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Glenn Thrush @GlennThrush🔁A story that is getting way too little attention: White Michigan lawmakers are writing a law that would exempt white folks -- but not black counties -- from Medicaid work requirements. It won't pass, but still.
Nomad51 @Nomad51🔁Over $400 billion in corporate share buybacks have been reported thus far.

Meanwhile, workers are getting laid off — oh, and Republicans are looking to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while also taking food away from vulnerable children.

Talk about priorities.

CNN @CNN🔁The White House is seeking to cut $7 billion in funding for CHIP, which covers about 9 million children whose parents usually earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private health coverage
David Begnaud @DavidBegnaud🔁Tomorrow morning, the state of Louisiana will mail nearly 37,000 notices to medicaid recipients who may lose their e ligibility by July 1. Worst case scenario: thousands of elderly people are evicted from nursing home.
We’re in Baton Rouge with the story.

suzanne harris @stg916🔁A story that is getting way too little attention: White Michigan lawmakers are writing a law that would exempt white folks -- but not black counties -- from Medicaid work requirements. It won't pass, but still.
Fetzer Mills Jr @Fetzer2🔁These plans will kill ppl w/pre-existing conditions. I have a brain tumor/IIH & can't afford my enteral food RX @$198/mo. I received notice that my Medicaid/ ACA will be canceled on 7/1/18. My 76-year-old mom & I have $3/day for food & losing home. Plz RT.

Jeanne Chandler @jeanne4210🔁@SenJohnKennedy How dare you talk about Medicaid!!!
Ken Hildebrandt @HalifaxKen🔁Ah, but we must spend more money on the military to oppress the world, and give tax breaks to those who've need of n othing. Priorities.
Gangsta Granny 🌊 @GangstaMimi🔁Meanwhile, back in Louisiana, elderly being evicted from their health care facility bc of Medicaid cuts. So.....goin g to put them out in the CURB??? WTAF????? I'm THRILLED 4the hostages&their fam, yet ppl are ACHING/DESPERATE, right damn HERE!!!! 😔😔😔
Holly Fullam @hfullam🔁Cutting Planned Parenthood out of the Medicaid program harms the 7,000 Medicaid patients who visit Planned Parenthood health centers every year.
Patricia Dysinger @Agent_Snark🔁This piece from Bridge shows clearly how this policy aims to make it harder for low-income residents of urban cities like Detroit and Flint to keep their health care, while exempting people in rural areas who also struggle to find work.
☭Portland☭CPUSA☭ @PortlandCPUSA🔁Louisiana to evict 30,000 elderly from nursing homes because Medicaid ran out - Being Liberal
John Suddarth @SuddarthforVA01🔁The GOP’s sabotage of ObamaCare endangers the health of millions of Americans. Only REPEAL, no REPLACE. Refusal to e xpand Medicaid puts millions more at risk. It’s time for single-payer: universal coverage at lower cost. Who’s against that? Only healthcare CEO’s & the GOP.
Adam Lowe @lowe_adam🔁 America you are more than broken, you're fucked.
VA Hagin @HaginPhoto🔁To hear go through sabotage point-by-point is stunning:

Eliminate CSR’s
Slash Open Enrollment in half
Slash OE Advertising by 90%
Eliminate Indiv. Mandate
Junk Plans
Association Health Plans
(Paper) work requirements for Medicaid

Snarks @SwanQueenoholic🔁Next week the Virginia Senate returns to vote on Medicaid expansion. This means everything to 400,000 families. Virginians, flood the phones and emails of these GOP Senators:
Grundy Democrats @grundydems🔁New poll says Tennesseans overwhelmingly support Medicaid expansion. How will legislators react?
Deborah Langley @Saphireyes69🔁30,000 nursing home eviction notices will be sent out Thursday to residents who could lose Medicaid under the budget passed by state House of Representatives.

We're just going to let or elderly rot, homeless?

This is making America great again?

viejachismosa 🇵🇷 @chismosa2212🔁Tell Me,

Where are the 30,000 Elderly

Whose Nursing Home care

Is funded by Medicaid

Supposed to go?

They are frail and vulnerable

There is no getting a job

No bootstrap’s to pull up

When you wear slippers!!

