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Mass Liz @LizAllen16🔁 The Holocaust did not begin with mass killings. It began with the rhetoric of hate.
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Dear : Remember when Presidents Bush & Obama had mass separations of kids from parents? Me neither. That's because th ere's NO LAW REQUIRING RIPPING KIDS AWAY FROM PARENTS.

You need to resign because you keep lying to the American people.

Mass phatbootysrus @StrictlyPawgs1🔁 Sold my vid! Mass destruction #ManyVids
Mass BostonActivist @BostonActivist🔁 Mass protests against Trump's family separation policy planned for June 30
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁Mass shooting at New Jersey arts festival leaves 1 dead and 22 injured

Why didn’t you hear about it?

Because it i nvolved two violent gang members who obtained their weapons illegally, in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country

Walter Shaub @waltshaub🔁Mass mobilization: June 30 at 11:00 a.m.
Epicenter: Lafayette Square, Washington DC.
Sign up info below:
larry nelson @larryne62735207🔁Mass shooting at New Jersey arts festival leaves 1 dead and 22 injured

Why didn’t you hear about it?

Because it involved two violent gang members who obtained their weapons illegally, in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country

Paul Moore @pmoore0407🔁How many people have been affected by a MS13 machete attack? Hands please? Now, how many have been affected by mass shootings in the US?

Okay. Just checking.

But we need the wall and not gun control? Mmkay. Got it.

Sharon Daly @dalynewsing🔁Excellent story showing how Kochs push their oil biz interests, disguised as philosophy, all over the U.S., killing majority support for mass transit with swarms of paid, hi-tech-armed operatives
MindOverMetrics @suepafan🔁If you thought advertisers should for insulting mass murder survivor , then there's NO question, it's time to bring back the boycott for this.

Laura Ingraham should leave TV and send her kids to if she loves them so much.

🇺🇸Besties4Life🇬🇧 @mitchiepoo46🔁Brandon Is Leaving The Democratic Party And Starting The Movement. After Watching This Video, There Will Be A Mass Exodus! via

If you shared this, share it again. This is what I call messaging to win the argument!

Miss Park @blk_bk🔁While we are focusing on the forced separation of children & families through this mass deportation/detention system, let's also keep in mind the human rights violations that occur during these detentions centers:

Medical neglect
Forced labor
Sexual assault

*Just a few*

Big Ben 🇧🇷 @sab316🔁No surprise they have so many mass shootings
QUEEN|8.10 @chloebhloe15🔁 y’all would support a mass murderer if ‘his music is good’ and im fucking tired of it
Michael💛 ♥️Life’s♥️⬆️UPS⬆️&🔽DOWNS🔽 @TrumpTrainMRA4🔁Southgate Tube incident: 'minor explosion' sparks mass evacuation and panic at north London station


Black⚫️☥🤴🏿 @comeUp_kid3🔁Happy ! Let today be a reminder that police brutality, mass incarceration, and this administration's racism all come out of the legacy of slavery. Our resistance is centuries-old and we will keep fighting until our community is truly free.
DSOchoa🌊🌊🇺🇸 @Deborah15831408🔁THEY DID IT!!! The Delaware Senate just passed HB 222, a Red Flag Bill! The bill is now headed to for his signature.

Once signed, will become the 11th state to pass this law - the 6th just since the February mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

masterdeb8er @masterdeb8er1🔁June 30th: mass mobilization to stop family separation. Primary march in front of the White House.

Marches expected to be worldwide.

Just announced by Rep. Jayapal on Chris Hayes.

That's twelve days from now. I'm afraid of where we'll be by then. Get ready anyway.

🇺🇸Besties4Life🇬🇧 @mitchiepoo46🔁I watched this video & I am so proud of Brandon & the movement. Democrats are beginning to see how the actions by high ranking government officials can affect their lives negatively. The mass exodus will happen @ the perfect time; ! 🔴⚪️🔵⭐️🇺🇸
Juan Lopez-Mattei, MD(❤️) @onco_cardiology🔁

I’m quietly minding my own business reading an echo - indication “RA mass” (ho hum & yawn... prob another embryologic remnant)- when suddenly, gain settings were modified.

