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Elodie (ßelieber) 🇨🇦 @BruyreElodie🔁 My favorite line at Avila park ! I love spring riding! 😍🤟🏼 #snowboarding #Avila #Montreal
Montreal Eater Montreal @EaterMontreal🔁A critic says Griffintown's Chez Ann has "the kind of unreliability you can find reliable."
Montreal Rina De Cola @rinadecolamtl🔁#ButFirstCoffee #HappyEaster 🐣
#WorldWide🌎🌍🌏 from #mtl #montreal #canada 🙋🏻☕️💗
Montreal Elodie (ßelieber) 🇨🇦 @BruyreElodie🔁 Honored to have been presented at the @CanadiensMTL hockey game!! ✌🏼 #thankyou #montreal #bellcenter
Montreal WX Montréal @wc_montreal🔁Sun 10:00: Partly Cloudy; Temp 1.5 C; Wind WSW 41 km/h gust 52 km/h; Humidity 63%; Press 101.2 kPa / rising.
Montreal Jericho Movement @Jericho4PPs🔁 1 April, Montreal: Stand with Palestine, Stand with Gaza
MontrealMontrealMontrealMontreal Swetlana @swetallina🔁 Montreal, QC @ Theatre Fairmont tonight
Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁This is the only save we are okay with Montreal making tonight.
Candice Malcolm @CandiceMalcolm🔁Just watched the evening news on CTV news channel. Yikes. It’s shockingly left-wing. CTV & CBC are like the NDP & Lib erals - competing to see who can virtue-signal harder and thereby alienating all Canadians outside of downtown Toronto and Montreal.
Pens Inside Scoop @PensInsideScoop🔁Print those playoff tickets. The have officially clinched the Stanley Cup playoffs with a 5-2 win against Montreal. Now it's a matter of where they fall. Currently holding a 2-point edge for 2nd in Metro and 3 behind top spot. Sunday's showdown with Washington is huge -SK
tobiaspwn @tobiaspwn322🔁Happy exploring Montreal! So appreciative that I stuck to my goal to travel every month! What are your plans today?
MARCO @intermedo70🔁It's a pity that to take the train Montreal-Vancouver either so expensive. I would like to visit Canada from one end to another in the train but it is less dear outward journey in Cuba! What a shame ! Better go to make live the economy of the Islands than to visit our Country
Anarcho-Communism @anarcho_commie🔁Solidarity with #Montpellier from #antifa #Montreal: No fascists on campus
WBFO @WBFO🔁USS Little Rock finally leaves Montreal for Florida home
Mugambo Group, Inc. @mugambo99🔁Product review for Marmot Women’s Montreal Coat Black XL
Joann @stevjo9🔁Just watched the evening news on CTV news channel. Yikes. It’s shockingly left-wing. CTV & CBC are like the NDP & Liberals - competing to see who can virtue-signal harder and thereby alienating all Canadians outside of downtown Toronto and Montreal.
BlackHawk 4 Life☘️☘️☘️ @Keithrowe888🔁Not quite Scott Foster's story but icon Glenn Hall had a fun 1952 NHL debut: flew to Montreal from Sask as emergency sub for Terry Sawchuk, equipment lost en route. Wearing stuff borrowed from trainer, he tied 2-2 at Forum. My 2008 look back
Dave @agapedude🔁This is a total scam coverup!!!! The whales in the St Lawrence weren’t killed by ships going too fast! They were killed by the 8 BILLION LITRES OF RAW SEWAGE RELEASED BY MONTREAL UNDER YOUR ORDERS!!!! Now the Cod are dying off. Please Retweet this to inform ALL CANADIANS! Liars!
TMJ-MON Pharm. Jobs @tmj_mon_pharm🔁We're ! Read about our latest opening here: Statistical Programmer 2/Senior Statistical Programmer - Canada Nationwi de office or home based - , QC
Les Lazaruk @Bladesvoice🔁(2) Campbell said for the next two seasons the league will play a schedule of exhibition games at the end of which Montreal will be awarded the Stanley Cup. Individual statistics accumulated will be credited to all players.
Les Lazaruk @Bladesvoice🔁(3) Campbell: “We will examine things every April 1 and see if any teams can challenge Montreal to see if we can hold a legitimate championship season, but for now, there is no point defrauding our fans with the sham of the present regular season and playoffs."
Glances Back Vintage @McClainDebby🔁 Very Very ., , VERY RARE!!! 😇 👍

