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Celo @_marcelo_p13🔁 uploading this here so you guys actually understand how insane this whole thing in hawai'i is
Lucas Navarrete @LucasNavarreteM🔁So for those who want to talk about the ref.

-Bale should've been sent off.
-Right call on Sergi Roberto.
-Glaring f oul by Luis Suarez on Barcelona's second goal.
-Obvious PK by Alba on Marcelo.

It's pretty clear who should be angry at the ref tonight.

Keketso Selepe @KeketsoSelepe🔁 Marcelo showing that he has better ball control than 99% of teams number 10’s

(🎥 @btsportfootball)

Marcelo Celo @_marcelo_p13🔁 HOLY SHIT
Footy Accumulators @FootyAccums🔁So far in this match the ref has missed:

- Bale red card challenge on Umtiti
- Suarez foul on Varane that lead to M essi goal
- Alba foul on Marcelo that should have been penalty

At least he's awful for both sides?!

bet365 @bet365🔁Suarez scores
Nacho booked
Ronaldo equalises
Varane booked
Sergio Ramos booked
Suarez booked
Messi booked
Sergio Robe rto sent off
Ronaldo subbed
Messi scores
Bale scores
Bale booked
Marcelo booked
Rakatic booked

= Drama. 😍

Patricio Giráldez @patridunk🔁Messi blatantly punching Marcelo in the back..No surprise this was completely ignored by every media outlet.
P C 🌚🌝 @Pcruc25🔁@MrCPutu @NuelWeinchard Marcelo said himself it wasn't a red
Jefferson @Eeazzyj🔁Every single one of our players put a 10/10 performance yesterday, well except for Marcelo : 8/10
Keylor Navas : 12/10.
Robert A. @ISScyborg🔁Suarez scores
Nacho booked
Ronaldo scores
Varane booked
Ramos booked
Suarez booked
Messi booked
Roberto sent off
Messi scores
Bale scores
Bale booked
Marcelo booked
Rakitic booked

4 goals, 8 yellows, 1 red, chances, fights, passion.

El Clasico - football's greatest game

Shyam Bawane @ShyamAurShyam🔁78' - Real Madrid really should have a penalty as Marcelo is clearly hacked down inside the area, but somehow all of the match officials fail to spot it, and Real are left dumbfounded.

Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid

Shacques @ShaswarIbrahimi🔁Marcelo: "I think Roberto's red card was too much and harsh. I didn't feel like he touched my face."

Casemiro: "The referee was fair."

Ramos: "No, Barça did not win the title because of the referees. They were just too good."

Your players know it. Stop playing victims.

Lady Gooner💎🔴⚪️🇮🇳 @PriyaFast1🔁Finished watching el clasico
What amatch! End to end stuff
Despite going down to 10 men barca played toe to toe wit h RM!
However I still think RM got robbed. 1st Messi goal shud of been ruled out becoz of foul on varane by Suarez & second it ws a clear penalty on Marcelo
Juan @socraticjuan🔁Varane, Benzema, Modric, and Marcelo were all very aesthetically pleasing to watch last night.
I was shaking every t ime that Benz and Marcelo were on the ball in our final third ngl
Ⓜ️ @ManeeshD7🔁 I would trade my left nut to see a left back who has half the talent of Marcelo, play for ManUtd. Not kidding.
Barcelona Live @barca90live🔁Marcelo: 'It was one of the calmest Clasicos I’ve ever played'
Blaugrana Boi @blaugranaboii🔁 Wish we still had Mascherano in games like this. Marcelo or Ramos would be collecting their bones on the pitch.
The BOSS @Prolific001🔁 🗣 | Marcelo:" I don't know if that was a red card for Roberto because I didn't feel he touched my face."


