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Michael Oliver: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-08-26 19:47)

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Takyou @TakyouCom🔁RED CARD for Bilic because Michael Oliver kill Tammy Abraham and Mahrez
Michael Oliver Matt @MhikiMata🔁Michael Oliver’s reaction says it all. Gutted.
Michael Oliver Achmad Anshar17 @AchmadAnsharDJR🔁 Big highlights on the first half. One word for mr. Michael Oliver? 😎
Michael Oliver Paul Sanderson @pksthereds🔁Michael Oliver
Michael OliverMichael OliverMichael OliverMichael Oliver Squizy-V @charansquiz🔁 Now that we think of it. Michael Oliver haunting Manchester United since 2013. #MUFC #MUNLEI
Danny👳🏿 (virgin) @DeGeaxIgy🔁Me when leicester score a 100th minute equaliser and Michael Oliver runs around celebrating
Pogbaaa 🤙 @PogbaIsUnited🔁 Me when leicester score a 100th minute equaliser and Michael Oliver runs around celebrating
Michael OliverMichael OliverMichael Oliver shmikey @MichaelReal_2🔁@UnitedStandMUFC @markgoldbridge look how bitter Michael Oliver is 😂😂😂
Michael Oliver IG: Sphamack @Sphamack🔁 Michael Oliver’s reaction says it all. Gutted.
Jeff Giesea @jeffgiesea🔁Noam Chomsky
Sean Penn
Oliver Stone
Jesse Jackson
Michael Moore
Jeremy Corbyn
Danny Glover

All praised Hugo Chavez. Where are they now?

Samuel Luckhurst @samuelluckhurst🔁Mata talking to Michael Oliver as #mufc re-emerge. Another referee who tries to make games all about himself.
Guy Mowbray @Guymowbray🔁He's had a shocker - and potentially ruined the game. You could see by his body language what Michael Oliver thought too.
Mister Mann @Capt_Aikay🔁 Michael oliver should've seen it. The guy is an awful referee. The standard of officiating is bollocks.
Spike @SpikeLevi🔁 i hope michael oliver is sacrificed in a satanic ritual
Mister Mann @Capt_Aikay🔁 Mata talking to Michael Oliver as #mufc re-emerge. Another referee who tries to make games all about himself.
Naresh Mufc @dybala_esquee🔁 JUST DIE MICHAEL OLIVER
pete @shade1964🔁Utd look like a good side but have no doubt Michael Oliver has had a very poor game tonight and it's a shame that he has let down Leicester
مهندس @YaaseenSalie99🔁Many are shocked at Michael Oliver, it's clear he's deluded,

He had this hair cut last year... HE WAS 31!!

Nana Yaw Kesseh @fkesseh🔁Shame on you referee Michael Oliver
Union City Blue @justforlayfs🔁Michael Oliver.
Desperate to give utd a pen.
Desperate to influence a city red card. @premierleague wake up. #mcfc
dpkmanc @dpkmanc🔁Michael Oliver saw an invisible elbow of Walker frm touch line bt couldn't see it while officiating on pitch 😡

Chantelle Price @itspricey0210🔁 Michael Oliver is a plonker
Wycliffe @CliffeRocker🔁Offside? Y'all are not Michael Oliver.
Chantelle Price @itspricey0210🔁 Michael Oliver is ruining this game... His hate for United is so blatant
Shiven Nayager 🇾🇪 @Shiven_MUFC🔁Fellaini Player of the Year if he knocks Michael Oliver out.
steve jones @spjmufc689908🔁@youaretheref which is the worst ref

Mike dean
Michael oliver.

