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Austin Simmons @AustinSimmons3🔁Shoutout Matt Harvey for this though
Matt Harvey Cincinnati Reds @Reds🔁RECAP: @Dilson_H, Winker drive in three apiece as #Reds crush 14 hits against Cardinals. ➡️
FOX Sports Ohio @FOXSportsOH🔁That's three straight perfect innings for Matt Harvey.


Big Red Machine @BigRedTweeter🔁Matt Harvey trade value
FOX Sports Ohio @FOXSportsOH🔁Matt Harvey, who takes the hill in St. Louis tonight, has played a big part in the recent success of the ' starters.

Tyler Perches @tperches4🔁The subject of constant trade rumors, Matt Harvey is keeping his focus on helping the win and getting deeper into games.

Joe Serrato @joeserrato🔁my personal campaign is for the A's to trade for Matt Harvey, who is back to being Batman
Average Joe Patriot @matt_aho🔁Harvey Weinstein admitted everyone in Hollywood trades jobs for sex.

Then these Hollywood rapists and sexual abusers wonder why the American people don’t give a damn about their political opinions when they spend hours bashing President Trump.

Joe Serrato @joeserrato🔁@CarsonDeonS Matt Harvey for mid-20s prospect flotsam do it
RotoWire⚾ @RotoWireMLB🔁Matt Harvey: Sharp again in win over Cardinals -
Joe Serrato @joeserrato🔁Matt Harvey was good again tonight
Philadelphia, PA @jason_sepeda🔁Gennett, Herrera homer to lead Reds past Cardinals, 9-1: Scooter Gennett and Dilson Herrera homered and Matt Harvey t ossed five solid innings to lead the Cincinnati Reds to a 9-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday
alicia @quinarry🔁god it makes me so fuckin happy that matt harvey is thriving right now. he just needed a smaller stage and less media spotlight. man is kicking ass
Heather Tucker @TuckerValley🔁RECAP: , Winker drive in three apiece as crush 14 hits against Cardinals. ➡️
Brooklyn Sports @nation_brooklyn🔁 Matt Harvey has as many wins as deGrom and Syndergaard.#lgm #redscountry
Kevin Rozell @Zellyanks🔁 Who’s going to take a chance on Matt Harvey?
Corrected ERA: 1.57 in his last 4 outings.
Guy who wants sanity back in US @jamal_napoleon🔁This is why is a fool, troll and a clown. He mocks Matt Harvey and the Mets and when they do well, he blocks me. When the Yankees lose, he is nowhere to be seen. This guy has zero credibility. He's a joke. I am done with him.
Mark Sheldon @m_sheldon🔁Following a challenging couple of innings Harvey was effective once again. His trade value should keep going up.
karen heckler @ohheckorama🔁Harvey strong again as Reds stifle Cardinals . - Guess he wasn't happy in NY. He's found his groove elsewhere. Glad s omeone else is picking up the tab!
MVO Joe @JustKnowJoe_🔁 4-1 with a 2.38 ERA in his last six starts????

Matt Harvey


Joe Dee @joedmti1🔁@NikoMetsPlus About as good as Dilson Herrera.....and have you seen Matt Harvey's #s lately?
Kevin Pringle @kevinpringle21🔁Scooter Gennett and Dilson Herrera homered, Matt Harvey tossed five solid innings and the Cincinnati Reds beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-1 tonight.
...david jones @_dpaj🔁Latest: Ex-Mets ace Matt Harvey picks up another win with Reds as name continues to pop up in trade rumors via
Jason Brown @JBrown_502🔁Would love to do straight up trade for Sonny Gray w/ Matt Harvey...Sonny has ace material, might just need a new home . If staff could fix Gray like they did Harvey, it would be a low risk/HUGE reward. We need MLB ready guys in Cincy now, enough w/ the AA prospect trades
KMA Sports @KMASports🔁Scooter Gennett and Dilson Herrera blasted home runs, and Matt Harvey tossed five solid innings to help Cincinnati t o a 9-1 win over St. Louis on Friday.


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