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Moore Stacy Friday @stacy_friday🔁 Roy Moore's horse Sassy breaks her silence
Ngamer87 @ngamer87🔁 Alabama’s Black Belt has “deep, rich soil,” eh? 🤔
James Rivera @themaistro3000🔁 Behold the cringeworthy scene at Roy Moore's 'victory' party during his stunning defeat
Moore Sunil Pande @sunilpande🔁 Moore doesn’t get it. He just got banned from another mall.
This one:
MooreMooreMoore Zahir @ZahirGonzalez16🔁 PICKED!

Kenny Moore saw this one coming 👀

Moore Elle Cherie @Wasabi_Past3🔁 WATCH: Pro-Trump news outlet tells viewers Moore won Senate election
Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome🔁CNN: Roy Moore lost.
MSNBC: Doug Jones will be the next senator from Alabama.
Ana Navarro @ananavarro🔁Ok, folks. Roy Moore lost. Steve Bannon is deflated. Omarosa was fired.
Can we focus on Puerto Rico again? Many there are still without electricity and lost everything. Let’s help give Puerto Rican kids something to smile about this Christmas. Please help if u can.🇵🇷🇵🇷
CNN @CNN🔁Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman says Muslims shouldn’t be in US Congress because they have to swear on the Bible. He r esponds with silence, mouth agape, when informs him that’s not the case
Pauline @pauline_brendar🔁The GOP will ignore the obvious voter fraud in AL because they wanted Moore to lose. Hell, they may have even paid for the buses!
Richmond Curtiss 🐬 @PSDesertDolphin🔁 Donald Trump endorsed Luther Strange

Luther Strange lost

Donald Trump endorsed Roy Moore

Roy Moore lost

Steph 🌹 @RantsByDesign🔁@JFKramarz @mentsmin @discomfiting And where the fuck did he see rose folks advocating for Moore? Jfc, these ppl.
neeraj @neeraj_bhide🔁Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman says Muslims shouldn’t be in US Congress because they have to swear on the Bible. He responds with silence, mouth agape, when informs him that’s not the case
An Oppressed Voice @InformedTakes🔁Alabama has very strict Voter I.D. laws, so it's laughable that anyone, except maybe Roy Moore and people at Breitbart, would believe this could actually happen.
Hyacinth🐰 @carloodle🔁Roy Moore wanted to get rid of the 19th Amendment. The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. 64% of white women still voted for him
JoAnne O'Bar Legat @rebellegrrl🔁 Roy Moore is still refusin' to concede the election, but don't worry, he'll lose interest after the election turns 18.
kim waters @KimKimmwaters🔁Those women making the false charges against Roy Moore will simply vanish, now that the Democrats have increased their political power, which was the point all along.
ebony devil @shanaydeloris🔁Chante Moore "Bitter"

Chante is in a bad relationship with an unknown man. She is messing around with R. Kelly and talking to Mr Biggs aka Frank (as you can see from her message at the end). She leaves a letter and burns her old man's bed (petty) before leaving him

Matt Cook @TheRumFish🔁Who’s horse did it better, roy moore’s or Prince Richard’s?
Deplorable JMS @joestornaiuolo🔁They said if Roy Moore wants a recount he will have to pay for it. If it includes weeding out all the illegal and fraudulent votes I will chip in for that recount.
MissKittyFantastico @grusthegorilla🔁Roy Moore lost.
Steve Bannon lost.
Donald Trump lost.
Pedophilia lost.
Bigotry lost.
Homophobia lost.
Racism lost.

Doug Jones won.
Mitch McConnell won.
African-Americans won.
Women won.
Victims won.
Justice won.
Morality won.
Values won.
Sanity won.
Decency won.
America won.

Jay St Vincent @chechero8🔁John Merrill back at it again. Claiming Roy Moore can request a recount even though state law says different. This is an intentional delay to seat Doug Jones. We need to raise the roof on this. Let's get loud! RT
TheMysteriousHC @TheMysteriousHC🔁"The self-described 'values voters' and 'evangelicals' of pious vanity who have embraced Trump and [Moore] have some repenting to do before trying to reclaim their role as arbiters of…righteousness. …henceforth the first reaction to their 'witness' should be resounding guffaws"
Real Madrid ❤ @RMReyesDeEuropa🔁If he didn't stand against Roy Moore who is a pedophile what makes you think he will say anything about Net Neutralit y.
Insert4LetterWord @49nersutefan🔁Roy Moore STILL hasn’t accepted the results of the election. The only thing worse than a racist, homophobic pedophile is a SORE LOSING racist, homophobic pedophile.
Irie Monarch @IrieMonarch🔁 Here are 7 Republicans who are almost as bad as Roy Moore — but still manage to get elected
Mr. Meanerless @MrTutu🔁650,000 people voted for Roy Moore.

