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#MarchForOurLives Amy Tidd @AmyTidd🔁 #MarchForOurLives
#MDSstrong @MomsDemand @AMarch4OurLives Melbourne, FL
#MarchForOurLives lola @lmjxeda🔁 Today I marched with a lot of warriors 💪🏼 Proud to be a part of #MarchForOurLives @AMarch4OurLives
#MarchForOurLives lola @lmjxeda🔁 Yesterday we watched our future march for a greater tomorrow 🙏🏼❤️ #neveragain #MarchForOurLives
#MarchForOurLives billybobjimmyjoesue @billybobjimmyj1🔁 Where dead kids are just the price to pay....

#NRA #Marchforourlives

#MarchForOurLives Vesko Ž.Preljevič @ZnidarsicPrel🔁 Bunny Rabbits against Trump


#MarchForOurLives Pernille Carlsen @Byrnesgirl89🔁 No one says it better than this remarkable group of students. We support you. #Marchforourlives
#MarchForOurLives brayden @braydenneese🔁 A photo from my school’s walkout:
#walkout #ghaawalkout #marchforourlives
#MarchForOurLives Al-Rayan Int. School @ARIS_Ghana🔁 Just needed to share this with the world #MarchForOurLives
WE @WEMovement🔁Jennifer Aniston speaks with #MarchForOurLives co-founders Jaclyn Corin and Cameron Kasky at #WEday California
#MarchForOurLives Jaclyn Corin @JaclynCorin🔁Just needed to share this with the world #MarchForOurLives
March For Our Lives @AMarch4OurLives🔁Tweet us pictures and videos that you took today at the . We want to share your stories and amplify your voices! twitter.com
karen durling @KCDurling🔁Plymouth, Michigan stands with , , , and all victims of senseless school shootings.
Norman Canter @TENNRG🔁Updates and photos from around the country.
We support .

Sandra Mitchell @smitchellmay301🔁. $4,418,012 💰 will buy what?
Reminding daily of the disgrace you bring to our state.

we say:

Andy Christian @AndyChristia11🔁I can only buy limited quantities of Sudafed because there is a meth problem. Why can’t we do the same with ammunition?

Sam Puzzo @sampuzzo🔁"Common Sense Gun Laws" must include Voting for a who does not support a ban means you are voting for an ally of the on this issue.
Positive Change @OptimisimLives🔁Would be a great add to invite someone from the t is dominating coverage while this movement grows twitter.com !
Grassroots DNC @GrassrootsDNC🔁 & the other young women who stood beside you!
LiberalNCali @LiberalNcali🔁"Common Sense Gun Laws" must include Voting for a who does not support a ban means you are voting for an ally of twitter.com the on this issue.
Carol Milanowski @MilanowskiCarol🔁ATTN: CONGRESS
messages from students
🗣 Arm Us With Education
✊🏼Fear Has No Place in Schools
🗣 My Voice is My Weapon
✊🏾 Protect Kids Not Guns
🗣 We So We Don't Have to Run for Them
Khalid Minhas, MD @minhaskh🔁Another stellar piece by my dear friend . A heartfelt plea for common sense
Bren SchafferBedosky @BrenBedosky🔁 & the other young women who stood beside you! twitter.com
LiberalNCali @LiberalNcali🔁"Common Sense Gun Laws" must include Voting for a who does not support a ban means you are voting for an ally of t twitter.com he on this issue.
JoAnne O’Bar Legat @rebellegrrl🔁Because of budget cuts and low pay, Arizona has roughly 1/4 the recommended number of school counselors. This makes it difficult to identify red flags and assist youth.
Mallory @Nihilist_Girl🔁Dr. Shiver, running against lead sponsor of GA's 2016 guns on campus bill, commends students participating in . twitter.com He knows the power of high schoolers, since he was in high school when he lobbied for his FL county to put AC in schools.
John Gildea @JohnJohngildea🔁Wait. Teachers in Pennsylvania are arming themselves with miniature bats!? This has got to be a joke!

not-so-touchy-feeley @barritf🔁Adults say that teenagers don’t know anything and yeah I may not know how to do my taxes but I do know that innocent lives are being taken and teachers aren’t being paid enough money
Hugh @Monty4x4🔁Societies shouldn’t create situations where their children feel the need to step up and say something because no adults or Gov’ts are listening.
Aleem @TheRealMrAleem🔁.: "What if our politicians weren't the BITCH of the !"

