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Mitt Romney Crystal @crystalsug🔁HAPPY FRIDAY YALL enjoy this quote from american businessman and republican politician mitt romney! i want to die
Mitt Romney Max Freedman @MaxFreedman5🔁 This quote from Mitt Romney cannot be real
Mitt Romney feminist next door @emrazz🔁 It Mitt Romney were an undercover cop, he'd be dead on the first day.
Mitt RomneyMitt Romney ᎵᏋᎢᏐᎢᏋ ᎵᏫᏐᏁᎢᏋᎡ @INFJPhotowriter🔁 if you google search this picture of mitt romney it processes it as "man in mom jeans"
Mitt RomneyMitt Romney jordan @JordanUhl🔁if you google search this picture of mitt romney it processes it as "man in mom jeans"
Matt Viser @mviser🔁“My favorite meat is hot dog, by the way. That is my favorite meat” Romney said. “My second favorite meat is hamburge r. And everyone says, oh don’t you prefer steak? It’s like, I know steaks are great but I like hot dog best and I like hamburger next best”
Oliver Willis @owillis🔁Ted Cruz rolled his eyes as he saw all the commentary about Mitt Romney's hot dog remarks.

"Favorite meat."
He chuc kled.
"Man is my favorite meat."

From down in the well, Paul Ryan could hear the cackling. He had lost track of the days. Months maybe.

"Zodiac," he whispered.

Lyn Dauphin @americian_dlyn🔁Dear Mitt Romney:

The Left hates you

Trump supporters hate you

Even the old crusty establishment doesn’t seem to like you much.

Please go away.
Sincerely, EVERYONE

Cormac Brown @CormacTheWriter🔁Mitt Romney: "My favorite food is hot dogs and whatever beer you poor people like the most. Except I don't drink beer because I'm Mormon, and we don't do drugs."

Meanwhile, back in the real world . . .

notsofast @notsofast🔁Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) lead the private placement for stable coin project “Basis” with an investment of $133M— the firms first purchase of crypto currency tokens mind you

If stable coins become successful look to to land in top 50 cmc

NC @GuidetteNC🔁Apparently Mitt Romney classifies “hot dog” as a category of meat. Not a meat-based item. But a meat. As in “chicken curry” and “hot dog curry” and “pork curry”. Im shook.
Dick Gozinya @OGOriginalGoat🔁 Mitt Romney’s favorite meat is hot dog: a flavorless mix of leftover parts wrapped in plastic.
Majik @majykmyke🔁“My favorite meat is hot dog, by the way. That is my favorite meat” Romney said. “My second favorite meat is hamburger. And everyone says, oh don’t you prefer steak? It’s like, I know steaks are great but I like hot dog best and I like hamburger next best”
Gary Tyson @GTYSON🔁 i dont understand why everyone is making mitt romney hot dog jokes and at this point? i dont wanna know
Torville Redenbotter @TravBot🔁[mitt romney at a barbecue]
MITT: hey neighbor whatchya got cookin there on the ol' outdoor cooking device? oh wow looks like hot meat, my favorite! do u have any sausage cylinders or is it just gonna be beef circles today?
Pamela Groseclose @Woohoo487🔁This Had to Hurt=> Grifter Mitt Romney Fell Flat on His Face in Second Round Voting at Utah Convention |
My doctor calls me "Gabe real gross, man" @gabegrossman🔁I, for one, am really excited to hear what Mitt Romney thinks about the DJ Khaled news.
Beatrix Thotter @cumgelatin🔁I usually hate folksy stuff with politicians but there’s a good show concept of Mitt Romney and John Kerry going to fast food places and asking for “A Wendell’s Big Style Hamburghêr” and a “inverted crust pizza”
Thomas Sauerbrun @cathbysgod🔁The biggest mistake this country ever made politically was failing to elect Mitt Romney president in 2012.
Freak Nasty! @BigDaddyL_74🔁Is Mitt Romney just two 10 year olds in a suit on each other's shoulders trying to sneak into an R rated movie? (My column)
New Donk Moosey™ @MooseyMcMan🔁@BboyMaestro It's a Mitt Romney quote.
🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿🎅🏿 @FakeEgg73🔁Every single Mr. Burns quote about food (“pretzeled bread” etc etc) could be neatly applied to this Mitt Romney situation
Brittany Nelson @britterinn🔁@dbnelson Wut is the Mitt Romney hotdog quote?
MyAstronautMicah @micahpaisner🔁@JordanUhl I had a whole blog dedicated to Mitt Romney wearing jeans. Really great stuff out there
Renee Bakke @BakkeRenee🔁 WAIT WHAT? Mitt Romney Praises President Trump's First Year In Office
Volcrano @volcrano🔁@janewiedlin Is it Mitt Romney?
matt bernico @The_Intermezzo🔁 guys mitt romney has been dril the whole time
gareld as fuck @dafro77🔁I feel alive.

