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Camila Jackson @DawidRoman2🔁nude photos of tamil girls michelle obama nude pictures
Camyl 👑💋 @CammyBxoxo🔁 Barack Obama has one word to describe Michelle Obama: "hotness"
michelle obama The Daily Dot @dailydot🔁Michelle Obama made Barack a Valentine’s playlist—and it’s precious: dailydot.com
michelle obama Khaled Osman @kled🔁Here’s Michelle Obama’s Valentine’s Day playlist, ‘Forever Mine’ goo.gl
michelle obama Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 Michelle Obama made Barack a valentines days playlist. 🤧 Wish someone’s daughter liked me this much
Diana @hernandez_deen🔁 Barack Obama has one word to describe Michelle Obama: "hotness"
michelle obama Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 Date Night In? Michelle Obama Curated The Perfect Playlist trib.al
michelle obama ʟɪɢʜᴛsᴋɪɴ Ӏҽօ♌️✨ @nae_4eva🔁 The Spotify playlist Michelle Obama made for Barack is ❤️❤️❤️  open.spotify.com
michelle obama Saeed Jones @theferocity🔁Michelle Obama’s note on IG about her portrait is really touching.
Gemma Styles @GemmaAnneStyles🔁I’m only listening to Michelle Obama’s valentine playlist for the rest of the week k thx bye
John Schwartz @jswatz🔁Remember when Michelle Obama's efforts to choose what students eat was denounced as fascist government overreach? n.pr
ANDREIA =7 @AndreiaLuizas🔁Former First Lady Michelle Obama posted a new 44-track Spotify playlist dedicated to her husband, 44th U.S. President Barack Obama, for Valentine's Day which includes Michael Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. Listen to MJ as you celebrate V-Day!
Susan L. Parish @susanparish🔁Michelle Obama: I'm “thinking about all of the young people, particularly girls and girls of color, who in years ahead will come to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall.” (via ABC)
Adrian Chase @AdrianC03943394🔁Good to know! Now if will release ALL of Obama's public records, we can find out why Obama and Michelle were forced to VOLUNTERILY turn in their attorney licenses to the Illinois Bar TO AVOID PUBLIC VIEW OF THE REASON!

Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 maybe i am crying bc of michelle obama’s valentine’s day playlist what’s it to you
han solo @bisxualstark🔁Michelle Obama is the most academically accomplished First Lady. She skipped second grade, graduated salutatorian at her Magnet high school for gifted students, went to Princeton (graduating cum laude) and then Harvard Law School.
Obama2012/Germany @onevoicechange🔁President Obama and Michelle Obama's Valentine's Day Messages to Each Other Are Perfect fb.me
Anna Heck @a_heck33🔁The party who lost their absolute shit over the idea that Michelle Obama might tell their kids what they can and cannot eat at school is suddenly fine with giving poor folks pre-packaged government rations instead of food stamps.
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 Michelle Obama made a Valentine's Day playlist for Barack, and it's perfect huffingtonpost.com via @HuffPostPol
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 michelle obama's spotify playlist to pres. obama 😭❤️❤️❤️ couple goals
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 Ok so Michelle Obama made a playlist for Barack for VDay and Anthony Hamilton’s “The point of it all” is on there. She wins.
Hannah @Zimbel18🔁Worth the read: The Mystery of Amy Sherald’s Portrait of Michelle Obama newyorker.com
Dg_gibbens @dg_gibbens🔁 How did Barack and Michelle Obama’s official portraits look to you? Do vote and retweet. #MAGA #Trump
hershey08 @Leizer08🔁Michelle Obama made a Spotify playlist for Barack: ‘Forever Mine’ - featuring artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and more 😍😭
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁Michelle & Barack Obama made a Spotify playlist for their art event & included Miley’s music in it. Legends.
Gregory Culver @Low_Speed🔁Why not. They could have worse people to emulate like Bill and Hillary Clinton or Obama and Michelle or the Leader of twitter.com the Hermit Kingdom or Kevin Spacey. Or Harvey Weinstein.
Dawn Elicia @DawnElicia🔁Today's big story is that the WH refuses to detail the immigration status of Melania Trump's Parents.

The bigger story is that Melania's father Viktor, is a former member of a Communist Party in Slovenia & an atheist.

Imagine if Michelle Obama's father was a communist atheist!

Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 This valentine day, you’ll find me listening to Michelle Obama’s playlist she made for Barack, crying in my bed
Rajiv @chotaceleb🔁Barack And Michelle Obama Shower Love On Each Other On Valentine's Day socialscud.com
TheBossBaby @mrbeerkhor🔁Barack And Michelle Obama Shower Love On Each Other On Valentine's Day socialscud.com
Rob Redd @tacana_redd_sox🔁Michelle Obama shares a romantic playlist dedicated to Barack on Valentine's Day ❤️

Listen: trib.al

Sabka Pyara Batman @conflictedsocio🔁Barack And Michelle Obama Shower Love On Each Other On Valentine's Day socialscud.com
Mickie House @house_mickie🔁Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle, your class and grace are truly missed. You perfectly represented this country. Thank you for being positive role models for our children
Kenyari Keith @yari_yoga🔁We were in the room with last night at event! Read the recap here:

Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 Michelle Obama made a playlist for Barack. The first family is so goddamn cute.
🌹mc.g_2014🌹 @mcg_20014🔁Barack, Michelle Obama's Valentine's Day Notes To One Another Are Beautiful ihe.art
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 Michelle making Obama a playlist featuring @JanelleMonae and @Jidenna was all I needed for Valentine’s Day tbh
Thomas Curran @cincinnatiriot🔁i wrote about amy sherald's beautiful portrait of michelle obama, which i think of as a mysterious comment on representation
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁Michelle Obama shares a romantic playlist dedicated to Barack on Valentine's Day ❤️

Listen: trib.al

Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁Michelle Obama made a Valentine's Day playlist for Barack Obama and it is so beautiful independent.co.uk
Smyrna @realifeninjatho🔁 I’m only listening to Michelle Obama’s valentine playlist for the rest of the week k thx bye
SonnyGirard @SonnyGirard🔁I'll believe it when I see the first head roll out of FBI Headquarters. If it's a white head Michelle Obama's painte twitter.com r can use it.
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 listening to michelle obama’s spotify playlist dedicated to her husband because it’s the only love i’m getting today lmao
D. @StiLLLLaughing🔁@StedmanDS Michelle Obama made one for her man
Janice @JaniceDevereux1🔁And what did Obama do about it? 2 Dozen little kids shot to death, what did he do? What did he do after the Pulse nig twitter.com htclub massacre? He and Michelle spoke kind words wearing phony sad faces.Useless.If dead kids did not generate change nothing will...
Jillanne🗽🕌🙏🕍⛪ @Jillanne48🔁For eight years we had a First Lady with integrity who is the epitome of class! RETWEET if you miss Michelle Obama!
‏ً @huntybey🔁Michelle‘s Spotify playlist dedicated to her boo Barack Obama, for Valentine’s Day includes ‘Get You’ by Daniel Caesar, ‘Until The End Of Time by Beyoncé and JT, ‘LOVE’ by Kendrick, ‘Halo’ by Beyoncé, ‘Always Be My Baby’ by Mariah, IJCSLY by MJ, and ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.
james olsson @james_olsson🔁FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama admits that Barack’s home country is Kenya, & Barack himself admits that he’s a Muslim:
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁I’ve been mad at Michelle Obama since 2013 bc she took away the good cookies at school.

That ended today.

This playlist is bangers only.

Susan L. Parish @susanparish🔁Yesterday, Amy Sherald unveiled Michelle Obama’s portrait. Three years ago, she spoke about empathy and her work at :
Dr. Marcelle Mentor @marcellementor🔁Barack and Michelle Obama Have Been Invited to the Royal Wedding; Donald Trump Was Not dailykos.com
John Obeto II @johnobeto🔁Kewl! vox.com
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁 My Valentine is Michelle Obama's Spotify playlist to Barack
Butch McLarty @ButchyMcLarty🔁Barack and Michelle Obama Had their official portraits unveiled today. I so much hope they will choose me to do Trump’s when the time comes. PORTRAIT
Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁Am I spending Valentine’s Day working while listening to the V-Day playlist Michelle Obama made for Barack?


Ligaya Loyola @LigayaLoyola🔁If we wanted a truly accurate representation of love, Cupid would just be replaced with the Spotify playlist Michelle Obama made for Barack
spanky600 @spanky600🔁At the Smithsonian's, Barack Obama thanked artist for capturing former first lady’s “hotness” in her portrait🙄

For the first time in her life, Michelle's proud to have the most ridiculous portrait ever presented!

👉Should've hired the artist who did Obama's birth certificate!!

🏳️‍🌈 DJ Lena 🇯🇲 @DJ_Lena🔁Michelle Obama's attempts to make school lunches more nutritious is tyranny, but restricting the food that someone on SNAP can buy is freedom. Got it.
Nicole Bearce @nicolebearce🔁The first Black President & First Lady commissioned the first Black artists to paint presidential portraits.


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