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#Mizzou Aakash Raut @AakashRaut🔁 Let’s go Mizzou! #texasbowl #NRG #mizzou #texas #ut #tu #gigem #sawemoff #bthotexas #SEC
Betsy Woodruff @B_Woodruff🔁 That feeling you get when the half time speech consists of “Throw the sumbitch!” #Mizzou
#Mizzou HankVogt @HankVogt🔁 Got my bowl shoes on. Beat Texas. #Mizzou
#Mizzou laytavion @laytavionn🔁 watching bro @LRountreeIII play on tv of course he killin it rn ✊🏻 #mizzou
Greck @BradGrecco🔁 🤘🚨🤘#Texas #Longhorns take down #Mizzou 33-16!!!!! #HookEm🤘🚨
#Mizzou Susan Nikko Affeldt @susan_affeldt🔁 🌡️ Heating up!

#Mizzou ranks #️⃣1️⃣ in the @SEC in three-pointers made per game (9.8).

#MIZ 🐯🏀

Joshua Santoy @JoshuaSantoy🔁 This


Gabe DeArmond @GabeDeArmond🔁 has run the ball 23 times and thrown it 14 against a defense whose strength is stopping the run and is without half twitter.com of its starting secondary.
Mizzou Football @MizzouFootball🔁GAMEDAY | vs. Texas in the . Let's Keep it Rollin...

📍 NRG Stadium
⏰ 8 p.m.

🐯🏈 twitter.com

Mizzou Football @MizzouFootball🔁Back-to-back years:

3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣-yard passer
1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣-yard rusher
1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣-yard receiver

Only school to d twitter.com o that in back-to-back years since joined the league.


Sancho P @sanchoYmoi🔁 #Mizzou they get bag and fumble it, #Texas we get the bag and flip it and tumble it twitter.com
Spazz4zz @spazz4zz🔁Watch: quarterback Drew Lock addresses Texas head coach Tom Herman imitating his touchdown celebration.

"When the head coach is mocking your dance move, you must be doing something right."

Full highlights/reaction:

Honored Valor® @HonoredValor🔁@itsTLMoon A sad, sad day for my #Mizzou Tigers. There's always next year 🏈
Lawayne Garrett @Coachlawayne🔁You know the whole social media outrage over , Tom Herman mocking QB Drew Lock? Yeah, there's more to this story.
APSE @APSE_sportmedia🔁's season ended last night, and so did my time with . Thanks to everyone who followed along, but don't go yet! I'm excited to dive deeper into coverage for and will have lots of notes, gamers & features come the new year.
🌺Black Sinatra Targaryen🌺 @Todd_Gully🔁Here's the video of players at the luncheon on Tuesday talking about securing the bag and putting the horns down. players start booing when they're singing, so that's why they start putting the horns down again.
J.C. C A R P E N T E R @TheJCCarpenter🔁@MizzouSports1 Another #TEXAS win over #Mizzou. It was like they never left the Big 12! 😆
🤘🤘Hookem🤘🤘 @AngelOfPower12🔁 Hey #Aggie remember #Mizzou has played for 4 conference titles since 07 while yall haven't played for 💩 since 1998
RobEQuiroga @Rob49Q512🔁Despite missing some key pieces, the D did what it does vs. — slow down high-powered offenses.
Randon Leathers @RandonLeathers🔁2009: was obliterated by Navy 35-13 in the

2010: Mizzou started 7-0, beat the #1 team in the country, and had a 10 win season.

Stop trying to project the value of next year’s team based on last night’s performance vs . It means nothing.

LindiB @LindiRB🔁 ✔️100 tackles ✔️3.0
Raise the bar #Mizzou twitter.com
SoonerScoop.com @SoonerScoop🔁Have finished the first half of of and some pretty interesting numbers from the game.

A sample...

rob williams @Rdub99Rob🔁After a week of being disrespected by , Tom Herman and his team dished it back at the end of the win.

Josh McCuistion @JLMcCuistion🔁Have finished the first half of of and some pretty interesting numbers from the game.

A sample... twitter.com

Howard Richards @how_rich🔁Very kind words . My personal thanks to you for getting things done “with the quickness.” You made a big & positive twitter.com difference for us this year. Thanks for coming to !
Milens~ @milenssmile🔁Chris Dade and fellow students played cascading Taps across for .
JaccPot12 @jpledge9🔁“If you believe in something, go get it.”

See how WR Dimetrios Mason used football to break the cycle.


Michael Trevino @MykleTrevino🔁 thanks I will have a “god” evening. teaching everything but grammar since 1839. Oh and thanks we will take the “W” twitter.com .
James Stanley @James_Stanley97🔁Last's night's game was rough for . In case you missed anything, catch up on last night's happenings in the with our Maneater Sports game recap:

Cruddy of Winghaven @CruddyWH🔁Great read by Ben Fred here #mizzou twitter.com
Kristin @CoMo_kristin🔁Large police presence near campus after reports of possible shooting - KMIZ abc17news.com
Ravi Dasari @rdasari🔁Final word on :
A) Odom and staff need to take next step. They beat the losers. Gotta start beating the winners.
B) Talent needs upgrade across the board. Multi-year effort. 'Good' isn't enough in SEC
C) Lock should stay. No SEC East's on an NFL schedule
D) Invest $$ in OC
Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl @TexasBowl🔁Barry Odom and the football team has arrived at NRG Stadium for the .
KCMIZZOUTATTOOED @KCMIZZOUTATTOOE🔁But your only problem is still really wants to be he just hasn't realized it yet. At least that is this fans story twitter.com and I am sticking to it.
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles🔁Is it more disrespectful to spell Missouri “Mizzouri”, or say Missouri as “Missourah”? #Mizzou twitter.com
Chris @cjhbruinfan🔁 BREAKING: UCLA OC Jedd Fisch will be announced as #Mizzou OC as early as this afternoon
Jay Sparks @sparksjay🔁Love when Random Guy At Bar wants to tell me about what the #Vegas #Sharps were thinking in re: to the #Mizzou spread last night.


Garrett Jones @garrettjones11🔁Last's night's game was rough for . In case you missed anything, catch up on last night's happenings in the with ou twitter.com r Maneater Sports game recap:

Rivals.com @Rivals🔁Drew Lock had a record breaking season, but what else is there to take away from 's up and down season?


10 twitter.com Tiger Takeaways -

Mykael C. Wright @TheWrightMyke🔁Dear #Mizzou fans, don't get trolled by a punter.
Ashley Zavala KRCG @ZavalaA🔁 In today’s @stltoday: #Mizzou’s Michael Porter Jr. saga adds another missed note stltoday.com
Will @W_brumit🔁It's amazing how obsessed the texas longhorns are with drew lock #Mizzou twitter.com


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