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M @XReb_FanX🔁 We’re at #StanleyCup Media Day! Here’s William Karlsson aka Wild Bill #VegasBorn
Media Day Chris @ChrisJ12771🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 🍀irishbear🐻:Sunday fun day!! 🤘

Media Day Justin Marks @jmarks2015🔁 Lord Stanley’s Cup is inside T-Mobile arena for media day
Dave Dawson @pwhky1🔁 Some of the best moments from the #Caps at 2018 #StanleyCup Media Day. #ALLCAPS
Media Day Embers @EmberstoAshes16🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 🍀irishbear🐻:Sunday fun day!! 🤘

Roseanne Barr @therealroseanne🔁I don't think any President should go from WH to producing big media 4 public consumption. It's an unholy alliance. L eave show biz 2 professionals-altho i do think going from show biz 2 WH is Ok-I might do it one day, then retire from both.
PeterSweden @PeterSweden7🔁The UK has turned into a fascist state.

- Old lady was arrested for "hate speech" for saying "have a gay day"
- Tomm y sent to jail for livestreaming about child grooming gang.
- 6 police vans stormed my house.

And mainstream media is silent.

Yogendra Yadav @_YogendraYadav🔁I know , you wouldn't stay there for a day if it was otherwise.
But the question posed was different: is Cobrapost st ing not a news worth covering? Do you approve of the conspiracy of silence by the entire media, including ?
Vin @vkn2904🔁People of my age group who read the day-to-day media report of those days can only understand the atrocities to which Mr. Nambi Narayan was subjected to.
Vegas Golden Knights ...retweets @LasVegasNHL🔁Some fun at media day.. Ryan Reaves grabbed the mic and asked Brayden McNabb if his curly hair makes him a lady killer.

McNabb: "Some days."

Corinne Anne @corinneanneo🔁VSCO is by far my fav social media platform. Wanna post 10 pics in one day ??? Go for it. Annoyed with creepy comments and DMs ??? You don’t have to worry about it there. No followers ??? Who cares. Picture too risky for insta ??? Post it, we hyping everyone up.
Michael Faulkner @MFaulkner76🔁25/ Every media segment on Trump-Russia should have two parts—the length of each depending on the news of the day—a political analysis, which brings on political actors like Giuliani, and a legal analysis, which brings on legal and law enforcement experts. NEVER COMBINE THE TWO.
Tim McGrath @wildtigger2🔁Dear media,
Trump doesn't "misstate facts"—he lies.
All day long.
About important things. About trivial things.
All day long.
When you fail to report that Trump lies, you normalize lying.
When you normalize lying, you harm democracy.
Please stop harming democracy.
ok, good talk
🤤🖤 @_KedraaJanee🔁 I would get rid of social media in a heart beat if I could find something else to entertain me throughout the day.
Mateo Henao @Mateohenao898_🔁Am I the only one who is freakin TERRIFIED to get married in this day and age???? Like everyone is so obsessed with social media and the next thing and just instant gratification & everyone gets cheated on no matter how amazing they are & everyone gets divorced & FUUUUCCKKKK
ig📸: selfcarelove_ @ISelfcarelove🔁Set your limits- Don’t depend on social media to set your mood. Social Media makes most of us stressed being dependen t by it. Be cautious of how many times you check your phone and maybe give it a break for a couple hours or even the whole day!
kikin @khinnahh🔁After kes Isteri 2%, Men are Trash, YB Budak-Budak & and now Syafiq Kyle. All in the course of 1 day... This social media app needs to be changed from Twitter to Twisted.
Katrina Grace 🇺🇸 @KatrinaGraceUS🔁that people (their audiences specifically) are naturally drawn to seeing action, shock, and violence. Again, these me dia companies get loads of stories every day. I'm not exactly sure if you reported your incident or not, but even if you did, your story may unfortunately have
fay @pricelessfay🔁 if i check your social media to see if you’ve posted stuff throughout the day
हर्ष शर्मा कांग्रेस @9Yf3IVJfVa47sKG🔁Now the whole WORLD knows why you shout your guts out day in and day out...... it’s just “Sabse bada Rupaiyya”
So just shut up !!
And....nobody calls you ‘media’ they call you MODIA -A shameless breed of
Carol Bland @CarolLaRue🔁This man speaks with the President of the United States every day, and he's receiving messages from Russian intelligence.

Upon launch you'll be able to see how the came to be and how it spread across social media epidemiologically.

Hint: It was not of American origin.

