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michael oliver dub @DubWeyer🔁Alright... who edited Michael Oliver’s Wikipedia?! @ManUtd #ggmu #mufc
michael oliver 🥀unforgettable @mollmcfc🔁 Jose Mourinho is blaming Michael Oliver for the defeat.

“They (City) scored very bad goals.”

michael olivermichael olivermichael oliver Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Michael Oliver will be the referee for Derby.
Saikorn @Luiyet02🔁 Footage of Pep when he saw it was Michael Oliver refing the derby ...
Duncan Castles @DuncanCastles🔁Big, big call by Michael Oliver not to give a penalty and to book Ander Herrera when there was clear contact from Ota twitter.com mendi. Especially after Gabriel Jesus' first-half effort.
SportsJOE @SportsJOE_UK🔁I don't think Michael Oliver likes Manchester United, to be honest.
Samuel Luckhurst @samuelluckhurst🔁Mourinho's 'diving' comments about City quite clever. Sunday's referee Michael Oliver has given three penalties again twitter.com st and one for them in the last five games he's officiated them.
Kudzai Musiwa @kudzie_mc🔁Michael Oliver Man City Man of the Match

Absolute Cheat and we all knew it the second he was appointed. Well Done FA. Premier League over in December because of you lot

Martin Rasmussen🇩🇰 @TheRealBusthi🔁Dear ,

I'm writing to you about the quite frankly shockingly soft refereeing from Michael Oliver in the Manchester derby. If you're trying to make it a non-contact sport then he's the man for the job. Fouls for shoulder barges are pathetic. Congratulations on killing the game

Congress @HentaiPtmx🔁Man Utd 1-2 Man City: The referee made a mistake - Jose Mourinho: Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho feels referee Michael O twitter.com liver was wrong not to award the Red Devils a penalty during their 2-1 defeat by Man City.
Scorpion Game @_ScorpionGame_🔁Today I Want Only 15 Followers Only But I Will Follow Back Retweet And Follow If You Are Online United Pogba Michael Oliver De Gea Lukaku
Marty the Tyke @martytyke🔁 Hard to express how much I fucking hate Michael Oliver.
OMAR. @Omarralmelden🔁 Herrera booked for diving. Jesus wasnt.

Consistent Michael Oliver. League 2 is your level

wycliffe muendo @wycliffemuendo🔁Manchester United fans are disgusting!! Now that they didn't win against Man City all manner of excuses start flowing twitter.com ; Pogba was not there, Michael Oliver didn't give a penalty (Herrera dived). Btw FYI Lukaku is the most useless striker in the
Marty the Tyke @martytyke🔁Otamendi has just stood on Herrera's foot and is told he dived. Jesus didn't even get booked. Disgusting yet again from Michael Oliver.
Mohamad Shehab @MohamadShehab5🔁Big, big call by Michael Oliver not to give a penalty and to book Ander Herrera when there was clear contact from Otamendi. Especially after Gabriel Jesus' first-half effort.
Macaroni @ForzaMacaroni🔁Wow, the levels of hate being shown to Michael Oliver are quite astounding. Sorry folks, but the best team won, and he denied City a clear penalty for a foul on Otamendi in the first half, so give your heads a wobble
Liam Dunn @LiamDunn15🔁You’ve literally just blamed Michael Oliver a few tweets ago. This surely has to be a parody account? What a fucking twitter.com idiot
Stephen @StephenKFrost1🔁 Michael Oliver ignoring another booking for City there. #MatchdayMac #ManchesterDerby
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 'Retweet' if you hate Michael Oliver the c**t


Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁Paul Pogba was red carded for a similar offence to David Silva, but Michael Oliver has the officiating capacity of a door knob.
pppft @RandolphGreen🔁Michael Oliver is a cunt btw
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Would be a real shame if a mini asteroid was to land on Michael Oliver.
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁United deserve to lose, but Michael Oliver's refereeing has been abysmal. Hasn't managed the game in any way, shape or form.
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁Michael Oliver reffing the derby.
No problem. It’s not as though he’s got history of letting City players get away with things . . .
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁Michael Oliver... well you just know City will get a penalty when Raheem Sterling falls over outside the box when a feather hits him in the back. He will look to send De Gea off any chance he can & he will let the City players foul relentlessly. Other than that good choice of ref
David Jaramillo @davidjaramill01🔁Mourinho: “My first reaction is I feel sorry for referee Michael Oliver because he had a very good match but unfortunately he made an important mistake.”
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Michael Oliver you fuckin cunt.


Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Michael Oliver twerks for Pep Guardiola pass it on
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁Herrera getting booked for a dive is rich as Jesus got away with literally just that in the first half. Fuck Michael Oliver.
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁Well done to the FA for ruining Manchester Derby by having Michael Oliver as referee, They got what they wanted in the end, Fucking twats
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Michael Oliver is a joke
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 That HAS TO BE A BOOKING for Jesus. Holy shit Michael Oliver.
Benediction @DeucesMen🔁Follow everyone who likes and retweet this lukaku

de gea
man city
michael oliver

Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Trusting Michael Oliver with a match like this is like trusting a fox to babysit a chicken
Andrew burgess @Andybgess88🔁 Michael Oliver is the worst and most inconsistent referee in the league. He can fuck so far off, ruined a good game.
King Sam Sam @WindyPDSami🔁City won cus of two set piece blunders, Asda Price Sonogo and that nonce Michael Oliver. It's alright I'm not sad.
Procter @procternrowley🔁@ManCity @benmendy23 It's not blue though jesus the diver cheat is sucking Michael oliver off for points
Rodgers Musyoka @RodgersMucioq🔁Follow everyone who likes and retweet this lukaku

man city
de gea
michael oliver

Abdul. @G_AbdMalik🔁Embarrassing! Gave far too much respect to them city bastards! I bet you Michael Oliver is getting a special head tonight from Pep. Enjoy the stench up his ass!
АрЧер @DSterlingArcher🔁 I don't think Michael Oliver likes Manchester United, to be honest.
¹⁹👑 @SupremeRashford🔁Jesus dives, no booking. Rashford throws the ball downwards, booking. Michael Oliver ladies & gentlemen.
khule jikzinz @jikzinz_khule🔁 the FA are so quick to give players retrospective bans for decieving the refs but don't give refs for decieving the twitter.com players.
The jesus dive no yellow card, the herrera legit penalty yellow card.
you can definately see that Michael Oliver was a city fan growing up
Jim Alexander @Jim_Alexander🔁Inactives today, incidentally:

Chargers: Cardale Jones, Geremy Davis, Branden Oliver, James Onwualu, Michael Ola, S twitter.com ean Culkin, Jerry Attaochu.

Washington: Maurice Harris, Robert Davis, Montae Nicholson, Kyle Kalis, Chase Roullier, Jordan Reed, Terrell McClain.

© Merase™ @merase🔁Michael Oliver: "I allowed Man United to self-destruct so all the media, all the people in the world went: 'United lost the title."
Craig Ellis @CraggerRagger🔁Can't wait for #MOTD2 to completely miss both Michael Oliver's ludicrous display and city players bullying the ball boy
Matthew McFadyen @_maffoo🔁"Jose Mourinho hits out at Michael Oliver."
Jose said the ref was okay for the most part but made a mistake regarding twitter.com Herrera.

"Klopp's passionate outburst."
Acted like a child and laughed in the interviewer's face when he said the penalty seemed fair.

Sky Sports, home of bias.

Da_man94 @da_man94🔁 He booked Di Maria for touching him and now Rashford for getting frustrated ....
Michael Oliver sir ...
MAN UTD NEWS ⚽️ @SirAlexStand🔁Michael Oliver got most calls right in Manchester derby manutdnewsfeed.com
Darth Danny @DarthDanny🔁@MenInBlazers I didn't know Michael Oliver was a bald???


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