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Mel Kiper iBspeakinfacts @speakinfactz🔁 Mel Kiper's final mock draft is here.


Mel Kiper Goose @dangoose80🔁 “Jaire Alexander has Deion Sanders-like natural ability”
- Mel Kiper Jr

#WelcometoGB🧀 | #NFDraft

Mel Kiper DREWSKI @taliano21🔁 Mel Kiper when he don’t get a pick right
Joseph Hale @raisinhale15🔁 Mel Kiper: “Rosen came up short against Memphis”

You damn right he did.

Dustonius Polliwogus @TheseDayss214🔁I’m glad we got @JC1053 @1053SS @ktfuntweets for draft coverage bc Mel kiper is just awful
Dr. Saturday @YahooDrSaturday🔁Mel Kiper is not familiar with the fist bump
Mel Kiper NFL on ESPN @ESPNNFL🔁Mel Kiper's final mock draft is here.


Robert Littal @BSO🔁Mel Kiper Said if In 8 Years Jimmy Clausen Wasn’t a Successful NFL QB He’d Quit; Today is That Day, Will He Be a Man of His Word?
Rich @rjmadrid🔁@NinerGanggg lol I'm thinking of mel kiper maybe. who was the one who said his completion % was concerning but not Allen's?
G Huncho💯🗣® @gvbbee🔁Falcons take Alabama WR Calvin Ridley (6-1, 189) with the 26th overall pick. Great route-runner with decent speed. A complement to Julio Jones. Falcons struggled with drops last season and lost speedy Taylor Gabriel in free agency. Another weapon for Matt Ryan. Mel Kiper right.
ARNESTO @VRNESTX🔁Mel Kiper Jr said he thinks the patriots are going to use their picks to get younger......well, Mel, it’s kinda hard to get older through the draft.
Ruckie ⛳️😈 @cole04_37🔁 The one thing I’ve learned tonite is that, really, we are all Mel Kiper without the paycheck.
Arron Oberholser @ArronOberholser🔁 Turned on the draft. Mel Kiper said a player had great bloodlines. Turned off the draft.
Porter @TylernoI🔁Mel Kiper Jr. has been doing the Draft for 35 years and his predictions are about as good as Oklahoma State at Home During Bedlam. 😂

JULIO X SANU X RIDLEY 🔥🔥🔥 @InBrotherhood1🔁 Woah. Welp, shouldn't have laughed at Mel Kiper I guess. Offense should be fun!
M@ Parks @MatthewBParksSr🔁I liked a @YouTube video Mel Kiper And The Crazy Feud That Changed the TV Draft Forever | NFL 1994 Draft Story
Rob Schroeder @Rob9874🔁@quinntasic @garyvee Mel Kiper has him as the #1 prospect for Round 2
Dee💋 @DeeRedding_🔁This draft proves why Mel Kiper & Todd McShay’s jobs are pointless.
Ricky Clark @Rc__45🔁Is there any other job where you can make millions and be horrifically wrong every year like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper? Asking for a friend...🤔 — watching NFL Draft
ARNESTO @VRNESTX🔁Mel Kiper Jr. been getting picks wrong and doing his job terrible for 35 years but he still employed by ESPN. White privilege is undefeated
BigGrizza202 @GradySmoke🔁Why doesn't @espn care that Mel Kiper is wrong so damn much EVERY year?? Fired everybody but his loud ass.
Josh @jnenn25🔁 This is the diva draft board of @MelKiperESPN:

Cory @Cory_F_24🔁Mel Kiper Jr. got 4 first round NFL draft picks correct last year (out of 32).
I want a job where I can get that percentage of my work correct.
Cory @Cory_F_24🔁Since the rookie wage scale was introduced, how many picks did Mel Kiper get correct in his final mock draft before getting one wrong?

2017 - 0
2016 - 2
2015 - 2
2014 - 2
2013 - 0
2012 - 2
2011 - 6* (Correct player, incorrect team)

madison harman @alloftheMADness🔁 I love Mel Kiper’s Baltimore accent. Makes me giggle every time.
Evan Sieges @ESieges🔁@DhaSickest @Mel_Kiper_Sr Want you in Carolina!
D£R€K✌️ @detroitsports42🔁ESPN's Mel Kiper expects Lions pick Frank Ragnow to 'anchor' the OL |
Cody Hutchinson @CodyHutchinson_🔁It’s not Tyson again. I distinctly remember Mel Kiper saying that he had Tyson a 3rd round grade and thought that pic k was stupid. This is a solid pick for the future.
BJ Ackerman @BjAck111🔁@espn Please only let Louis Riddick talk. Mel Kiper Jr and Herbstreit don’t add any value to the program.
Farting Pirate @fartingpirate🔁Steelers in the news: NFL Draft: Steelers select Virginia Tech S Terrell Edmunds with No. 28 pick; Mel Kiper's No. 8 ranked safety (ESPN)
Nathan Wimmer @nwimme33🔁If Mel Kiper is so good at being a football analyst how come no NFL team has ever hired him.
Keith Enochs @KeithCEnochs🔁Pittsburgh Steelers: NFL Draft: Steelers select Virginia Tech S Terrell Edmunds with No. 28 pick; Mel Kiper's No. 8 r anked safety (ESPN)
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁@Mooneyball_9 Money is not an issue for them.
William ][v][orris @4scooter4🔁Who is more overpaid, weathermen or Mel Kiper jr. and Todd Mcshay?
Austin @Mooneyball_9🔁@Mel_Kiper_Sr Paying a running back that much money is so asinine.
2018: Final NFL Draft 2018

"Mel Kiper" "Mock Draft"

