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Metro Tesia Reed @TesiaReedWTOC🔁 Metro Detectives Quickly Identify Homicide Suspect -
Metro Star Cinema @StarCinema🔁Here are the Metro Manila cinemas where you can watch #LovingInTandem ❤️ #LovingInTandemNowShowing
Metro malik taimoor @taimoor_16🔁 New revelation about Multan metro scandal


Metro ASD @Anahita_SD🔁Future #metro in #Dushanbe
George RR Martin @GRRMspeaking🔁A Melbourne Metro Station named Winterfell, or Highgarden tickles my fancy. I hope one of the Westeros names wins :D
SHAHEEN SEHBAI @SSEHBAI1🔁MR LIJIAN ZHAO @zlj517 Can you please explain why you twted in Defence of Shahbaz Sharif when China is investigating the Multan Metro Scam.
Stephen Beech @bossbeechyscoop🔁@gavbrown_metro Lovely interview with George Baker in today's paper - apart from the "there are only four Classics each year" line. Ahem...
anna cannizzaro @mammanna56🔁 I'm a sexpert in the making I got 9/15 on Metro's sex toy or dog toy quiz
LDA @LDAresources🔁Asda's new game makes it easier for children with #autism to help with shopping via @MetroUK
Addie Kumar @adityeah🔁The Metro Theatre, where you are going to perform, says that the event is 18+ only. So where do I leave my 3 year old daughter?
Schoenfelder @SKuemy🔁 The new plastic £10 notes are finally in circulation
Cool @iss_iskandar🔁A river runs through it: “At the moment, we are serving only… ⚘⚘ Untuk Negaraku ⚘⚘
Av Kumar @AvKumar17🔁Every attempt at change in India is accompanied by fear. Pepsi-Coke entry, import liberalisation, economic reforms, Metro, Aadhaar, GM, GST.
Not PTV Notify @NotPTVNotify🔁Metro Bus - Major Delays to 30 min: Route 357 Wollert West - Thomastown Station via Epping Station towards Thomastown Station due to (1/2)
Peshawar @PeshawarKPK🔁SECP under fire for failing to probe Multan metro graft charge
Aishwarya styles @StylesAishwarya🔁A Melbourne Metro Station named Winterfell, or Highgarden tickles my fancy. I hope one of the Westeros names wins :D
Muhammad Rihan @MUHAMMADRIHANQA🔁MR LIJIAN ZHAO Can you please explain why you twted in Defence of Shahbaz Sharif when China is investigating the Multan Metro Scam.
mediat_en @mediat_en🔁People moaning about Diane Abbott saying 'n***er' on GMB are missing the point - Metro #UK News
Chandra Shekhar kar @goalpeacetiku🔁Mocking bullet train echoed our chronic fear of scale. Delhi Metro also faced "but-what-about-the-poor, can-we-afford/do-we-need-it" doubts
jayson quiambao✈ @quiambee🔁I'm at Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) in Pasay City, Metro Manila
Manjeet singh @manjeetsingh311🔁@narendramodi_in @narendramodi @AbeShinzo Bullet train will be having same Delhi metro like success for the country,More jobs for people.
Saleh Abbasi @Abbasighoi🔁If you could know Chinese language, you might have understood better. Yabaite is a scam. It was not in Multan Metro.
Dermot Hanney @HanneyDP🔁Does appear Dublin metro is coming regardless but it would be far more assured if land use plans were changed to conc entrate densities
♪♪♪Peaceful Heart♥♥♥ @amb_rvl🔁Here is a list of cinemas in Metro Manila where you can watch Loving In Tandem! Sugod na!


