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Memorial DayMemorial DayMemorial Day D. A. Y. O. - Sports @DAYOinfosports🔁Thank you to those athletes that walked with us in the Danbury Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day HarryDowning113 @HDowning113🔁 At Pierce Brothers Valhalla Mortuary’s observance of Memorial Day.
Robyn Halpin @Raypin_Horn🔁 Happy Memorial Day!
Memorial Day Epimail @epimail🔁Banana Republic Factory
Memorial Day LAST Call ⏰ FREE shippin
Memorial Day RXP460 @Rxp70018232🔁 Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸
Memorial Day Blessed Cathy @cathymelton3🔁 #MemorialDay in Afghanistan pays tribute to American war dead
Memorial Day Zesty MLB Indians @zesty_indians🔁State of the Cleveland Indians post-Memorial Day
salvador bethancurt @91Chava🔁 Memorial Day deal. 50% off my private Snapchat. Message me on Snapchat (yaricid) for more info 😘
Memorial Day Emperor Pulpatine @emfoltz125🔁 happy memorial day 😓
Memorial Day iBegUCallATune @iBegUCallATune🔁Digging this watermelon wheat 🍉 it really does feel like summer, it must be because Memorial Day was yesterday
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doi ng today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!
Terrence K. Williams @w_terrence🔁7 Killed in Memorial Day Weekend Shootings in Chicago! CNN is talking about gas prices instead, Al Sharpton is quiet, All the anti gun protesters are quiet and BLM haven’t said anything Please RETWEET and maybe they will see this
David Frum @davidfrum🔁Many people question this president, but it’s no small achievement to write the grossest, most inappropriate, most s elf-flattering Memorial Day message in the history of the US presidency
Jarrod Westbrook @tallblacksox🔁FACT: 91 years ago on Memorial Day, The President's father, Fred Trump, was arrested in New York at a Ku Klux Klan riot.

West Coast Elite @WCEBball🔁In Vegas at the Memorial Day Classic. Very early, but 2022 big man Dylan Anderson is a prospect. Maybe 6’9”, plays hard, runs well and has skill. Certainly going to be one to track. California has already offered.
Chuck@762warbird @762warbird🔁No Days Off: Reporters spent their spreading fake news, attacking Trump for something that happened on Obama's watch.
pawn to e1 @3canary🔁Dear ,

Is it true that your father, Fred Trump, was arrested on Memorial Day 91 years ago in New York while participating in a KKK rally?

Asking for America.

BIG 100 @Big1003🔁Here's the full list of songs we played this weekend in the #BIG500 Memorial Day Countdown presented by @Masterbuilt
pablo ant quiñonez @quinonez_ant🔁For the families of our fallen heroes, every day is Memorial Day. Thank you to these courageous families and to all the families across America who lost loved ones serving in our Armed Forces. We are with you. America honors our fallen heroes and all of you this
Dude Love @melvinaIexis🔁All I know is that my next check will be fuckina whejkssbkeveiwbsjwvdvs

I have to do training Thursday on my day off . Shiiiit, I pulled a 17 hour day, got holiday pay for memorial, and now I’m putting in more OT. Baby.

Agnes @Agnes97417198🔁"On Memorial Day we honor those have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. Take the time to reflect on their sacrifice and stay safe in all of your activities," ~ Center Director Chris Scolese and the Goddard community remember those we have lost.

John IngrateO'Connor @JohnO0Connor🔁ICYMI my column on the wingnuts' pissy Memorial Day musings -- it's almost like having a dotard leader who treats soldiers like Trump Tower doormen made them self-conscious.
Fayelon ⛓ @LandofFayelon🔁Americana coasters - Embroidered coasters - Patriotic Coaster -Quilted Coasters - Fabric coaster - Memorial Day decor - Drink coasters via
catherine v nyberg @cbobthebaby🔁38 People Were Shot in Gun Controlled Chicago Over This Memorial Day~8 Were Killed

Banning Guns Is Not The Answer~ Criminals Don’t Follow The Laws

Law Abiding Citizens Have A Right To Protect Themselves

Democraticus @Democraticus13🔁On Memorial Day 2017, Trump's approval/disapproval was 41%-54%. Today, it's 40%-55%. The economy's been good, no foreign policy disasters, & no Mueller bombshells. Hard to see how Trump's numbers improve over the next year. Easy to see how they get worse.

Cam Promoter @cam_promote🔁It's Memorial Day & I'm Extremely horny please text me I'm waiting with my hands in my panties 🍒
Daniellecater @daniellecater🔁Memorial Day pics of…
Trentonlouis @LouisTrenton🔁Spent my Memorial Day weekend attending an EDM concert in 95 degree heat and the amount of unconscious/dehydrated/overheated bodies lying lifeless on the muddy ground and being carried out on stretchers made it look like a beautiful reenactment of a World War 2 battle
Alan Abreu @aadog602🔁The & have the two best records entering Memorial Day for the fifth time ever.