Charlotte Cox @chaboat🔁I thoroughly enjoyed the NFL draft tonight. The NFL Channel guys on Fox were so much better than ESPN all these year s. I didn't have to put up with almost always wrong Mel Kiper Jr. So much better
Hank Gagnon @HankGagnon🔁 Mel kiper and most of these so called draft guruis are WRONG 90% of the time. I think I will just go with what the greatest coach of all time thinks BELICHICK.
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁Money isn’t an issue for the Browns, they paid guys like Osweiler to get above the cap floor. Trying to strategicall y pick based on position and draft value is how teams get in trouble. Lackluster first round, and I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so.
Jarvis Greer @JarvisGreerWMC🔁Mel Kiper is trying to explain away how owned Josh Rosen in the Tigers win over UCLA. Well who can argue with an "expert?"
Thereal_Bigshawn @ShawnHarden🔁@LedyardNFLDraft You're turning into Mel kiper Jon
Austin @Mooneyball_9🔁Makes no sense paying a RB #1 money and especially 5th year money. RB not a need for the browns to spend at #1. Don’t be delusional.
Todd Hafner @CoachHafnerWPU🔁@the_LB_Show Can’t be any worse then Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. And those guys get paid a little more then you.😬
iBspeakinfacts @speakinfactz🔁Mel Kiper Jr. is doing so much better with his mock draft this year. So far he has 4 correct out of 23!!! Enjoy that pay raise from failing at our job once again.
DACHEEKO @dacheeko🔁Mel Kiper Said if In 8 Years Jimmy Clausen Wasn’t a Successful NFL QB He’d Quit; Today is That Day, Will He Be a Man of His Word?
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁@Mooneyball_9 If you have no interest in Saquon you shouldn’t be in any front office
iBspeakinfacts @speakinfactz🔁 Why even employ Mel Kiper and McShay to make mock drafts when you have a draft like this? #NFLDraft18 #draft #chaos
MS @mikesisland_🔁Mel Kiper didn’t want Lamar Jackson to go in the 1st round 😂
Rock @UBoyRock17🔁 They saw one highlight when they called his name and went full mel kiper lol
Austin @Mooneyball_9🔁@Mel_Kiper_Sr They didn’t want Saquan 🐸
Austin @Mooneyball_9🔁@Mel_Kiper_Sr Rather pay #1 overall money to a QB than a CB or another DE. Big difference from 1 and 4 money.
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁Yes. And I’m saying I don’t agree with who their guys are. Would’ve taken Rosen over Baker and Chubb over Ward. If y ou wanted Baker, take him 4 and get Saquon at 1.
Brian @xBrownCoatx🔁Thank you Fox for also televising the draft this year, so I don't have to sit here thinking about how much I want to punch Mel Kiper Jr. in the face.
Barrett J. Gay @BarrettGay🔁@MikeBellATL Bell, your friend Mel Kiper was right. Calvin Ridley to the Falcons.
Austin @Mooneyball_9🔁@Mel_Kiper_Sr Makes zero sense. They had their two guys. Got their QB they wanted and got their best player available in their eyes in Ward.
LAV @lavawter2225🔁@snacks You are correct. For 3 months we had to endure Mel Kiper & McShay and their picks. Wow were they OFF!
Jason E @JaySon4656🔁Can Mel kiper get fired yet? I mean enough is enough. The guy isn’t good at it. #NFLDraft
Stokely Carmjoiner ✊🏿🌹 @JuboktimusPrime🔁fuck you Mel Kiper, I hope Lamar Jackson makes you eat your words....
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁 Bet that up! It’s on 😈
Adam H @HotTakeHaver🔁@BeBogus Watch out mel kiper, @BeBogus has watched three games. He's coming for your job!
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁It’s not splitting hairs, a Saquon and Baker or Rosen/Darnold and Chubb draft is entirely different than Baker/Ward. Doesn’t matter, they got their guys and will have to live with it. Hope it works, just not my first choice.
Richie Cummins @NlcumminsRichie🔁@lucjones18 I’m not a Mel Kiper fan
Will Hozey @callmewillis🔁That was hilarious. From the second the Ravens traded into the 32nd pick it was obvious the ESPN guys all knew it was going to be him, except for Kiper who’s obliviously talking about how it might be an Iowa OL. Wingo did everything but yell, “rhymes with Faxon, Mel!”
Mike C @Fett2002🔁Mel Kiper's takeaway at the end of the first round every year for the past 32 years: "There are some really good play ers still on the board."
Melissa @SportsVix🔁 Mel Kiper has to be the only human who’s had the same exact haircut for 76 years.
Austin @Mooneyball_9🔁@Mel_Kiper_Sr Splitting hairs. They had their eyes on those two guys and got them.
Squid 🐙 @ImTheDude10🔁 "Winning in college is overrated" Mel Kiper actually said that
Josh Allen Fan Boy??? @ham_sauce27🔁Mel kiper just wants this to end. He’s gotta pee so bad
G @raymowholethang🔁Mel Kiper Jr know he love this football shit lol
RIP Javion @WayBp_🔁they’ve been stereotyping black QBs it’s nothing new Todd Mcshay & Mel Kiper are bad at dissecting talent 😂
#JH13MVP @__DosTres🔁Who the hell is Mel Kiper?
Mel Kiper Sr @Mel_Kiper_Sr🔁@Mooneyball_9 Correct. If you wanted Baker you could’ve got him at 4 and taken BPA at 1. Would’ve gone Chubb instead of Ward.
Rusty Brian @MidwestMuchacho🔁"He's a button buster, a remote rat. For most a remote is just an accessory in our living rooms. For Andre Tews it is an extension of his hand. You won't find a channel flipper like him for decades" - Mel Kiper Jr
Overlydedicated @Jwess1k🔁Mel Kiper is lame... he didn’t say one word about Lamar Jackson smh


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