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MormonMormonMormonMormon abigail ♡ @AbbySincere🔁 cooooll night. also met James The Mormon ⚡️⚡️❤️❤️
Mormon Newsroom @MormonNewsroom🔁Mormon apostle and Sister Sharon Eubank spoke at conference about helping Yazidis. Watch here:
FutureFemaleLeaders @FFL_of_America🔁Mormon, GOP Senator Announces His Support For Medical Marijuana
Mormon Jim Winegardner @JCWinegardner🔁 Request a free copy of the Book of Mormon here >
Ryan⚾️ @rtparra10🔁Sex is a big part of a relationship and anybody that tells you otherwise is either Mormon or lying
Andr£w Gonzal£s @RancidRabbit0🔁WOW. Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch will speak about the benefits of medical marijuana on the Senate floor today.

Caleb Sessions @caleb_sesh🔁"have you ever under the influence of alcohol questioned the teachings of the mormon church"
Garrick Butler 🍥 @butleriano🔁 Mormon History is a lot like Sex Ed: your first time learning about it should not be from the Internet.
blkchnr @blkchnr🔁@jds_enfp Your Mormon version of the Bible doesn't have that "plank in your own eye" part in it?
Rio-MF-Sorden🌈 @RioDoesLife🔁Went from Mormon girl to summoning Satan in under a year! You can have it too! All you gotta do is dump your abusive straight edge bf
Classic Mormon Mom @mormon_mom🔁@Mormonger @poetickate Besides, we have Ruby Snap cookies (to die for).
sem @semamuhovic🔁 Mormon, GOP Senator Announces His Support For Medical Marijuana
Peter T. @TherouxPeter🔁{walks into Mormon temple for undercover evangelization}

Me: Hi! I'm here to find out more about wives.

*photo of Pope falls out of pants*

Ed Scott @EdScottLondon🔁@Louisa_Sexton I'm seeing Book of Mormon next month but not sure if that's a wise suggestion with the content it features!
Dorothy Infantado @gigglefight🔁THE BOOK OF MORMON- 'Hasa Diga Eebowai' Lyrics

... kiss a frog

Seek_Lynx @Seek_Lynx🔁 "Hello! My name is Elder Price!"
Virgo @UltraTriggs🔁@SwiggitySmooty HISTORY actually doesn't change, but Mormon doctrine does, often, like during the civil rights movement
annabelle™ @reaItangerine🔁📷 bookofmormonmemes: if anybody asks ‘why is it called the book of mormon’ show them this
Marg @margmaes🔁One year ago today Anslee left me for dead to make out with a Mormon
Tony Geftos @TonyGeftos13abc🔁"Hello! My name is Elder Price!"
Serban Nichifor @serbannichifor🔁Mormon Creates LDS Temples on “Minecraft” to Showcase Their Beauty in a Whole New Way
Phuc Dat Bich @3dollarbag🔁@theganjamonster Sooo u r a Mormon??
Hayl 🌹 @hhmikell🔁is Book of Mormon worth seeing bc it'll be showing in my city for a while and I'm tempted to go
Jayci @jayciiiiiii🔁@ThePerezHilton @annehathaway @juliannehough @PerezHilton @cocoperez An active Mormon girl couldn't wear that top 😂
amalda 🍮💞🍰 @REBlRTHDAY🔁also idk what the mother movie is about but some ppl are saying mormon things and, ya idk
Maeser ART @MaeserART🔁Have a great Saturday, and be sure to read the Book of Mormon today!
Lei Pakalani @LPakalani🔁I'm Mormon. This Mormon life if GIFs is hilarious and pretty accurate!! Those with youth still at home or serving...
queen of saigon @itsstephgraff🔁When a just married Mormon couple take a pic holding all the family children and babies, is it a
IoRa @iora09🔁I just entered the Book of Mormon lottery to win $50 tickets! via @Lucky_Seat
Peter DeVilbiss @DeVilbissPeter🔁 You guys reading The Book of Mormon?
Dina ✨ דינה מיכל @11Dinaaa06🔁 Wicked closed 10 shows.
The Book of Mormon closed 20.
skiiergirl @skiiergirl🔁@mormon_mom It feels like she's passive-aggressive.
Classic Mormon Mom @mormon_mom🔁[Jesus] does not recoil from us because we sin, even if He on occasion must think, "But what a sheep!" He loves us so much... @DaleGRenlund
Young Thin @SwaggyJPM3🔁 Being Mormon
Nate Smith @nateeesmith🔁A district of Mormon missionaries or the special teams unit? The answer may surprise you!
skiiergirl @skiiergirl🔁In fairness, faith-promoting "miracle" stories often fall into the same category. Neither should serve as credible sources.
claire @ClaireSkellyy🔁@kadymcdermottx Book of Mormon and Les Mis !!! Dear Evan Hansen as well if u can get tickets
Mormons In Plano @MormonsInPlano🔁Sharing from the Houston Mormon Page. A news report on the Harvey Relief effort the Plano Stake is participating...
skiiergirl @skiiergirl🔁Is her reply really to Todd's mention of "faith-promoting 'miracle' stories," because it feels like is casting a spersions on me.
Shakespeare Amalgam @Speares_Amalgam🔁We call ourselves Mormon
MobsterDolphin @DolphinMobster🔁Moving to a Mormon state is scaring me a bit. What if there's no cute gays?!? D:
~Janell~ @Janell_tracyy🔁 i'm a mormon extremist in then sense that if you don't bring refreshments then i'm going home
Clayton Theys @Claymore_13🔁Book of Mormon last night with @kaybendz !!
Lex The Connect @_LexTheConnect🔁Fun fact #4 I'm a Mormon
Johnny Lingo @beaulonee🔁Actual Mormon history is as perverse and immoral as pornography. Shield yourself by letting us censor it for you.
#Giveaway @mygiveawayhub🔁The Book of Mormon is coming to Norfolk, and you and a friend could see it for free! Enter for a chance to win!

Brayden Henrichsen @Mormon_Juice🔁Could I ever do enough to make this coffee more than bitter water?
JRL CHARTS @JRLCHARTS🔁The Mormon Boyz Gay porn label always delivers steamy gay porn action! Check out JRL CHARTS coverage of this label
Jim Cali @JamesCali3🔁 @PoliticalShort Another Mormon bomber
paige ✨ @barrysjenkins🔁 is this the book of mormon
allie @cchalamet🔁is this the book of mormon
Karen #BYUCougar 🤙 @McMittBabe🔁Army of Mormon relief workers helping Houston recover
Brandon Garside @AZ_Mormon🔁Want to Work for CIA? Then Watch This.
He talks about Russia, 9/11, Iraq, Iran & How Americans were/are lied to.
Edwin Bond @EdwinBond12🔁@terrymendozer @PoliticalShort Mormon or moron?
didi banerji @oreoDidi🔁Mormon helping hands The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
Chris Keller @ChristophKeller🔁Orlando is one of my favorite songs from Book of Mormon. Happy to announce my film Father got into Freakshow Horror F ilm Festival 2017.
April A Davis @AprilADavis🔁Hal Boyd: The Mormon answer to theological apathy and agnosticism
you @doakydoak🔁It's a Mormon university wtf u expect
Garrett Cole @stereofiasco🔁'Mormon Jaws' #FilmsThatAreBoring
Dwight A. Hurst @HurstDwight🔁September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.
From Mormon Newsroom:
chrisandkathy @ckvanderkaay🔁I'm a Mormon and a horror movie writer, and I'm calling Trump a white supremacist. Anybody else?


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