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Marshall Ted Marshall @marshall_ted🔁 Dear world, if you love Eastern Michigan Football please wear green today! 😜 #happy🦅and☘️day!
Marshall [...] @MarceloAFarias🔁 Janis Joplin 1967 Photo Jim Marshall
Marshall Steve Mundro @smundro🔁 Great quotes here from the coach of Marshall, a 13 seed that beat a 4 yesterday
Erik Marín Nolasco @Elchinguetas🔁 Who picked Marshall over Wichita State in Round 1?
Tajah Marshall @tajah_marshall🔁 When your friend doesn’t give u any blankets ...
Marshall Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁SHOCKED!

No. 13 Marshall upsets No. 4 Wichita State 81-75

Marshall ESPN @espn🔁A shocker in San Diego!

In its first tourney game in 31 years, Marshall takes down 4th-seeded Wichita State.

Timothy Burke @bubbaprog🔁The final minute of Marshall-Wichita State took 18 minutes, 26 seconds— the longest we've ever recorded in the NCAA tournament
Pat @ironcitypat🔁Thanks Tim... our Steelers need to get a LB in FA... happy for Marshall but I love Huggins... who to route for... I c an’t lose either way. Sortpulling for the upset.
The Silent Assassin @SilentAssassinM🔁“He is just a great basketball mind to have in your corner.” On Kendall Marshall’s role with the program this season:
Randy Mays @RandyMays🔁And later that evening, add the UMBC Retrievers. Also Loyola, Marshall, Seton Hall
Brian M. Bufalo @bmbufalo🔁SCOTUS (with Chief Justice John Marshall writing the decision) determined that:
1. Congress could create the Bank via Necessary & Proper Clause (Article 1, Section 8).
2. Maryland could not tax the national government as the Supremacy Clause states the Federal > States Laws.
Hashtag Targeting @rainbasin🔁UMBC / Loyola Chicago /Marshall etc prove to Selection Committee that RPI’s / Quadrant1’s etc that give edge to the power conferences is not always the answer / COMMON SENSE & KNOWLEDGE of hoops vital / St Mary’s / Middle Tennessee / SHOULD have been in tourney / adds drama
Bucko @kingbucko🔁Yes it was huge and bright yellow. It was also relatively low and hard to see through riders in front of you so when they part and its suddenly there in front of you there's no way to avoid. Needed a Marshall with a flag. Agree on head injuries
Dale Stafford @vdstaff58🔁Last night’s clear skies had me out shooting this old train depot warehouse from the 1880s under the stars near Marshall, VA
Greg Armstrong @Greg_Armstrong1🔁 I can do everything but shoot the free throws for you, Marshall.
Beech Genealogy @GenealogyBeech🔁'An elderly lady told us that how excited she was as a young girl to be taken for a holiday in and to have her firs t grown up frock bought at Marshall's' (Marshall and Snelgrove) 'The Yorkshire Tour' - Pontefract and Hartley (1939)
Suzy Byrne @SuzyByrne🔁Loving @TheWalkingDead’s #MarchMaddness tweets. #marshall #MarshallMadness
Rhonda Dixon @DixonJrdc🔁 #SAVOTES ...imagine the skeletons that Marshall & co are about to uncover ..

I need more popcorn 🍿

Fleurs de Villes @fleursdevilles🔁Tina Barkley & Karen Marshall are taking their love of florals across the country with bespoke, floral dressed manneq uins made from the most talented and creative florists in the country.
Baylee @bayleeq3🔁I think I speak for everyone at Marshall when I say I wish President Gilbert was my grandpa and Dan D’Antoni was the uncle that you want to be around at all times during holidays.
Bro v Wade @runthetable22🔁It’s almost the opposite of college football. Most teams refuse to be progressive or modern in college basketball. Shoutout Marshall tho
Joe Sevenoaks @JSevenoakz🔁63 - Goal Millwall. An absolute screamer from Marshall. Finds the top corner from 25 yards out. Mountain to climb now. 2-0.