Gemma L. Smith @gemmadimension1🔁Have you watched The March For Your Lives - A Short Film yet? If not, here's the first 2 minutes 20 seconds! The full film can be viewed on Facebook here:
Jeanie @jeanie31199🔁How messed up is it that our kids who walked out were safer than the ones who stayed in this Ocala, Florida school today?

kph88 @kphenderson🔁Ok, but students who survived a mass shooting are standing without masks for all to see....
CW @gt500cws🔁 CDC, in Surveys It Never Bothered Making Public, Provides More Evidence that Plenty of Americans Innocently Defend Themselves with Guns
Delores Heintz @mommyd13🔁
Trump colluded with American people to

The House Intel Committee concluded that Trump went out every single day to touch the hearts & lives of the working class & thats why WON


Stop School Shooting Today @School_Today_🔁The students of protesting for gun reform. Young people leading the way!
mr bb hack @bbhack🔁The goal of is to make you an easy victim.

The goal of is to ensure you can't defend yourself.

No more compromise with or . The disarmist agenda needs to be quashed before we have to hang the gun grabbers.

lola @lmjxeda🔁On March 24th to show my support for the students across the country who are demanding that leaders take action to end gun violence in our schools and communities 💪🏼 March with us and RSVP at 💗
JackHen @SueHM🔁BREAKING: The occupation of the Arizona Senate just ended after six hours. students just left the building, hands linked in a chain.
LKA @Lattitat47🔁 Join me in demanding and supporting a complete Ban on Assault Weapons. Add the Twibbon to your profile pic!
Stevenn Beck @StevennBeck1🔁BOOMERS…about the generation that was gong to "change the world" - and INSTEAD gave us DONALD TRUMP!
PLS "SPREAD THE twitter.com WORD!"

WomenForJustice @Women4JusticeUS🔁Updates and photos from around the country.
We support #NationalStudentWalkout.
#NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives axios.com
Fetoux @Fetoux11🔁Jennifer Aniston speaks with co-founders Jaclyn Corin and Cameron Kasky at California
Sam Y Zamrik @ZamrikY🔁What an honor to be apart of alongside so many influential people. Thank you for your incredibly kind words. This is not a moment, this is a movement.
SkyBlueTwenty2 @SkyBlueTwenty2🔁So Atascocita high school can excuse a sporting parade .. but not two class periods for advocating reform for safety IN OUR SCHOOLS INTERESTING
Jean Le Loup @JP95136🔁I have absolutely no words... Thank you not only for your service but for standing with us as we tomorrow all over the world
Mostfa Boudj @MostfaBoudj🔁Check it out! mostfaboudj will retouch and add color to your old black and white photo for $5 on


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Anete Newt @anete_newtPLEASE 🔁 vinyl record portrait ✨

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ElleViolet @violet_elle🔁i support the incredible students and their families leading on march 24. it's time that our leaders take action to end gun violence in our schools & communities. let’s help spread the word.
Linda Christine @Bayleesmum🔁Watch “MARCH ON! - John Arthur Greene (feat. Daniele Panza & The Kids Of Rock)” on vimeo.com
Randi @randibaker01🔁Bayer's bee-killing pesticides are killing birds as well.


camEEla @votecamilaaaa🔁tomorrow is  and it is SO important that we all join in and fight for change. no one should fear for their lives so we need to make sure that these tragic events never. happen. again. 👊

camEEla @votecamilaaaa🔁... there’s no words to describe the outrage we feel today at what’s happening in our country, but we have a long way to go.... and the fight continues.
David Han @hanjangho76🔁Our family stands with all the students who walk out at 10 am today on the 19th anniversary of High and gather for 13 seconds of silence, in honor of the 13 victims at
Julia Schmeelk @juliaschmeelk10🔁Take a moment of silence from your busy schedule today for all the grieving families and friends from the high school massacre that struck so many hearts and homes 19 years ago.
Jacqueline @jacquee69🔁A World War II veteran who fought with General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge. He supports the  .
Melissa Aldana @melissaialdana🔁 We can do better. We MUST do better. #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain #NationalSchoolWalkout #NoRA twitter.com
Nelly Nel @youdalay🔁The portrait/auction ends Sunday

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PECOSLOBOS @pecoslobos🔁Dream Team???????????

aka: Muad'Dib 🇺🇸 @TheAuraWah🔁Anti gun, pro ?

I see forceps to be more dangerous than firearms.


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