Follow thread...

Vic Vaiana @vicvaiana🔁My latest: Kobach finally got his chance to prove that non-citizens were registering to vote. He failed. And in the process, brought down many of the major arguments of those who claim mass voter fraud.
Dan Johnson @DanLikesVoting🔁Thanks! Helpful and interesting. I shouldn't start a discussion about theology and philosophy on twitter, especially when I'm under-read, but isn't there a ton of mass murdering and massacres going on? It's an unfair question since it invites a response, but appreciate the tweets
John M Knox @johnmknox🔁 #BREAKING 'Minor explosion' at London's Southgate underground station sparks mass evacuation
Max 1 News @max1media🔁Satanic Bolshevik Jews declared Anti-Semitism & being against their takeover a Crime punishable by death before they mass murdered millions & millions of Christians. We need to stop these AntiChrist Demons before they destroy the world. USA Is occupied by AntiChrist Zionists
Gigi Gingras @gigigingras🔁This piece is indeed excellent and a must-read for Nashville residents who saw their v. popular mass transit initiative go up in flames
Dylan Hunt #Ω @DylanHunt2017🔁3 states are pulling National Guard troops from the US-Mexico border in protest over Trump's family separation policy via
Erica @EricaKeammerer🔁Mass mobilization: June 30, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at Lafayette Square, Washington DC.

Sign up here:

If you can po ssibly get to Washington, DC, please try to get here. If there's no way you can get here, find local rallies here:

stace @tastehur🔁I see this disturbing refrain that "The United States is better than this" being said over & over again.

No. No we aren't.

This is an extension of 3 things.

1. Mass incarceration.
2. Profiteering of incarceration.
3. White supremacy.

The United States leads in these.

blackbird9 @blackbird9_9🔁We are calling on to immediately comment on the use of live ammunition and mass slaughter and murder on the Israel-Gaza border. The ADL needs to put up or shut up when it comes to real atrocities. Inferiorating listening to this crap by these hypocrites.
aka: Muad'Dib 🇺🇸 @TheAuraWah🔁Well, you can't do anything till you realize that Trump is enforcing Obama's laws. No new law has been passed. I don' t recall liberals protesting when Obama nor Bill Clinton called for walls & mass deportations.
Keyli @keyli_bts_lover🔁BIG GIVEAWAY!!
Thank You so much for 1k family members! We really appreciate that!
Now as we promised here's our biggest Mass giveaway!

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cynthia allen @Allen11Cynthia🔁The farmers he’s victimizing with his wildly unnecessary trade wars are already rationalizing and blaming Obama.

The message is “this pain is necessary because Democrats accepted so many bad deals in the past and we have to make it right now”.

Mass gaslighting.

