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Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁John McCain, undergoing cancer treatment paid for by taxes, just voted to vote to end cancer treatment for taxpayers on Medicare. And we paid him to do it.
Francine Taylor @wordscout59🔁Medicare cuts: Cancer doctors make emergency trip to Washington, warn senators they're sentencing patients to death
SocialSecurityWorks @SSWorks🔁GOP Senators just voted down amendment to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

That's because the cuts $400 billion from Medicare and 5 million beneficeries from Medicaid. They want to cut Social Security too.

Bernie Sanders @SenSanders🔁There it is! My Republican friend from Pennsylvania finally admitted it last night. After the tax bill passes, they a re going to come back to cut your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They must be defeated.
Susie Doty @queenymom🔁How are you making America safe when you are passing a that will trigger automatic cuts to Medicaid & Medicare? Americans will suffer & die to enrich your donors & corporations. And you want to spend money on a useless wall?
Ash @Ayeehyde93🔁John McCain, undergoing cancer treatment paid for by taxes, just voted to vote to end cancer treatment for taxpayers on Medicare. And we paid him to do it.
Larry @Larry_UMN🔁While you were sleeping:

The cowardly Republican thieves passed the unpopular, deficit-exploding, tax-raising, unreadable, lobbyist-hand-written scribble .

And they blatantly admitted this was their first step toward further obliterating Medicare & Social Security.

Lori @ricori2🔁When the MAGA voters find their retirement age up at 70 and Medicare crippled because of this tax bill of sociopathic greed, will they FINALLY understand they’ve been conned? Or will they just wait for Fox to figure out some way to blame democrats?
Jose Antonio Reyes @MrBl4ck93🔁Three Democratic Senators—Carper, Durbin, and Warner—crossed party lines tonight to vote down Senator Sanders amendment requiring 67 votes to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.
Debbie June Too @DebbieJuneToo1🔁It'll be interesting to see what the GOP works on after the tax bill reconciliation is finished… probably gutting Social Security & Medicare next?
Save My Care @SaveMyCare🔁Sen. Collins promised to protect our care, but voted for the GOP that would kick 13M off health coverage, gut Medica re, and raise premiums. RT & let her know that we’ll hold her accountable.
Barb @BarbL219🔁Same here. The man whose cancer treatment is covered by the government has voted on a bill that strips such treatment from Medicare.
Philophobic @WhoElseBtMe🔁John McCain just had his cancer treatment paid for by American people, yet just voted to end cancer treatment for taxpayers on Medicare. Look at the hypocrisy.
Rosary Solimanto @RosarySolimanto🔁And here’s why the tax scam is bullshit because this was developing while this Bill was being put together....
David Payne @Upsidedowncowha🔁Important message for : in exchange for your vote, you were promised...

No Medicare cuts
$10B in reinsurance

If those don't come through before the final vote, will you will vote no on the ?


Natalia🍂 @NataIia_Rojas🔁The Senate passed the tax bill last night. Here’s what was in it:

- Anti-abortion law stating that conception is life
- Defund Obamacare
- Allow churches to make political endorsements
- Cut $400 billion from Medicare
- Private jet tax break
- Adds $1 trillion to the deficit

Sharon #NastyWoman Dickinson @Zooladie🔁My father has the same terminal brain cancer as hers... so excuse me if I don't wait on assumptions, maybe's and what if's. Medicare and VA benefits are what are keeping my father alive. Literally. He can't skip a treatment. HE WILL DIE.
Me @democracy_4🔁By 2027, the Trump-Republican plan will cost middle-class families $5.3 billion and enrich the top 1 percent by $5.8 billion -- not to mention cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and the destruction of the Affordable Care Act. Disgraceful.
leslie jaqua @lesmarie99017🔁America needs to accept the fact that the Republican Party is the party of ending Medicare/Medicaid and privatizing Social Security. Period.
IR Hot Takes @IRHotTakes🔁I realize that nobody gives a shit what with the whole "cutting medicare for cancer patients" and "400% tax increase on grad students" things, but I also have a sad because the GOP's idiot tax bill means we probably can't afford a 350 ship navy either.
Sonia Jairath @SoniaJairath🔁The Senate tax bill is really a health care bill with major implications for more than 100 million Americans.

It slashes Medicare by billions and will leave millions without insurance.

suepeac @suepeac🔁You are being purposely misleading, .

The AARP OPPOSES the tax plan because it will lead to cuts in Medicare, tax hikes and 13 million Americans losing health insurance.


Glenn Griggs @realGlennGriggs🔁Obama’s care not working for you? As for SS and Medicare they are the steak of the budget. Just like the deficit the y will have to be dealt with. our economy booming means more revenue means more tax revenue. I believe if we keep going the way are now we will all win.
Hellacious K @Hellacious_K🔁If you’re poor, working class, elderly, a student, a homeless vet, on social security, medicare or medicaid-Republicans have a message for you.

We just screwed you all - .

WhatsamattaUTE @Whatsamattaute🔁The entire progressive agenda will be off the table for a generation insofar as it involves spending a dime for anything. The money won't be there. Democrats will have to do all they can just to keep Social Security from being privatized and Medicare turned into a block grant.
Melody @mellod03🔁You get gov't paid health care to treat ur brain cancer & just voted to take away cancer treatment 4 Medicare patients. You are cancer.
Larry Foster @larryrfoster850🔁Republicans Will Cut Social Security And Medicare After Tax Plan Passes, Says Marco Rubio via
Whits1bone 【ツ】 @Whits1bone🔁Medicare and Social Security cuts are the most craven of all. I’ve literally been specifically paying for them my entire working life, yet all that money goes into the general slush fund when politically expedient.
SWD @AllonsyCrazy🔁THIS is why every Republican voted for horrendous, illogical "tax" bill. bc it's not just a "tax". it's a dismantle Social Security and Medicare bill, too. and GOP gets to pass it w/o any hearings or public debate
Andrew Ortu @AndrewOrtu🔁There it is! My Republican friend from Pennsylvania finally admitted it last night. After the tax bill passes, they are going to come back to cut your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They must be defeated.
Disgusted_Not_Amused @JFed_1963🔁I hate to tell you this, but this isn't even a promise of no Medicare cuts: it's just a statement that it hasn't happened previously. But hey, when Mainers lose health services, you can tell them that you swapped your vote for a letter saying that wouldn't happen.
Anita Thompson @AnitaThom57🔁Senator Sanders put an amendment in front of the Republicans to not cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and it was rejected.

Make no mistake. For this bill to live, the GOP is willing to let us die.

Donna Kinkead @kinkeaddonna5🔁‘Senator Marco Rubio admits that the Republican tax cut plan to aid corporations and the wealthy will require cuts to Social Security and Medicare to pay for it.’

The wealthy win.
You lose.
Is this the you voted for?

throughthechaff @throughthechaff🔁Bernie Sanders Warns That Republicans Are Coming To Kill Social Security And Medicare After The Tax Bill via
Charley S. @charley047🔁The next step. Take away Social Security, Medicare. More for the super rich.
TheMysteriousHC @TheMysteriousHC🔁Mark my words: As soon as the Republican tax bill passes, Republicans are going to insist on cutting Medicare and Social Security to cut the deficit. We cannot let this disastrous bill pass.


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