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Mercer @Username @attusername🔁Sexton, Petty rally Alabama past Mercer 80-79
Omar Vaid @omarvaid🔁Dear brother. I stand in solidarity with Local 3 . It’s not immigrants. It’s the greed of a CEO who made $98.5M to be tray contractual P&W benefits. To add insult to injury, Trump just handed him a substantial tax cut. Mercer’s Breitbart exists to aid the top 1%.
Alabama Men’s Basketball @AlabamaMBB🔁We are (finally!) back in action Tuesday night vs. Mercer in the Rocket City Classic!

Here's the preview story with all the game details:

Alabama Men’s Basketball @AlabamaMBB🔁IT'S GAMEDAY BAMA NATION! Alabama takes on Mercer in the Rocket City Classic in front of what will be a sold out Von Braun Center! 🚀🏀🐘

⏲️8 p.m. CT

Jason Oliver @joliver_4🔁He's making a list and checking it twice -- as a DC Plan sponsor are you going to be "naughty" or "nice"? Make sure y ou make the nice list in 2018; read our 2018 Top 10 Priorities for DC Plan Sponsors.
curt @audiblevideo🔁@slpng_giants @profcarroll @KagroX #KITM Mercer and Cambridge
pinga @Pingachoo🔁 Johnny Mercer MP saying he can't sell cold, heartless Conservatives on doorsteps of Plymouth. Quite.
SorePawsMedia @SorePawsMedia🔁 This is one of the best pieces of journalism you could read. Please share it widely.
curt @audiblevideo🔁Great article about longtime SG supporter trying to uncover the shady business of Breitbart owner Robert Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica.
Faith Marie @faith_mercer🔁 he literally Iooks like mr.krabs when he lost his shell
UpInHollywood @UpInHollywood1🔁Just look at that grin. His daddies (Adelson, RGA, Mercer, Len Blavatnik,...) will be so pleased w/him. His WI cons tituents likely feel bamboozled.
Sarah Elwine @selwine🔁Congratulations Khaled!!
SB Nation College @sbncollege🔁Alabama Basketball survives trying to give the game away to Mercer
Mercer @mercer🔁 A look at plan sponsors' priority list in 2018. via @mercer
Mercer @mercer🔁@FrancisInv Thanks for sharing Francis Inv Counsel!
Billy Smith @billysmith_03🔁@alisha_mercer Thanks Lish girl x
a little to the left @yellowdoglefty🔁Republicans in both Houses must go in 2018. It is the only way to stop Trump and the GOP. They are rewarding very wealthy donors. Mercer & Mercer & Sheldon Adelson, and . Next we will be calling them America Oligarchs!
Mercer @mercer🔁Did you know that 12% of in the Americas have adopted or are considering an -off ? Learn how to address this and other in your .
Akhil Dasani @adasani92🔁Congrats Khaled ☺️👏🏽🔥
Lori Archibald @TeamChristinaP🔁Thanks to Mercer Ireland for a great “mock interview” experience for our TY students! skills communication Sinéad achievement got the job!
Mercer @mercer🔁People expect to spend 15-20 years in retirement, but only 26%
are confident they can save enough for retirement. Traditional notions of
need to be re-examined.
Wilfried Essing @wilfriedessing🔁How can plan sponsors help to improve participant outcomes? Click to read Mercer's Top 10 Priorities for DC Plan Spo nsors in 2018.
Mercer @mercer🔁@NatalieCorrado Thank you for sharing Natalie!
Aaron Jordan @asjordan1🔁Alabama uses a second half push to edge Mercer in Huntsville at the Rocket City Classic 🚀

3⃣ freshmen were on 🔥🔥 tonight

Collin Sexton 2⃣1⃣ points
John Petty 1⃣8⃣ points
Alex Reese 🔟 points

Aaron Jordan @asjordan1🔁IT’S GAME TIME!! and Mercer set to tip off in 2017 Rocket City Classic next on !
Rogue_Laure 🇺🇸 @Lauremari2🔁@paulkrugman Koch, Mercer etc. And wasn't she given a vague promise about healthcare?
Alisha @alisha_mercer🔁@billysmith_03 Happy birthday bilzo 🎉🍻x
Khaled Farag @actuargy🔁5th with 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Being at clients’ offices almost all the time, has brought me closer to the real life. Thank y ou everyone in this global tribe.
dom @dombaker23🔁@alisha_mercer Thanks Alisha, it is definitely peng 😂x
TiffanyMorton @CoachTiffMorton🔁With that three, Kahlia Lawrence now passes Sybil Blalock on the all-time Mercer scoring list with 1,858 points 🐻🏀😱

