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Kamala Harris @SenKamalaHarris🔁The reason I'm supporting Medicare for All is really quite simple: it’s the right thing to do.
DressLikeA⭐️Sounder @sounderzoot🔁Oh, you didn't realize that John Conyers has been introducing Medicare for All in every Congress since 2003?
Bernie Sanders @SenSanders🔁American doctors are sick and tired of our inefficient, wasteful, dysfunctional health care system. They want Medicar e for all.
Bernie Sanders @SenSanders🔁I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record lev el of support.
alana @alana_nj🔁Starting soon: Join me and Dr. Danielle Martin for a Facebook Live conversation about the Canadian single-payer system and Medicare for all.
The Last Gasp 🌹🤝 @Gasp_the_Last🔁Single-payer is totally untested in America. Except for 50 years of Medicare as the country's most popular and successful social program.
beverly huff @beverlyNOTMYPRE🔁 while Bernie Sanders was busy dreaming up Medicare fan fiction, Nancy Pelosi sealed a deal to enshrine DACA protections.
Donna Marie @Oooooo_Donna🔁 And Sanders has already upped the amt of tax this will cost the middle class - since yesterday.
Carmine @carminemac🔁SHOCK: Sponsors of Sanders' Medicare-for-all bill get less $$$ from insurance industry than Dem opponents & holdouts
bob rogers @bobrogers9🔁Sanders wants to give Medicare, Problem is you have to pay in to rec it! 1% love this Bc it drains are wealth, eventually all going away!
Angelique Rockas @A_Rockas🔁Here are the Democratic senators who have and have not backed Bernie's Medicare for all healthcare bill. What are you waiting for
Frankly Power @lisaliasdc🔁A reminder that John Conyers, a black Democrat, has been re-introducing a Medicare-for-all bill in every congress since 2003.
Independent Observer @ILperspective🔁 We need Medicare for all now. Please RT if you agree. Speak up. Medicare works. This is simple.
Go Ask Alice @Gwynnion🔁@dpcrook Speaking from experience, Medicare is hardly a model of efficiency itself.
Brian Pettus @brianwp🔁 .@jbarro: “Once a price tag gets attached to single payer ... it falls apart."
Buck Nut @Bucknut4evr🔁Martin Feldstein let the cat out of the bag: Washington plans to pay for tax reform with cuts to SS & Medicare.
IndyRage Films @indigenousrage🔁Today I stood with to support his Medicare for All bill. Health care is a basic human right & we fight for basic human rights.
Superhero Girl @crackedmirror🔁First is a crash course in Medicare billing over lunch. This should be entertaining.
Patti Gilbert @Jass8203🔁@HillaryClinton Bernie @SenSanders is out pushing for Medicare for All. You are out pushing your book blaming EVERYONE else for your loss.
Donnell Outlaw @donnelloutlaw🔁The core idea of the bill is that the government can and should pay for basically all medical treatment for everyone
Webmaster EA @ElderService🔁ADD YOUR NAME | 16 Senators up to cosponsor the Medicare for All Act, add your name:
Kyla Boyse @boysek🔁I overwhelmingly want universal healthcare for the U.S. "Medicare for all" is currently an empty slogan on the level of "repeal and replace"
RevolushunNOW @RevolushunNOW🔁With all due respect: If folks wld do just a modicum of reading/research they wld understand how Medicare pays for itself & other issues
Joanne Berg @sailorgirl04🔁I'm cosponsoring ' “Medicare for All” bill because it puts us on a path towards health care coverage for every American.
DevBSirius @DevBSirius🔁 .@BernieSanders had no co-sponsors of a single-payer bill in 2013. Today he has 16.
Dan Olson @DanThomasOlson🔁Bernie Sanders's 'Medicare for all' bill needs to pass
Christopher Manley @GeminiChris1972🔁 RETWEET If You Are With Bernie Sanders on Medicare For All
PDA Broward @PdaBroward🔁S.1804 - A bill to establish a Medicare-for-all health insurance program. thank you to the Following 16...
Joseph Young @jayoung1892🔁Abortion is healthcare. And a right you should be able to access regardless of your paycheck.
Gloria 🌹Dawn @child_of_tree🔁Poll: 60% of voters support Medicare for All

Pundits: 95% of us will now slam it

Media execs: Why does the public see us as out of touch?

NARNfan @NARNfan🔁"Single-payer is totally untested in America. Except for 50 years of Medicare as the country's most popular and succe ssful social program."
Kyle Wager 🌹 @RealishKyle🔁 .@SenSanders #healthcare bill would fully-fund the Indian health system
Chloé Hung @ChloeMauve🔁I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record level of support.
Highcentered @Highcentered🔁Surprise! Dems who refuse to back Medicare-for-All rake in huge cash from the private insurance industry
Christopher Davis @RT_ChrisDavis🔁Medicare-for-All can no longer be considered a wacky proposal made by "socialist" Bernie. 12+ Senators are on board.
Susan Lewis ❄️🗽🇺🇸 @kitty62862🔁Can't the House give us Medicare for all now? We need it. People want it. Medicare has worked well for a long time. So simple. RT, folks.
givemepie @givemepie360🔁 Spoiler: Bernie Sanders' single-payer health care bill will not pass this Congress. It still matters.
SuperBlkWomanVtr🍩 @grandoftwo🔁 When will the DSA people admit UHC, Medicare For All, and Single Payer are not synonymous?

Adam Wenz @atw8🔁Remind me who is divisive? Sanders rallying dems around Medicare for all or HRCs book tour blaming every 1 for LOSING 2 TRUMP? TRUMP!
Mielle ♔ @MichellePanziro🔁i'm not being snarky here, genuinely what is she doing that is more important than medicare for all
Matthew Battle @librab103🔁 what the people want: medicare for all

what centrists think the people want:

Diana Eiskant-Butsch @Rnactivist🔁@RepChrisCollins Medicare for all....if we can afford trumps wall, funding NASA and billions for military...we can afford healthcare
DeeP @DefaultProphet🔁Wrote about how tax policy for Medicare for All is vital, not just to determine how it's paid for, but how it works:
Sharon @sfield22🔁@NancyPelosi join the good fight. Single payor is the right thing!!im in healthcare and I can't wait for Medicare for all!!
Go Ask Alice @Gwynnion🔁@dpcrook But SP administrative cost savings are still an open question, especially with increased use and growing the Medicare bureaucracy.
Anne Rice @AnneRiceAuthor🔁Can't the House give us Medicare for all now? We need it. People want it. Medicare has worked well for a long time. S o simple. RT, folks.
Gilbert Gonzales @GilbGonzales🔁Joining & on at 10AM EST. Our articles: azine/story/2017/09/12/single-payer-democrats-litmus-test-bernie-sanders-215600" target="_blank">

Marie K Pollick @GramMairekp🔁I've bn on Medicare w Supplmtl Ins for 21 yrs. Hv hd many maj. surg. w wld cls m
MD's. Not 1ce has gov+supp done anythg xcpt pay fr thm 100%
Robert Winn, MD @robertwinnmd🔁 .@SenSanders: Medicare for all "isn't a government takeover" #inners
JJ @J_Shawww🔁Rep. Conyers has been calling for Medicare-for-All since '03 and a bill to study effects of slavery since '89. History will remember that.
bona droog @happierer🔁U just complained in earlier tweet that u can't even get a decent plan.Millions r priced out of health care. Majority wants Medicare for all
Ryan Siemers @RyanRSiemers🔁Public option more workable, better politics.


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