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Das Prince(Manish) @Dasmanishjh🔁Martin Shkreli
Creator of the universe is in india
He is on earth
Must spiritual

Martin Shkreli conlon® @con_lon_🔁 Martin Shkreli says he'll still make money from jail, will read philosophy
Martin Shkreli Mark Pare @MarkPare5🔁 Martin Shkreli jailed after Facebook post about Hillary Clinton
Martin Shkreli ALL HANDS ON DECK! @roseann55044331🔁 How is Martin Shkreli not in the Trump Administration?
piña🌴🌈🍹 @ICYMICE🔁oh god that martin shkreli boat tweet
Martin Shkreli Paulo R. Ramos @PauloRamosss🔁 Martin Shkreli has bail revoked, heads to jail
Martin Shkreli Build The Wall @LAMOONLYNN🔁 Martin Shkreli was thrown in jail for making a Hillary joke on FB?
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Ex-pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli has bail revoked in New York securities fraud case, heads to jail.
New York Daily News @NYDailyNews🔁BREAKING: Martin Shkreli headed to jail after judge revokes his $5 million bail for Hillary Clinton threat
Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt🔁Convict in cell next to Martin Shkreli opens package. Huge hank of hair and a note: "Make a shiv out of this. Have fun. ❤️ Hillary"
William Davis @WilliamDavisTX1🔁"Martin Shkreli"
✔️FB Post = Jail

✔️Madonna wants to blow up the White House = ZERO

✔️Kids heard this speech.

✔️Liberals are filth

Howard I Rubin @HowardIRubin🔁Looking like Martin Shkreli has made my life hell via @nypmetro
Dan Cleland @mrdancleland🔁I actualolled HARD at this, cos Martin Shkreli is an ASSHOLE. #Shkreli #LOL
DeplorableCatArtist @anitaDlivaditis🔁 Martin Shkreli in Jail For Posting Joke on Facebook About Hillary's Hair
Lynn Cathryn Walters @LynnCatWalters🔁From raising AIDS drug prices 5000% to threatening Hillary, Martin Shkreli is competing with Trump for the title of worst person in America.
Terry Ruby @TrubyruthTerry🔁Kathy says behead Trump.

Madonna says blow up the White House.

No jail time.

Martin Shkreli says clip a piece of Hillary's hair.


Tiffany s brown @Tiffanysbrown3🔁 BREAKING: Ex-pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli has bail revoked in New York securities fraud case, heads to jail.
TeamDreFitness @Themerovyngian🔁If you're in jail with Martin Shkreli, please make sure you charge him %56300 more than everyone else for anything he wants to buy.


GayNewsNet @RickArtz50🔁Judge Orders 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli jailed after offering to pay supporters $5000 for Clinton's hair
Lieselotte Santosmac @lieselo25038581🔁 free my nigga martin shkreli
JDoyleCT @JDoyleCT🔁 UPDATED: Convicted felon Martin Shkreli has finally talked his way behind bars
Moo Murray @moomurray🔁 Anytime I see Martin Shkreli trending I assume Trump gave him a cabinet position.
Felicia Jordan @ItsLoverly🔁 Yes, put Martin Shkreli in jail, but what about the witch that demanded he bring her hair as yellow as corn
Derek @GDamnitDerek🔁OH . , I think I like you again: "Martin Shkreli, former pharmaceutical CEO and Magic: The Gathering enthusiast"
JWebby SWH @JulieWe22950107🔁 Martin Shkreli was jailed after he offered a bounty for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair
Scott Flakne @ScottFlakne🔁The worst part of jail for Martin Shkreli is that he won’t be able to fly around on his Goblin Glider throwing Pumpkin Bombs at Spider-Man.
hitdaballcatchdaball @actsimpsonian🔁Martin Shkreli is in jail.
Mike Flynn Jr is under investigation.
Steve King is crying salty bigot tears. was a good day.

sandyc @sandyc1772🔁'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli’s bail revoked after his $5K offer for a strand of 's hair

Lianna Michele @MicheleLianna🔁 Martin Shkreli is in jail.

