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Premier League @premierleague🔁GOAL Man Utd 0-1 West Brom (73 mins)

Jay Rodriguez latches onto Matic's miscue under a corner to hammer home from i nside the six-yard box. A HUGE goal!

Richard Williams @RJWilliamsPhD🔁Exciting news!!

We’re on the lookout for 'kit testers' and will be giving away a limited number of S1-AU Mk1 kits!

If you’re into computational hardware, or just love soldering, retweet and follow for an opportunity to become one of our first testers!

Manchester United @ManUtd🔁33' - Matic tries his luck from range but the #MUFC midfielder drags his shot wide. #MUNWBA
Manchester United @ManUtd🔁66' - So, so close! Matic picks out with a superb cross and the striker's header is goalbound until Foster pulls o ff a magnificent save.
kwabena😶 @khobe_wayne🔁 If Man utd can't beat dying West brom with Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez, Mata and Matic. Tell me a new Story
Bra Ca$h Mon£¥® @BraCash1995🔁United XI vs West Brom: De Gea, Valencia, Lindelof, Smalling, Young, Matic, Herrera, Pogba, Mata, Lukaku, Alexis.

Subs: Periera, Jones, Rojo, McTominay, Lingard, Martial, Rashford.

‘93 Til Infinity War 🇧🇲 @Snarkologist🔁“Matic can free Pogba.” - United fans until a few weeks ago
INvasionOfPrivacy @SaintLaurentGee🔁GOAL Man Utd 0-1 West Brom (73 mins)

Jay Rodriguez latches onto Matic's miscue under a corner to hammer home from inside the six-yard box. A HUGE goal!

Mister Mann @Capt_Aikay🔁As we edge closer to the end of the season, these debates died natural deaths and have been banished into the evil forest;

Morata > Lukaku
Lacazette > Lukaku
Morata >Costa
Kante > Pogba
Bakayoko > Matic
Courtois > De Gea
Conte > Mourinho

DRUMMRDREW @AbiodunLaVish🔁If Man utd can't beat dying West brom with Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez, Mata and Matic. Tell me a new Story
XY:47_4Q @47_4Q🔁 "Thanks for selling us Matic!" "Chelsea made such a mistake selling Matic!"
Guneet Oberoi @Matic_Lad🔁T20>> TEST
Saves time
Generates more interest
More productivity
Saves energy
Saves electricity Bill
Saves Internet Bandwidth
Less suicides from impatient people
Generates more competition.
Generates employment. Proud of Kulwant Khejroliya

Time to ban Test Criket.

Justin Scholtz @scholtz0929🔁Mourinho said the players moved the ball to slowly and took too many touches. Funny how he kept Matic on for 90 minutes when he was the biggest culprit. As for the 2nd half....6 attackers playing in 3 positions was a shambles tactically
E O D @destinydekey🔁Just wondering how this happened LMAO matic assisted the goal West Brom got the glory they deserved utd should have g iven up honorably to city than giving their fans fake joy
ᴊᴊ ⓥ @yaboifreshking🔁Remember that Lindelöf is 6’2, Smalling and Matić are 6’4 and a few others are over 6ft tall yet we’re unable to defend set-pieces. It’s not a rare occurrence, it’s a regular occurrence in fact. Embarrassing.
Jenkins Michaels @Jenkinsms🔁Pogba and Sanchez cannot play together because they want to play in the same space and Mourinho must learn to sub Matic and Lukaku sometimes.
Seun Thorpe @seun_thorpe🔁Matic & Lukaku are untouchable even when they don't play well. JM does not seem capable of coaching Pogba
. @muyiwrites🔁I really don't understand how people can call Matic a " bad business"? 40M was a lot of money for a 29 y.o but you cannot deny his influence on the team. He's been one of our best players this season and more often than not he's consistent.
#JoseOut @emekamaduka_🔁Because we needed multiple midfield players. I’m not having you lot pin this on Matic who has been top 3 players this season
Chibee Daniels @Chibeedaniels🔁@AliquamScripto Whaaaaat? Matic too? After thanking Chelsea? You guys don't know what you want.
£32m FC @DribblerHazard🔁 Ain’t seen a “thank you for matic, Chelsea” tweet for a while 🤔🤔🤔
Admiral Roger Nkosi @rogernkosi🔁If I thought for 1 minute that JM was telling Young, Valencia & Matic to keep passing back the way or telling Sanchez to run 10 yards and lose ball or Lukaku to miscontrol... I would go straight to OT and boot him out myself
Ultra Instinct Denzel Curry STAN @AyItsJaden🔁 Matic alone in midfield. If this man isn’t dead by 2019...
♔ @Hazard_Edition🔁 Thought Matic would flop but fair play to him, title winning assist can't really knock that
Panda 🐼 @mrpatriq🔁Matic with the assist for the West Brom goal 😂😂😂
Paul Clark @P4UL_CL4RK🔁@JamesMUFC77 Lukaku, Matic or De Gea for me. Possibly Pogba. May help him buck his ideas up.
™ @babvbab🔁@AliquamScripto He has a bias towards Matic. He expects the most from Pogba in going forward and defending, but not from Matic.
Joseck @jaycox_🔁what an assist by matic! Superb
Super Kangy @superkangy🔁Jose’s bias towards lukaku and Matic will hinder united progress. If he is not going to be a long term manager I wou ld rather have him out so we can preserve players like martial, rashford and Pogba
Aarman the Illini Guy @ILLINIBASKETBA3🔁@kladage matic is my guess but for now nothing is for certain
Guneet Oberoi @Matic_Lad🔁 This IPL has had as many inetersing matches in one week as test matches in last 2 years
Bibo-maj @Sweetbibo🔁Hey! I'm using the Matic app to book all my home services with the click of a few buttons. Download the app and check it out: @nengbiker🔁Castrol Matic United - #lamasihsebenernya
Mike @rractive🔁@Hutchins14O4 @carefreejamal Ummm would you say Matic is not good?
Josh @EIDiabloRojo🔁Valencia, Darmian, Smalling, Lindelof, Jones, Rojo, Blind, Shaw, Matic, Herrera, Fellaini, McTominay, Mata, Rashford and Lingard aren’t good enough to be starting in a title winning team, some can be kept as squad players but most must go.
Adeoba Muyiwa @Papizy🔁Community shield is a cup FC
lingard is better than Hazard with stats FC
matic will free Pogba FC
pogba is playing deeper FC
History FC
martial can dribble FC
We dab FC
we got the best deal FC
Mourinio wins League in his second season FC
Sharul Khan @ascotchi🔁 So that's what a season of Matic unleashing Pogba looks like.
RetroFonecases @Retrofonecases🔁

