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StauRide @Stauride🔁 Massive hail up to baseballs in NE Denver metro! #cowx @ReedTimmerAccu
Erick.S @ericksandovalb1🔁 Hold my beer while I catch the metro.
amanda flute @Amanda_S_Flute🔁 Hold my beer while I catch the metro.
Metro Chris Sudlik @LongStache🔁 'We can move mountains.' Showing St. Louis kids what fatherhood really means.
Metro Entertainment @Metro_Ents🔁An epic, fan-pleasing show from @OfficialMonstaX #MonstaXInLondon
Metro Entertainment @Metro_Ents🔁Monsta X in London review: The BTS comparisons are there – but Monsta X is its own glorious beast
The Boston Globe @BostonGlobe🔁Mass. Governor Charlie Baker won't sent National Guard to Mexican border due to “cruel and inhumane" Trump administra tion policy separating migrant children from their families.
peach scone 🍑 @Cacaceae🔁top 10 fave films — In no particular order charut

1. Metro Manila
2. A Werewolf Boy
3. Kimi no Na wa
4. Up
5. 50 F i...

(ノ・ェ・)ノ ⊥ ● \(゚ー゚\) @notquitefaust🔁This is Michal, a Senior Intelligence Research Specialist working for ICE in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. People like Michal signed up to keep the US safe, but are now a key part of the bureaucracy separating children from their families.
News 9 @NEWS9🔁A truck driver says he was stabbed inside a truck stop while defending a woman from another customer.
💭 @CommieScouser🔁Former Transport for London chairman Brian Cooke has branded three men killed after they were hit by a train ‘common scum who will cost the railway millions.’

Jewish Journal @JewishJournal🔁A light rail along Van Nuys? If that will affect your business - let us know
Nueli Bruxelles Belgium EU 🇦🇱🇪🇺🇧🇪 @Nueli6🔁 7 reasons to go to Albania
Dr. Ivan Joseph @DrIvanJoseph🔁Catch up with journey at the as coach chats with CBC's !
Teresa Lovell @LovelyLovell7🔁I’m not a loser for claiming disability benefits - I have to put my health first interesting ane cdotal evidence that benefit claiming has more stigma than mental illness. Any big charity anti-stigma campaign willing to face that?
Louise G. White @LGWhiteAuthor🔁Oh my damn! We’re at $69,045.00. Thank you all. It’s not that we don’t love being in $69’s but lets get to $70,000.00 by the end of the day! Don’t forget the add-on’s announced yesterday.

AIRS Inc. @amerinfores🔁's rental rate is among the highest of the largest 50 Metropolitan areas in . More people are than buying homes, an d the 2017 State of Metropolitan Housing Report shows a need for more affordable housing.
Carlevans450 @Carlevans450🔁 'Smudged eyeliner the day after is better than no makeup whatsoever' #LooseWomen
Harry Jarrito Ocho @Pondering1derer🔁 Upskirting ban is still set to become law despite a controversial last minute block
Carlevans450 @Carlevans450🔁 Will Sonya relapse over news Toadie may have fathered Andrea's baby? #Neighbours #soapspoilers
RIRI @iyyihartati🔁20170616-20180616
Celebration to Kang Daniel's 1st Anniversary of ranking No.1 in PD101 S2
Location: Seoul Metro Line 2, Samseong Station
Duration: Jun 6th – Jun 23rd

Andrea Morgan @Annmorgan25🔁Lori Nelson is tasked with combating racial and economic inequality in Boston.
#RepealVAWA @VAWAISEXPIRING🔁 Suicide is the leading cause of death of men under 40
Crain's Detroit Business @crainsdetroit🔁Ford’s Chariot ride-share service is now operating in Detroit on a limited basis, shuttling Ford employees between Dearborn and The Factory in Corktown.
Per , back in March the company was starting to hire drivers in metro Detroit.
Tyne and Wear Metro @My_Metro🔁@GlitterballMag Where are you please?
batricia flowers @adtricia🔁Parang 10 pairs lang irerelease sa metro stores omg ahshdjlsdf
Barry @bar545🔁Exactly ! How many kids are either homeless or in horrible foster care situations ? This happenend in my state run b y Dems