Werks @werksshop🔁Designed for the ‘go anywhere’ driver. Available online now - link up 🔝 @ Montreal, Quebec
CharliBlancoPitt @charlysteelers🔁 #Penguins clinch 12th straight appearance in #NHL playoffs with a 5-2 win over Montreal.
Hisham @hishamjr145🔁From : Quebec City mosque shooting suspect found guilty of all 12 charges against him after changing plea from not guilty to guilty. People in court cry as judge reads out names of victims and survivors. Background from Monday:
Alex @alexlancey🔁Reasons my French was on point AF in Montreal, @MarshallLancey
Matt Holding @MattHolding🔁Mornings with Coco ❤️ @ Montreal, Quebec
Kyle | Where’s Medicine Harry? ◟̽◞̽ @Tiedtolou🔁In one week im gonna be at the Montreal Supernatural Convention 😭😭😭😭 I can’t wait
Dan Kennedy @Jdkennedy54🔁Global News Radio 640 Toronto Arts Weekend in Montreal - GlobalNews Contests & Sweepstakes
april @aprilmargaretg🔁 @PanicAtTheDisco COME BACK TO MONTREAL CANADA PLEASE
Kevin Woodbury @KevinWoodbury6🔁Budget $1,084.60. I will take the New Jersey Devils (-160) against the Canadians in Montreal for $16.
barbara middleton @bmiddleton51🔁When we first came to Montreal, Scott came up to me right away and gave me the biggest, most welcoming hug and passed on nothing but words of kindness, affirmation, and positivity to me. They will always be legendary to me.
Spritus Veritas 🦁 @SpiritusDV🔁On the occasion of Good Friday, I participated in the "Office du Grand Vendredi" ceremony at the Saint Joseph's Oratory of Montreal. Each year, more than three thousand faithful Christians attend this event, making it the largest Eastern Rite gathering in the West.
shawndearn @shawndearn🔁This isn't in the Montreal region ... but I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come as warming weather melts this past winter's snow packs.
Alex Stirlingite @AlexStirlingite🔁 The Storm Tour Montreal, Qc Club Soda
Shelagh campbell @CampbellShelagh🔁At the risk of dating myself, this 1980 story by - on the covert, unconsented & harmful *research* conducted in Montréal - is what ignited my passion for bioethics & the protection of patients' rights

Disco Factory FM @discofactoryfm🔁Now playing #JasonWeintraub - #DiscoTwitter Montreal Live Set.mp3 on Disco Factory FM
REVe @bearseulgi94🔁literally everyone and their mother is talking about red velvet, my best friend just texted me to say she saw them in the montreal french newspaper that only ever talks about quebec stuff @_Allsales🔁Industry & Zoe clothing #SampleSale BB Dakota, Jack, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Alo Yoga in #Mtl
John R. Phillips @jrphillips0677🔁The 5-2 win punched the Penguins’ ticket to the postseason for a record 12th consecutive season. It’s the longest active streak in the NHL.
Phil Caterino @CaterinoPhil🔁 Combat USS LITTLE ROCK , trapped by ice in since Christmas, got underway Saturday morning led by DES GROSEILLIERS. By late Sat night was off Rimouski, Quebec. Could taste the sea for the first time Sun.
Landon Mann @Komando_Lando🔁What So Not - Montreal (feat. Kimbra) [Official Audio] The Goat
Ethos @ethoscentre🔁Like Jesus of Montreal, the Jesus of the canonical gospels doesn’t fit well into the European model of secular humani ty. On the one hand, he is far too spiritual. But he is also infuriatingly political. By Peter Phillips.

