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Margarita David Gross @davidgrossTV🔁 That moment when you’ve inadvertently aroused your flaming margarita.
Ivofspades @Ivofspades8🔁 ZILD: HEY, MARGARITA!




yans | Happy 21st Tita seld! @puropspids🔁 ZILD: HEY, MARGARITA!


Margarita #HAPPYZILDJIANDAY !! 🌻 @nikkoislaugh🔁 Zild: Hey Margarita!
Blaster: Hey, MARIMONA!


David Agren @el_reportero🔁Margarita Zavala is the first candidate to mention “Trump”, saying she’ll defend Mexicans against him #DabateINE
Live Action @LiveAction🔁After six abortions, Margarita found forgiveness and hope. She says: "If you are struggling with abortion regret, the re is help."
🧚🏽‍♀️ @Adaria___🔁 I need a margarita and a massage
Cait @cee_dee5🔁waiter: welcome to Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen would you like to try the nachos?

me: what comes on those?

waiter: 8 hot dogs, 3 pizzas, sour cream, an ice cream sundae, Chili’s Baby Back Ribs, a Cadillac margarita, Headstrong by Trapt, extra salt, and 17 different cheeses.

Queen Of Clout @killamarge🔁Jorge Ramos is a journalist who takes a stand. Here’s an excerpt of an interview with Margarita Zavala, a Mexican presidential candidate. Zavala calls herself a feminist. She doesn’t believe two women should marry nor have the right to choose.

Check out his roast:

Igarashi Kyou @JacobYBM🔁The sale of alcohol is restricted almost everywhere in Tennessee, but the sale of assault rifles is not. So you'll never have to worry about a naked guy running into a Waffle House and killing you with a margarita.
graphichousebd8 @graphichousebd🔁I am doing layout to

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El Bro nco
Margarita Zavala Ricardo Anaya

P @Official_Pmusic🔁Smokin a stick & drinkin a margarita while riding a knee scooter with a tarsometatarsal joint dislocation and a Lisfr anc Ligament tear ain't really the best idea.

It ain't the worst, but it ain't the best...

Shanan McShade 🇹🇹🇻🇪 @heyshanieee🔁Edible bath bombs for your tequila now exist. They’re called Margarita Fizzers, and they're AMAZING 😱
Mary Kay🦋 @MaryKayH188🔁Gracias, mi dulce amiga.
It’s been a great great time today, Margarita! His show is tremendous and he is a very k ind man to take time to talk to me and give me a hug I’ve wanted for a long long time🤗🤗
Bicente Mujica @30BiMu🔁@metabolizedjunk But only mentioned once in the top 10, and 4th place amongst the candidates: behind Bronco, Margarita and Meade.
Hannah💛🌻 @HannahDeGaish🔁And queso and a big ole margarita
September Spring-Summer @TheOfficialKen🔁Just got home from Buffalo Wild Wings.. I had this amazing margarita and it didn’t kick in till just now.. 😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Tom @PO_Tomato🔁@mommysama no such thing as just one margarita lemme tell ya
stephanie✨ @mommysama🔁ive never had a margarita what if imade a margarita tomorrow
0509. @_aaliyahsam🔁the maui margarita from cheddars >
Chris Buckley @CaptainFun_ERAC🔁Certainly beats a Sunday roast @ Hyatt Regency…
M ⚯͛ @ayye_margarita🔁Pay attention to how they treat black bodies especially black women. Absolutely disgusting and awful. I hope she gets millions from this.
Maritza 🤘🏼 @MaritzaMonster🔁All it took was a margarita on a empty tummy and I was feeling my Spanish music extra hard today.


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