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Charlie Baker @MassGovernor🔁We recognize too that the strength of our communities is in our next generation - our schools, teachers and children. twitter.com Next week, we'll propose a $118.6 million increase in local education funding.
Joshua A. Garcia @TheGarciaJosh🔁Hitting the road back to to get ready tonight for the Mayoral Inaugural Ball of . Thanks for having me ! See you nex twitter.com t year!
David Narkewicz @MayorNarkewicz🔁attending important presentation on addressing the opioid epidemic by Dr. Jennifer Michaels of twitter.com
Adam Chapdelaine @AdamWChap🔁Hats off to for earning lifetime membership in upon his retirement. A smart, hard working and compassionate public twitter.com servant that we can all learn from. The MMMA was fortunate to have him serve as President for the last year.
Tom Bernard @MayorBernardNA🔁Congratulations to city and North Adams Public Schools staff for being recognized as MIIA Risk Management Best Practi twitter.com ces award winners at the annual meeting. Kudos also to and her team on their MIIA Wellness Award. -TWB
Adam Christie @aceechristie🔁 is highlighting our new Aerial and Mobile Lidar services at the Massachusetts Municipal Tradeshow . Learn more twitter.com about us at Booth 423
Robert G. Logan @RLoganW9🔁Thank you to my colleagues from across the state for electing me to serve as First Vice President of the Massachusett twitter.com s Municipal Councillors Association for 2018.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁From urban centers to coastal communities to rural towns, we have taken steps to elevate our municipal leaders and p twitter.com lay to local economic strengths. We are connected and engaged. You will always have a responsive state gov & a seat at the table in our administration.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁We’ve been working with a group of local, state & higher education officials to develop proposals that will increase twitter.com the # of prospective applicants for jobs in the key areas of general muni management & financial management that will be available in the coming years.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁Local governments here in MA are facing large scale retirements. A concerted and collective effort should be made to twitter.com attract the next generation of local government officials, and alternative service delivery models should be explored for our smaller towns.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁Without mandating municipalities and respecting our home rule tradition, we want to create a system of supports for m twitter.com unicipalities who are willing to help us meet the challenge of housing.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁In December, we put forth the Initiative to deliver more than $10 million annually in incentives, grant funding & te twitter.com chnical assistance to enable Massachusetts to realize a new goal of creating 135,000 new housing units by 2025.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁We have a renewed focus on trails for recreation & transportation, constructing or funding 150 miles of multi-use, p twitter.com aved trails & extensions. Our commitment is to work with municipalities to build regional trail networks to provide safe places to bike, walk & run.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁In Leverett, I saw first-hand the impact of a successful broadband rollout. In Shelburne, we heard from Comcast on w twitter.com ork to get premises ready for connections. And in West Stockbridge, biz owners spoke about the impacts new broadband is having on their enterprises.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁Since we re-launched the Last Mile project in May 2016, we've seen great progress and our Administration is committed twitter.com to working to help continue this success so that broadband can make its way into homes and businesses across the Commonwealth.
Karyn Polito @MassLtGov🔁Over the past 4 years, the Commonwealth has invested more than $170 million to build out Next Generation 911 services twitter.com . Later this month, our 911 system will begin to accept text messages & photos, a major enhancement to our public safety. We're proud of this progress.
David Lakeman @dave_lakeman🔁Great to have , , and other members of the Administration the the meeting. Good discussion on effectiv twitter.com e housing and zoning policies, & an update on admin initiative.
David Narkewicz @MayorNarkewicz🔁representing at annual business meeting of the Mass Municipal Association and voted to adopt key policy resolutions, twitter.com including one addressing
Jason M. LaForest @jason4nama🔁North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard voting on the 2018 Mass. Municipal Association’s Annual Business Meeting resolutions o twitter.com n local-state-fed fiscal partnerships, state sales tax and combatting global climate change.
Mass. Municipal Assn @massmunicipal🔁2018 MMA Annual Business Mtg in session to vote on 3 policy resolutions on state-local fiscal partnership, climate c twitter.com hange, state sales tax ballot question
Mass. Municipal Assn @massmunicipal🔁. sends message expressing commitment to fighting for permanent federal budget & addressing issues felt in Mass commu twitter.com nities including infrastructure bill, coverage, , municipal bonds & continuing work alongside officials.
Citizen Wald @CitizenWald🔁Due to the government , & had to remain in Washington (“not part of Donald Trump’s weekend work release program,” a twitter.com s put it) had to send greetings to via video. “This is no way to run a government,” says
Mass. Municipal Assn @massmunicipal🔁In video message from Washington, assures officials present at MMA Annual Business Mtg that she and are fighting f twitter.com or cities & towns needs on funding, jobs, infrastructure, says the voices of officials are vital.
David Narkewicz @MayorNarkewicz🔁just attended annual business meeting of the Massachusetts Mayors’ Association with thirty of my colleagues from arou twitter.com nd the state
Michael J. Nicholson @MikeNicholsonMA🔁Gardner Mayor talking to the Massachusetts Mayors Association about concerns over Vocational Technical School polici twitter.com es at the annual meeting
Stephen Kulik @repstevekulik🔁I’m seeing many Selectboard members and Town Administrators from at MMA Annual Meeting twitter.com
Mass. Municipal Assn @massmunicipal🔁. & joined the Mass Selectmen's Assn business meeting this morning at MMA Annual Mtg to discuss housing challenges twitter.com & solutions for towns of all sizes
Joshua A. Garcia @TheGarciaJosh🔁Day 2 of the Annual Meeting. At the Managers Bussiness Association Meeting, highlights the success of the 6 Hilltow twitter.com n Collaborative leveraging state resources to plan for and achieve growth. Thank you LT for all your support!
Jason M. LaForest @jason4nama🔁Massachusetts Municipal Councillors Association Annual Business Meeting with twitter.com
Robert G. Logan @RLoganW9🔁Massachusetts Municipal Councillors Association President Medieros addressing Annual Meeting at twitter.com
Tracy Post @tracypost🔁Listening to the is a great way to kick off the conference day. is an inspiration! twitter.com
Patrick Lawlor @patlawlor🔁. Karyn Polito addressing the MA Municipal Management Association about the next generation of municipal leaders. twitter.com
Devon Elizabeth @DivineMissDevon🔁MMCA Business Meeting is full! Can’t wait to hear from on walkability in Massachusetts cities. twitter.com
Sarah Khatib @sarah4walpole🔁V difficult 2 even have a *convo* abt denser options in but a lot of great info was presented @ on how “the miss twitter.com ing middle” housing is essential 2 a communities successful development.
Jason M. LaForest @jason4nama🔁Looks just like yesterday! Another beautiful day in for Day 2 of the Annual Meeting & Trade Show! twitter.com


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