The Daily Northwestern @thedailynu🔁Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services grants Gov. Bruce Rauner flexibility with $2 billion in federal funding

Dale J. Dangremond @ddangremond🔁As a disabled person, is so much more than just healthcare. My story:
Dorell @sayre_dorell🔁Tens of thousands of elderly and disabled people are going to lose their Medicaid and be thrown out into the streets so could give fucking Aldelson, Mercer’s and Koch brothers their tax cuts.

Johnna Tolliver @honeyloc🔁In a draft of the proposed plan, a lawful immigrant holding a visa could be passed over for getting permanent residency if they use Medicaid, food stamps or tax credits.
sash. @sashleigh32🔁@TheYelloNegro Lmfao you know it’s paid for by Medicaid
CapRadio News @CapRadioNews🔁A proposed change in immigration policy from the Trump administration could make it harder for immigrants to obtain a green card if family members use Medicaid, WIC or other federal medical benefits
HealthCareFoundation @HCFGKC🔁"This week, Kansas became the first and so far only state to be refused a Medicaid waiver under the current president ."
kiki-b-smith @kbourneuf🔁A House bill introduced today would expand the amount of time that new moms could remain on Medicaid, and allow for better reporting. h/t
Ron Schuck @RonSchuck1🔁Working just as planned...while states are literally evicting seniors out of their nursing homes, onto the streets, due to GOP cuts to Medicaid. 😣
SheResists🌊 @HelloOElaine🔁Who are you talking to? fans are on welfare, food stamps, medicaid. Is this who you're talking at? your ignorance is bleeding from your eyes, your whatever. your relevance is a negative 4.
Pamela @mela0009🔁Louisiana to evict 30,000 elderly from nursing homes because Medicaid ran out – Being Liberal
Owl Woman @YaYaOregon🔁:Classic example of what. // REALLY MEAN when they talk about Balanced Budget Amendment--ELIMINATION OF & MEDICAID. Now LA GOP is kicking Grandma & Grandpa to the streets

OneNJen @OneNJeni🔁Every single day I'm reminded what a monstrous POS you are. Every. Single. Day.

Ending Medicaid for "non-working" citizens means 30,000 Louisiana elderly being evicted from nursing homes.

PhillyFan62 @PFan62🔁:TEXAS VOTERS you keep BLINDLY SUPPORTING. and his / funded Balanced Budget Amendment initiative, YOUR GRANDMA/GRANDPA will be the next one they KICK OFF / and on to the street!!

Liberty Mitchell @libertythePD🔁Love these Christians who support the GOP robber barons who are evicting the elderly onto the street to stick their f at fingers further into Medicaid (won’t get into your hatred of immigrants). FRAUD.
Louise Nicholson @LouiseN91316🔁Our patients are old, they are frail. They have multiple health issues "And the stress of coming to realize that they are going to lose their funding that allows them to stay in a nursing home, and have no other known option, I believe could kill people."
Robert Beene @RobertBeene1🔁Lawmakers introduce bill to fine drug makers for incorrect Medicaid classifications via @statnews
corgimom @dumatau17🔁$4 Billion & counting. That’s how much Tennessee has lost because my opponent & the TN GOP have blocked Medicaid expansion.

Watch the 💵 fly away:

I will always put people over politics. Every penny counts, please support:

Jay McQuaide @Jay_McQuaide🔁Like the House, the Mass. Senate budget rejects a plan from Governor Charlie Baker to move 140,000 people off Medicaid, report and
laura lake @lauralake3🔁has she stopped taking her Medicare. and likely Medicaid payments? did she pay back the extra interest on her HUD loa n? waiting.....
Cheryl Kosnick @ckosnick🔁Screw that my husband just had 5 way bypass,diagnosed with lukiema and 3 heart attacks in the last 3 weeks,no covera ge because his job doesn't cover for 11 months,cant get rehab he needs because we live in texas with no Medicaid expansion,you moron
Harold @Harryyost69🔁Donald Trump and Republicans budget is full of landmines for retirees. Their plan to privatize Medicare and Social Security would hurt tens of millions of seniors. They’re calling for cutting nearly a half trillion dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. Disgusting
John Rozum @JohnRozum01🔁This is the legacy of and the . Louisiana to evict 30,000 elderly from nursing homes because Medi caid ran out - Being Liberal


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