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Matthew Myers @BloodShedMyers🔁Home from work a little early! #MeTVWWWest
Sandy @ProofingSandy🔁First she can get some "practical experience" in the kitchen, then I'll "break her in" another way. #WinkWink #NudgeNudge #MeTVWWWest
#MeTVWWWest Richard J. Marcej @baboonbooks🔁"Not Lionel!"
#MeTVWWWest edward @edhock65🔁#metvwwwest Watch out Jim!! Here comes the reinforcements!!!
Laurus @LaurusT001🔁 "Hi! Iplayed Board Member Number 6 on an episode of Wild Wild West..."#metvwwwest
Daniel Stachnik @DStachnik🔁Wow! Just wow. #metvwwwest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Yeah! Women are property! 🙄🙄🙄 #MeTVWWWest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁Not a fan of the bs about the kitchen. That's my husband's personal space #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁@DStachnik @BloodShedMyers Fair. Point. #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁I thought he said "electric chair man" #metvwwwest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Sinatra is the only chairman of the board #MeTVWWWest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁Jim has the shiny vest on to attract the ladies like flies #metvwwwest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Meanwhile in the caboose hehehe #MeTVWWWest
Daniel Stachnik @DStachnik🔁@Perilandra @BloodShedMyers What else did they have to do? #MeTVWWWest
Joseph Blough @JosephBlough4🔁That shaft is a bad mother #metvwwwest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁@CCoombs1964 I love it!!! #MeTVWWWest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁@Perilandra Exactly. #MeTVWWWest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Guess so 🙄🙄🙄 #MeTVWWWest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁@BloodShedMyers And how much time did they devote to putting them on geez #metvwwwest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Oh god. Is tha how she’s gonna die? #MeTVWWWest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁Always look before entering the elevator car #metvwwwest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, huh? #metvwwwest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Is that Mrs. peacock? She’s a senators wife!!!! #MeTVWWWest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest no artie the young lady did not come to jims aid no wonder i am drinking heavier than usual tonight
Matthew Myers @BloodShedMyers🔁How did women even walk in those crazy dresses back then? #MeTVWWWest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁That’s not true. I beat him in chess this morning. #MeTVWWWest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁"WHAT DID YOU SAY MR WEST?" #metvwwwest
Rodney Pickens @pickens_rodney🔁And that's how rocking chairs were invented. #MeTVWWWest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁The CHAIRman of the board has arrived #metvwwwest
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁Can I see his man thong? Whale tale! #MeTVWWWest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁He even has suspenders?? So detailed #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁They can't just like... duck? #metvwwwest
minister of spice @ministerofspice🔁I’ve seen them in Ireland — wooden shutters at pubs. You’re too young to hear what they were meant for. There was als twitter.com o a cool Indian restaurant in the States with private tables.
Mr. Awesome @ElGizmoCaca🔁I turn on the tv and see two men rocking back and forth. Hemorrhoids? #MeTVWWWest
Matthew Myers @BloodShedMyers🔁Geez, that's an Edgar A Poe style contraption! #MeTVWWWest
Bill Genereux @billgx🔁I can think of worse parts of a bull you could become than a bulls eye. #METVWWWEST
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest i think jim has more in his heel than batman has in his belt
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁I love it when West steps out of his heels #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁Ooh intense rope ties how ever will they get out of it #metvwwwest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁It's ballista, baby #metvwwwest
Bill Genereux @billgx🔁Q) If you see a teen or adult collapse, what is the first thing you should do? A) Think about a groovy 70s disco tune twitter.com !
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁@neverStirred To quote my dad: creepyvilllllle #metvwwwest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁@CCoombs1964 Or we saw a literal dummy corporation #MeTVWWWest
John DuMond @johnd1263🔁I can see why we have no Artie in this episode; Ross Martin saw the script and passed. "Just give my lines to a chimp twitter.com or something."

Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁Lol oh? I mean I'VE accidentally staged a board room with dummies before #metvwwwest
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁Okay the weirdos in white paint were freaky #metvwwwest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest check out the big brain on jim
Sandy @ProofingSandy🔁I step away for a moment and everyone starts clowning around. #MeTVWWWest
ryan c marsh @ryancmarsh🔁Red Triangle Circus Gang the wild west founding members #METVWWWEST
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁His jackets magically clean now! Nkw that's service #metvwwwest
This space for rent or lease @perplyone3🔁Who were those clowns? They don't get my seal of approval #metvwwwest
Joseph DeCaro @OldSchool1000🔁#MeTVWWWest
Send in the clowns? All of them!
T.B. Bond @neverStirred🔁I am speechless #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁Jims so resilient #metvwwwest
Bill Genereux @billgx🔁Who are these clowns? #METVWWWEST
Rodney Pickens @pickens_rodney🔁That's no way to juggle business and pleasure. #MeTVWWWest
Joseph Blough @JosephBlough4🔁I wouldn't order seltzer with my drink in this place Jim #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁My seal can throw bombs too. #metvwwwest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest i feel like a jack in the box taco man i remember talking into the clowns head to order through the drive through
Rodney Pickens @pickens_rodney🔁Now that's a Seal Team. #MeTVWWWest
Daniel Stachnik @DStachnik🔁One bar fight coming up! #metvwwwest twitter.com
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁"These weed cigars? Uh.. -nervously pulls at collar- I donno.." #metvwwwest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest milky the clown creeped me out the most in startling black and white
Joseph Blough @JosephBlough4🔁I don't want to be responsible for any injuries. Especially my own #metvwwwest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁We don't want to hurt you but we will if we have to. #metvwwwest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest a clown bar creepy
Daniel Stachnik @DStachnik🔁@Perilandra You mean women don't like that? #metvwwwest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest covers up the smell of the albanian cigars throw the narcs off trail
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁Who knew it was such a turn on to insult someone's perfume #metvwwwest
Rodney Pickens @pickens_rodney🔁That's what you get for tangling with James West. #MeTVWWWest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁My eyes don't like her dress #metvwwwest
Rodney Pickens @pickens_rodney🔁Talk about strange bedfellows. #MeTVWWWest
Lani Rose @Perilandra🔁-but he IS weilding a tiny hammer so #metvwwwest
tangerine lemon @LemonTangerine🔁#metvwwwest veto means i forbid in latin i think so there lady i already know what it means
Daniel Stachnik @DStachnik🔁@baboonbooks Interesting, IMBD shows this as second to last episode. The DVD set lists it as the last episode. #metvwwwest
Richard J. Marcej @baboonbooks🔁I'm not a big fan of the episodes that have little to no Artemus Gordan appearances. ☹️ #metvwwwest


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