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#MartinLandau Henry @HenryJonesSr1🔁 #RIPMartinLandau

James Dean photographing actor #MartinLandau

#MartinLandau Richie Spillane @rjspillane🔁 Farewell to the wonderful Martin Landau. The world's second best Bela Lugosi. #MartinLandau
#MartinLandau#MartinLandau Kevin Healey BCAv @Kevin_Healey🔁 I really loved #MartinLandau in Space: 1999 #RIPMartinLandau
#MartinLandau BDM Publications @BDMpubs🔁Another hero lost... R.I.P #MartinLandau
GANYA CINEMA ART @GANYACINEMAART🔁R.I.P. #MartinLandau (1928-2017) Goodbye!!!
Maggica Polly @MaggicaPolly🔁 RIP #MartinLandau​

"Ed Wood​" (Tim Burton​, 1994).

#MartinLandau#MartinLandau IFOD @IfodOnelmstreet🔁Keep shining as bright as you did on earth. We love you.
Farewell, #MartinLandau. 🌟
#EdWood #JohnnyDepp
#MartinLandau Mirza Baig @movizark🔁Martin Landau, Oscar Winner for ‘Ed Wood’ Dies, at 89!! #MartinLandau
#MartinLandau#MartinLandau#MartinLandau#MartinLandau Fabiana Vix @fabianavix🔁 #MartinLandau, Oscar Winner for 'Ed Wood,' Dies at 89
#MartinLandau Montse @QuilesMontse🔁 Remembering Martin Landau (1928-2017). A life in film: #MartinLandau
#MartinLandau Nick Gomez @Nicksgomez🔁 "It's better to live as your own man, than as a fool in someone else's dream." #rip #martinlandau
#MartinLandau Neil Payne @Sax_R🔁 RIP #MartinLandau; he'll always be Commander Koenig to me...
#MartinLandau Michael-Jason Hobbs @michaeljhobbs🔁'Your job is to create magic.' #MartinLandau takes a bow back in Oct 2012 on the @bfi stage. #RIP
#MartinLandau GeorgeKaplan @titpudding🔁 We mourn the passing of two cinema greats, #GeorgeRomero & #MartinLandau. 📸 @leo_erickson
#MartinLandau Nerdist @nerdist🔁RIP #MartinLandau, who as an actor truly could be all things to all people:
Stuart Gordon @OfficialSGordon🔁Losing both #GeorgeRomero & #MartinLandau this weekend is a doubly tragic loss. They were irreplaceable and we will deeply miss them. RIP
Tony Goldwyn @tonygoldwyn🔁RIP #MartinLandau . One of the greats and the kindest of men.
Josep Maria Bunyol @jmbunyol🔁

"If you want a happy ending,You should go see a movie"

and Woody Allen in Crimes & Misdemeanors

BK the Writer ™ @bk_thewriter🔁 RIP glorious #MartinLandau with whom I worked in 1982 and who inspired me since the real Mission Impossible.
Douglas Cramphorn @Doug_Cramphorn🔁#MartinLandau will be remembered (rightly so) for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi & roles in Mission:Impossible & Space:1999. RIP Commander.
Andrew Wighton @Zuperpie🔁Sunday afternoons Space 1999 with . He was offered the role of Spock in but turned it down.
David Skillman @DaveSkillman🔁So sad we've lost the great . Thx 4 giving us so many spectacular performances & 4 teaching your genius 2 others alon g the way.
Tony Caronia @GargoyleFilms🔁#MartinLandau Oscar Winner 4 Ed Wood, worked w Hitchcock Allen, Coppola.1st choice 4 Spock, now begins most important Mission Impossible RIP
Roy Phillips @MadbanditRoy🔁North By Northwest. Nevada Smith. Mission: Impossible. Space 1999. Crime & Misdemeanors. Ed Wood. The X-Files. Rounders. #MartinLandau
WTF TV @WTFtv🔁VIDEO: Bela Lugosi fuck you clip #MartinLandau #RIPMartinLandau at:
Patrick Irving @PatIrvingFilm🔁R.I.P. American🇺🇸Acting And ✨Who has passed away at 89 ☹️ He will be Missed...So Devastated and Sad💔
Demelza Del Carmen @demelzac🔁Keep shining as bright as you did on earth. We love you.
Farewell, . 🌟

Claudia Persel @claudia_persel🔁 #MartinLandau: His Life and Career in Photos via @variety
Bizzarro Bazar @BizzarroBazar🔁Not just "Ed Wood".
(Re)watch "Crimes and Misdemeanors", one of the best, most underrated Allen movies, amazing perfo rmance by
Karl Ottersberg @KarlOttersberg🔁What a FANTASTIC career it was: Space 1999 to Ed Wood to Entourage! Cheers to you . I was a fan my whole life 💙
Kerry Fowler @kerryfowlerOk🔁 RIP legendary actor Martin Landau fondly remembered for roles in Mission Impossible and Space 1999. A huge talent with heart 👏
Jayne @jayne_r🔁RIP #MartinLandau and #GeorgeARomero. Very sad losses.
David Bongiorno @DavidBongiorno🔁@bruceporksteen1 #MartinLandau had gravitas. Not many actors do these days.
Eveminet @Eveminet_Ke🔁"Setting standards in the ICT Solutions." #WorldEmojiDay #KFCBinKisumu #MartinLandau
🇮🇹Lana🇫🇷 @LANA_LLNN🔁The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996) Trailer MOVIECLIPS

RIP #MartinLandau

Dimple Shah @shahdimple547🔁#Oscarwinning actor #MartinLandau dead
Alison B @TheArtgrl🔁One of the world's finest actors, and one of its nicest men. He will be missed. #MartinLandau
GreysSportsAlmanac @NavonodTtocsNit🔁@julietlandau Your father was a great actor and an even better human being. #MartinLandau
CitizenScientist @shaun_wilkinson🔁Rest in Peace. I Loved Space 1999. I still remember getting 'Eagle Freighter' on holiday. Great actor.
WBUR @WBUR🔁Academy award-winning Actor #MartinLandau, known for 'Mission: Impossible,' dies at 89:
AnaK. @SynesisAn🔁Sadly, Oscar-winning actor has also passed away at 89 years old.
HorrorscreamsV @HorrorscreamsV🔁Sad to hear of the loss of actor

Check this movie out which he starred in:

THE BEING (1983)

Maria Fernandez ❄ @BaxalaSodi🔁@julietlandau - my deepest sympathy on the passing of your father, #MartinLandau
NewsTalk 1290 CJBK @CJBK🔁Morning! Sgt. Dave Rektor with @OPP_WR in studio 7:45. Also, tributes to #GeorgeRomero & #MartinLandau + Dr. Mitch's advice on pee in pools!
Alex T @1_is_all🔁rip #martinlandau Was a big fan of Space 1999 as a kid.
Jeanne Azarovitz @Northquahog48🔁The early 1950s. Two young actor friends in NYC -- James Dean and Martin Landau. I will miss . Great actor & storyteller.
Team Marie Osmond @TeamMarieOsmond🔁Remembering Oscar winning on the & Talk Show! Such an incredible talent 💋
Jordi Olivera @JamesRuthven🔁Remembering #MartinLandau in a scene of one of my favourite movies of all times
Kyle Tonarella @KTonarella🔁Wow sad to hear of the passing of 🙏🏻 beautiful man, special actor grateful for the lil time spent w him weeks ago...


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