He damn near won.

He said slavery was the last time America was great.

He said Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress.

He said homosexuality should be a crime.

He’s accused of being a child molester.


Kenneth O'Leary @KennethFOLeary🔁I think the statute of limitations is way over on them. However, that doesn't mean that Roy Moore can't sue them for defamation.
Jordy Santana @Hybrid_Phantasy🔁Remember that time the Republican Party endorsed & financially backed pedophile Roy Moore? I probably will tweet this daily for the next year.
KLC @LaChinchToo🔁CNN: Roy Moore lost.
MSNBC: Doug Jones will be the next senator from Alabama.
Patrick E Bangs @patrickbangs54🔁Hey ,

You endorsed Luther Strange. HE LOST.

You endorsed racist pedophile Roy Moore. HE LOST.


MiNG @judsongrove🔁Roy Moore’s Attorney can file a lawsuit for voter fraud and irregularities, and the judge can rule in favor, and nullify the results, and set a new date for another election! 👍🏻😎
Emz @ebrownrochester🔁Just a reminder that Alabama's corrupt SoS filed an "emergency motion to stay" that the court granted, allowing Alabama officials to destroy all the digital ballots. What does Roy Moore suggest they recount anyway?
Mr. Fisk @mrfisk12🔁 Has God called Roy Moore yet?
Hil hos @Hillaryh4444Hos🔁 Close analysis of cross tabs suggests Sassy the horse did not vote for Roy Moore.
LSchu @3GirlsMeemaw🔁Roy Moore says Alabama election 'tainted' by outside groups

Roy, you are absolutely right!

Myself, and the rest of those against pedophiles and bigots Tweeted thousands of anti-Roy Moore messages the day of the election.

I'm glad I could taint things for you!

Brenda Cunningham 🇺🇸 🗡 @PunkiBrenda🔁Roy Moore’s defeat an upset ?😂. The deck was stacked against him from the fakewnews , misguided liberalists and establishment turds like Mitch McConnell ,but whatever it takes to make u feel good about urselves
José @josecanyousee🔁
John Merrill back at it again. Claiming Roy Moore can request a recount even though state law says different. This is an intentional delay to seat Doug Jones. We need to raise the roof on this. Let's get loud!

B K Hunter @TantaBeez🔁Roy Moore is absolutely correct. The Senate race was soiled by vile outside agitators who had ZERO business sticking their nose in Alabama politics. However, they will forever have this Alabama gal's thanks: Trump and Bannon.
mich @Michaelaa_Moore🔁 I cant believe this man just solved racism
Front Porch News @BackwoodsGOP🔁Levin: Roy Moore Was GOP Nominee Due to ‘Not-So-Clever Shenanigans’ of ‘Not-So-Smart’ McConnell, Rove, and Law - Brei tbart
Kevin Swayne @swayneonmain🔁The fact is I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and he lost), so I endorsed Roy Moore in the General Election (and he also lost). I was wrong... twice! But I think my base is dumb enough to believe my claim that I was right!
Aida M @aidamelesse🔁Opinion essay | Ijeoma Oluo: Don't thank black women for Roy Moore's loss. Fight for us every day via
Npal13 @NicolePalamara1🔁Doug Jones surged above Roy Moore in the last hour of vote counts because Democrats rigging it just waited to see how many votes they needed. The usual.
Trendolizer @Trendolizer🔁Conservative news outlet called race for Moore 'sSenate
Janelle Espinosa @JanelleEsp🔁 No that is Roy Moore
steady1 @cedd6321🔁@washingtonpost Exactly just like Roy Moore. Defamation attacks won't Stop them from working on real issues. @MooreSenate @realDonaldTrump
SPF 🎄 1000 @SPF_1000🔁2/ Rustling on in it's own terms, given what is being propagandized. But especially rustling cause we just had an election that centered on this very fucking issue. Moore in AL

He can't be in Senate cause teen girl in 70s AL, but gay pedo flick will win at film festival probably

