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Ashlee @keepnupwashhh🔁 So y’all gonna blame Heavenly for y’alls marriage problems. #Married2Med #Marriedtomedicine
csoftlips @csoftlips🔁#Married2Med. Dr. Contessa these wigs or weaves you wear
#married2med Donita @MookLoudSpeaker🔁Didnt even know who Toya was #married2med
#married2med Donita @MookLoudSpeaker🔁Dr.Simone look funny #married2med
Tayengwa Isaac Chisuko @ChisukoIsaac🔁 Me getting off the boat... #Married2Med
Dr. Jackie Walters @DrJackieWalters🔁Time is a valuable thing. The one thing you can’t get back. #Married2Med
Dr. Heavenly @Dr_Heavenly🔁Download Alaura Kimes’ new hit single “Gonna Win” Now!! On Itunes. Link in bio!!! Written By : Alaura Kimes Music twitter.com Producer : Dr Damon Kimes CEO of Regatta Records Special Thanks to (Ms Jan. Vocal Coach)
BallerAlert @balleralert🔁Forgiveness is hard when your mate steps out on your relationship. The first step is to take your time. Don’t allow a twitter.com nyone to rush you into forgiving. Do it when you’re ready!
Sandra Thompson @sbthomp2🔁 Dear @Bravotv don’t you EEEEEVER get rid of #Married2med.

@Dr_Heavenly @AbsolutelyQuad @DrJackieWalters @Tweet_Toya

Sandra Thompson @sbthomp2🔁 #Married2Med has been more entertaining than #RHOA by FAR this season.
#FitYourWayByMelD @meldibson🔁For Heavenly saying that Damon is not the type if guy that cheats reveals a lot about her intentiobs.
Those women o twitter.com pen up to her about their issues then turn around and makes shade out of them

Becca Jackson @travanddes🔁 Dr. Heavenly, with all do respect you needa stick to yo day job honey. #married2med
Tara @pchst8grl🔁@bravotv shows #Married2Med once on Friday nights, but kept repeating #DontBeTardy when it was on @Andy .... 😔 😒 #WWHL #Married2Medicine
#FitYourWayByMelD @meldibson🔁Thank you Dr G for letting Heavenly know.
She has no qualification, no empathy.
“Dont overtalk my husband” when she h twitter.com as been doing that to many husbands on the show.

PvtJoy @PvtJoye🔁@DReid0813 @CecilCWhitmore Thank you ..Thank you...and she never answered his question about the Maserati..#married2med
#FitYourWayByMelD @meldibson🔁Heavenky thinks she is slick.
Thank you Toya and Eugene for being supportive of one or another and not feeding into h twitter.com er shit

#FitYourWayByMelD @meldibson🔁Toya and Eugene didnt support that Heavenly bullshit.
Heavenly being like her issues with her husband are minor compa twitter.com red to Toya’s one. And plus speaking for Eugene or Toya.
Has Eugene ever complained to you about Toya unemployment or what you consider disrespect?

Sandra Thompson @sbthomp2🔁 Simone getting mad at Cecil for yelling? The irony 😂😂😂 #married2med
Becca Jackson @travanddes🔁Heavenly just messy as hell with that and she knows it and thank you for calling her out on her messiness twitter.com
Wakanda Trade @KVNGBALOR🔁Are y'all upset that Quad became the break out star on a show you all tried to present her as hood rat loud mouthed l twitter.com ower than you all trash? Season 1 y'all called this women everything but her name she glew up she blew up now y'all mad i since jealousy
Wakanda Trade @KVNGBALOR🔁Their comparing Quad being sensitive & being late to Mariah trying to sabotage certain cast members and cause them t twitter.com o lose their job while smearing their name ... A reach
Portia Smith @portiasmith6011🔁 quad love to threaten not speaking to someone that she’s PAID TO BE ON A TV SHOW WITH.. are you leaving the show? I think she should leave if she can’t get over shit and MOVE ON WITH THE CAST. This is stupid
tallen @lulu_36t🔁While you are getting ready for at 9pm tonight. Download Alaura’s song on ITunes or Apple Music.
tallen @lulu_36t🔁 Thank you @iluvmariah for those words of encouragement. #married2med
TeeTee @SpillinDaTee🔁 Dr. Heavenly don't leave your day job or your husband. #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine
#FitYourWayByMelD @meldibson🔁Simone was the voice behind the campaign against Mariah, now she is the voice of the group against Quad 😂😂😂😂

#married2med #M2M

FancyDictator @taiki_tamirria🔁I believe Quad never intended to have children with Dr. G... So she looks for things to keep the "strife" going to u twitter.com se it as an excuse.
Ashlee @keepnupwashhh🔁 Quad don't want nobody coming within 50yards of her with the truth, lol. #Married2Med
Ashlee @keepnupwashhh🔁 Mariah is becoming more likeable these last few episodes #married2med
Ashlee @keepnupwashhh🔁 I don't think her questions are bad. Hell I'm sure we have all said that about Toya! #married2med
Ashlee @keepnupwashhh🔁 Everything aint gotta be a damn theatrical performance every time quad speaks. Im So over her #married2med


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