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Mets Brian K. Kalipersaud @Yankees_4Life🔁 The only Mike Stanton the Mets could afford
Nico Sebastiano @nico_sebastiano🔁 Hey @mets see what the other guys are doing.
Mets NY Sports Day @nysportsday🔁Mets Off-Season Going Well For Noah Syndergaard
MetsMets Brian K. Kalipersaud @Yankees_4Life🔁 the Yankees in the offseason vs. the Mets in the offseason
Mets Howie Karpin @howiekarpin🔁 Mets Off-Season Going Well For Noah Syndergaard
Mets Grant Larssen @ZeroDT🔁Mets will call Marlins about Starlin Castro: source
Mets Ben Greenzweig @BGreenzweig🔁How odd. Usually the #yankees are sold out and the #Mets are on sale.
New York Mets @Mets🔁
New York Mets @Mets🔁
New York Mets @Mets🔁//" target="_blank"> :
Garbs @garbss🔁 If you’re anti-Cashman, you’re welcome to the Mets. He is king.
bill vertoske @wvertoske🔁@Rillzzzy @BNightengale @Bharper3407 @Yankees I hear the Mets are now interested in the Yankees hand me downs, Castro.
A_A_ ron @itskassssmann74🔁The Mets front office is going to try to get the team back in the news by signing Bryan Shaw and everyone is going to laugh at them like you laugh at the kid that brought his pet rock in for show and tell
Brian Brydon @MisterScruff🔁
JDSeed @AmericanSeed76🔁For the a situation the present could be ideal for moves, since their farm system is thin and Miami is probably not interested so much in big league talent making 7 figures over the next 1-4 years.
Dan Lewis @muffindan🔁Mets are expected to talk to Marlins about Starlin Castro once deal is through. Mets doing their diligence regarding 2B. Lots of names who could be moved: Kinsler, Kipnis, Hernandez, perhaps Dozier.
Tracy LeVeaux @batcavelv🔁@Mets @Topps This is your best giveaway yet! #Mets25DaysOfGiving
Zombie Bob @smc2of3🔁ESPN 2049: The Yankees have signed Home Run Bot 9.0 to a 5-year deal. The super-intelligent android hit 6,000 home runs last season.

The Mets are bringing 76-year-old Bartolo Colon out of retirement to pitch and bat cleanup.

M.A.K @maktheknife2000🔁Should be noted the Mets discussed Starlin Castro with the Cubs a few years ago. The Cubs wanted Noah Syndergaard. I don't think the Marlins will ask for Syndergaard.
Douglas Spector @DouglasSpector🔁Way to sit back…DO DIDDLY SQUAT…and let the Stankees once again reduce us to an after-thought for the next decade!!! I really f’in hate being a Mets fan!!!!
Peter Rodriguez @peterrod16🔁payroll drops a lot in 2019. Mets have to options cut payroll and let the young kids play or give it one more short a nd spend. I would say cut payroll and see what happens
youngOGthemotivator @LuchtKyle🔁@bta12345 mets tryna get the scraps
Joaquín J Cabrera @JoaquinJCabrera🔁Nice paper . It would be nice if series reporting on treatment for brain mets focused on specific disease sites ( eg lung) as prognosis can be very different between sites
Christopher Lepore @Clepore44🔁I will only be okay with this mets offseason if they pick up Harrison and Castro
Jim French @_FrankWest🔁@willmatic12345 @forevershinin @TOOFARFROMTIMID @rome_blackstar Don’t give It the Mets jinx lmaooo
The Notorious One @Tnotorious1🔁Well Baseball fans in NY weren’t all Yankee fans and the void let to the creation of the New York Mets. Of course we hate the Yankees.
Tracy LeVeaux @batcavelv🔁
New York Sports Guys @NYSportsGuys5🔁The Mets should trade for Josh Donaldson but they won't because they're the Mets.
JDSeed @AmericanSeed76🔁So, lots of options at second base for Mets at prices that should work. Winter Meetings will be a key time to make progress on those tracks.
Festive Wob Deletos @Zherdev_🔁 yeah the yankees have giancarlo stanton but the mets are registered as a militia so whos the real winner here
Wyatt Dudebro @NewYorkMehts🔁The guys the Mets are talking about getting are laughable. You just won 70 games and your gameplay is Shaw or Reed a nd Adam Lind? Save your money Fred you’re not fooling anyone.
starblazer @01Starblazer🔁 @01Starblazer @Hello_Davey @NYPost_Mets Stand in line. The Red Sox will be all over him. 6 years 180 million
Marjorie Jugan @nanamarjie🔁they do or the MEts become irrelevant unless our group of starting pitchers become superstars all at once. I know thr ee that can...
LEE @337Lee23🔁@elmortosports Castro to the Mets
Justin Palumbo @JPal319🔁This is what the Hot Stove is for the Mets.
kayla @backgoesupton🔁yeah the yankees have giancarlo stanton but the mets are registered as a militia so whos the real winner here
It’s Christmas SZN @PeteyBatts🔁@CharlesMets @michaelgbaron Mets can’t afford that
Ashamed Louuuu @iiLouisO🔁@jsmyth926 @Mets I tell my dad this all the time. I’ll never get over it
Marc Carig @MarcCarig🔁@4eyesJohnny no, not really. combination of high price tag and a player whose strengths aren’t what the mets typically value
Robert Derbabian @Robderbs🔁Bright side: if it took #GiancarloStanton to the #Yankees to get Castro to the #Mets, I’m down with it.
Nap Queen @Siya_Mets🔁my current life is behind the scenes.
my real life will be when i have real money and a snatched waist. that will be the real me.
Ashamed Louuuu @iiLouisO🔁 I will never forgive my dad for giving me a life of the @Mets
iLLmaticDre @illmaticdre🔁What would be sad is if the Mets give up more than the Yankees gave up for Stanton to get Castro from Marlins
Ashley Sullivanアシュリー @AshSully95🔁 kinda why I'm a Mets fans. It can be depressing as hell but we don't exactly have grounds to talk shit
Jaykay5 @jaykay5789🔁@KeithQuigley80 @MazzNYDN @McClain_on_NFL Hahahaha u get an a+ for originality🙄 what are you a mets fan?
Wilponzi @Wilponzis🔁Paid no ethics Wilpon tv shills Harper, Raissman, Wilpon lawn jockey Lupica now taking dictation from Jeff and Fre d to knock deal, evil empire shame etc
Noreen @baseballfan1616🔁@FigSNY @Mets Don’t count the chickens before they hatch


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