Sorry. No point to make. I just like that sentence.

Jean Carleton @jean_carleton🔁"What happened?" Martin Shkreli is off to jail for his big mouth. He wanted attention. He got it.
Melissa Dunajski @MelissaDunajski🔁(Morgan Freeman voice): Martin Shkreli crawled through five football fields worth of shit, but hilariously drowned 3 inches from freedom.
KERM @KermitTheKush🔁Liberals constantly threaten to kill President Trump and nothing happens but Martin Shkreli makes a joke about Hillary and goes to prison? 🤔
Charles Klump @Cklumpsr🔁Martin Shkreli is headed to jail after he offered $5,000 to anyone who could grab a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair
Mitochondrihanna @CarlLately🔁His palms are sweaty,
knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already,
martin shkreli
On Demand News @ODN🔁'Most hated man in America' Martin Shkreli is jailed
Justice for Trump @rudnicker🔁Dear white people,
Re: your superiority
Martin Shkreli
Sarah Huckabee-Sanders
Kid Rock
Steve Bannon
Sheriff Joe
The World
Lokked in Limbo🔋 @Lokrow🔁It's amazing that what sent Martin Shkreli to jail was shitposting, not raising AIDS drug prices by 5,000%.
Deplorable Mike @festus66🔁Let's have real talk:

If Martin Shkreli gets jail for wanting Hillary's hair, then Maria Chappelle-Nadal should for wanting Trump dead.

Karen Frank @KarenFrank1975🔁 This dude is perfect example of people who should be in jail. When you think criminal, think this.
Samouraï 🌻 @Twittauce🔁Martin Shkreli - named "The Most Hated Man in America" for jacking up the price of HIV drug - is sent to jail
⚑⚧💀Ginger DrⒶge💀⚧⚑ @Safarazzz🔁 I'm a prison abolitionist but I make an exception for Martin Shkreli
BoccaPura @BoccaJim🔁BREAKING: Martin Shkreli headed to jail after judge revokes his $5 million bail for Hillary Clinton threat
Hailey Mitchel @haileysecretary🔁09-14 Martin Shkreli hearing: Is this the world's most smackable face? #MartinShkreli #martinshkreli
Hailey Mitchel @haileysecretary🔁'Hated' CEO Martin Shkreli told to zip it #MartinShkreli #MartinShkreli #martinshkreli
KEVIN CERVANTES @KEVINCERVANTESG🔁 Analysis: Martin Shkreli wanted to be an Internet supervillain. This time it cost him.
Janine @janinenatt🔁09-14 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli claims credit card number swiped, vows prosecution #MartinShkreli #martinshkreli
Creative Loafing @cl_tampabay🔁Sh*t Happened 9/14/17: Post-Irma orange woes, bad generator ideas, Shkreli can't think and talk at the same time
News Hub @PetrinaRigby🔁 Martin Shkreli to Be Jailed for Seeking a Hair From Hillary Clinton via @NYTimes
Patterson Irving @PattersonIrving🔁 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli jailed over Hillary Clinton hair bounty
Tim Johnson @tj0hnson🔁Glad to see this
Howard I Rubin @HowardIRubin🔁Analysis | Martin Shkreli wanted to be an Internet supervillain. This time it cost him.
Craig Harrington @Craigipedia🔁If only there was some kind of facility where you could put people who are a menace to society
Sasa Rew @2back_1forth🔁A judge deemed Martin Shkreli a "danger to society" after posting a $5K bounty on Hillary Clinton's hair.
pardon me mr guap @karimindonut🔁 Martin Shkreli is a fictional character invented to test our commitment to prison abolition
Wanda Young @wandawoman99🔁What brings everyone together in America?
- Ted Cruz liking porn
- Martin Shkreli going to jail

There is hope for us yet. 🇺🇸

Hombre GQ @HombreGQ🔁Just when you thought he couldn't get creepier

— GQ Magazine (GQMagazine) September 14, 2017


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