Retro Phone Case o nly £7.99 with free P&P

- @TheLukakuEffect🔁Well many of our players aren’t title winnings. I can make a lost of it:
Jones ,
None of these players make the city squad. I would keep a few as benchwarmers such as Lingard.
All United MUFC @AllUnitedMUFC1🔁Key word bro... "Ageing" our starting 11 had how many players to using 30?

Young - 32
Valencia - 32
Sanchez - 29
Mata - 29
Matic - 29

Jose lack of trust in young players is costing us!! I don't mind those players but surely we need to a mixture of experience and youth.

Stig Schmidt @StigSchmidt🔁@UnitedAdz @TheUnitedLink We actually won the header... Matic was just confused as to which box he was in. 😳😵
brat Ahuja @bratAhuja🔁This is no rocket science. How many games a manager needs to find out that two players like to play in similar positi on before he alter! Beside. Jose has made it clear,he will never sub Lukaku n Matic.
Tomi @FEEL_THE_MAVE🔁Fuxk mourinho,Fuxk Man Utd, Fuxk matíc( even though I love him) and FUXK GUARDIOLA THE BALD HEADED MAESTRO 🖕🏾
Mathew Midgley @MathewMidgley🔁Mourinho's subs were strange and almost disrespectful to WBA and we paid for it. At times we were 3 at the back 6 up front with Matic holding mid on his own. 🤔
Stuart batey @batey_stuart🔁De gea mensah Bailly umtiti Tierney Matic Fred martial Gomes Sanchez lukaku we need left back midfielder number 10 rashford martial Gomes Chang creative midfielder next season
Kyle @schweinsister🔁@UtdOliver McTominay Matic Fellaini midfield 💉
excuses excuses @excuse_o_matic🔁I would have calculated the vogue, but the confiscation was too plastered.
plot bot @plot_o_matic🔁Act 1: 👦👽🌍
Act 2: 👽👦🔨
Act 3: 👽⌛👏
yo momma's fav😎 @phillip_tandeka🔁The utd coach isn't the problem its lukaku!!!! All departments have played well the whole season but this fat lukaku
Matic have all tried their best but lukaku is just eating chances he never turns up wen we need him lacks individual brilliance misses easy goals
The United Stand @UnitedStandMUFC🔁Pogba and Sanchez cannot play together because they want to play in the same space and Mourinho must learn to sub Mat ic and Lukaku sometimes.
THE Daniel Beckley. @omnisavage🔁Smalling Young Valencia Matic do it cause they’re not good enough. Pogba and Sanchez do it because they’re too good. Mix it up with no runners off the ball and you get what you get today
Fábio E.C. Oliveira @FabzGuitar🔁One thing i will say is, the reason Citys attacking football looks great on the eye is cos they move the ball quicker than anybody else. 1 & 2 touch passing.

Simple tings.

Matic is taking big big 7 touches just to then pass it sideways!

kaiju_o_matic @kaiju_o_matic🔁Dravanox combines features of pterodactyl and swan. She is by nature aggressive and yearns to return home.
Yewa To The World @LexcyKaka🔁Mata-Matic isn’t the best, just a makeshift to get more sharpness upfront & Westbrom didn’t Boss this.
Mou might have gotten his tactic wrong but doesn’t change the fact that Pogba needs more shaking.
Fábio E.C. Oliveira @FabzGuitar🔁"Thank you Chelsea for Matic"
"Pogba nutmegged Kante"
"Ashley Young pocketed Salah"
"Sanchez chose us over City"
"They have families Anthonyyyyy"
"Jose called Conte a match fixer"


Novo Ukiri @Oghenovo_🔁I’m sure it’s Mourinho’s tactics that resulted in Matic Pogba and Young passing to themselves 4 times in their own h alf...
mixtape_o_matic @mixtape_o_matic🔁mnemonic rock
Idiom-O-Matic @idiom_o_matic🔁it's in one bridge
b-movie generator @corman_o_matic🔁Inferno of the Indestructible Scientist
The saga begins @Epic_o_matic🔁A Sea of Lepers
ƧSããđ ♏ãŋ©нзƧƫ̨̒зѓ @saadunited480🔁 33' - Matic tries his luck from range but the #MUFC midfielder drags his shot wide. #MUNWBA


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