Savage toll of abuse for children in DCF care via

Kwade @KwadeKade🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Metro Exodus - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018
SpyroFan69 @Rocky_Wynter🔁I like how Metro Last Light is just like "I take your guns now lol"
Blandishmentbob @Blandishmentbob🔁What’s next for liberal groups after the state Supreme Judicial Court torpedoed the “millionaires tax” ballot question?
Julian Hill @julian47hill🔁 Thousands of holidays could be cancelled after Brexit via @MetroUK
#StopBrexit #FBPE
Mushtak حسان @JeSuisMushh🔁 Mahat is the new Sayyyesshsha is the new Metro Sirish.
Rob gonz @robertogozalez🔁I have personally being rejected the seat when offered to a standing woman in the metro or train. Some have refused t o sit after I stand for them. Feminism? I will keep offering my seat though.
The Real Black Shady @TONYOG_e🔁Hell, Big Sean did way better "sonically" and "creatively" with Metro Boomin on their joint project than he did with Jhené Aiko.
Anh Thu Cunnion @MrsJeffSiegel🔁Well hello, Metro. It’s been awhile... You…
Carlevans450 @Carlevans450🔁 We're definitely on board this.
Lee Rand @UglyGeezer🔁Got to go hands-on with at E3 and have a good chat with id Software's . Can't wait to get a go on the open world stuff though as a post-post-apocalyptic shooter sounds great:
Tom @tslincs🔁"Rover" Metro 1.1S. No idea what the S stood for. Certainly not sport. Although it did have red seatbelts. How terrib le? It dissolved haha
mumu 🇧🇷 @murilospr1🔁No Heart by 21 Savage, Metro Boomin #NowPlaying
Raven @vegan_raven🔁Another step in the right direction. Next we want a ban on all animal products including leather please
Boston Globe Metro @GlobeMetro🔁Former US attorneys, current attorneys general blast Trump policy of separating children from families at border
g💚 #takemehigher @hansolharry🔁 An epic, fan-pleasing show from @OfficialMonstaX #MonstaXInLondon
Rod Watkins @RodnSC🔁US plans to pull out of UN Human Rights council amid fury over child migrants
Munich Post rememberer @RiotDoge🔁This is Christopher, a Supervisory Special Agent / Section Chief working for ICE in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. People like Christopher signed up to keep the US safe, but are now a key part of the bureaucracy separating children from their families.
Glitterball Mag @GlitterballMag🔁@My_Metro Hi, will trains be running at normal speed tomorrow? Terrible rush hour service this evening (and this morning).
Laura Bronner @eternal_expat🔁Mexico City Metro: Everything You Need to Know #ttot #visitmexico
Lord of All Creation Brian @brian_carnell🔁 Suspect emerges in flag desecration outrage
J.R. Oppenheim @JROppenheim🔁 Video shows how hypnosis, DNA cracked the Brittani Marcell case #abq #albuquerque
Carlevans450 @Carlevans450🔁 Laura admits she 'can't be bothered with Wes any more' on tonight's episode of #LoveIsland
Greymagus @greymagus🔁Woman ‘ran after children with a knife shouting “I want to kill all you Jews”‘

And police say this is "Not terror related" pretty sure it was

Metro Comic @Metro_Comic🔁Oh my damn! We’re at $69,045.00. Thank you all. It’s not that we don’t love being in $69’s but lets get to $70,000. 00 by the end of the day! Don’t forget the add-on’s announced yesterday.

Raj Nadar @tpsnadar🔁

The Delhi Metro gets each year (with some hiccups) while the Washington DC Metro keeps getting worse (with a few exceptions). When will the US recognize public transportation should be the priority and not cars and highways?

