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Blækspru𝖙𝖙er🎐 @helbhuk🔁 @BR_NBA @BleacherReport Marcus Smart highlights from yesterday
Baker Mayfield @bakermayfield🔁Marcus Smart has always been a flop guy... #OkState
Maune🤘🏾 @b1ack_hamm3r🔁 Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart shooting in Game 7 like
4 More Wins Cavs @SpaldingsWife_🔁 Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart shooting in Game 7 like
Barstool Sports @barstoolsports🔁Surprised Marcus Smart’s jaw is still attached to his face after this vicious attack that clearly hit him and definit ely wasn’t a flop
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Great flop by Marcus Smart.
Vito Genovese 🐻⚡️ @De__Leon69🔁Marcus Smart said he wants to stay with the Celtics. Said his heart’s here in Boston. Said not a lot of organizations care for players like the Celtics do. Said he loves Ainge and Stevens.
John Boy @JB_Lethgo🔁 if this was baseball, Marcus Smart would be Al Horford's personal catcher. They just work well together
Brian Lockett @MangaFox🔁As I've said elsewhere, there are worst players making more money than Marcus Smart.

He's not a great scorer, but he 's always been a top defense guy, and someone who does the "dirty work" for the team.

And, hey, nobody expected a Kyrie-less Boston to even be in the ECF, so....

Maria @mkladis1🔁“I want to be here,” says Marcus Smart, who is entering restricted free agency. “I love this city. I love this team. I love these fans.”
Saint Nick @NickAndOne_🔁marcus smart always gonna be my favorite flopper because of that one on melo the nigga hit the floor like he got shot by a barret 50 caliber LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Coach Nate Miller @NateMiller_F3🔁Really hope that the Bulls go after Marcus Smart if the Celtics let him go.
AJD @Ajay_2424🔁Marcus Smart thinks he is worth more than $12-14 million per season:

“Just for the things I do on the court that don’t show up on the stat sheet. You don’t find guys like that”.

trell @krichard_87🔁Booney said Jayson Tatum, jaylen brown, Marcus smart and rozier all stars. Smh I’m disappointed in him for saying that dumb stuff
soxmatt @Moosesox100🔁 Marcus Smart said the #Celtics have indicated to him that they plan on him being in Boston next season. Celtics News @BDCCeltics🔁Asked about how Marcus Smart fits into the “big picture,” Danny Ainge doesn’t skip a beat: “Other than the big picture in his bathroom in LA, it was a pretty good year.”
Declan Cooke @DeclanCooke7🔁Marcus Smart: "I got a lot to think about. There’s a lot of factors that go into it. But that being said, I want to be in Boston. I want to be here. I love this city, I love this team, I love the atmosphere it gives off. I’ve been here for four years. My heart’s here."
Brownsland @brownsland🔁 Marcus Smart has always been a flop guy... #OkState
Coolest Monkey in the jungle @RyanJustin16🔁@Eclpz Greg Monroe,Aron Baynes,Shane Larkin and Marcus Smart are free agents
T'Shola 🇳🇬 @jlegendDE🔁All-NBA Flopper Hall Of Fame:

10. Shane Battier
9. Dereck Fisher
8. Paul Pierce
7. Bruce Bowen
6. Danny Ainge
5. Raja Bell
6. Ginobili
5. Bill Laimbeer
4. Anderson Varejao
3. Marcus Smart
2. James Harden
1. Vlade Divac

Gavin_Shackchimes @Copper_Dome🔁"Bro, you're SURE I won't have to deal with Marcus Smart if we make the finals?"
INOTECH3D 💯⛽️🔥💨 @InoTech3D🔁Celtics' Marcus Smart Thinks He's Worth More Than $14 Million Per Season
Does he have a justifiable case?
Kelvin Lopez @Klopez34🔁Oo no looks like we’re losing Marcus Smart 🤦🏽‍♂️
Nicole Yang @nicolecyang🔁Asked about how Marcus Smart fits into the “big picture,” Danny Ainge doesn’t skip a beat: “Other than the big pictur e in his bathroom in LA, it was a pretty good year.”
Fennis Dembo's Truth @FennisDembo87🔁It's unreal how horrific Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart were for the Celtics. One flaw in the equal opportunity offense Brad Stevens runs is it gives the freedom to inferior players to hoist bricks at the rim instead of feeding the star: Jayson Tatum.
J May @JonMayerSI🔁Why did Marcus Smart take 10 shots? Why did the team try to chuck up threes when they weren’t hitting them? Why did t hey call two timeouts in the first half when they were on a 13-1 run and had all the momentum?
Randy Hager @Randy_Hager🔁Marcus Smart thinks he is worth more than $12-14 Million Per Season:

