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Mar-a-Lago Violet @mijomojo1🔁 WH press pool is getting screened by Secret Service in a Mar-a-Lago parking lot with this view.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Trump has arrived at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, per pool.

This is Trump's 144th day at a Trump property as president.

Scott Dworkin @funder🔁It’s Tuesday. Trump isn’t even in Washington. He’s at Mar-a-Lago again for the rest of the week. On another multi-mil lion dollar taxpayer-funded vacation. Trump’s acting like he’s having a summit, but he’s not. Trump’s hiding from press and golfing. This is pathetic.
Mar-a-Lago Sarah Sanders @PressSec🔁.@POTUS meets with Prime Minister of Japan @AbeShinzo today at Mar-a-lago to discuss N. Korea and trade.
KarenLL @KarenLL11🔁 WATCH: @POTUS and @AbeShinzo participate in a welcoming ceremony at Mar-a-Lago.
Nancy @DuffnsunNancy🔁Trump’s Advisers Worry About His Mental Health at Mar-a-Lago - Vanity Fair
Anthony Beaton @AnthonyBeaton6🔁Flags from all 50 states line the entrance to Mar-a-lago to welcome Prime Minister of Japan .
Kevin @MrMaidenform🔁The fact that most of it would go to Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago or Scott Pruitt's bulletproof cones of silence, Charles.
☮️ 🕊 🌎 tmarie @Syr829🔁 @ddale8 He’s a con man trying to convince us that his private club Mar-a-Lago is the southern White House. I call BS.
Teddy Partridge @teddysanfran🔁I really dislike being censored by Twitter, especially since I didn't even target his twitter handle directly so I'm gonna try this, again.

How many of you are sick & tired of Trump embarrassing our country by calling Mar-A-Lago the Southern WH?

Cheri Quail @NestofQuails🔁It’s Tuesday. Trump isn’t even in Washington. He’s at Mar-a-Lago again for the rest of the week. On another multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded vacation. Trump’s acting like he’s having a summit, but he’s not. Trump’s hiding from press and golfing. This is pathetic.
SoldierOfLove @MsKris🔁@realDonaldTrump It's a fucking commercial for Mar a Fucking Lago you shitgibbon.
jim doherty @jmdonsi🔁Trump, with Abe, said:
-meeting with KJU "probably in early June" or "a little before that" or not at all
-5 locations eyed
-he's credited for progress between North & South
-North & South "have my blessing" to discuss ending "Korean war"
-"many" leaders request Mar-a-Lago trip.
Knight2017 @Knight201701🔁At 8:10 pm the White House calls a “lid” on photos or travel from POTUS, sending the press pool back to our hotel. Here’s a parting shot of Mar-a-Lago, with a sliver of moon visible above the sunset.
Citizen Telegraph @ctztelegraph🔁Every time Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago it is to play golf and hang with his cronies. Get ready for a new round of irresponsible tweets that will catch his administration by surprise. What will Geraldo tell him this time..he he
janet cea @CeaJanet🔁Wrong.

Mar-A-Lago is not the Southern White House.

Mar-A-Lago is a resort that you own.

It was also referred to as the "Winter White House" and not the Southern White House when the federal government owned it.

Wags @theacewags🔁So Kim Jong Un will announce his plans for denuclearization at Mar-a-Lago.

It doesn’t get any better. On that occasion, Trump will go down in history as the greatest president of all time. And it will happen at the most hated site of the liberals.

Thank you, Lord.

HJK ART 🇦🇹 🇨🇦 @HJKART63🔁 Welcome to Mar-a-Lago! A tacky, taxpayer-funded infomercial.
Affrilachian Brooklynite @AchiroHero🔁In other news:
Trump was just asked at Mar-a-Lago if he has spoken directly with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

"Yes," Trump responded.

Bob Abbott @bobj_77382🔁. meets with Prime Minister of Japan today at Mar-a-lago to discuss N. Korea and trade.
☮️ 🕊 🌎 tmarie @Syr829🔁Trump isn’t even accurate in his history of Mar-a-Lago, which he claims was “originally built as the southern White House.”

It was originally built, in 1927, as a cereal heiress socialite’s house. She donated it to the US as a possible “winter White House” 46 years later.

