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#MarriedAtFirstSight Fan of Reality TV @realitytvfan31🔁 We adore the Duhons, and clearly you all do as well! 💕 #MarriedAtFIrstSight #MAFS
BJ @BJMcDC🔁 EVERY SINGLE TIME an expert says something Ashley's like... #MarriedAtFirstSight
#MarriedAtFirstSight W.S. Bosworth @WilmaBosworth🔁@BrideAndDoom @AshleyP_MAFS Proof. Poor Ashley. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight
#MarriedAtFirstSight RealiTV with Bee @realitvwithbee🔁When #MarriedAtFirstSight is trending #1!!! #Woot @KineticContent @PDuckie83 @kwolfe1979 @MAFSLifetime
#MarriedAtFirstSight Maesta Blue @MaestaBlue🔁 Favorite wedding pic‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #wheresmycharger
derek schwartz @derek_mafs🔁When I'm tweeting #MarriedAtFirstSight and #MAFS2C and something shocking happens
Calvin Roberson @CalvinRoberson🔁When someone tells you their heart, be prepared.It may hurt to hear it,but you simply can't grow without pain.#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS2C
Calvin Roberson @CalvinRoberson🔁The biggest problem in new marriages:Over-analyzing! Don't look for hidden meanings and simply trust your mate. #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs2c
Japan Art & Design @artsynihon🔁Posey , #AllEyezOnMe , #Melodrama , #MarriedAtFirstSight , #AthleteSongs , Coors Field , Bodak Yellow , #RiffOff
Roland Lymangrover @RLymangrover🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight men and women can't be friends. A woman would never let a guy have a female best friend.
Roland Lymangrover @RLymangrover🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight these three couples have too many
Issues. They're not trying hard enough. It's not magic at first sight.
Olivia LaBorde @OliviaLaBorde🔁So the second chance show is like the bachelor #MarriedAtFirstSight #secondchances
yup @crispyynuggets🔁When you realize that Cody & Danielle only have 3 weeks left to fall in love and stay married.
BlackQueen17 @Erulastiel14🔁Umm Cody's the one who wanted to pull back and focus on a friendship 😒 so I don't blame her for pulling back #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olivia LaBorde @OliviaLaBorde🔁@JWooTV Oh yay my DVR recorded the second chance show for me I'll check it out #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olivia LaBorde @OliviaLaBorde🔁Nate shouldn't have brought the friends over when he talked to danne #MarriedAtFirstSight
Mike "Jerk!" DeRusha @Mike_DeRusha🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight is dumb. After a year is risky.
Make her wait at least 2 years to prove she isn't a cheating whore.
Olivia LaBorde @OliviaLaBorde🔁Is Donnay even straight? I'm pretty sure there's nothing to worry about #MarriedAtFirstSight
Olivia LaBorde @OliviaLaBorde🔁Have any of these couples worked out besides that one w the nurse the other season #MarriedAtFirstSight
Mike "Jerk!" DeRusha @Mike_DeRusha🔁I got #MarriedAtFirstSight and married after a year.
They both ended up being cheating whores.
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight Nate and Tyriq are hilarious :) Sharing laughs with Sheila is great
Mike "Jerk!" DeRusha @Mike_DeRusha🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight
Divorced at second sight.
Chris Coelen @CCoelen🔁When is trending #1!!!
Rev T McK @RevTMcK🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight Actually, that was me. 22 years and counting,
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁Aww Ashley I understand. Anthony hugging her is so sweet. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Eva Garcia-Singh @Ellelalinda🔁 has the same soundtrack as those sad animal commercials....just for 35 cents a day u can help save Cody's marriage 😂🎼
Ash Spinelli @ayespinelli🔁I think Cody & Danielle are nice ppl but they both came in with baggage. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight
BlackQueen17 @Erulastiel14🔁Pastor Calvin's right abt Danielle & failed relationships. Its more experience isn't a good thing bc you can be jaded 😑#MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁Cody barely flirts with her and drops bombshells on her without being accountable enough to say what he wants from her. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁Cody isn't doing anything to reassure her or put her fears to rest. He just keeps talking about what he wants. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁Why do I feel like Cody will cheat, or already has cheated? #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁Cody is talking to her like he feels entitled to a blow job. He is not being direct with her. Say it with your chest! #MarriedAtFirstSight
Jewish Lady @jewishladyblog🔁#MarriedAtFirstSight is hilarious, but does anyone seriously think it's a good idea?! #RealityTV
BlackQueen17 @Erulastiel14🔁Ashley asked Anthony a question that put him on the spot 😳 and now she's freaking out 😒😒 #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁 I feel like Ashley's sister is a hater. #ijs #MarriedAtFirstSight
BlackQueen17 @Erulastiel14🔁Danielle keeps on about Cody's lack of experience as if he doesnt know a thing 😒 too many failed relationships = 💼👜 #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁 I've been irritated with Ashley's sister at least 4 times this seasons. She needs boundaries. 😡#MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁 It's ironic that Cody's brother is way more lucky in love than the married people. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Pamela Nielsen @Pamnielsen🔁What's that? Oh, that's not dramatic enough? KMA. In an experiment like I want over ! Know your audience.
BlackQueen17 @Erulastiel14🔁Anthony you have to be truthful. Anything else is a lie and a threat to your marriage 😒😒 #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁I love Nate & Sheila together! Their dynamics are so cool and thoughtful. I'll be angry if they divorce. Seriously lol #MarriedAtFirstSight
Michelle Pangle @MichellePangle🔁 Ashley, don't be so paranoid about everything. Tiring #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁 Why my dirty draws all in the camera😂 it was laundry day #MarriedAtFirstSight
Michelle Pangle @MichellePangle🔁I understand #Danielle but I feel terrible for #Cody - he's trying so hard. Cut him some slack. #MarriedAtFirstSight
Becky, USMC @DuchessofBruce🔁#ThursdayNightLineup:
#MarriedAtFirstSight "Celebrations" (Season 5, Episode 10) on @lifetimetv.
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁 You want your man to praise you openly in front of your friends! Yasss! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾@Nate_MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight
Galaxic Mermaid ✨🌊✨ @AquafarE🔁 Donnay a good dude #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs
Pamela Nielsen @Pamnielsen🔁That "conversation" w/ Nate & his Mom at the start of #MarriedAtFirstSight was sketchy AF. Never saw them ACTUALLY TALKING! #frankenbites


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