“Just for the things I do on the court that don’t show up on the stat sheet. You don’t find guys like that”.

shahroz09_22 @shahroz_c🔁Asked about "big picture" with Marcus Smart, president Danny Ainge responded: "You mean the big picture in his hotel room in LA?" ... Added Smart has been terrific in his Boston career.
Christian Vasquez @Vdawg247🔁I have always really respected Marcus Smart, but I can't deal with him all of a sudden becoming Ray Allen this series. Guy has shot the worst of any player in L each of last 3 years yet he somehow hits shots in conference finals
Brian Lockett @MangaFox🔁Marcus Smart never was a premiere offense. He was always a defense-first guy.

Say what you will about his lack of s coring, but his defense was decent enough in Game 7.

What lost Boston was the greenness of Brown and Rozier, not quite able to stand in the moment like Tatum yet.

Derik ひ @derikwagner17🔁I really can't stand the hood/thug persona Marcus Smart tries to display. Fam you grew up in Flower Mound Texas. Last time i was out there I dropped some money on the ground and someone ran all the way up to me to give it back. Cut the shit
ROCKETS IN 7 @uncletizzy🔁Marcus smart is a player you would want on your team
Kartik Muthuswamy @kartik2091🔁But I guess it could've been reflex too right? When an elbow comes to your face, your natural instinct is to snap bac k. I know about Marcus' history of flopping, but could've been just a reaction from Smart.
🅱 @BGOMES8888🔁Asked about Marcus Smart, Ainge states that the ownership group has been fantastic. Thinks this year’s run will help convince ownership to pay to keep team intact. Said the Celtics are trying to spend responsibly, though.
Frazier Thomas @BShanista🔁Awful scene just now in the Celtics locker room, Marcus Smart threw a chair out of frustration and accidentally hit a Make A Wish kid. Horrible, horrible scene.
Corey Brooks @CoreyB08🔁Rozier got completely exposed on defense this series. Rozier is nothing but a backup whose going to cost 15-17 mill t o sit behind Irving we have a better Rozier we don’t have another Marcus Smart
Brandon Bean @BrandonBean96🔁NBA free agency: Celtics' Marcus Smart says he's worth 'more than $12-14 million' -
🅱 @BGOMES8888🔁 Marcus Smart: “I’m ready to get home and see my mom.”
André Walters @ReddyDre🔁 Marcus Smart: I want to be in Boston. I love this team. I live this city ... They are already planning for me to be here.
J U L I A N 🇸🇱 @ShokiScientist🔁 Marcus Smart said he and the Celtics established mutual interest in keeping him around.
michael crouchley @crouchwrites🔁Thinking Marcus Smart was bad last night is fundamentally misunderstanding who Marcus Smart is as a player
🅱 @BGOMES8888🔁 Marcus Smart believes the Celtics are planning for him to be here beyond this season.
Edward Brown @TruthFaustino🔁Welcome to the summer of Marcus Smart takes. Sides will be taken. Posts will be heated. Nothing will be definitively decided.
David Ruffin @ryanmoragne🔁Marcus Smart says he’s worth more than $12-14 million: "I always leave everything on the court… How many other players can say that.”
Mohammed @RaptorsOG🔁The Problem isn't Marcus Smart being a bad shooter. The Problem is he doesn't know he's a bad shooter.
@kc1nyk @kylecohenNBA🔁Marcus Smart ends his media availability with... “And that’s coming from a not top-five defender in the league. Just putting that out there.”
Sports Sidelined NBA🏀 @SidelinedNBA🔁Marcus Smart says he’s worth more than $12-14 million: "I always leave everything on the court… How many other players can say that.”
Fausto ® @FausFabuloso🔁Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier are 2 of only 22 players in NBA playoff history (min 175 3 PA) who have attempted more 3 point shots than 2 point shots for their career

Wait, what?

Smart and Rozier have the 2nd and 3rd worst 3P% of the 22

sorted by lowest 3P%

Corey Brooks @CoreyB08🔁If you think Marcus Smart were to walk in and say pay me 48 over 4 and Ainge doesn’t sign him there and then you are highly mistaken


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