Q3: 9:51

Mercer 39-26 SC State

DJ Karizma @karizmaone🔁Yup. This is why they did it. Mercer. Koch. DeVos. Ross. Adelson et al. They want to be the New American Oligarchs. This is why they bought in to the Trump/Putin business model. They saw what happened in Russia, and invested in the American version.
Alisha @alisha_mercer🔁@dombaker23 happy birthday Dom! Hope Paris is peng 🎉 x
Brynley Heaven @BrynleyHeaven🔁Johnny Mercer MP saying he can't sell cold, heartless Conservatives on doorsteps of Plymouth. Quite.
AddingAlittleBALANCE @AddingAlittleBA🔁@Grahamshoebrid3 @toryboypierce Imagine the trees going into the next election with somebody like Johny Mercer as leader.
rocky @rcdjr510🔁You are all just disgusting. Republicans do not represent the middle class. You are beholden to the donor class. Koc h, Mercer, DeVos, Walton, Adelson and a few more. Most corrupt political party and lying corrupt president!!!
#NewsOnTV3 @newsontv3🔁 The @OfficialNDCGh are trying to be mischievous with this matter.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer
#TV3NewDay #TV3GH
#NewsOnTV3 @newsontv3🔁 I think the appropriate questions need to be asked about this matter.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer
#TV3NewDay #TV3GH
#NewsOnTV3 @newsontv3🔁It is very important to analyze these differentials and moving forward, we need to know what factors contribute to these differentials.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer

#NewsOnTV3 @newsontv3🔁A comparison between last year and this year would go a long way to see things more clearly.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer

#NewsOnTV3 @newsontv3🔁It would have been useful if we are given a breakdown in the increase in prices this year.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer

#TV3At20 @tv3_ghana🔁The @OfficialNDCGh are trying to be mischievous with this matter.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer
#TV3NewDay #TV3GH
Sarie van Wyk @weskusgogga🔁BREAKING: Robert Mueller has 'requested emails' from Cambridge Analytica, the firm linked to the 2016 campaign and Brexit.

Also note that Steve Bannon was a VP at Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercer is an Investor.

#TV3At20 @tv3_ghana🔁I think the appropriate questions need to be asked about this matter.
Andrew Egyapa Mercer
#TV3NewDay #TV3GH
Charlotte Pretty @_cpretty_🔁Thank you for all of your support in 2017! Looking forward to working together more in the new year😀
Jan Sunde @jantwit🔁«Fritz Thyssen [...]the Murdoch/Koch/Adelson/Mercer/etc. of his day — helped fund the rise of Hitler because he thoug ht it would be good for his business and that Hitler would cut his taxes»

Sounds familiar ?

IVÁN CHAVÉZ @ivanchavez7u7🔁%23BlackKingsofNCAT,%23GOPTaxBillScam,%23NBCChicagoApologize,%23berkmtg,%23mtscores,%23stripped,Bucks,Isiah,Mercer
दिग्विजय सिंह राठौड़ @SeniorDigvijay🔁Next-gen plans for transactions are changing. Discover best-in-class strategies
trendstatus @trendstatus1🔁Recent trends in U.S. "Trae Young":18pt "Mercer":18pt "Bitcoin Cash":18pt "Kassius Robertson":18pt... #trendstat-us
Auburn Superfan @golfwizkid🔁You might have thought the reason the SEC Network chose to broadcast a 7-3 Bama team over a 9-1 Auburn team was bamabias, but it’s actually because they knew Bama would be down by 7 to 6-5 Mercer in the second half. @IRBFUK_org_uk🔁Banks was funded by Dark Money, likely Russian.
And Robert Mercer, the Yank billionaire, Hedge Fund owner via Steve B annon. Even dirtier thn the official Leave campaign.
Gina Norris @gnorris78🔁Did you forget about the bad pass before the last 3 Mercer made. I'm really tired of seeing individuals on our team c alled out, not just my son, but all of them. But I will unfollow you so I don't have to see any of your posts again.
Greg Leight @greg_leight🔁@ByCasagrande I was basically asking if Mercer was a tourney level team.
MichiganFootball @UMfootball13🔁“Alabama played mercer!! If OSU scheduled easy opponents, we would’ve made the playoff”
*OSU schedules powerhouse U NLV*
Moka Kittie🌹🐯 @rheaecho🔁Absolute LAST thing we can allow is a Consitutional Convention. The Koch's and Mercer's will buy themselves a new country!
Peter Lichota @DrSpockets🔁Was there any doubt??...
Funded by Mercer and subservient to conservative ideology, the scales of justice will now b e tipped and objectivity will be a sham!
The taint of Theocracy has a home,,,
Pranav Hundekari @iwhosee🔁Once in a Blue Moon - Mabel Mercer
Life @ Mercer @lifeatmercer🔁This is fantastic!
Chase Ichinose @chaseichinose🔁" a male escort? .. No wonder you look so handsome .. Uh.. i mean ... yeah you look fine "

Facepalms looking away be ing embarrassed by what he said


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