Can't Spell Pruitt without UT @BerserkVols🔁Moore just intercepted Siemian and subsequently forgot how to use his legs. 😂
fuck trump and fuck you @breadstix666🔁Matt Lauer lost his job.
Charlie Rose lost his job.
Mark Halperin lost his job.
Glenn Thrush lost his job.
Billy Bush lost his job.
Harvey Weinstein lost his job.
Kevin Spacey lost his job.
But in politics...
Conyers still in Congress.
Moore still running.
Trump still President.
LauraJane @LJR1626🔁We have valueless, immoral, soulless leaders who did nothing to stop this. I thought after CHILDREN were massacred, we would act but oh no. This is how we get folks like Trump in office, folks like Roy Moore running for office. They have no values, no integrity, no moral compass.
Dallas 🇺🇸#MAGA 🇺🇸 @DallasIrey🔁We know what the Democrats did to Moore for months. We saw what the media did to Moore for months. We saw what Republican leaders did to Moore for months.

They all stacked the deck using unproven allegations 24/7. That can affect ppl in the long run

GottabeReal @fire12andice11🔁Trump hates democrats SO BAD here is a list of those he would support:
Hitler,Mussoulini,Pol Pot,Edi Amin,Jim Jones,The Unibomber,Charles Manson,Jeffery Dahmer,Arial Castro,Anthony Sowell, Richard Ramirez,...And,of Course!..Roy Moore!
Constituent 78259 @urconstituent🔁 You are not fooling anyone. We all know exactly what you're doing. You are taking from us to give to the wealthy. You are as corrupt as and as despicable as Roy Moore
Kimberly Ready @ksrsailing65🔁 Here are 7 Republicans who are almost as bad as Roy Moore — but still manage to get elected
Mike Fresco ⚡️ @MikeyDelFresco🔁Never forget,

After Roy Moore said gay people should be put in jail,
After he said the country was better off under slavery,
After he said Muslims have no place in public life,
Even after he was outed as a serial pedophile,

The ENDORSED him and FUNDED his campaign.

Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁That was the image I was enjoying Tuesday night when Doug Jones bested Pedobear Party candidate Roy Moore in Alabama. But the nerd in question wasn’t Jones, but rather Mitch McConnell.
Charlie Clifford @cliffWISH8🔁Kenny Moore II INT leads to a 7 play, 50 yard drive capped by a Brissett 7 yard TD run.

7-0 #Colts (8:02 1st) @WISH_TV

Washington Examiner @dcexaminer🔁NO THINGS CONSIDERED: Omarosa "resigns," Putin briefed on Trump tweets, and Roy Moore won't give up Considered
T Mortinez @Tomco2017🔁And watch, if Moore does not win, you will not see one protest. riot or tantrum from conservatives. It is because maturity presses on.
Eyeballs to entrails @MineIsaDryWit🔁I decided to try to call every rabbi in Alabama to see if any of them had ever fellowshipped with Roy and Kayla Moore, as the latter claimed in her now-infamous "one of our attorneys is a Jew" speech.
NYT National News @NYTNational🔁Whoever wins the Alabama Senate race, “there is already one loser: Christian faith,” Galli wrote. “No one will believ e a word we say, perhaps for a generation. Christianity’s integrity is severely tarnished.”
peter paton @pjpaton🔁Judge Moore was Shafted
Bernie @BernieReporter🔁Moore lost and yet I don’t hear any reports of Moore supporters skipping work, staging cry-ins, or marching in stupid ass hats. Amazing.
Israel News Links @IsraelNewsLinks🔁Election fraud was the defining factor surrounding Democrat Doug Jones’ surprise upset over conservative Roy Moore in the special election.
Alabama Election Officials Found 5,329 More Dead Folks Who Voted For Jones -

bad indian girl @bad_indian_girl🔁White women voted for Roy Moore, as they did for Trump. Same with white men. Why is this still surprising?
Hil hos @Hillaryh4444Hos🔁It’s easy to blame Steve Bannon for the Moore debacle. But let’s not allow our attention to be turned away from the man who has done far more to define Republicanism down than Steve Bannon. That man is Donald Trump.
TRUMP FEVER CATCH IT !!🇺🇸 Peter D @forgiven_all🔁Establishment candidate Ed Gillespie lost. Non-establishment candidate Roy Moore lost. The lesson: A base-only POTUS isn’t enough for gop to win. Ds hate Trump more than Rs love him. POTUS needs to increase his approval rating or D turnout will kill Rs in 2018.


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