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Medicaid Little Rock AR @LittleRock_rr🔁Medicaid official visiting Arkansas for announcement on plan
Medicaid McSpocky™ 👽🖖 @mcspocky🔁Medicaid for Idaho Events · MobilizeAmerica
Medicaid 13News Now @13NewsNow🔁Northam urges lawmakers to expand Medicaid for their benefit
Medicaid dailysgist @dailysgist🔁Kaiser Health Tracking Poll – February 2018: Health Care and the 2018 Midterms, Attitude...
Medicaid lorrine silva @lorrinesilva🔁 Medicaid for Idaho Events · MobilizeAmerica
Senator Bob Casey @SenBobCasey🔁The Administration and Congressional Rs thought they could decimate Medicaid by labeling it a “them” program. The Ame rican people weren’t fooled and know that Medicaid is an “us” program that benefits all Americans.
NYT Opinion @nytopinion🔁A teacher's $75-a-year tax savings that Paul Ryan celebrated won't look so good once Ryan has cut Medicare and Medica id, says
Natalie Shure @nataliesurely🔁Uber's biz model hinges on pretending their workers aren't actually employees, so as not to pay for their healthcare. We're paying Uber's employer contributions for them in form of ACA subsidies. Now it looks like they're trying to bilk Medicare & Medicaid w/ this transit service
Angel Davitkov @AngelDavitkov🔁Your identity is a commodity or . can be hijacked and used to falsify claims
Adam Searing @AdamSearing🔁New report from Andy Schneider: "There is no single set of metrics used by state Medicaid agencies and CMS for measuring quality of care for children enrolled in Medicaid MCOs."
Adam Searing @AdamSearing🔁Medicaid expansion negotiation ongoing in Virginia
Free Beginnings @FreeBeginnings🔁Alternatives to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Demonstration |
Jobs Albuquerque @JobsAlbuquerqu2🔁CLAIMS SPECIALIST - MEDICAID CLAIMS - Presbyterian Healthcare Services - Albuquerque, NM Job Albuquerque
Ken Black @KenBlac80899148🔁54% of public FAVORS – HIGHEST in more than 80 tracking polls⬇️

40% of public do NOT know Individual Mandate was repealed!

84% Democrats 64% Independents 49% Republicans OPPOSE lifetime limits.

Report via

TV24 Primetime News @TV24PrimetimeNe🔁Alabama Looks to Put Work Requirement on Medicaid Recipients | weactv24
Mike Allan @MikeAllan56🔁Exactly. It's all funded by Koch Brothers. They began in 2003 when GWB expanded Medicaid. They purchased support for their agenda in conservative media, think tanks like Heritage, Fox News, talk radio, and then established a network of non-profits like AFP & others shown here.
Daniel Poueriet @danielpueriet🔁The EPA would lose 34% of its funding this year.

The National Endowment for the Arts would end.

Subsidized student loans would end, and a loan forgiveness program wiped out.

Medicaid would lose $250 billion over a decade.

EnoughIsEnough @knitrunrepeat🔁The Medicaid expansion has helped save countless lives and has improved the quality of life for tens of thousands. is a heartless bastard for not recognizing that fact.
felliniquilter @felliniquilter🔁The is a reverse Robin Hood, taking from Medicare, Medicaid, and student assistance to pay for his giving billions in tax breaks to the wealthiest few & large multinational corporations.
James A. Way @jamaway🔁Not to mention that many taxpayers killed. No wonder the government is broke... we're killing taxpayers who would be funding social security, Medicaid, pork barrel spending, etc.
jckthesword @jckthesword🔁7) Expand access to health care, including comprehensive mental health care. Take the Medicaid expansion $ and provide another 100,000 Wisconsinites with access to healthcare. Let's make it easier to get help & healthcare than get an assault weapon!
Alice Herring @redherringdraws🔁No one argues it’s reasonable for people who don’t believe in any medical intervention to argue to withhold tax suppo rt from programs like medicaid and medicare.

Because it’s fucking ridiculous.