The Dazanator @UKDazarus🔁 Going to stream a little Metro Redux in a few minutes. Hope you might join me.
CushWakeUS @CushWakeUS🔁Location Lens, 's latest report, compares 25 of the largest US cities in five critical areas important to : economic growth, population, transportation, costs and fundamentals. Find out how your metro area stacks up >>
PTIVF Digital Marketing & Research @PtivfDigital🔁A nation is made by people and not by highways and Metro bus projects in which high kickbacks are involved.

balaji @balajibala🔁Wanna save time creating projects following architecture? Checkout the the generator created by published and presented by on last

Feel free to contribute :-)

Asjad @asjadFCB🔁@metro_clouds @MHaywxrd Yes, they haven't got a single MF/defender they could BUILD around bar Skrinar.
Derry Jeffers @DerryJeffers🔁 . are you proud of what you've achieved with your on going campaign to normalise and validate antisemitism? Make no mistake, if any of these children had been injured, their blood would be on your hands
Amen Dunes @amendunes🔁. makes us "Believe" that we will fall even more in love with him this Saturday when we have him here 🕊️ tickets >>
Christ's chin @clanc87🔁That’ll go down well. France dubbed London, “Beirut on Thames” when Rachid Ramda fled to the UK after the 1995 RER M etro Bombings and then complained when the extradition process took ten years ! Everyone’s going to lose with this decision.......
Omega Law Group, PC @OmegaLawGroup🔁Omega Law Group, PC has been retained to represent the victim of a Police Cruiser versus Metro Bus Accident:
Smixxxy @Smixxxy🔁Metro Boomin x 21 Savage Type Beat "Stuntin' On That Bih" | Prod By Smixxxy: via @YouTube
Rajendra B. Aklekar @rajtoday🔁Work on Mumbai Metro Line 2B finally begins. This is near Swastik Park, Chembur and the Eastern Express Highway junct ion. The 23.643 km elevated line from DN Nagar, Andheri to Mandale, Mankhurd has 22 stations.
John Varlas @johnvarlas🔁ICYMI: All-metro softball team is online now. @TRASoftball @EaglesSBA @dchsjaguars
Laura Prill @lauraprill🔁Severe Thunderstorms possible this afternoon & evening across northeast Colorado including Metro Denver. Large hail, damaging winds, heavy rain and even a tornado will be possible.
Obscure Savannah Pundit @LunaticSavannah🔁From the Archives: Construction on the Rome Metro's "C" line continues to unearth arresting remains of the city's past, including a 2nd-century A.D. barracks.

News 12 NBC 26 @WRDW_WAGT🔁Find a way to stay cool this afternoon because the heat isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The heat index will stay above 100 in the metro for at least the next 5-6 hours. The heat wave continues tomorrow. Get the full forecast here:
Me @mrgarybrien🔁@My_Metro Four Lane Ends station stinks. Like a fine mix of seaweed. Rotten egg and sewers
Dr.Greg J @yostmite🔁Anarchist graffiti on Catholic churches in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Easter and again today.

Riley Hale @RileyWRDW🔁Find a way to stay cool this afternoon because the heat isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The heat index will stay a bove 100 in the metro for at least the next 5-6 hours. The heat wave continues tomorrow. Get the full forecast here:
Jason Motz @musicmerc🔁Sadly received multiple tweets - emails and phone calls from Metro Vancouver residents today supporting Trump & his policy. A vocal minority? Perhaps - but they walk among us.
Deborah L Phillips @dprnesq🔁., , , , , & are seeking the public's assistance in identifying an individual whose DNA profile has been indicted in connection w/ sexual assaults in the D.C. metro area between 1998 & 2006.
Khristine❤McLisseTeam Live @MLLABLAB🔁Go behind-the-scenes with ’s love letters to Manila featuring our first couple, . All while we wait for the big reveal of the full fashion film on our website @metrodotsyle! ...
Tesco @Tesco🔁Hi Ellie, I'm so sorry about the spider in your cookie. Can I kindly ask that you to return the cookie, spider and p ackaging to one of our Metro, Extra or Superstores please?
NAI Brannen Goddard @naibg🔁. are top producers with over 37 million square feet of listings in the metro Atlanta area. Check them out!


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