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Melania KarmaBytes @KarmaBytes🔁 The World Adore Our Melania ❤️
Josh Dawsey @jdawsey1🔁New York Post gets a copy of Comey's book. In it, Comey writes Trump asked him to investigate pee tape just in case M elania Trump thought it was true.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁New York Post reports that, in Comey's book, Comey says that Trump asked him to investigate the 'pee tape' to reassur e Melania.

Seth Abramson @SethAbramson🔁2/ I know it seems unfathomable—but look at the *total* cost so far of Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago, Melania staying i n NYC for many months, all the unnecessary private travel by the Cabinet, their endless unwarranted luxuries over a period of years, and it'll reach $100 million.
La Blaq Aesthetique @LoveAndShalom🔁The funniest thing about Trump asking Comey to investigate the pee tape for "Melania's sake" is the idea that anyone would believe he gives a shit about his wife
peek a boo @Run_IsHere🔁 Melania told Donald Trump “If the pee tape is real...urine a lot of trouble!”

I’ll be here all night.

SaveOurDemocracy @altwritedelete🔁More like he used poor Melania as an excuse to be super creepy with Comey. Trump thought: “wow if James thought the A ccess Hollywood tape was bad, wait until he sees the Donald getting some radioactive Chernobyl hooker gold shower action. 😉”
Harmony @LadyHarmony🔁. says he asked Comey to investigate the "pee pee" tapes for Melania's sake. Give us a break! This is no married couple. This is a 20 million dollar contract for her to stay for 4 years.
Tweetlicious_MK @Tweetlicious_MK🔁Since the pee tape is unfortunately inescapable, I have questions:

1) Why would he care what Melania thinks? He never has before.

2) Has it been definitively stated that the prostitutes were women? I mean, if you value good aim, wouldn't you hire a guy?

... 😩

🇺🇸🌊 Blue Tide Rising #Resist #Impeach @fabul1st🔁 Chivalry isn't dead!
Pam @Paminlaok🔁Joy failed to mention that part of the story...Comey says Trump was concerned about Melania believing the pretend pee tape we’ve yet to see.
Maria #BoycottNRA🚫🇵🇷🇺🇸✊🏾✌🏾 @guavate86🔁So Trump World Tower opened in 2002, so this is another affair that happened while he was with Melania... That is 3 we know about already!
👀 @NYVV4LIFE🔁(MISLEADING HEADLINE) This story says Trump was "thinking" of asking Comey to investigate the allegation, which is what you'd do if you knew it was true but wanted to pretend you didn't. Be wary of media reporting that Trump *did* ask Comey to investigate.
Deborah Morrow @debmorrow51🔁Trump wanted James Comey to investigate the pee tape to "reassure" Melania it wasn't true.

If you're in a relationship where you need reassurance that your husband didn't hire hookers to pee on a bed, you should probably get a divorce.

Stranger @somnorationis🔁Trump asked what could be done to “lift the cloud” of the dossier compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, because it was painful for first lady Melania Trump, Comey writes.
Keyshawn @iamgoddaddy🔁James Comey claims Trump asked him to look into "pee tape" rumor to reassure Melania: Book
Bigot Hater @GaryLeeThrasher🔁Trump asking Comey to investigate the pee tape for "Melania's sake"


I suspect Melania is no frail flower when it comes to sexual adventure.

Why do I say that?

Melania "almost" naked, inviting Stern over as Stern says his pants are off ...

Kate~#RESIST @AKRNHSNC🔁 didn't care what Melania thought when he cheated on her w/Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal, but he used her to try t o get Comey to use the FBI to investigate the dossier and prove it false. F'ing
Tweetlicious_MK @Tweetlicious_MK🔁Trump wanted Comey to investigate the "pee tape" to reassure Melania that it's fake. Riiight. So "Please investigate this tape that doesn't exist cause I'm innocent" definitely isn't suspicious. Oh please. It just suggests that Trump wants to know if there's any evidence of it.
Texas Grandma @Donnam8470Donna🔁SANCTIMONIOUS COMEY MOCKS TRUMP For Wanting To Assure Melania LIES About Russian Hookers In DNC-Funded Dossier Weren't True
Julia Richert @juliainor🔁@NicCageMatch I hope they try to spin it as respect for Melania since golden showers aren’t her thing.
2nd and 26 @TheLateSh0w🔁Trump trying to reassure Melania that there's no pee tape while he's having a whole ass baby with the help. Allegedly. And this is the person white women elected. What a time.
are we m@g@ yet? 🤣🤣 @L0ckThemALLup🔁“In what kind of marriage, to what kind of man, does a spouse conclude there is only a 99 percent chance her husband didn’t do that?”
nikita @sassyblackburn🔁 Trump’s favorite paper, leading with the actual news in the book >
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @pathillisgmailc🔁@seattlepi How much do you think he's paying Melania to stay?
Scooter Trash @stevekmartin🔁So, Melania is an adult & I support sexual adventures (not w Trump & not w/o protection)

