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#mediabuzz San Dee Sandlin @SanSandlin🔁 That about sums it up
#CNNSOTU #mediabuzz #thisweek #tcot #ccot
#wakeupAmerica #RedNationRising
#mediabuzz Kenneth Robertson Jr @Blubud_KC🔁 Looks like Trumps view of the Media is in good company #Mediabuzz
#mediabuzz Kenneth Robertson Jr @Blubud_KC🔁 I wrote about gender in the corporate world in my book! #Mediabuzz
#mediabuzz PaytonBennett @PaytonBennett5🔁 Breaking: Media fails to follow its own code of ethics... #mediabuzz
#mediabuzz Kenneth Robertson Jr @Blubud_KC🔁 wheres the outrage Jessica? #Mediabuzz
#mediabuzz Catt @CattHarmony🔁 Remember when CNN condemning Antifa? Me either
#Charolettesville #CNNsotu #mediabuzz
HowardKurtz @HowardKurtz🔁We'll talk to @MZHemingway about Google firing the engineer & sparking a debate about Silicon Valley tolerance & sexism #Mediabuzz
HowardKurtz @HowardKurtz🔁On #Mediabuzz at 11 & 5 ET, @MZHemingway @CBellantoni @JessicaTarlov on neg coverage of Trump warnings to N Korea & handling of Va. violence
HowardKurtz @HowardKurtz🔁We'll look at CNN's Jim Acosta v. Stephen Miller on immigration with @RealAmyHolmes, @AreuCathy, & @KatrinaPierson on Trump's wk #Mediabuzz
Ozzie @OssieArroyo🔁Love look at the media's polls the FAITH in the MEDIA is below 20% we support our
Buddhababy @Buddhababy10🔁Eric Bolling
The left is more interested in Eric Bolling than National security.

John Z @jzmusec🔁#Mediabuzz no one coming at you m. Trying to get you to report without slanting. Is Fox a global corp or not? If it is? Why use that phrase
M @Ghjkiuyrewdvbjm🔁Howard K u don't belong on Fox. All negatives w/panel anti-Trump. 1 idiot that said we don't hear from POTUS #mediabuzz
Judy @jmkmini🔁@SteveHiltonx I just heard you on #MediaBuzz and you got it exactly right! Where can I hear you?
Pissed off American @jagfannn🔁How can you guys even watch Mr. Lets give MSM the benefit of the doubt? Anyone even half awake knows better, so he's part of it
Mark k @Markknight45🔁Why is it that every Sunday morning show is all group think and attack , every one! How boring and uninspired. Except
Deadauto @Deadauto2🔁#mediabuzz
Agreements should be made before moving statues / monuments about where they go to serve the public best which would end violence
Daphne Campbell @dapnesstr🔁 Love RealDrGina look at the media's polls the FAITH in the MEDIA is below 20% we support our P…
Deborah Eyres @MyThreeWesties🔁@FoxNews #MediaBuzz SiliconValley discriminates against females & also does not hire due to age #GoogleDoesNotHireOldPeople
Dusty Dez @dusty_dez🔁@stevehiltonx @nextrevFNC #mediabuzz Politics today are not static. Peoples views are flexible dynamic and changeable! Going for middle is 👍
Dinah @DinahLord🔁
Can't condemn 1 group by name without condemning ALL violent grps by name! ANTIFA shld not be given free pass!!
Salvatore @Sallvatore🔁We have Collusion Between Dem Leadership and the Main Stream Media with the same Anti American message.
LuluHooHoo @LuluHooHoo🔁 Tarlov is a fuckin idiot antifa n BLM are racist terrorist group also but no ones is calling them out #Mediabuzz
Denise4Trump🇺🇸 @MemphisGrits2🔁 check the bios of all these media people, they all went to Ivy league schools #Mediabuzz
Joe @jrconse🔁.@HowardKurtz #mediabuzz Steve Hilton on point today! @TuckerCarlson
Rounds @RoundsR🔁@SteveHiltonx correct. Media CHOOSES insularity to protect delicate sensibilities. Trump connects because he reaches out. #mediabuzz
Dianna I voted Trump @Sunshine4744🔁 SPOT ON !!
If President had named them the media would say why is he elevating them.
Jake Tapper would be 1st to do so !!
On The Case Man @OnTheCaseMan🔁#MediaBuzz -@RealDrGina lumped @FoxNews and conservative media in with the rest of the #FakeNews @POTUS supporters hate. Cannibals! #Resist
Dianna I voted Trump @Sunshine4744🔁 Breaking: the media has given up its right to speak for the American people... #mediabuzz
CaseAgainst @CaseAgainst🔁@MediaBuzzFNC #MarissaMayer wasn't a good engineer @google or a good CEO @Yahoo. Case closed.

#MediaBuzz #GoogleManifesto

Jim Roach @IowaIndBlog🔁#MediaBuzz I like that Steve Hilton guy. Not particularly in a sexual way.
Dianna I voted Trump @Sunshine4744🔁 @AreuCathy - @NYT might have actually ASKED @VP before publishing - THAT would have been responsible #MediaBuzz
MC @MikeKnowsbetter🔁Sounds good but the media are NOT the people. MSNBC AND CNN do not represent America. They are the propaganda arm of the Dims. #Mediabuzz


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