Micropoetry Society @pssms🔁 at by Luke Agbaimoni


Jays @JaysBees🔁 making just false promises! Still 90% of the Metro area is still in Hindi.
Social Attraction @Gary_Gunn🔁Women are more likely to get bored of sex with a long-term partner, suggests new study
Sarah Deo @SarahTitus0306🔁Chief Ribbon cutter of India Shri Namo inaugurating Gujrat Metro Rail. This highly developed train can't be seen by Naked eyes. (2050)
Geez @2_Geez🔁"if young metro dont trust ya ima shoot ya"
Metro @MetroUK🔁The new plastic £10 notes are finally in circulation
Brad Williams @bradwilliams69🔁 Cleveland State University blasted online after 9/11 memorial chalk art is washed away @brookbanktv
Sheila @sheilad58🔁EXCLUSIVE: to help ladies ‘CoppaFeel’ with headline set at curated festival :

GivBiafra Referendum @paragonna011🔁Breaking! I Would Rather Die Than To Live As A slave In Nigeria, Biafran Catholic Priest Declares.(Video)
गीतिका @ggiittiikkaa🔁these r the first ppl takes the ticket to travel in Bullet Trains whn it starts workig..v saw ths ppl in blore metro time n is now huge hit
C'mon Chelsea @chelseacmon🔁Chelsea better off without 'balloon' Diego Costa, says Manchester United legend Roy Keane - Metro
Akram 🇮🇳 @akramismm🔁 Basically Rajiv chowk is king's landing for delhi metro passengers.
pc master race @ScottKe42995606🔁Plus the metro footage shown was on a 4k pc not a one x LMAO
Kyou @ningiou🔁Aleph's tweet made me scream of laughter, I'm in the metro
Star 88 Now Playing @star88recent🔁Heartbeat by Metro Church Australia
HTMumbai @HTMumbai🔁 HC likely to appoint IIT-B to examine effect of drilling for Metro Line-3 on structures of iconic buildings along DN Road .
Signs Of The Times @SOTTnet🔁Earth Changes: #TropicalStormMaring floods metro #Manila, #Philippines
Joseph D. Kaho'onei @kiapolo808🔁 Brock Turner’s mugshot is now in a textbook under definition of ‘rape’
thiruvalluvar @tiru_2000🔁If these commies & their 'eminent' mafia of intellectuals had their way, we wouldn't be using computers, mobiles or metro rail by now!
Ramakrishnan @ram1461🔁Popular slogan in India every time TV,computer,Mobile etc & infrastructure projects like Metro were lunched in the p ast !
Akeem Rasaq @BlazinBola🔁Rich The Kid, Swae Lee, Metro Boomin & 21 Savage star in Philipp Plein's SS18 show at New York Fashion Week 2017.
Denver Now @DenverCP🔁Metro State President Janine Davidson on DACA students
Khalid Hussain Shah @KhalidShah52🔁You can compare these two business. Capacity charges are something else and metro project which can't earn $32M. Thin k before writing
Andrew @wombat1974🔁@DrYobbo Probably be faster and more reliable than the 5.37 to Belgrave on Metro
VSP @Masterstuff2🔁Japan was giving Metro to Delhi in 70's for free. same terms & could have saved Delhi the mess of traffic, high vehicle volume, Pollution.
Ishan Baboota @IshanBaboota🔁 An interesting tale of Japan, Delhi Metro and Bullet Train!
SweetsieC2 @itssitu🔁Like Manmohan invested for metro project from his pocket 😏
EG Training SLT Ltd @EGTrainingLtd🔁 Well done Asda! Great for #devlangdis & vocab building too!
Mostly Allgood @oakleyfullwood🔁Hurricane Jose continues its weird loop in the Atlantic( #GeoEngineering ??)
Dato' Sri Sanjeevan @SanjeevanSS🔁 in Metro Kajang is so unhygienic, this is what their staffs doing. Saw female staff touching her hair, then took che ese for us!
cyryll corales @CyryllC🔁I'm at Starbucks Coffee in Quezon City, Metro Manila
True Indian @goeltm_tg🔁This guy was the CM of Gujarat for 13 years. Not a km of Metro line was built. And it won't be built even by 2020.
LifeOfBash🐍 @metro_bash🔁@JuuBashir long life baby 😍🙏
Free Biafra @EmmasatBiafra🔁Breaking! I Would Rather Die Than To Live As A slave In Nigeria, Biafran Catholic Priest Declares.(Video)
sk jaiswal @SkJaiswalskj🔁Ufff ye 2much ho jayega..😝
From Metro to Bullet Train 😲
What say I m sure Surje will dig details


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