La Liga Lowdown @LaLigaLowdown🔁🗣

I'm happy to admit when I'm wrong, but I have yet to see definitive proof that Ivan was offside. I believe him to be onside. 🔛

Marcelo was certainly baiting Sergi into a reaction...but SR should have know better! 🤦‍♂️


Basri da king @Basridaking🔁If the league title was played in yesterday’s clásico, it would’ve been a great disgrace by the referee, Hernandez Hernandez, who awarded Barça’s second goal after a blatant foul by Suarez on Varane and didn’t whistle for a stonewall penalty for Marcelo. [marca]
Glenn Russell @LordBarbary1704🔁Sergi Roberto red card: Pics show EXACTLY what Barcelona star did to Real Madrid's Marcelo
Baba Folarin @That_IjebuBadoo🔁 ❗️ Marcelo: "I think Roberto's red card was too much and harsh. I didn't feel like he touched my face."
Akhu 🇮🇳 @SomeOnes_Momoz🔁This was before Messi's goal
Clear penalty not given on Marcelo
referee helping barcelona in clasico again i am sick and tired
Somsundar Mishra @somsundar96🔁@filbef @LaLigaLowdown @thisisDSpot Ohhhh good Marcelo did wrong. 👏👏👏
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Goje ¡HalaMadrid! @goje_05🔁Suarez scores
Nacho booked
Ronaldo equalises
Varane booked
Sergio Ramos booked
Suarez booked
Messi booked
Sergio Roberto sent off
Ronaldo subbed
Messi scores
Bale scores
Bale booked
Marcelo booked
Rakatic booked

full of Drama.

Osho,Oluwatoba @Tobhar4Arsenal🔁This is when Messi shot - Marcelo not even in the picture. Amazingly negligent. He's an incredible footballer but can be a complete liability defensively.
Abdalla الحلاوي @Cule_92🔁Zidane: "Winning La Liga is harder than winning the CL"
Madrid fans: "But but that's not true"

Marcelo: "It was handball"
Madrid fans: "But if you look at it closely, it's a 50-50, up to the ref"

Thanos @TBadyal18🔁He's incredible on the ball but the talk of Marcelo being the greatest left-back ever is way off base. The role of a full-back is increasingly attacking but defensive duties remain a large part of it
@tsawenali#85 @Tsawenali85🔁 that refree officiating the game between Madrid & Barca was very poor Marcelo was fouled inside the box the other on e saurez fouled the defender and he said play on passed messy and scored
シマカン @shimakan_soccer🔁MARCA CONFIRMED: Referee Hernandez Hernandez didn't award a penalty after Alba's clear foul on Marcelo and wrongly allowed Messi's goal after a foul on Varane.
Sunny Sindhu @sunnysingh695🔁Madrid denied a clear penalty too. Alba takes out Marcelo, clear as day, but the referee says play on. Erm, okay then?
Josh @Joshualleonard🔁Combined LFC and Madrid xi ahead of the final.
Carvajal Varane Ramos Marcelo
Kroos Casemiro Modric
Bale CR7 Isco
ToobanLad @toobanlad🔁Marcelo is mad. Unreal talent but plays like he is on the beach having the craic. Salah could well get the freedom of Kiev down that side.
Sulaimon Adebola @SA_Adebola🔁I don’t think the refereee made bad errors. I think he deliberately wanted to cheat. There is no way he wouldn’t have spotted the foul by Suarez that led to Barca’s second goal and the penalty he refused to give for the blatant foul on Marcelo.
Marcelo Tibana @tiba_marcelo🔁Hi everyone meet James. He is so adorable?
James says Hello!!
Lets give some hello's back to him!
Abryll @abryllsuarez_🔁@melisza_marcelo Miss you more!!😽
Ousmagical @Ousmagical🔁Refereeing was abysmal, no consistency for sure. But every time a player appears to ‘punch’ someone, whether you hit him on the face or on the shoulder, it should be a red. Dumb move by Sergi, Suárez-like provoking from Marcelo
R @bbadgalroro🔁Marcelo’s a bitch, messi can do what he wants. End.
Enlighten me @Lishington1🔁Oh wow Marcelo is a good actor
Argentina2018 @10_messifan_10🔁Sergi hit Marcelo on the shoulder. Marcelo went down clutching his face [and later lied about the event]. CR7 sounds the alarm for the referee.
M. I. Alkali @m_alkali_🔁Barcelona v Real Madrid individual stats

⚽️ Most goals: MESSI
⚽️ Most goals: Ronaldo

🎯 Most assists: MESSI
🎯 Most assists: Kroos

🧠 Most chances created: MESSI
🧠 Most chances created: Marcelo

🛠️ Most key passes: MESSI
🛠️ Most key passes: Modric


onan @onanepk🔁 Marcelo admitted it was a handball and penalty against Bayern. What more can I say.
j @JxckM67🔁@MerlinTwentyOne doesn’t touch him lol, Marcelo jumps over his swinging leg.


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