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Mike Mularkey Craig Stocken @farewell666🔁 Mike Mularkey, Titans mutually agree to part ways: on.nfl.com
John McClain @McClain_on_NFL🔁Bingo. What Jaguars person said yesterday -- Mularkey didn't want to fire a few guys so instead, 25 guys will get fired. Thanks, Mike.
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁 GM Jon Robinson and CEO Steve Underwood told coach Mike Mularkey before the game and told him they were extended him twitter.com and he was their guy. They said they'd get it done after the game. Now this.
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The #Titans announce they have fired coach Mike Mularkey. Unreal.
ImReadyToDie @zachmready🔁Let's check in on the NFL head coaching class of 2016.

-Chip Kelly: Fired
-Mike Mularkey: Fired
-Ben McAdoo: Fired
-Hue Jackson: 1-31
-Dirk Koetter: 14-18
-Adam Gase: 16-17
-Doug Pederson: 21-12, hosting NFC Championship Game

BK @bilthy_🔁Mike Mularkey has done well as an offensive coordinator...some guys can be coordinators & not do well as head coaches twitter.com ...he’d be a huge upgrade and a good play caller. Why are people hating this?
John McClain @McClain_on_NFL🔁Some may disagree, but the Titans firing Mike Mularkey was never about Josh McDaniels, and more coaching carousel updates from
Davis Zerr @daviszerr🔁Mike Mularkey wins a playoff game with a mediocre team and gets let go.

Marvin Lewis hasn’t won a playoff game in 15 years and keeps his job.

Jason Waterfalls @PacmanJonez🔁Mike Mularkey out as head coach in Tennessee i know @_WSBG and @CheckTheResume are happy as hell
Shirley Thomson @tunaville561🔁 Send us a gif of your reaction when you saw that Mike Mularkey was leaving the #Titans
FOX Sports Knoxville @FOXSportsKnox🔁Death, taxes, Tennessee coaching search SZN.


92.3 The Fan @923TheFan🔁Pat Shurmur, Mike Mularkey, and Doug Marrone were just a few of the 'Lima Likes' with @SportsBoyTony from this morning
Jill Lieber Steeg @JillLieberSteeg🔁Why the Titans firing of Mike Mularkey was never about Josh McDaniels, and where they go from here. Plus, how Josh-to-Indy has been in the works for a year, and MORE.
The MMQB @theMMQB🔁Some may disagree, but the Titans firing Mike Mularkey was never about Josh McDaniels, and more coaching carousel upd twitter.com ates from
zach ragan @zachTNT🔁 Three options to replace Mike Mularkey in Nashville next season #Titans tenntruth.com
TReese82 @TReese82🔁The Titans & HC Mike Mularkey parted ways yesterday after 2+ seasons! They wanred him to make changes to staff & He r twitter.com efused! Wow!
A Myers @AlMyers15🔁 #Browns are in discussions to make former #Titans HC Mike Mularkey their offensive coordinator, per @PatMcManamon.
Rob Jaracz @JRAZ447🔁I'm more concerned about what he did against the Eagles. We do have to cut back on drops but the way he calls a game twitter.com puts a lot of converting 3rd downs through the air after 2 runs that set up 3rd and 5. Drives like that are unsustainable. He's Mike Mularkey 2.0!
alex @_AlexYarian17🔁Mike Mularkey and Bruce Arians are available. So is Matt Patricia. But, Coach 1-31 is the best man for the Browns job, right?
Nate Ulrich @NateUlrichABJ🔁ICYMI: Mike Mularkey linked to Cleveland’s offensive coordinator job, interviews for assistant coaches and a roster m twitter.com ove. notes
Evans Donnell @EvansDonnell🔁Titans coaching search: 10 potential candidates to replace Mike Mularkey tennessean.com via @tennessean


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