But this idea that Melania is unaware of Trump's pervy life or that she was never involved ...

facts dispute that account.

Melania is not a frail flower.

She knows Trump. He knows her

Jayne Lake @SOCALRE4U🔁Are you kidding me?
Melania knew what she was getting into.
It's all about the money.
Heil to the Chief @frankjsullivan🔁Melania, it’s ok to leave an abusive relationship. The American People are on your side. You are us now, the Bully i n Chief is going down in sooo many ways...
Janice Ketterhagen @JaniceKetterha2🔁@riotwomennn I wonder how Melania likes Barron seeing these.
CNNisNEWSPEAK @FartChris🔁Snippet from #JamesComey ‘s new book:

“Donnie likes to drink soda. Melania’s car is green.”


Bonuta Hoss @BonutaHoss🔁 Live by the microaggression...
Doug Lypka @kingdubbled🔁I wonder whether Melania knows enough English to understand her Donald has a new love child.
pippybur57 @pipybur1🔁@Pappiness Wake up Melania no amount of coffee, clothes and money is worth staying
with that abuser and loser
MDW @AuntSam1776🔁New York Post gets a copy of Comey's book. In it, Comey writes Trump asked him to investigate pee tape just in case Melania Trump thought it was true.
Joe in the Resistance @joemac1114🔁Trump wanting Comey to help convince Melania there wasn’t a pee tape is insane for two reasons:

1. His admission that even his wife questions his character.

2. His willingness to misuse the FBI for personal reasons.

DenverDude @Broncos__Rule🔁Sean Hannity, who mocked Michelle Obama, says it's wrong to mock Melania Trump @CNN
God_Family_Country @indictEm🔁Remember when I said to chill yesterday?

Here is why:

1. Cohen slept with Stormy
2. Hush money was for HIM
3. Cohen betrayed Potus
4. Cohen drug Melania & Fam through mud
4. Potus got even

. Intel drop

Stop Freaking out. Trust the Plan.

LYNN MASSICOTTE @chatty42🔁 Hey Melania, ... Want to help stop cyber bullying?

Find your
phone and
delete his
account ! !

Jorge Ramirez @34Vikki🔁 So Trump asked Comey to investigate if there was really a pee tape or not so he could reassure Melania.
aroland121 @aroland121🔁Seth Myers makes Sex Joke about our First Lady! I’m appalled that the Left constantly attacks Melania and Trump! It seems they have a sick obsession.. Will they ever learn? This has to stop!
Sharon Cobbs Barry @MomOnTheVergeOf🔁Yeah, this. But what I'm wondering is what Melania is thinking about now. (Hide the jewels, honey!!)
Sean McCloskey @IrishOregonian🔁Melania, Trump, and sex partner Karen McDougal

I don't think Melania Trump is the least bit shocked about the Russian golden shower story.

They know each other ...

They picked each other ...

Let's get real

Traci Ann @traci520🔁Dear Melania, I frequently speak to my teenage daughter about how she should expect to be treated if a boy truly loves and respects her. America would like to have that talk with YOU now. ❤️, 🇺🇸
Dylan Noe @iamdylannoe🔁In all fairness, I asked Comey to investigate the 17 empty bags of Reese’s Eggs in the trash to reassure Juan.
Ural Garrett @UralG🔁Comey says Trump asked him to look into the "pee tape" for Melania's sake via @vicenews
Palmer Report @PalmerReport🔁We don’t know. But Melania’s actions suggest she’s more bothered by these things becoming public than she is by the f act that they happened
C E. Ash @NochangeAsh🔁WATCH: Young Boy Feels Bad When Spilling Water At White House…Melania Lovingly Comforts Him
Artemis 🌊🌊🌊 @artemis1954🔁 @JessicaValenti @artemis1954 Also it’s funny that he thinks Melania actually gives a shit about him


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