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Mitra Bali @Agungfairtrade🔁Congrats Brazil for becoming the 74th Party to the Minamata Convention
Robyn Anderson @RobynAnderson🔁 will have you know that kittens aren't as tasty as you might think.
Ivy Blue @TheIvyBlue🔁Customer came in today with this #66 . Was hoping he'd give it to me as a . Guess my wasn't quite up to par! 🤣
eluv @eluvmusic🔁What to do during #Mercury #Retrograde ~
tomjac @tomjac70🔁The #mercury #wizard had 2 power heads spinning 1 #outboard drive.
fruiticle @fruiticleplus🔁 time for $BAT to fly. #mercury release coming soon
All abt Crypto Coins @allaboutcrycoin🔁time for $BAT to fly. #mercury release coming soon
Vicky Antoinette @vickypsychicmed🔁When Mercury is in retrograde .......
MaxxABillion @MaxxABillion🔁#Mercury in #retrograde all damn month... No wonder why shit has been extra crazy... Add an eclipse to it and we just getting started
Top Knot @shoptopknotla🔁Seriously. . is doing everything to combat the grade that is…
Monicaa Malhotraa @Monztweet🔁Love who you are..
you ✨✨
BoostNinja @Boost_Ninja🔁Why #Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system not #Mercury? It's because Venus has a thick layer of #CO2 that holds the heat in.


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