Patricia Dudek @PattiDudek🔁Trump officials face decision on lifetime limits for Medicaid
Joni Lynn @zelietown🔁 Obamacare is more popular than ever and people don't want Medicaid messed with
Dr. William Sweet @DrWilliamSweet4🔁

Hillary 2020!
We need to ban all guns and open our borders wide!
needs to be washed away. Get rid of t ax cuts, raise taxes and fund free healthcare.
More Medicaid!
It will a utopian paradise.

Toon Moene @ToonMoene🔁December 2017 Medicaid/CHIP report: Enrollment up ~17.5M vs. pre-, nearly all thanks to expansion:
JAM @Eviljohna🔁If we don’t win the majority in ‘18 we’re stuck with the GOP ruling the 3 branches of gov for years longer, giving them time to dismantle the ACA, Medicaid & Medicare, abortion rights, social security & minority protections. Anyone willing to risk that can’t be called progressive
Sappho Faires @SFinEville🔁The Administration and Congressional Rs thought they could decimate Medicaid by labeling it a “them” program. The American people weren’t fooled and know that Medicaid is an “us” program that benefits all Americans.
grannystanding4Truth @granny_st🔁Trump’s budget cuts Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, breaking core campaign promise | Wait...You mean he lied? Or was he just joking when he made those promises?

John Ballard @Hootsbudy🔁There is apparently some technical distinction between ACO and other managed care systems.
Bottom line -- States pri vatize Medicaid for the same reason employers outsource group insurance via TPAs.
They hope to maximize efficiency.
(But hope is not a plan.)
L.M. @LG2427🔁Planned Parenthood's has engaged in:

• Medicaid fraud
• Child abuse cover-up
• Human trafficking cover-up
• Promotion of sex-selective abortions
• Trafficking baby body parts

Yet we’re forced to give them half a BILLION dollars yearly.

Angela allander @AngelaAllander🔁Democrats want everyone on Medicaid.. universal healthcare... no.. I pay for mine you pay for yours and we all stop paying for illegals.!!!
Lawrence Melde @MeldeLawrence🔁It will lower government costs on things like welfare, medicaid. It will increase revenues with new growth so that the government can keep basically the same services as interest rates rise.
Larry The Cable Dog @LarryTheCableD1🔁"As the U.S. abortion rate continues to decline..Planned Parenthood is looking toward new source of revenue– Hormone ‘Sex-Change’ Treatment for minors at Medicaid expense"
Dakota Blue @DakotaBlueGirl🔁 . makes a great case for why Congressional Term Limits are required.

Affordable Healthcare matters to majority of A mericans!

, GOPHouse & sabotaged ACA, CHIP, PP, Medicaid, Medicare & SS for their .