Anju Dhillon @adhillonDLL🔁On the occasion of Good Friday, I participated in the "Office du Grand Vendredi" ceremony at the Saint Joseph's Orato ry of Montreal. Each year, more than three thousand faithful Christians attend this event, making it the largest Eastern Rite gathering in the West.
Toronto Brewing @TorontoBrewing🔁Excited to announce the opening of our Montreal Brewing Homebrew Supply Store later this month!…
C♡ || fan account @ssweetlikeari🔁if ariana were to go on tour, who would go to the montreal show?
miranda @repeatgomer🔁i feel like someone is going to do a b**ch move on me and say smth like 'oa are coming to montreal' and i'll end up c rying all day when they tell me it's a joke😂😭
massagesnearme @massagesnearme🔁New post (Acupuncture, Massage for Pains, Migraine,Allergies,Anxiety,Insom) has been published on Massages Near Me -
Dave LeBlanc @davedome1🔁 want something to cry about for real ? New census numbers show Montreal to be Canada's most Trilingual city ! Welco me to 2018 .
Salim Nadim Valji @salimvalji🔁A kind of positive story just waiting to be told…how some Montréal Canadiens fans who couldn't afford to get into the Bell Centre in other seasons have gone to games b/c the ticks on secondary market are so cheap this season, & their experiences at games for the first time
KXT 91.7 @kxtradio🔁 will get even funkier when heads to . Enter to win tickets:
JJ @JJCANUCK295🔁@lesleychestrman Ho. Can we see your list of fave Montreal restaurants? Ty
Audet Diane @Daffycherie🔁Drivers, starting today pay attention to signs as changes come into effect regarding street maintenance and bike paths in .


margaret carty @sligeacht🔁Elderly Quebec couple forced to return home by snowmobile after man's surgery
Quebec Medical Care!!!! WOW.
Worldwide Picks @PicksWorldwide🔁NHL
どせいさん @issho068🔁RT Giant Marionettes created by French street theatre company Royal De Luxe in Montreal, Canada. Video .
Allen Harris @crash_matrix🔁tbf, I very rarely boycott anything, even if I really hate something a company's doing. I feel like their products o r services should be chosen on merit, not on politics.
I think there's only 1 real boycott I've ever made - of Bioware Montreal.
Bitcoin Woman @WomanBitcoin🔁Today we are hosting over 30 students for a full-day “Blockchain bootcamp” organized by my firm in collaboration with and Montreal universities and academics. Hosted at the BlockHouse, crypto center of excellence in Montreal 💡

We will be many 🚀

EVELYNE STAN canada tomorrow 🇨🇦 @lilmistrouble🔁Flying to Montreal tomorrow so so excited 🇨🇦
daddy nat 😏 @natyoung11🔁So we ring the buzzer, while clearly seeing there is no one working, the gate OPENS so we drive out before the gate c loses or something. ANYWAYS thats the story of how we got free parking in Montreal 🤷🏼‍♂️
Sandra E. Barreiro @SandraEBarreiro🔁Montreal-born was only 22 and self-taught when he painted this work “Citadel, Quebec” (1947) demonstrating his potential as one of Canada’s leading landscape artists. Launching soon—“Paterson Ewen: Life & Work:”
Ness, more or less @thewrongshoes🔁NEW | How a St. John's filmmaker went from English-speaking busboy in Montreal to Cannes

Habs News @habsnews🔁[RDT] Game Thread: New Jersey Devils (41-28-9) at Montreal Canadiens (28-38-12) - 01 Apr 2018 - 07:00PM EDT
Alex Stirlingite @AlexStirlingite🔁 Cannonball Montreal, Qc Club Soda
Moaz Ahmad @yyzMYA🔁@stateofthecity @JohnTory Have you reviewed the development of the old Edmonton airport and the old Bombardier facility in Montréal?
Dolphin @PETEPETEPETERR🔁Montreal nice try, on Thursday please pass that one #AFCvSCFC
Marvin Rotrand @MarvinRotrand🔁This story needs someone in the QC's gov. quick attention:


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