Gary Robinette @GaryRobinette1🔁I don't think any President should go from WH to producing big media 4 public consumption. It's an unholy alliance. Leave show biz 2 professionals-altho i do think going from show biz 2 WH is Ok-I might do it one day, then retire from both.
Haley @punkypurplchaos🔁Just a sentiment...I see many people on social media bitter or mean-girl-y about the wins of others. What’s stopping these types from being successful? Probably time spent being hateful/resonating on resentment. Let people have their day, and work toward yours. It’s that simple.
🌼Katya @OlliMaattaa🔁I’m pretty sure today is Mikko Rantanen day on social media 🤪 After 7 attempts, I FINALLY got Mikko to smile 😆 Pretty obvious which picture Mikko is smiling 🤣9️⃣6️⃣
Loy Turns @Turns1701e🔁Media said Hillary & Trump were the same.

I guarantee that Hillary, whose first job out of law school was at the Children’s Defense Fund, who fights on behalf of kids every day, and who is a mother & grandmother, would NOT have ripped 1,500 babies from their parents & lost them.

Eric Ellis @BeerHockeyMetal🔁I know. I got into alot of the stuff I listen to because of AOL back in the day. Got to talk to so many people in cha trooms that it was hard not to find new stuff. Now with social media being the way it is, it puts AOL to shame.
Reynolds Global 🌎 @Reynolds_Global🔁Giving back to teachers? That’s music to our ears! Teachers work hard every day to bring fun and creativity to the classroom. Let’s make this Teacher Appreciation Month special by sharing a memory of your favorite teacher and on social media.
Katrina Grace 🇺🇸 @KatrinaGraceUS🔁The act was harsh and unfair, for sure. But, it is important to recall what I said in that other tweet: the media get s so many stories every day, and it's up to them to what they want to report on. They have the freedom to do that. Though you got a bottle thrown at you, which is
Predxican 🏃🏽 @Predxican98🔁The Capitals “don’t have time for pool parties” and the Golden Knights came strolling in wearing flip flops and shorts. Media Day in the books ... now let’s get to Game 1!!!! 🤗🎤📺
денис буква @HpOYdpDd3WztjEA🔁"We want to be here - we worked so hard all year. I don't think anybody believed in us and I don't think anyone believed in Vegas. And we're in the Final." Ovechkin talks from 2018 Media Day.
😱The MILF Hunter @CaliRacingFan🔁Your wrong, he’s great at pissing you screwed up LIBERALS off. I love every bit of it. Every time he does something great you LIBTARDS go nuts. Just look at the media and 1/2 of them are in therapy now and the other 1/2 are headed there. MAGA!!
Have a great day👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ReadyWisconsin @ReadyWisconsin🔁Potentially dangerous hot temperatures are expected to continue into Memorial Day. Be sure to take precautions, such as drinking plenty of water, wearing sunscreen, and limiting outdoor activity.
Julia Vasko @JuliaVaskoo🔁VSCO is by far my fav social media platform like post 10 pics in 1 day ??? hell go for it. annoyed w creepy comments & DMs ?? u don’t have to worry about it on there. no followers ??? shit who cares. pics too risky for insta ??? post it, we hyping everyone up bitch
MABUS @happy_pipes🔁When you look at NDP and liberal candidates struggling to get 20-30 hits a day on their social media posts even I have to sit back and laugh at the attempt the pollsters are making to try and scare off voters.
Xtina @MrsEquistina3rd day    R/C . 🔁
🇺🇸Ryan W. Fragoso @BlueDeuce2🔁📹 What’s 2018 winner doing right now? Chatting with media all over the world about his incredible day at . 🏆🏁

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नारायण @UkNarayan77🔁Fake allegations and bogus case but corrupt media kept barking the on & before date of court session. 25 April 2018 – Black Day.
DemExit #RedWave2018 🇺🇸 @jetrotter🔁🔵 DNC Media Complex has been tweeting out photos from this 2014 article all day today, & representing it as new to blame Trump! 😂

Thanks 0bama! 🐍👇

Steven R Clark @maelorin🔁Alternative take: Opposition is going to be attacked by Dutton and the media every single day no matter what they do, and if they’re incapable of countering that after all these years then what the hell is their actual purpose? Dutton sets their agenda.
Sandeep Mishra @sandeepmishra49🔁Not too sure how many who shout on Social Media to send Rohingya back will actually Boycott Films and products endorsed by her

The day you do, things will change.

Bollywood is Cancer for India's peace and development

♉️ @zdmh_🔁I would get rid of social media in a heart beat if I could find something else to entertain me throughout the day.


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