1924 (neither won AL)
1978 (NYY won 1-game playoff vs Bos & won WS)
1994 (strike season)
2004 (Bos overcame 3-0 deficit vs NYY in ALCS & won WS)
2018 ???

Tea Party Mike @siminuteman1776🔁The MSM are outraged that President Trump would talk about any accomplishments for our country on Memorial Day

So, in turn - the MSM will now take this opportunity to bash the President of the United States all day on Memorial Day


Maisie B @24hrTVMazi🔁Jessie Jane Duff on Memorial Day: "The greatest sacrifice you can do for anyone is to fall for your brother...Our military is willing to defend those they have never met. That is the ultimate sacrifice."
Shawn Rice @TheShawnRice🔁 Melania Trump Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s Speech for Memorial Day Tweet Is False
Tyler Sullivan @TySullivan3🔁Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! 🇺🇸 We are still celebrating over here... Barkley’s Bag picnic included❤️
✨ @JAILEEGANG🔁Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Thank you to all of the men & women who serve or HAVE served. They’re the ones who make America great. Land of the free. Home of the brave. 🙏🏾🇺🇸🇹🇹
Amy Gordon-Brauneis🌊🌊🌊 @BrauneisAmy🔁Just returned from marching in the annual Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade with everyone from Governors to Girls Scouts. Today we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country to keep us safe here at home.
CALA @CALAVoiceofAL🔁Member in the news: Yountville veterans home observes Memorial Day @MyCalVet
Everything Hurricane @EthingHurricane🔁I’m always amazed by how many people consider the Atlantic Season to be a summertime phenomena. In fact, it's half the year - from Memorial Day to Thanksgiving.
Jane Ebner @ebner_jane🔁Veterans Group Blasts Trump’s Memorial Day Remark As ‘Most Inappropriate’ Ever

VoteVets calls it “appalling” to offer happy greetings and self-promotion on a day meant to honor the fallen.

billsaysthis @billsaysthis🔁Trump puts the me in Memorial Day, the I in Independence Day, and the Christ in Jesus Christ, what the fuck happened to our country
Multi Facet Fables @MFFables🔁President Trump slammed for boasting about presidency in Memorial Day tweet
What a poor e xcuse for a human being...

Liam Goldrick @lgoldrick25🔁 On Memorial Day, 2 different USPS vehicles were blocking the Pine Street bike lane. This was violator #2 between 10t h & 9th.
Alicia Coad @acoad1111🔁“Mr. President: My father was MIA in Vietnam for 30 years. I will visit him at Arlington today. There is nothing “happy” about ,” tweeted retired US Army Major General .
St. Paul AME Cambridge @StPaulCambridge🔁Remember. It was formerly enslaved Black ministers who created the first .
Jim Kruger @JimKruger7🔁Yesterday, President Trump participated in a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery to honor and remember our nation's heroes who fought for the freedom and safety of Americans everywhere: @TechKnowledgeIt🔁Geek Memorial Day Deals Still Live: Save on iPhone 7, LG 65-Inch OLED 4K TV, and more: If you missed out on...
🌴Gregoreuo🌴 @Gregoreuo1127🔁What Trump's Memorial Day Revealed - The Atlantic
shauna @happynana7575🔁8 killed and nearly 30 injured in Memorial Day weekend shootings across Chicago.

Why are so many neglecting to cover the deadly phenomenon that’s occurring in Chicago?

Carrie ✨ @CEA96🔁What a Memorial Day weekend for ! Congrats to all the new champions. 🏆

Men’s Golf: Lynn
Men’s Lacrosse: Merrimack
Rowing: Central Oklahoma
Softball: Southern Indiana
Men’s Track & Field: Texas A&M-Kingsville
Women’s Track & Field: Lincoln (Mo.)

Goalie Mom 🏳️‍🌈❤️ @Jersey_Gulls🔁The America I want:
Braves fan made sure a JROTC cadet didn’t get wet in the Memorial Day rain. The student was standing next to an empty seat that honors POWS and soldiers missing in action
matt @spurs4eva1965🔁It’s Memorial Day, let us remember our family, friends, and fallen heroes in their eternal rest.

And remember the fallen of Benghazi.

Shea Keenan @sakbrat🔁"It means everything to me. Everything."

