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Paige Tiemann @Pft98🔁 .@Astros catcher Brian McCann spoke with @RoFlo after Game Six. #MLBTonight #EarnHistory
McCann uuoo @TremayneIvan🔁 Before Rory McCann became an actor, he spent several years as a Lumberjack
Selena 🐾 @_nicoleselena🔁 .@Astros catcher Brian McCann spoke with @RoFlo after Game Six. #MLBTonight #EarnHistory
McCann CopyNews @CopyNewsInfo🔁Brian McCann's slump-busting hit boosts Astros, dooms Yankees as Game 7 looms:
Houston Astros @astros🔁MCCANN DOUBLE! #Astros are on the board! #EarnHistory
Brian McTaggart @brianmctaggart🔁Astros Game 6 lineup:
CF Springer
RF Reddick
2B Altuve
SS Correa
1B Gurriel
3B Bregman
LF Gonzalez
DH Gattis
C McCann
Gregory Moore @GCM2001🔁Brian McCann on playing in a game 7 for the right to go to the World Series: "When you're a kid this is what it was. This is everything. When you're in the backyard. Pick your favorite player...and you imagine this."
Katie McInerney @k8tmac🔁Update: that's 's photo on A1. This pic from McCann's ground-rule double was on our cover for first edition.
roberto lerebours @Robertinno53🔁@NYDNSports @Yankees Walking 3 was inexcusable he came up small again, #Gattis? #McCann with a dead bat
HARRELL @THarrell83🔁@john_mccann_ Actually you can get a natty box from jalen he drinks it or from a part
maggie @magstaswagsta🔁how come when I search van mccann in gifs on twitter gifs of Justin Bieber come up wtf
Juan Papí @john_mccann_🔁I'll have to buy Natty to get a Natty box stupid head
Tara Culham @culhamdrda🔁Excited to be presenting our 2017 Honourary Membership to Dr Larry McCann, Prof Emeritus at gala!
Speedy @SpeedyZZZZ🔁#McCann and #AmandaKnox trolls are the scum I see in bathtubs that don't get cleaned. Dirty Rings. Disgusting.
webpoints @webpoint_new🔁#wp_MLB McCann, Altuve spark Astros in 3-run 5th
tigger @gcnjones🔁"Susan Kelly" joins Crècheman and, of course, The Abductor in the dramatis personæ of a farce that K&G have woven out of a tragedy.

Jordan McCann @McCann_95🔁
beckydowns @beckywtgdprayer🔁@brianmctaggart When do Gattis and McCann change theirs? Freedom---freedom---
Tricia McCann @tricia_mccann🔁@dirt_fairy @PostMalone Wait... *goes to google* .... sigh.
Rosalinda Medellin @lecj97🔁Brian McCann: "To come down to this moment tomorrow, it's going to be electric...The better team's gonna win."
Andrew @Andi_McCann🔁@CliveKahn Congratulations Clive and well done, you are a fitter man in your 60's than most in their 30's!
ROBINLYNNE @robinlynnemabin🔁Lou Rawls With Les McCann Ltd. - STORMY MONDAY E:
Jarrod @jhardy575🔁Brian McCann's slump-busting hit boosts Astros, dooms Yankees as Game 7 looms:
Md Azizur Rahman @azizur655🔁YahooSports : Brian McCann's slump-busting hit boosts Astros, dooms Yankees as Game 7 looms: … )
Sports Roadhouse® @SportsRoadhouse🔁 "
kelley deserpa @kdeserpa🔁. took home a MAAC win against Siena in their Pink Out game at McCann Arena.
Handsome Papi @mccann_vincent🔁Thought Lonzo was a bust...
Handsome Papi @mccann_vincent🔁 First career double-double for Lonzo Ball (23 points, 10 rebounds).

He also has 8 assists...

Win the ALCS/Earn it @walter44957850🔁 "What he did this year, he was one of the top pitchers in baseball all year long"--Brian McCann on Brad Peacock.
Gerry McCann @themerry_monk🔁Don’t give up just because it’s hard, only give up if you’ve found a better dream -Susan McCann #quote
lakeisha @lakeisha_mccann🔁 Sorta want some liquor, sorta want to go straight to bed
Ron Harris @rdharris55🔁Great job of hitting McCann !! 👍 #Astros
Speedy @SpeedyZZZZ🔁So this is what you get when asking a legitimate question. #McCann Trolls
Brian Donaho @AggieCOSC🔁"When you’re a kid, this is what it was. When you’re in the backyard and pick your favorite player, you imagine this."--McCann on Game 7
Brian Donaho @AggieCOSC🔁"He’s a free safety playing baseball. When he’s at full steam, he’s going to get the ball."--Brian McCann on George Springer
ペンネーム?あとで考えます @miyazato1114🔁Brian McCann just broke his 0 for the ALCS. Would be quite a time for Josh Reddick to do the same. Bases loaded. Luis Severino on the ropes.
Yankees Buzz @yankeesbuzztap🔁yahoo​.com >> Brian McCann's slump-busting hit boosts Astros, dooms Yankees as Game 7 looms
Calm Manny @ValleManny🔁Biggest idiot, show me the chart for altuve at bat and McCann also
Michael A Sallustio @masall0🔁@Yankees I don’t know how Girardi doesn’t pull Severino prior to the McCann at bat. You have the best bullpen in the league...THE BEST!!!
Mag1031 @Mag103165🔁@JoshInnesShow line up for game 7
Bregman, yuli, altuve,correa, gattis, springer, marwin, reddick, mccann @astros
Michael_Pait @Michael_Pait🔁After loss the in game 5 Brian McCann & Carlos Beltran spoke to the team. Carlos: "The message was we cannot feel sorry for ourselves. We won the first 2 games. We lost the next 3 games here. We have the opportunity to go home and try to do what they did here."
roberto lerebours @Robertinno53🔁If is on the first inning and behind the plate he should have stolen first or tried that way you could have had Ast ros thin


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