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QueenInvisibleInk @OutWriteRandom🔁It is about to go down! Cmon season 2!!! #MidnightTexas
#MidnightTexas Guadalupe 👽🐺 @flappergirly🔁 #MidnightTexas Renewed for Season 2 — Find Out Who Won't Be Back
#MidnightTexas Wayward AF Jenn @JKreutzinger🔁 #MidnightTexas has been RENEWED for SEASON 2🎉🍺🎊🍷
Midnight Texas @midnightintexas🔁 Now that a season two has been confirmed, what are you looking and/or hoping for? #MidnightTexas
#MidnightTexas The Originals A&F @theoriginalsaaf🔁 #MidnightTexas Renewed for Season 2! Who Won't Return? tvfanatic.com (via @CarissaPavlica)
Saffron Wylla Blue @WyllaBlue🔁 Now that a season two has been confirmed, what are you looking and/or hoping for? #MidnightTexas
Dylan Bruce @DylanBruce🔁Thank you for your patience and making season 2 a reality. We love you and can’t wait to bring our “quiet” little T twitter.com exas town to life again.
Parisa Fitz-Henley @ParisaFH🔁Happy to share this with you . ❤️ Thank you SO MUCH for all the patience, support, fun and love. Here’s to another se twitter.com ason making magic with you. 🙏🏾✨
Jason Lewis @JasonLewis🔁A long time coming, but super excited to announce that is coming back for Season 2! 💥👊🏼😈👊🏼💥 twitter.com
Saffron Wylla Blue @WyllaBlue🔁A long time coming, but super excited to announce that is coming back for Season 2! 💥👊🏼😈👊🏼💥
Saffron Wylla Blue @WyllaBlue🔁 We all had to be patient but... we’re back! Can’t wait. #MidnightTexas deadline.com
Kat J. @CheshireKat_92🔁Soooo...can we put #MidnightTexas on #Netflix now? Please?
Chloe Webber (OOC) @LustfulSloth🔁 It's a Valentine's Day miracle - @NBCMidnightTX renewed for season 2!!! midnighttexas.com #midnighttexas
iris west @Westallenearth1🔁 NBC's #MidnightTexas Gets New Season & New Changes | @NBCMidnightTX omfgtv.com
Abbey Jones @AbbeyJones11🔁 NBC is bringing back #MidnightTexas for another summer run share.ew.com
BattyMidge @BattyMidge🔁 You are on fire! Congratulations on the renewal of Season 2. Always a pleasure watching you on screen. twitter.com
Erika @padakitty🔁 The long-awaited #MidnightTexas season 2 renewal is now official! cartermatt.com
Midnight Texas @midnightintexas🔁 How come you’re not coming back for season 2 of ? Such a shame that Manfred won’t have his girlfriend in season 2! You’ll be missed!
RiceBall: Feed Your Inner Nerd @Feedmericeballs🔁 Renewed for Season 2 — Find Out Who Won't Be Back via tvline.com
RiceBall: Feed Your Inner Nerd @Feedmericeballs🔁Yes!!! So happy about this #MidnightTexas twitter.com
Chuck Duncan @CRDFilm🔁It took long enough, but has finally renewed last summer's Number 1 drama for a second season. Due to the gap between filming season 1 and renewal. actors' options have expired and and will not return as regulars.
Kayla Seabrook @Kazymarie🔁For our fans abroad or just catching up, today has been a tough day. Several of us at are from Florida, where there was yet another mass shooting...at a school. Hard to fully celebrate our announcement amidst the sadness & anger. Thank you for your patience.🙏🏾
Linda Kelly @lindabunny1333🔁WOOHOO! About time #MidnightTexas ♥️♥️♥️ twitter.com
Linda Kelly @lindabunny1333🔁YES!!!! About time #MidnightTexas twitter.com
Tami Danielson @totallytami777🔁@YulVazquez Seriously? #MidnightTexas is renewed, and you're not a part of it? Me no likey!!!😥
Brandon Fife @Arielle_My_Baby🔁 u guys so rock right now for giving a run for season 2 & with that being said all I can say is thank u ....🙏🙏🙏🙏 twitter.com


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