Lynx62 @Lynx62🔁 ⚡️ “Would Mitt Romney be Representing You! I Don't Think So.” by @andersonDrLJA

ASHKENASTY ✡️ @abbehstern🔁Today I was forced to think about DJ Khaled and Mitt Romney eating pussy and eating hot dogs in their man caves.
Norrth Anti-TrumpDennison #Resistance @norrthpier🔁 Workshop -- Romney becomes someone new with every campaign. He is now a burger-and-dog-loving, DACA-despising, aver age (millionaire).

Hopefully, in during the next campaign, someone will Build-A-Mitt and start with a big heart.

Cameron Glenn @CameronCGlenn🔁Mitt Romney: honest about his meat. I respect that.
Lilly Arden @arden_lilly🔁 Mitt Romney would fight for Utah...
Jeff Havig @JeffHavig🔁 "Ha ha ha! Terrific!" - Mitt Romney, every time Jar Jar Binks appears on screen
Jodi @jodotcom🔁Mitt Romney

Dog On Top Of Car 🚘

“Who Let The Dogs Out?” 🐕

“My Favorite Meat Is Hot Dog.” 🌭

🛑 🛑 🛑

William Staniforth Donahue @itsunclecarl🔁@ScottWamplerBMD @PhilNobileJr This is more embarrassing than that Mitt Romney hot dog tweet by the way
hollyeh @hollye_h🔁Mitt Romney's Favorite Meats:
1. Hot dog
2. Hamburger
3. Chicken nugget
4. Slurpee™
5. Cigarette
6. Country-Western Music
7. Love? Am I pronouncing that right?
8. Definitely not human, where would you even get that idea? I shall laugh boisterously now.
MShar51 @freespirit_08🔁Rest assured, I won't. I'll be fighting for policies that help middle-class families thrive right here in Utah. Preservation of our beautiful lands. Paid leave & better jobs. Access to health care that doesn't clean out a bank account. It's not that hard.
Sara Wachter-Boettcher @sara_ann_marie🔁dj khaled doesn't eat pussy

mitt romney only eats hot dogs

this isn't even a joke; this is just a news digest

RitaMatthis @berle49🔁 I supported the assault weapon ban.
—Mitt Romney
Henry Sullivan @HenrySu59179601🔁Nobody believes that Mitt Romney considers a hot dog or a hamburger "meat"; he's obviously a guy who knows those are sandwiches. That's why he comes off as a phony
SongofStorms.mp3 @_Jon_H🔁@MAR0855 @pattymo Steamed Hams but Mitt Romney is both Skinner and Chalmers.
djowalsen @djowalsen🔁Maybe Mitt Romney talked like that because he was trying to avoid the "are hot dogs sandwiches?" debate.
i survived infinity war @CodyfromOhio🔁Mitt Romney's political career is littered with ridiculous sentences like this.
One of my favorites was a ridiculous claim he made during 2012 in MI, where the "trees are the right height," that there was a time where you could show him a square foot of a car and he'd name it.
Seasonal Placeholder Name 🌹 @ShallNoiseUpon🔁 mitt romney has never eaten a hot dog in his life


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