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Popular tweets tagged with Matt Hardy: @WrestlingInc🔁Thoughts on this week's "Woken" Matt Hardy segment? #WINCPodcast #Raw

Melissa Jeffrey @RingofMattitude🔁 Who’s excited for #WOKEN Matt Hardy?


Trever Cosby @TREVERLCOSBY🔁 Matt Hardy vs Maxel Hardy is better than ___________ .


Matt Hardy Ponchi 🌐 @AlfonsoSiman🔁 Let’s transcribe, translate the latest Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt rambles
Matt Hardy Cageside Seats @cagesideseats🔁Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt just had another woke promo battle
Matt Hardy Cageside Seats @cagesideseats🔁WWE just posted a 10-hour video of Woken Matt Hardy laughing
WWE @WWE🔁How long can YOU laugh along with @MATTHARDYBRAND? Only a true #WOKEN warrior can make it for the full 10 HOURS!
WyoFett @WyoFett🔁I liked a @YouTube video Matt Hardy’s “Woken Warriors” prepare to battle the “Wyatt Swarm”: Raw,
WOKEN JOSHUA @altmerapologist🔁okay but imagine this matt hardy/bray wyatt feud ending with them forming a tag team? thatd be awesome tbh
YASEMIN @YaseminElliyedi🔁Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: "Woken" Matt Hardy laughs for 10 hours straight
wildcats6969 @stout_jesse🔁Before this MONSTROSITY of a Main Event starts...PLEASE RT! today talks Vince loving Matt Hardy, how much money he will make Vince and Neville and WWE talks not looking good at all
SouljahSingh @souljahsingh🔁Woken Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt is when??? #RAW
Stefano Mendes @stefanito18🔁Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: Matt Hardy’s “Woken Warriors” prepare to battle the “Wyatt Swarm”: Raw,
Dirk Chungus @Dirk_Chungus🔁 Woken Matt Hardy's promos kind of expose how silly Bray's promos also sound, right? #RAW
JakeDavenpot @JakeDavenpot1🔁How long can YOU laugh along with ? Only a true warrior can make it for the full 10 HOURS!
Yamaziin @yamaziin🔁Matt Hardy’s “Woken Warriors” prepare to battle the “Wyatt Swarm”: Raw, ...
Fam Beesly @MattyMuffins_🔁Man, R.I.P. to the horse that WWE beat the shit out of with this Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt crap.
Sir Squire @SirSquire_🔁I liked a @YouTube video "Woken" Matt Hardy laughs for 10 hours straight
#BROKEN @BlakeJWard🔁The loser of this month's PPV predictions may have to watch the entire ten hour Matt Hardy laughing video on live stream. Ten. Hours.


Jason @jasonmtweets36🔁@MATTHARDYBRAND @WWE I was hoping to see #woken Matt Hardy in the ring tonight live in Cleveland 😕
ᏕϮ. ภᎥ꒝К 🎅 @NickHigaRecon🔁If anybody is completely missed out about Matt Hardy’s Gimmick, you might want to re-watch TNA, where he did get the broken brilliance, and he actually made the gimmick around the company that time.

Just saying to all WWE casuals, you have been missing out lately.

m a r k ii e. @marklieURbANRMX🔁 Thanks to Matt Hardy we are finally getting Sister Abigail’s backstory? #RAW
Helen @helensanders_92🔁I'm loving the woken Matt hardy been a fan of It since impact wrestling
THE @AWAKENlNG_🔁think the reason i’m so passionate about matt hardy bringing this gimmick into wwe is it’s the only thing that is wor th watching for me, my passion for the product has been dead for at least a year now. hope vince does right by him, want to see him succeed.
Bradley Waldrop @B_Waldrop82🔁@MATTHARDYBRAND when will we get woken Matt Hardy merch on the wwe shop?!?!
#WOKEN Josh Martinez @Josuegmart🔁Me gustó un video de @YouTube Matt Hardy’s “Woken Warriors” prepare to battle the “Wyatt Swarm”:
MIGUELANGELVASQUEZJR @NOSTIX1ANDONLY🔁Matt Hardy’s “Woken Warriors” prepare to battle the “Wyatt Swarm”: Raw, ... via @YouTube
#BrotherNero BROKEN @jeffhardytna362🔁This is who Matt Hardy is....just to lift the spirit of a fan he knows nothing about personally...
#BrotherNero BROKEN @jeffhardytna362🔁 Matt Hardy just said "Broken Brilliance."