Diane Gervais @dianejess93🔁Humans had plans for Todd to die in a dogfighting ring. Instead he’s in Marshall’s wearing a panda sweater taking the toy he picked out to the cashier.

FACT-Dogs “bred to fight” are NOT inherently dangerous. The humans who breed them and force them to fight for their lives are.

Cantor Paulo Araujo @PauloKeiboard🔁Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube Patrol Marshall Saves the day! Fire Rescue Cartoon kids video
Nik Souris @NickyChips🔁🏈🏀 Schools that won a bowl game and NCAA Men's Basketball First Round game in 2017-18, a list ('sup ):

Florida State
Kansas State
Michigan State
Ohio State
Purdue 🚂

Brooklyn Campbell @brooklynx121🔁Show them what Marshall basketball is all about. We will take care of the West Virginia basketball part.
Al Asker @asker_al🔁

D'Antoni of Marshall on why his team takes a lot of 3s: "The post-up is the worst shot in basketball", while "t he best shot ... is that corner 3". Before analytics "I coached for 15 years like a dummy"

George Johnson @George64635879🔁What a signing Ben Marshall has been as well. Another one with no ego, comes in and gets stuck in, and has the quality to produce moments like today.
Luke Brown @TheChiefz🔁 Lmao Marshall made Wichita it's Bitchita
Sam I AM, God of Chicken @EvesHusbndToBe🔁Class. concession speech began with warm and generous words for Steven Marshall. Handing over the reigns as it should be done - with proper respect for the electors’ choice, and maximum goodwill.
John DeWispelaere Jr @jayd1957🔁 Why ain’t he the grand Marshall
Robin @TheProfRobin🔁I don't do Deputy Drac. & France helped me. Unaware on arrival that the French invert 1st names and 2nd names, I am known throughout France as Marshall Robin, even by Amazon France who keep offering me books by Robin Marshall on the grounds that algorithms say I will like them.
Witch__Hazel @HazelFate421BB🔁Lee Hi's thank you message to Code Kunst: "Thank you very very much Mr. CoKunKap"
& to Marshall "One and only, thank you so so much".
Kristy M Ratti @KMosset🔁@DomIzzoWDAY Fred Van Vleet & Ron Baker made Gregg Marshall lots of $$$. Program changing guys. #Special
Chris L @CDPL1🔁@RichCawleySLP For accuracy several players took corners. None got anywhere near head height. Very similar to Marshall’s attempted crosses.
Cinco¤ @5horaceV🔁@DeJahn__ You use to rap on game day for Marshall
Jerome Jordan @JeromeJordan26🔁Who’s a better receiver? I’ve seen plenty of Guice probably the best pure rusher in the draft but he caught 32 balls in his collegiate career.

Let’s not make it seems he’s Marshall Faulk when it comes to catching the ball. Saquon though he can catch the ball like that.

Jeffrey Hall @Halljj2🔁He spent 30 years coaching at Socastee HS in Myrtle Beach and he started the Beach Ball Classic. Now, Dan D'Antoni has led Marshall to its first NCAA Tournament win at the expense of Wichita State. 81-75, 13-seed over a 4-seed.
Brackets across the country take a hit,
Phil Rickards @philrickards🔁There are some great books out there too. Mammoth Book of Native Americans, Black Elk and John Fire Lame Deer to name but a few. The Journey of Crazy Horse is excellent too by Joseph Marshall as is the Lakota Way by the same author.
Luke Gromen @LukeGromen🔁Agreed. Big risk to my take is EU really politically disintegrates. That said, with every passing day that OBOR gr ows, EU risk falls IMO. This century's Marshall Plan could do for EU what last century's did...and few seem to be thinking along those lines yet.
Logan Cross @LoganCrossXXX🔁Helix Studios Update: Tyler Hill, Aiden Garcia, Joey Mills, Tristan Adler, Bryce Foster, And More!
Mary Chandler @maryerich20🔁 West Virginia and Marshall will tip at 9:40 p.m. ET on TBS on Sunday.


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