Joe FreedomLover🇺🇸 @JoeFreedomLove🔁Trump Meets with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago Resort
Zola Clyde @ZolaClyde1🔁FWIW: Here at the Mar-a-Lago press hold, of the roughly 13 press in the Japanese travel pool following PM Abe, 1 is a woman. "Typical Japanese," said one man. On U.S. side, 2 of the 13 are women. "We're not any better," quipped one of the U.S. women.
Impressions🐾 @Vivjua🔁I have worried about his mental & moral health since before he was elected. 🔥🔥Trump Advisers Worry About His Health at Mar-a-Lago - Vanity Fair
VForVictory🇺🇸 @VforVictory1🔁Hey Buddy, as an American Citizen, I DEMAND to see 's tax returns, his Mar-a-Lago golf trip expenses, the cost of security and expenses for Malania's year at Trump Tower, and a refund for all the investigations that lead to nothing on Hillary. Ya, let's see those.
SecretSociety @byebyeGOP🔁As you pay your taxes today, remember they go towards paying:
-$3 million/weekend at Mar-a-Lago each time Trump visits
-Over $3 million in security for Scott Pruitt
-Over $1 million in travel expenses for Mnuchin
-$31K for a dining table
-$43K for a soundproof booth

Sue 🌈🇺🇸☯️💜🐘🦅🐿🐾🌎 @DogedogSue🔁Trump’s Advisers Worry About His Mental Health at Mar-a-Lago - Vanity Fair. Isn’t that special they are worried about trump time.
Al 😀! @2668🔁Trump on U.S. communication with North Korea

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lauri marinier @marinier2354🔁 Mar-a-Lago is the only place Trump can get a secure line to Putin & F2F with Putin's puppets.
Nopeyonekenopey @nopeyonekenopey🔁Mar-a-Lago Summit - Japan's PM Abe Meets with POTUS To Work On NoKo Peace Accord, Discuss China and Pacific

兰 @LozaBmRtxo2ionc🔁Trump on US communication with Kim Jong Un - CBS News
Hudson Widrig @Hudsonx77🔁"We have not picked a site yet, but we picked five sites where it is potentially going to be," Trump says of possible meeting locations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
linda ahvenniemi @lindaahv🔁I can't wait until Trump's indicted and the law that Session's passed that felons have their property seized, takes every,single, last thing this grifter and his family owns!

tarhill @mkoyki🔁 Condolences tweeted by @POTUS who is having dinner at Mar-a-Lago with @AbeShinzo.
Sound Around @_SoundAround_🔁Trump on U.S. communication with North Korea: President Trump said the U.S. is considering five…
Renae Jones @JonesRj1964🔁The pos is at Mar-a-Lago now!
Lori Clark @LulaFortune7109🔁Trump just gave an infomercial for Mar-a-Lago, claiming it was built as the "Southern White House."

Can't wait until he tries to convince us this is the "Eastern White House":

Tim Heath @twhown🔁I am happy to welcome Prime Minister Shinzo Arby's to Trumpworld Mar-a-Lago Theme Park! Japan is one of my favorite places in all of China and the yen is one of the most colorful currencies I have ever put into a suitcase and brought to a hotel room to close a real estate deal.
Dennis Uribe 🌊🌊🌊 @denuribe73🔁Trump’s Advisers Worry About His Mental Health at Mar-a-Lago | Vanity Fair #SmartNews
Notorious Gmen @Gmen2018🔁Please take him... you can pick him up at Mar-A-Lago watching tv!
border_sharon @border_sharon🔁The shit show keeps getting shit showier. Trump is pulling a Monty Python and is RUNNING AWAY!! But when you’re facing a criminal freight train, escaping to Mar-A-Lago, wolfing down cheeseburgers, and knocking back Diet Cokes is a pretty weak elixir.
Nancy Yarosis @YarosisNancy🔁ICYMI: Hubby’s frantic dash to the remote as I scream from the other room, “He’s patting his own fucking back! Many leaders ask to go to Mar A Lago? If it wasn’t for him nobody would be fucking talking?!?! Off! Get him off my T fuckin V!”
legaleagle @legaleagle1952🔁TRUMP: "Many of the world's great leaders request to come to Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach. They like it. I like it. We're comfortable. We have great relationships as you remember."
Patrick O'Shea @poshea🔁This makes Abe’s visit to Mar-a-Lago pretty awkward.
Pat Tropea @pattropea1247🔁Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is at Predator trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort meeting with him there instead of the White House and they will also be playing golf tomorrow. He is once again personally profiting from American tax payers and now Japanese tax payers.
orange_parrot @orange_parrot19🔁Donald Trump has turned Government into a money making venture in violation of emoluments act. During first 6 months alone in office the Department Of Defense spent $138,093 at businesses owned by Trump and the Secret Service was charged more than $63,000 at the Mar-a-Lago resort
Lu Woo @LuWoo5🔁Trump promotes Mar-a-Lago while meeting with Japanese PM Abe: “Many of the world's great leaders request to come to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. They like it, I like it, we're comfortable, we have great relationships.”
Steve Bassett @SteveBassett8🔁Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., "president" trump is gonna spend the day playing golf at Mar-a-Lago? Worse than EVERYONE!


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