There. You guys happy now? #BROKEN #WOKEN #WWE #RAW

#BrotherNero BROKEN @jeffhardytna362🔁Jesus and 'WOKEN' Matt Hardy are around about the same age. Jesus has a book and a cult following. 'WOKEN' Matt Hardy has a cult following, a YouTube channel and a world title run. Yo wrestling is weird and beautiful.
#BrotherNero BROKEN @jeffhardytna362🔁 Check out "Broken" Matt Hardy vs. Tommy Dreamer
Marc Basham @marc_b🔁Last four texts I’ve received involve Ward Burton, moon pies, Carson Wentz, and Matt Hardy. Nothing out of the ordinary.
thor odinson @godsofrockradio🔁Full Video of Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt From Raw Online
RASOOL @RasoolSpeaks🔁lol matt Hardy sounds like Jimmy fallon in the beginning
Doctor Nov @ChrisNovembrino🔁That Matt Hardy promo crossed the line twice for me and arrived at pure amusement.
Erin @_Ereen_🔁Matt Hardy liked my tweet. DELIGHTFUL.
Kevin Jackowicz @deejaykage🔁Woken Matt Hardy Reaction: via @YouTube
411 Wrestling @411wrestling🔁Full Video of Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt From Raw Online
tonythetiger @obeytone1🔁I liked a @YouTube video WWE Raw 12/11/17 Woken Matt Hardy knows Sister Abigail
The Last Jolly Elf @InGeekWeTrust🔁Remember after the New Day battled the Wyatts at their compound (Many likened this to TNA's Final Deletion) that Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt started firing shots at each other on Twitter.

We've come full circle.

The J-Man @RyderOrRiot87🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Matt Hardy’s “Woken Warriors” prepare to battle the “Wyatt
Brian Zane @zmanbrianzane🔁Woken Matt Hardy's promos kind of expose how silly Bray's promos also sound, right? #RAW
Mac Diesel @ONLYMacDiesel🔁@SuplexCityLimit Actually enjoyed last 10 minutes. Overall, it was horrid. Matt Hardy segment was Same shxt as last week.
Gilang Byantara @giranogu🔁Based ‘WOKEN’ Matt Hardy puts more effort and care to his character and feud in a single tweet than the WWE Creative team does for an entire year’s worth of PPVs.
mBxy 👌✊✋ @dullybishhh🔁Woken Matt Hardy 🤘
chauncey devega @chaunceydevega🔁Better yet, Broken/Woken Matt Hardy should get a job as White House spokesman or Trump's policy advisor.
THE FENOMENAL ONE @FenomenalJoaXo🔁 Matt Hardy just gave us more backstory to Sister Abigail in 1 promo than Bray Wyatt has in like 5 years though... #RAW
chauncey devega @chaunceydevega🔁Broken/Woken Matt Hardy needs to go on and talk to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. That gimmick is horrendous. Embarra ssing even by recent standards.
#BROKEN Headbanger @BucamanWWE🔁 The Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy thing gonna get stale by next Monday if they don’t do anything outside of rambling vignettes
Deluxe Robo-tron 3000 @robot_hammer🔁#LateNightRaw
We need Gulak vs Matt Hardy with the quickness.
Caldwyn Abbott ☝🏽 @Abbottude🔁The Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy thing gonna get stale by next Monday if they don’t do anything outside of rambling vignettes
Ponchi 🌐 @AlfonsoSiman🔁 I've never loved something quite the way I love Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt Promos


Matt_lonewolf @Matt_lonewolf🔁 Bray laughing: 😂😂😂
WOKEN Hardy: 🤣🤣🤣
I AM #WOKEN @Zachary1Stewart🔁So hear me out: What if Matt Hardy beats Bray Wyatt, DELETING Sister Abigail from Wyatt and causing Wyatt to be "released" from possession, thus necessitating a gimmick change?
Andrew Koloski @AndrewKoloski🔁This week's Woken Matt Hardy segment wasn't as entertaining.

I was looking forward to it all week, and I was very disappointed.

I thought the transition graphics ruined the flow. And the material wasn't as entertaining.

Hopefully, next week is more like week 1.

DeeDEEQuinn @DeeDEEQuinn🔁Woken Matt Hardy is awesome!
Squintin' Tarantino @NoCoastPopPop🔁@pitardan @EighteenBoots @MATTHARDYBRAND @IMPACTWRESTLING Actually its Woken Matt Hardy, the @WWE superstar
Carl Brown @carlbrown85🔁Why do the Matt Hardy promos take place in front of an old tarp? #RAW #WOKEN
DecemBeer Baron @BeerBaron4life🔁I’m convinced Matt Hardy and Bray were high as kites for that segment.
WakeYourMindUp @WakeYaMindUpEJ🔁Woken Matt Hardy makes Monday a day to look forward to @MATTHARDYBRAND
Miranda Eva @MirandaEvaKH🔁 Wyat vs Hardy -Crazy vs Crazy -Got to love Matt 1 upping Wyat😂😂 #Raw
Cleen @thatguyCLEEN🔁Bray Wyatt vs "Woken" Matt Hardy: Battle of the Terrible Promos. #MondayNightRaw
Lucha Lucy @LuchaLucy🔁Seriously. I can't take both Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. SMH. 😑 #Raw
Cheryl Bess♊ @LadyKaianne🔁I could listen to the Bray Wyatt vs. Woken Matt Hardy laugh-off forever! #Raw
JT @JordanTurnerJT🔁“Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt promo segment this week was decent. Bray Wyatt was the soul reason & responsible for making Matt Hardy “Woken.” The segment was just the same thing that happened last week. Bray Wyatt’s laugh is historical.......


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