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Mayor Signer Birgit Scheerenberge @scheerenberger🔁 THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! via @Change
Bill de Blasio @NYCMayor🔁I join Charlottesville's Mayor Mike Signer in condemning last night's despicable rally. New York City is united again st hate.
Fox News @FoxNews🔁Mayor Michael Signer on #Charlottesville protests: "If you disagree with someone, you don't try to take them down."
Mayor Signer Brian @briondahill🔁 (1) UH-OH.

Remember saintly Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer?

Garance Franke-Ruta @thegarance🔁Reup fr May: Jewish mayor of Charlottesville deluged w anti-Semitic hate after denouncing white supremacist protest
Lana @LanaSaulesha🔁 Charlottesville Mayor Signer tells me: "The healing has just begun here" #MTP
JeromeWBAL @jerome_chester🔁"When you dance with the devil, the devil changes you." - Mayor Michael Signer on responding to deadly violence
Trump 2017 @trump2016usa123🔁 Mayor Signer: Muslims jumped the shark, and it happened on 9/11.
Nicki Mayo @nickimayonews🔁"When you dance with the devil, the devil changes you." -#Charlottesvile Mayor Michael Signer on @MeetThePress responding to deadly violence
JENNY @jennyfitz1🔁Charlottesville Mayor Asshole Mike Signer is blaming If the Anifa rioters didn't come there would hv been NO VIOLENCE
Robby Willey @bigwilley18🔁Mayor Freiling's letter, on behalf of Williamsburg City Council, to Mayor Signer.
Dr. Ziriki Asuhbab @Dr_Ziriki🔁@RepStevenSmith In interview Mayor Signer stated he always knew about these hate groups, "but he did nothing" equals complicit support
John Buck @WordUpBuck🔁 Mayor Signer: "This movement jumped the shark, and it happened yesterday." #MTP
William @LitoinNC🔁This morning I'll speak with Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer, Pres. Trump's Natl Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and Adm. Mike Mullen
a.girl @hockeygirl634🔁 has shown us what leadership looks like. He and Mayor Michael Signer were honest and honorable. These are true Americans.
a.girl @hockeygirl634🔁 could learn a lot from Terry McAuliffe and Mayor Michael Signer. These are men of honor and leadership. They speak the truth freely.
a.girl @hockeygirl634🔁Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer places blame on Trump and his administration
Alyson Drake @DrakeAlyson🔁STATEMENT: Mayor Mike Signer "beyond disgusted" by torchlit rally at . Statement via Facebook.
Barry Grossman @barryjgrossman🔁#Charolettesville local coverage Richmond Times Dispatch
AmericanHousewife @CM95920512🔁Michael "Mike" Signer is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia. He told his Police force 2 STAND DOWN during the protests.
metalsolter @MetaLSolter🔁See reactions from President Trump, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, and House Speaker Ryan. (From )
Daniel @dndcc🔁Hey Chuck a real journalist would ask Mayor Signer this question; why were Antifa/BLM allowed to march w/o permits? RT
Deplorable Dikki @deweylasv🔁Mayor Signer's decision calculus: if a Nazi dies, justice. If a precious SJW dies, political gain. Win-win!
AmericanHousewife @CM95920512🔁@nytimes investigate why the mayor told the police2stand down! This is Mike Signer's fault!!
Michelle @Michell82968785🔁Charlottesville mayor on Trump: 'Look at the campaign he ran' - CNNPolitics
William Bova @endmoronism🔁 Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer calls alleged car-ramming 'terrorism'
Gup Mac @GupMac🔁@chucktodd this Mayor Signer better start worrying about Jeff Sessions getting to the bottom of his complicity!!
Glenn Quagmire ☣ @Angelus1701🔁CNN Latest: Charlottesville mayor on Trump: 'Look at the campaign he ran': Charlottesville…
Carolyn McClarnon @CarolynMcClarn1🔁Dear Mayor Signer, you DID THIS ON PURPOSE!!! How DARE YOU! BTW, the guy that ran into all those people WAS A BERNIE SUPPORTER!!!!


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