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Lady_Cross @Dlc40458🔁 Ohio is a national model for how to effectively manage Medicaid.
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁Graham-Cassidy boiled down: 1-punish states for expanding Medicaid, 2-reward states that didn't, 3-In 10 years kill Medicaid & all subsidies
Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt🔁JUST OUT: Under Graham Cassidy ACA repeal...

-a 31% cut to Medicaid for kids
-a 15% cut for ppl w/ disabilities

I s ay never.

Please RT.

Medicaid @stormyg @stormzandg🔁 RT to tell @senrobportman that Ohioans w/ disabilities depend on Medicaid to live in the community.
Matthew Miller @matthewamiller🔁Medicaid cuts for poor people, private jets for Cabinet secretaries. Sometimes this stuff ain't complicated.
Martha Ramirez @sweetnonnie🔁@PuestoLoco @alaskier @AmericaJust Yeah, that Medicaid nursing home thing probably not a winner in Florida.
Safety Net Activists @SNActivistsNYC🔁#HEALTHCARE for “ALL” is a #HUMANRIGHT! #BUREAUCRATS!!!
@SenateFloor @NYSenate #RUTHLESSCUTS #MEDICAID #NewYorkers #LowIncome #NYC
bgmckeown @bgmckeown🔁 Medicaid-expansion states to lose $180 billion under Cassidy-Graham plan, new report says
Darby @darby1044🔁Lying Coward Trump

Blocked woman with Stage IV cancer - for commenting on health care!
Shame on Trump!

tiz @LeaettaH🔁Yeah, that's bribery.



Because they need to destroy Medicaid and O'care to FUND TAX CUTS FOR BILLIONAIRE DONORS.

Tom Shafer @TomShafShafer🔁So if Alaska helps us screw over the states that set up ACA exchanges and/or accepted the Medicaid expansion, they g et to keep theirs. Nice!
Matt Nixon @menixon🔁gonna be awesome when we end up with "Obamacare for red states" and “block grants and Medicaid per capita caps for blue states"
Brishay Henderson @BriiBrishay🔁GOP: Throw millions off Medicaid

Bernie: Expand Medicare, the most popular program

DC Media: These are equally extreme & dangerous

Linda @Alegreone🔁There's one constant in every Republican "health care" bill: Devastating cuts to Medicaid. It's indefensible.
Linda Dandy @dcfodder🔁Just goes to show you how Medicaid has exploded because in 2013 only 10% of patients were covered by Medicaid Medica id reimbursement bad now
Safety Net Activists @SNActivistsNYC🔁Call 646-481-4410 for more information on the #SafetyNetActivists’ MARCH on Washington!!!
KT @kellakel27🔁Looks like Graham-Cassidy will let Alaska keep Obamacare tax credits and Medicaid expansion in an un-subtle attempt to bribe Lisa Murkowski.
#RESISTMORE @osubusmaj🔁The real GOP target for Obamacare repeal, now and always, is decimating Medicaid.
4 American Values @MythSlasher🔁JUST OUT: Under Graham Cassidy ACA repeal...

-a 31% cut to Medicaid for kids
-a 15% cut for ppl w/ disabilities

I say never.

Please RT.

Kaeleigh @kaefair🔁getting Murkowski's vote basically boils down to exempting Alaska from the program she'd be voting for
Sarah Ann @BookOfEssays🔁💊 Sen T Kaine just explained what was really going on w/ACARepeal. GOP is really going after which is not part of Obamacare.
Legacy Community @LegacyCommunity🔁Now is the moment to speak out. Tell both Senators from Texas to reject Graham-Cassidy & stop cuts to Medicaid:
anne hage @abbavitch🔁What's to stop a state gov from using block grant as down payment for Medicaid for all?
LSA-DN @lsadnadvocacy🔁Cuts to Medicaid will be devastating for people with disabilities and workers who care for them. News
Joe Shmoe @JoeShmoe1984🔁Tell GOP Governors to accept the Medicaid expansion that will cover 4-5 million additional people overnight.
Denis Warburton @orangecomma🔁 Alaska could be spared the Medicaid cuts in Graham-Cassidy
LiberalTalkingPoints @LiberalTalknPts🔁There's a big "Denali Deal" for Alaska. But even with it, Alaska faces big losses. Will Murkowski be bought off?