Rychard Shelton @rychardshelton🔁It's said that "u get what u pay 4!" Which Trumpkins voted 4 cuts to SNAP, SS, Medicaid, and Medicare!? Government p rograms they themselves rely on!?
Dale thibodeaux @Dalethibodeaux🔁Nevada has become the latest state to announce Medicaid will cover sex reassignment surgery for individuals via
Bobby Ghaheri, MD @DrGhaheri🔁@dorpdx unless you’re on Medicaid. Or not white.
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline🔁Medicaid official to visit Arkansas, will make announcement on state's proposed changes to plan. Here's when:
DisIsNotAmerica @ImpeachAgtOrang🔁New post: Obamacare is more popular than ever and people don’t want Medicaid messed with
Stuart R. Wells @SRWAtheist🔁Sign up now to help us collect 10,000 signatures to Expand Medicaid in Idaho, all in a single day (Tuesday, March 13th):
Debbie Kelly @mzu14vkb9ai66a3🔁By 2027, the Trump-Republican plan will cost middle-class families $5.3 billion and enrich the top 1 percent by $5.8 billion -- not to mention cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and the destruction of the Affordable Care Act. Disgraceful.
gup @GuptillAnne🔁 81% of tax benefits go to TOP 1% It’s causing the BIGGEST ECONOMIC DIVIDE & BIGGEST DEFICIT in US HISTORY! WHILE SL ASHING MEDICARE MEDICAID SS & HC
Reevyn Aronson @reevynap🔁Obamacare is more popular than ever and people don't want Medicaid messed with
⎝🧜🏻‍♀️ Tempo @ twatter is run by fascists 🤖⎠ @DrillbotKillbot🔁Gunshot injuries and hospitalizations alone cost American taxpayers $2.7 billion from 2006-2014 (via Medicare/Medicaid). That’s a direct subsidy to gun manufacturers who don’t want to restrict access to weapons.
Andrey Ostrovsky, MD @AndreyOstrovsky🔁Productive output from burden reduction work: I don't have to re-write med student's notes for E/Ms. Hoping she now channels design resources available to CMS (, , , , etc) to explore more consumer-centric Medicaid policies.
W.A.Y.S @KnowledgeHB🔁Countering the Trump administration, a California legislator wants to ban work requirements for Medicaid
JimD @Jim_D77🔁Wow, never mind the law requires them to attempt to collect from a patient who has Medicare or Medicaid before they b ill the insurance.
ツ Nick @npnikk🔁Trump administration weighs in on Medicaid expansion in Virginia, stirring confusion
ThuggaLaFlare 🌊❄🍦🌊 @thuggalaflare🔁And drugs are not the answer to mental health problems

We don't need to push big pharma on this we need Medicai d to cover therapy

Priscilla Kimery @pkimery🔁Not saying big money isn't in both parties! But be careful with yr hyperbole when u throw the word corrupt around. GOP have no moral compass. Power has absolutely corrupted them. Dems had power 4 8 yrs under JFK-LBJ& did Medicare Medicaid CRA VRA school lunch program Headstart...
flow 🔰 @itsjunkobv🔁Health Policy Data Watch: Average per-Beneficiary Medicaid Spending for Assisted Living Services, by State
Rick Cooley @rcooley123🔁Trump’s budget cuts Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, breaking core campaign promise | Wait...You mean he lied ? Or was he just joking when he made those promises?

🐍 health goth snakes 🐍 @hereiamja🔁Cool, so what about the millions of people who don’t qualify for Medicaid? An unethical company with a long-term hist ory of problematic practices is looking for profits from a flaw in a very broken system & I’m not okay with that & would like to bring attention to medical costs.
Glenn Branch @BranchCom2001🔁Paul Ryan got his tax cuts, and now his priority is to cut the so-called "entitlement programs": Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. Nunes is not a concern.
Shirley C @brightlight46🔁I grew up on Medicaid. My family depended on it and other programs. I know first-hand their value, why we can't take them for granted.

I will be committed to protecting them AND expanding them. Someone in Montgomery has to stand for the workers and the poor.

The LB Marketing Team @PfyaMsw2Xza4Y4z🔁Medicaid official visiting Arkansas for announcement on plan
Bizzy Marketing @W6r4dMNS1Njqhpi🔁Medicaid official visiting Arkansas for announcement on plan
Tatjana Kecojevic @Tatjana_Kec🔁 Hospital ratings published by Center for Medicare and Medicaid #kaggle
Healthy News Daily @eHealthyDaily🔁State Highlights: Utah Lawmakers Consider Curbing Voters’ Power Over Medicaid; Fla. Bill Would Assist First Responder s With PTSD Media outlets report on news from Utah, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, New York, Missouri, Maryland and …
Healthy News Daily @eHealthyDaily🔁As Medicaid Fight Brews In Virginia’s Capitol, Hundreds Rally To Support Expansion While the Virginia House shifted i ts stance on expanding the program after years of fighting it, the Senate hasn't budged. Media outlets report on Medicaid news out of Mas…
Nursing Term Papers @nursing_papers🔁Can programs like Medicare and Medicaid adopt such methods to defray costs?The major payers in private healthcare (ot her than government programs) are employers, and this has been true since the inception of health insurance programs.


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