Phumudzo Tshiovhe @Shepherd015🔁@ManUtd @Fellaini Michael Oliver doesn't look too impressed
IG: Sphamack @Sphamack🔁 Michael Oliver and Mike Dean both trying to win City the league already
Fin @FinHD1🔁 And it was offside- Jose defo bunged Michael Oliver £5 at half time.
binkrisAFC @bin_kris🔁 Two of those in the stoke game - both deemed unintentional and no penalty. Michael Oliver and boom spot.
Haribo @hsmann0070🔁Haha eff off @LCFC even with the incompetent referee couldn't do eff all #lovingit eff off michael prick oliver @FA #MUFCvLCFC
Ghoochannejhad @_C_hacha🔁Fellaini scores an offside goal & Michael Oliver's suddenly the best referee in the world after Howard Webb. Typical
True Man U @True_Man_U🔁Michael oliver looking at the lino as soon as that went in. Desperate for the offside 😂
• @VintageDidier🔁And it was offside- Jose defo bunged Michael Oliver £5 at half time.
(σˋ▽ˊ)σ @KissyFaceEmoji🔁I NEED NEW MUSIC FOR MY BLOG! If You're An Aspiring Musician Please Send Your Music To This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Michael Oliver
Squizy-V @charansquiz🔁Michael Oliver is having a pathetic game. Leicester have constantly fouled our built up play & Oliver does nothing.
Sam. @chez_official🔁 Is Michael Oliver on united wage bill
Nnaji Abraham @nnajiabraham🔁 Michael Oliver should never referee at Old Trafford. The decisions he's given over the years are slightly dubious.....
IVÁN CHAVÉZ @ivanchavez7u7🔁"Broken Arrow"
"Jordan Burroughs"
"Michael Oliver"
"Nerlens Noel"
"Old Trafford"
"Paradise Island"
"Phil Jones"
"Set 1"
"Top Rank"
pete @shade1964🔁Michael Oliver will be the most relieved man at old Trafford his team have finally got their goal 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kady @Deisha1994🔁Michael Oliver by far Leicesters best player in 1st half. Fool needs glasses, can't spot foul even when it happens in front of him. 👓😔
Achmad Anshar17 @AchmadAnsharDJR🔁 Reminder lads, is that Michael Oliver. 😎
Akash @akashkedia84🔁Michael Oliver & the officating crew have missed blatant body checks on the edge of the box & ruled out an onside goal. Great half
Rob Fryman @Rfryman🔁@LeeDixon2 Are these Michael Oliver's glasses?
Sylvester U. Orubele @sylver4syl🔁Michael Oliver is in the action too much. His position is impeding our attack.
Papi K @drewie_santana🔁 Michael Oliver thrash!!!
Ridwan @Ridwan_Patel🔁Michael Oliver thinks he's refeering a rugby match today.
JKJose @DaleyBlind_fan🔁SICK TO DEATH of Michael Oliver waving away horrendous fouls against us
Danny👳🏿 (virgin) @DeGeaxIgy🔁Michael spastic Oliver at it again
C @Mxrchishio🔁Michael Oliver has been spot on today, not a single bad decision.
Anand raj @Carrasvision🔁 Now I'm moaning, I have just done some research and that penalty should have been retaken, Michael Oliver you are a cunt
Fiona May @fionamay4471🔁Now I'm moaning, I have just done some research and that penalty should have been retaken, Michael Oliver you are a cunt
Joel Eklund @JolleEklund🔁Michael Oliver please resign #munlei
Tito in Miami @Tito305Sports🔁No re-kick. But they got that 50/50 offside call right. Michael Oliver and Co.
Alexandria Snow @Alexandriaz6g🔁 Michael Oliver is a joke
MSZ @ThisIsMSZ🔁Michael Oliver is the ideal referee for Fellaini. You could elbow the fuck out of a 5 year old and he wouldn't bat an eye. #MUNLEI
SJ✈ @spensuhh🔁Michael Oliver referees some of the most important games, yeah he is one of the worst and most hated refs in the EPL
Conor @Conor_OShea7🔁Michael Oliver is a waste of space, just like Christy Fagan ffs
PMc @MrMcG7🔁Michael Oliver needs to be rested because he makes too many important mistakes....... @premierleague


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