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Angela Messaglia @angelato3🔁Marcus Cooper should be glad the #Bears won today..... still can't believe that shit.
Field Yates @FieldYates🔁Bears CB Marcus Cooper was returning a blocked FG for an easy score, slowed up and was stripped at the 6-inch line, missing out on the TD.
MichaelRapaport @MichaelRapaport🔁Marcus Cooper #31 on the Bears really played himself.
Cameron DaSilva @camdasilva🔁WHAT ARE YOU DOING MARCUS COOPER #Bears
Paul Evans @LTDragonz11🔁Marcus Cooper ran a blocked field goal all the way back for a touchd...never mind

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Ben Andrew @Benji2592🔁@Roseyboy3 No thanks to Marcus cooper ! Bonehead
Kemu @kemu808🔁Marcus Cooper Sr. owes JORDAN HOWARD a whole lotta something for coming through & winning game! #Bears #PITvsCHI
Notorious CIG @BigCigs🔁Marcus Cooper Sr. really needs to take @JHowardx24 and Cohen out for drinks 2night!!! #Bears
Mark Hodson 🦊 @Mark_Hodson_🔁 Marcus Cooper is currently a very, very, VERY relieved man! #PITvsCHI #DaBears
FOOTBALL GUY @aglidewell9🔁Bears win 23-17 on Jordan Howard's 19-yard run. Fittingly, a huge hole for him created by the OL. Marcus Cooper breathes relief.
James Wickham @__jameswickham🔁 This Bears-Steelers overtime brought to you by Marcus Cooper Sr.
RudeBwoyChi @RudeBwoyChi🔁 @ChicagoBears Marcus Cooper owes the whole team dinner tonight. Cohen was robbed, but good to get that first win
Matt Walsh @walshcommish🔁Marcus cooper and mike glennon better be buying dinner for cohen and Howard tonight
British Bear London @BritBearLondon🔁Marcus Cooper is currently a very, very, VERY relieved man! #PITvsCHI #DaBears
Joe Stevenson @nwh_JoePrepZone🔁I don't want to hear anyone say Marcus Cooper's off the hook because they won. Still inexcusable and unforgivable.
Vanessa* @criminaljane_🔁 If you're looking for a legitimate reason to fire an NFL player, check out what Marcus Cooper just did. #Bears
Jake Batchelder @JakeBatchelderr🔁Just a reminder that literally none of that would've been necessary if dick face Marcus Cooper ran half a yard more
DaBears(1-2) @zwhit13🔁 Hate to dwell on the past but Marcus Cooper's blunder cost this team a win, at least for the time being. #Bears
Michael Hyland @Urriteimawesome🔁@ChicagoBears Marcus Cooper owes the whole team dinner tonight. Cohen was robbed, but good to get that first win
Falconero @TheFalconero🔁Wow, #Bears pull it off!!! Marcus Cooper still leads the "Dumbest Play of the Year" race so far
Robbo @WorldofCube🔁@ChicagoBears Marcus Cooper owes Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard a HUGE drink
Joe Tamborello @joetamborello🔁Marcus Cooper is lucky the #Bears won.
Tanner @tspsports🔁@Sixringofsteel Marcus Cooper
Foodie Louie @LouieFoodie🔁#CHIvsPIT Marcus Cooper should name all his kids Jordan Howard.
Young Bull‼️ @Aintthat_tsosa🔁Cohen and Howard just saved Marcus Cooper😭
🃏MEDUSAMISSION🃏 @medusamission🔁Big time! Refs need to start getting fined. Someone also needs to punch Marcus Cooper in the dick! So ready for Mitch Trubisky.
Ed Richtsteig @german300🔁Marcus Cooper, the most relieved person in Chicago right about now.
Scott Colesby @SoCalledSomeone🔁 Marcus Cooper owes Jordan Howard his game check.

#Bears tried hard to lose this one.

Delly @ItsPhilly_D🔁Marcus Cooper you lucked out big time you bastard
Eric Weinzapfel @eweinzapfel🔁 Good game to everyone on the Bears except Mike Glennon and Marcus Cooper
Wola @WolaWriteMore🔁Marcus Cooper is the happiest man in Chicago right now
Marc McCormack @djmarcomarc🔁Marcus Cooper owes Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard all the drinks tonight


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