Kevin D. Rease @AlphaDeltaHC🔁.: There are now more republican-led than democratic-led states that have adopted expansion.
fighting irishwoman @kcblueDEMinKS🔁. Wasted 60k Of Taxpayer Money On Private Jets In 3 Days, But Wants To Cut Medicaid For Poor Children.
Skagit County P2P @SkagitP2P🔁Premium reimbursements for people on Medicaid who can be covered under parent's or employer's insurance.
Julie D-R MAGA @juliedavisraley🔁The best i can understand...the states that have most everyone on WICK /medicaid ..., govt saying get some of em to work cause only x amt $
diana drake @sun09RE🔁The new GOP health care bill would end Medicaid expansion and fundamentally restructure Medicaid, reports
Isa @muxerisa🔁From our data: at least 43% of insured trans people with HIV get their insurance through Medicare/Medicaid
John14_15 @john14_15🔁Actually Medicaid is 4 the poor and Medicare is for the elderly and disabled. The feds took over Medicare because the y did it so poorly.
Safety Net Activists @SNActivistsNYC🔁#SafetyNetActivists are going to DC on Sunday 9/24/17 & making calls to SAVE #MEDICAID from #RUTHLESSCUTS!!!
@SenateFloor @NYSenate #NYC
Kerina @sassybrow🔁@RepJeffDenham Seems like your tweets are just empty sentiments that are disconnected from your voting record:
D. Rich @Reggiebub🔁There's no way to talk accurately about the viability of Medicaid block grants wout factoring in the effect a of $1.5T tax cut. One big game
Focaccia Glory @tobleronejones🔁Jimmy kimmel is a dumb celeb, I say, loudly defending the reality-TV POTUS who literally blanks on the difference between medicaid/medicare
Lisa Smith @consgrl50🔁"There was always healthcare cov for low income"

Exactly. MEDICAID. Then to blow this program into an entitlement, Obama taxed middle-class

Alex @aroseblush🔁😡 So now we know that GOP is not only trying to repeal but its really about obliterating the entire MEDICAID program.This is a tax bill
Carrie Fitzgerald @carriemf🔁In sum: they don't want it. The State Medicaid Directors DON'T want the bill.
Jenny Baker @Jennyrileyb🔁Me on the left with the black eye.

As much as I miss her, I'm glad my mom isn't around for any of this.

She DEPENDED on Medicaid

buddhistprodigy @BACarver🔁Senate Republicans - Malicious Intent: The Death Blow to Any Future Health Care Reform
Corrie Osborn @osborncorrie🔁Let me help you, :
States in blue = lose Medicaid $.
States in green = gain Medicaid $.
Illinois is blue.

Omar Vera @OmarV09241992🔁Congress must give Puerto Rico the same economic development tools that the states have (EITC, Child Tax Credit, Medicaid fund parity, etc).
anne hage @abbavitch🔁We don't have insurance. Got a job, tried to buy insurance, couldn't get it but they cut my sons medicaid bcuz my income is too high! WTF?
Corinne Marasco @CorinneAM🔁Says the guy who's about to vote in favor of deficit-busting tax cuts for the rich. Thanks .
Thomas Keepout @solm🔁Republicans Aren't Just Aiming to Destroy Obamacare & Medicaid; They Want to Kill to Any Future Health Care Reform.
The Bethie Jo @TheBethieJo🔁A big thumbs down on Graham-Cassidy from National Association of Medicaid Directors, citing short & long term risks
Safety Net Activists @SNActivistsNYC🔁 join the & take action to PROTECT from ATTACKS!
Jon Hecht @JonEHecht🔁The ol' Cornhusker Kickback would have given Nebraska even more of something that every state got under the ACA (extra Medicaid $$).
jade @jadeallnc🔁If we defund Medicaid, kids will die. Kids that could have lived happy healthy lives will die. It's inhumane. Call your representative.


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