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Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁CPAC communication director Ian Walters said tonight at the Ronald Reagan dinner: “We elected Mike Steele as chairman twitter.com because he was a black guy, that was the wrong thing to do.”

Guests at tables apparently gasped in shock.

DEM#theresistance @crazydiamond_pf🔁Dear Black Conservatives — this is what they think of you. They are using you for optics. That goes for you gay too.
Sarah Reese Jones @PoliticusSarah🔁Former RNC Chair Michael Steele tells that CPAC communications director tried to blame Obama for his racist attack o twitter.com n Steele. (And Republicans wonder why they get called racist).
Raw Story @RawStory🔁Former RNC chair Michael Steele says GOP is 'clearly' more racist: 'How quickly they revert to race as a weapon' twitter.com
Steve Rhodes @tigerbeat🔁CPAC 2018:
- a guy got booed for saying America’s a nation of immigrants
- a guy got applauded for saying Michael Steele was a token black hire at RNC
- a lady needed security after saying Trump & Moore are sexual harassers
- Trump admitted he’s bald under that thing

susan e Cody @susaneCody1🔁 Watch ex-RNC head Michael Steele unleash holy hell on CPAC exec over 'black guy' slur rawstory.com
orac oraque @oracoraque🔁UPDATE: Former RNC chair Michael Steel says the Republican Party has a racism problem.

"Yes, they do. I think we need to be honest and acknowledge it."

Queen M. Sheba @QueenMSheba🔁WATCH: Ex-RNC chair spars with CPAC head after official's racially charged remarks: "They were stupid" hill.cm
Neodog1 @neodog1🔁Michael Steele responds on MSNBC: “A little bit shocked, very disappointed... it’s unfortunate, it’s stupid, it’s immature.”
Kevin @lvsx69cs🔁CPAC comm. director says they chose Michael Steele to chair the RNC because 'he was a black guy' dailykos.com
amsterdamred @amsterdamred🔁Dear Michael Steele,
The only time you have ever trended nationally and it's only because, 1 of your "So-Called" GOP buddies called you a "TOKEN"!
Robert J. Pechacek @BLACKFLAGchi🔁To be clear, nobody (including Michael Steele) is shocked to learn this. What is shocking is to hear them admit it so publicly. But this is where we are now in this era of emboldened white supremacy. They don't have to dog whistle anymore & they are loving every minute of it.
Lori Kohn @LoriBKohn🔁CPAC communication director Ian Walters said tonight at the Ronald Reagan dinner: “We elected Mike Steele as chairman because he was a black guy, that was the wrong thing to do.”

Guests at tables apparently gasped in shock.

Mary Pat Laushot @MLaushot🔁@JayandSteve @JoyAnnReid Good for you Michael Steele! What was said about you was disgusting and shows where the Republican Party stands!
Christina Nelson @seattlelove90🔁.: Do you think the GOP has a racism problem?

Michael Steele: Yes, I do. I think we need to acknowledge it. People sit here now & say this has nothing to do with race. Yeah it does when you stand on a podium & blatantly speak to race.

206Rider @johndsaunders3🔁Michael Steele is still in that sunken place. Smdh. #WakeUpBruh #TheresStillTime twitter.com
half a ping @halfping🔁Former RNC chair Michael Steele was shocked when he was called the Republican's "token black guy" at :
Carter💯🐸🕆🇺🇸🥛 @fcspikeit🔁We have laws that force "diversity" hires, not to mention tremendous public pressure pushed by the diversity agenda. twitter.com So why wouldn't race be factored into making "Michael Steele" the director? Don't AA laws force race to be a factor?
Celeste @unocelestial🔁Michael Steele spars with CPAC head over official's race comment: 'What the hell' a.msn.com
Kelly Anne @kellyFreckles🔁 Michael Steele Responds to Racial Insult Hurled by CPAC Communications Director observer.com
NurseMom @RiseUpAbove🔁@realDonaldTrump Really? That's not what you said about Michael Steele sooooo....


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