More than 70 years after he would have graduated, 94-year-old WWII veteran Robert Lockard is celebrating Memorial Day with a high school diploma:

LoudBank @TheLoudBank🔁America is the greatest country in the world! Happy Memorial Day! CHG solutes our soldiers and military! 🇺🇸
Helen Fratelli @ElenaFra121070🔁gas prices always rise for summer months - especially prior to Memorial Day Weekend. Do your homework.
HarryDowning113 @HDowning113🔁On Memorial Day, we remember and honor the men and women who died for our freedoms. It was not for our right to not be offended.
Gensou @Vivisector444🔁On this Memorial Day, take some time to learn about the most decorated unit in all of U.S. military history, who bravely fought for a country that viewed them and their families as the enemy.
KGB Agent Lynda 😎 @LyndaG1963🔁7 Killed in Memorial Day Weekend Shootings in Chicago! CNN is talking about gas prices instead, Al Sharpton is quiet, All the anti gun protesters are quiet and BLM haven’t said anything Please RETWEET and maybe they will see this
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @Hemiheadx🔁Such a pandering hack, !
I’m surprised keeps u on the payroll.
You’re time has come & gone
Ppl c right thru your hollow soul.
If you truly cared, you’d attack & call them out on their

Sandie Smith @Irysdawn🔁Many people question this president, but it’s no small achievement to write the grossest, most inappropriate, most self-flattering Memorial Day message in the history of the US presidency
Terry @Korbansdad🔁🇺🇸Thank you for the support for our Memorial Day Flash Sale yesterday. 🇺🇸

If you didn’t see it yet, this was the biggest catch over the weekend from caught by 👀🎣

RWB🧠 @blairs7x70🔁Proud Of Our Troops🇺🇸Memorial Day is Everyday🇺🇸
Help US🇺🇸Defend and Preserve the Freedoms our Proud Veterans Fought for US all to have. We honor the fallen.
Keep America Great join
Michael Grimes @MikeGrimes2011🔁Memorial Day walk off home run!!!!

Charlie Culberson's () walk off 2R HR is even better with Titanic music!!! Nice win for the !!!


Dave Gorham @Dave_StormGeo🔁I’m always amazed by how many people consider the Atlantic Season to be a summertime phenomena. In fact, it's half t he year - from Memorial Day to Thanksgiving.
Njeh ilhem @ilhemsharukhan🔁 Last few hours to shop our Memorial Day SALE!! Up to 20% at 🇺🇸
Humanistic Counsellor @CounsellingKH🔁So I just celebrated 9 months of sobriety and I am in Washington D.C on Memorial Day. I am so thankful for the people who have served this country that gives me the freedom to experience my life’s journey. Also I would like to take time to remember the Native Americans who were
Dana Pollow @pollow_dana🔁Memorial Day tweets today. One from sitting President Donald Trump. The other from former President Barack Obama.
Insanistik. @Insanistiik🔁Memorial Day confession...spending the evening watching the Glee 3D movie. I'm not kidding.
Marilinda Torres @marilinRN🔁Read more about the five important objectives the VA MISSION Act will achieve for our Nation’s veterans:
agust D is suga is min yoongi @mygisfromdaegu🔁ARMY! The first part of our Power Hour starts now!

Start sending in your request for Fake Love to for the countdown (hopefully they're doing the countdown...but it is memorial day weekend 🤣)!

Michael Szumega @michael_szumega🔁A rainy Memorial Day ceremony at the Atlanta Braves' SunTrust Park set the scene for a truly touching moment.
Kimberly A Staley @KimberlyAStal79🔁Huck went with his grandmother a couple yrs ago to Memorial Day service when he was 3. She explained that it to honor our heroes. He asked "Super Heroes?" And she said, "Yes, they ARE the REAL Super Heroes." To him, our military are Super Heroes. I agree!
CantGOPanymore @CantGOPanymore🔁@KaitMarieox @Euristic3000 Very pretty. But still flag desecration on Memorial Day.
DCinbox Subjects @DCinboxSubjects🔁Congress Subject Line: Memorial Day in Rio Rancho
Jesus † Laura❤️You, yes, you @BlackQueenLara🔁Unless I can get some real help, this will be my last tweet on this. 6 months ago I really thought people would help. I was wrong. In that 6 months 4,000 vets took their own life. Only a few have helped, GOD BLESS YOU. Have a fun Memorial day? BBQ tasty?

Diana Bialkowski @DianaBialkowski🔁 Panting Hillary and Dazed Bill Stagger Through Memorial Day Parade via @truthfeednews
KnockOutTruths @KnockOutTruths🔁It was an honor to meet and interview Ray Chavez for Memorial Day. He is the oldest survivor of Pearl Harbor at 106 years old
strangegarden @strangegarden7🔁29 people shot and 8 murdered over them memorial day weekend in Chicago! Where is David Hogg and his friends laying in the streets for these victims?
Bethany Lions Club @bethanyctlions🔁Memorial Day 2018
jasmin @jimiinseok🔁 BTS has the #1 album in the country and ABC just canceled Roseanne, Jesus has taken the wheel after Memorial Day!


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