Barb Allee @UpNorthOpinions🔁 @Amy_Siskind Mass mobilizing👉 march 👉June 30, #WashingtonDC
See .@waltshaub page.
Shetrog @TakemetoWV🔁If you know we must stand together against the distorted moral narrative that is tearing America & families apart, join us at 10am on the National Mall this Sat, June 23, for Mass Rally.
Laurene(owlwoman911) @e99c07ccfb97417🔁To my colleagues out there chasing Pulitzers over this: Why didn't today's critical mass form when we were looking at unaccompanied minors by the tens of thousands in 2014. Why didn't those kids matter as much as these? Few of us chased those stories down with any vigor.
J’Challa @imintheHOVlane🔁the fact that children are being separated from parents at the border in this mass numbers IS the current administrat ions fault. it was a policy change during his presidency. and hes trying to use that as a tactic to get funding for his wall. so yes we attack whoever is in office
CBC @CBC_ChiBiomed🔁New work from the CBC Senior Investigator Neil Kelleher's lab published in Anal Chem. 2018 Jun 12.! Congrats! Accur ate sequence analysis of a monoclonal antibody by top-down and middle-down Orbitrap mass... -
John Smith @JohnSmith20167🔁Secondly, we (taxpayers) give money to most of these countries under the pretext of: Goodwill. Deduct the cost to ho use, feed and deport each of these illegals from the monthly amount we give to these countries. You'll see how quickly this mass illegal immigration stops.
Debbie @debbz8🔁Exactly! Look at Wasserman-Schultz's district, Broward County & the mass school shooting & Coward of Broward Sheriff Chief et al DEM stronghold, but as soon as the ppl open their mouths out comes the NY, NJ, accents they're not Floridians! They ruin their states come & ruin ours
Carol Meltzer @Cmeltzer12🔁Mass mobilization: June 30 at 11:00 a.m.
Epicenter: Lafayette Square, Washington DC.
Sign up info below:
Walter P. Duro @waltduro🔁Cool ! Wish them the Best of All Possible Worlds, Long as it is Ford, not TaxPayers Subsidizing the Building, surroun ding Infrastructure, R & D inside or auxiliary to, or Autonomous Conveyances - especially Property Tax Backed mass Transit.
Rev Dr Liz Theoharis @liztheo🔁Let us stand together against the distorted moral narrative that is tearing America & families apart- join us on the National Mall in DC this Saturday June 23 at 10am for Mass Rally
Brett Sabo @sabo_brett🔁"The Trenton, New Jersey, shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should." via
Brianna Nichols @briannanichols🔁Yes, of course they're concentration camps. They aren't the unique subset of death camps that were invented by the Nazis for genocide, or even Arctic Gulag camps built for hard labor. But they're camps created to punish a whole class of civilians via mass detention without trial.
Michael Oneill @Michael21210883🔁Hope for Sweden, the Swedish Democrats - polling super high. No to mass immigration. Yes to referendum on EU. No to the Muslim mafia
Beckett L @BeckettL🔁The same people who support the systematic criminalization, mass incarceration and extrajudicial murder of Black people support the systematic criminalization, separation and detention of Latino migrants. This is NOT a coincidence or a novel concept in America.
Loralyn Hegland @LoralynHegland🔁We are ready to have a mass mobilization. This has to be taken right to the White House and to 's doorstep.

Laurene(owlwoman911) @e99c07ccfb97417🔁Political journalism needs a bit of housecleaning on this child border crisis. I'll start. It was going on during the Obama years in large numbers. I never wrote about it. Was completely unaware, in large part because few reporters were interested enough to create critical mass.
Ruth Barnhart @ldybug5012🔁Does he really believe they're all gang members? Infants? Toddlers? Why is more concerned about "possible" gang membe r violence, than all of the white, homegrown mass murderers shooting children in their schools? If he wanted to protect America, he'd address that issue
Ganja warrior @DannyDillon18🔁mass smoke out protests in cities all over the uk. Well organised safety numbers mass disobedience. Show the law the ass it is.they cannot throw 1 person in jail when they arnt willing to act against a large crowd. Think big strike while the story is news.
at least five a day @johnabev🔁Thinking about this text as we talk about immigration and sharing access to national resources, as well as about the exploitation of the poor and for-profit mass incarceration.
BW @KOTDM1988🔁Explosion at Southgate tube station, take care on your way home from tonight if you're on public transport

Mass Ave Curmudgeon @mass_ave🔁Here is a letter my client Levis just wrote to her 6 yr old son Samir, whom she has not seen or comm with in over 2 weeks. They told her he was being taken for a “bath” & would be brought right back. He is a gentle boy and very attached to his mother. She is terrified.
Masego @Mass__M🔁 Crime hotspot and then put 3 fourway stops with speed bumps so you slow down for the criminals 🙄
The life diaries @the_Lifediaries🔁Death threats, mass killing of Kashmiris, abuse, ‘my face will be blown off if I show it’ & what not. Wonder if will do anything about it?

All this for tweeting a video of civilians being used as human shields in .

Fietsersbond010 @Fietsersbond010🔁Looks like a Critical Mass Bike Ride! #cmbr
_Lilzy @_Lilzy🔁@BrianKnighten70 @HamillHimself yeah..but... They have visitations even when their parents are mass murderers...
Darrius Skyler @Darrius_Skyler🔁Gonna stream mass effect Andromeda later tonight. Possibly.


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