlemapYapur🔁 Exhausted and mourning, families emerge from #Mosul ruins.

📷 Fadel Senna

#Mosul RuralCatholic @fleainyourear🔁 This is old city #Mosul liberated today from all radical Islamist terrorists
mssn65 @jpg2t785🔁 #Iraq Army celebrating on the coast of the Tigris river in #Mosul.
Volk149 @abdda149🔁 #Iraq Army celebrating on the coast of the Tigris river in #Mosul.
#Mosul#Mosul Dan Brown @D_Train_Express🔁 Two images in #mosul before ISIS and after #ISIS .
#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul khalid @Khalid5336749🔁 #Iraq Old town of #Mosul city wipped out
#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul#Mosul Stéphane Arnaud @StephaneArnaud_🔁Exhausted and mourning, families emerge from #Mosul ruins.

📷 Fadel Senna

Abdulla Hawez @abdullahawez🔁#Mosul liberated:
- 265 days;
- 100,000 ISF vs. 5000 ISIS;
- Iraq special forces lost 40% of their men;
- 80% of west Mosul destroyed.
Rohit Pradhan @Retributions🔁Iraq declares victory in but at the cost of staggering destruction and unimaginable suffering. Pictures by AFP's Ahmad al-Rubaye
Honar Ahmad @HonarAhmad🔁Golden Brigade commander Fazil Barwari thanks for the wide scale coverage for war.
Princess Olanike @PrincessNikeJ🔁Iraqi PM declared victory over ISIS today in - Our thoughts goes to Iraqi Christians and Yazidi who have been victims of a !
shahnaséeb @Shahnaseebb🔁The Iraqi flag raised by 's Federal Police over a free . The day millions of Iraqis were patiently waiting for.
Naeem @citizenNA🔁PHOTOS: Immense destruction in as last pockets of ISIS resistance are cleared.
- - Ahmad al-Rubaye

Zaid Sabah @ZaidSabah🔁Honking Horns Hail the Liberation of #Mosul From #ISIS - my latest via @bpolitics
Davie shamanorak @shamanorak🔁 is free but the hunt for Da'ish elements will continue for a while. 's armed forces will scour the city for Da'ish remnants.
Khairuldeen Makhzomi @KhairyMakhzoomi🔁The Liberation of #Mosul.
driving inside the old city of Mosul
Mike Stratton @drstratton42🔁Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi raising the flag on the coast of the Tigris river in Old city.
Redd Starr @_ReddStarr🔁 liberated:
- 265 days;
- 100,000 ISF vs. 5000 ISIS;
- Iraq special forces lost 40% of their men;
- 80% of west Mosul destroyed.
MT Strategy Now 🦅 @MT_Consult🔁 Daily Update supp 3
•~40% Imam Gharbi, nr Qayyarah, retaken fm IS
•UN halts receipt of IDPs at 2 Qayyarah camps for security concerns
Lindsey Kohlenburg @llkohll🔁: talks to residents forced to make holes in their walls to let ISIS escape from airstrikes.
((RG)) @quailcrown🔁My article for about individual Iraqis who made today's victory possible.
einheit @einheit🔁: celebrations in the Iraqi capital tonight for the liberation of . The country's second city
It's a Freak Country @FreakCountry76🔁It's done. has been liberated. Congratulations to the Iraqi people and the families of our martyrs 🇮🇶
It's a Freak Country @FreakCountry76🔁2/2- As Iraqi PM declares victory in 'liberated' , exhausted and mourning, families emerge from the ruins.

📷Fadel Senna

Hasan A!Odail @AlOdailH🔁Celebrations outside Sistani's house in Najaf. (Let's be honest: were it not for him...) .
All India Radio News @airnewsalerts🔁#Iraq declares victory over #IslamicState terror group in #Mosul after months-long campaign.
MT Strategy Now 🦅 @MT_Consult🔁 Daily Update supp 2
The making of an airstrike on ISIS aboard USS George HW Bush (CVN 77)

. @zikrbemydrugplz🔁 Civilian death toll is at 50.000+ . 375:1 is the death ratio from civilians to IS fighters. 375❗️To kill 1 IS fighter. Burn ISA
Mitch Spears @mitch_spears🔁 woman in a burqa
Suicide bomber cradling BABY killing them & Iraqi troops

shiva @ivaa_g🔁Happy for #people of #Mosul ❤ may your wounds heal faster
. @zikrbemydrugplz🔁When we liberate, we bring everything back to life

But i guess everyone now knows that its backward case when comes to US and allies

MT Strategy Now 🦅 @MT_Consult🔁 Daily Update supp 1 video
•CTS reaches Tigris, plants Iraq flag on river bank
•al-Assadi speaks to press


Dark Joker @akromartin🔁Today in the old city of I asked an Iraqi soldier: are civilians still inside? He started laughing: they are all under the rubble.
lapoliticamexico @mxlapoliticaDeniseDresserG: 🔁 Iraq declares victory in but at the cost of staggering destruction and u…
MT Strategy Now 🦅 @MT_Consult🔁 Daily Update 2/2
•OIR air/arty activity: 2 stks, 45 tgts
•Likely incr use of airborne gunfire fm A-10 Thunderbolt I Is & AH-64 Apaches
Aya Bdaiwi @aya_bdaiwi🔁The liberation of should be celebrated by all international community. It's a victory of humanity against barbarism and pure evil
fifty50chancexfifty @KermePhat🔁Sunday, July 9, after a nine-month siege, Iraq says it has defeated the Islamic State in #Mosul . #pbs


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