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Peter Rivera @1nysportsfan🔁@kirbitthedog @realDonaldTrump MEANWHILE AT MAR A LAGO @HalftimeReport First lady meets #Stormy ?
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Trump will mark the first anniversary of his inauguration with a celebration at Mar-a-Lago, with tickets starting at $100,000 a pair, Bloomberg reports.

That amount will pay for dinner and a photo. For $250,000, a couple can take part in a roundtable.

Mar-a-Lago The Hill @thehill🔁JUST IN: Trump hosting $100k-per-couple inauguration anniversary gala at Mar-a-Lago
Mar-a-Lago coco @CarmellaRamsey🔁 Trump hosting $100k-per-couple inauguration anniversary gala at Mar-a-Lago
Stephanie Ruhle @SRuhle🔁TRUMP does NOT want a shut down.He wants a high-drama, grand finale,reality tv cliff hanger & just as that markets s tart to drop w/fears, he will swoop in, make it happen & recieve scores of Mar-a-lago cheers, a market rally &close the yr fulfilling his “I -I ALONE” promise
S.G. @dontfreekout🔁 Mar-a-Lago is a shithole. Retweet if you agree. #TrumpShutdown
Reuben Jones @reubeniii87584🔁Everybody is so obsessed with the shutdown that nobody is talking about the $100,000 a plate grifter's special at Mar-a-Lago tommorrow night.
Spaceman Eddie @SpacemanEd🔁 11:59 pm - Government shuts down if no deal is reached
4:30 pm - Trump wheels up to Mar-a-Lago
ChrisOnPolitics @USA_First_2016🔁I worked at Mar A Lago for two seasons. Worked at the beach club side and the valet. He'd regularly talk to us in Val et he didn't often visit the beach club side but when he did he was super nice and talkative with everyone. NTM passing out $100s to employees was always nice.
Anorexorcist91 @anorexorcist91🔁Trump's desire to play hardball is now in direct conflict with his desire to spend the weekend partying at Mar-a-Lago and playing golf.

Thus, Schumer is on the way to the White House

PROUD DEM @lmadams56🔁12 hours until the government is shut down because Mexico isn’t paying for the wall.

✈️ Mar-a-Lago
✈️ Middle East

If the government shuts down both of these degenerates should be forced to fly back on their own dime.

sandie @sandozmc🔁It’s hard to imagine a more angry Trump than a Trump who was planning to go to Mar-a-Lago for a big celebration of himself that would raise a ton of money but who instead is stuck at the White House dealing with political intricacies.
ma d @tompaines🔁Trump wants to charge people $50,000.00/person to attend a party celebrating the anniversary of his Presidency. "Meanwhile, the White House doesn’t even have a full-time director running the agency responsible for coordinating a government shutdown."
KD @Fly_Sistah🔁Nope, Trump is hosting a $100K per couple party at Maralago to celebrate a year of making America the laughing stock of the world. They have $150K tickets which presumably is a photo op w Trump, so he has to make it.
Kristopher Jansma @KristopherJans🔁Trump will cave and try to play it like he saved the day, then jet down to Mar-a-lago in time for tee.
Mar-a-Lago restaurants slapped with 15 health code violations | Fox ...

WASHIN GTON – Unsafe seafood. Insufficiently refrigerated meats. Rusty shelving. Cooks without hairnets.

K Shah @realKunalAShah🔁 My bet: No shutdown. Deal struck. Trump makes it in time to his party at Mar-a-Lago.
Carol Murray @dixiecrl7🔁Trump usually agrees with the last person to speak to him so hopefully Trump will be in such a hurry to get to Mar-a- Lago he’ll agree with Schumer and protect the dreamers. That would really upend the Republicans!
J.Moh the Pharoah @thebitterguy🔁So Trump is leaving work tomorrow at 4 to head to Mar-a-Lago amid the prospect of a government shutdown. I used to think he didn’t care about Puerto Rico uniquely when he golfed during a crisis, but I was wrong: he doesn’t care about the entire country. Fore!
ren dom @mrrendom🔁It's very good that is not traveling to Mar a Lago until after he signs CR. Let's be honest--Repubs (incl Trump) would kill a Dem prez on the optics if situation were rev'd.
mike m @mjmbono🔁House Republicans are now leaving DC to head home. So if the Senate sends something revised back to the House, the government will shut down. And Trump will be in Mar-a-Lago so he wouldn’t be here to sign anything anyways. Republicans are shutting the Gov’t down.
Anita Timeout! @AnitaTimeOut🔁Of course he makes it to Mar-a-lago!! He knows it's a "fake shutdown" and wouldn't want to miss the "Winter White Ho use".

Debbie Curtis @dukes225🔁Trump’s now acting like he won’t be leaving for Mar-a-Lago ‘til the government is funded, but we shouldn’t believe him. Because he’s a compulsive liar who wants to shut down the government. And is the biggest traitor in the history of this country. Benedict Donald.
Stay Noisy! 📣 #MeToo @BarbaraDarlin🔁"It sure ain't no shithole!" Trump fans flock to an odd Mar-a-Lago celebration: a political rally, with passed appetizers and crooning.
FALT89 @HOANHI1969🔁Trump isn't letting a government shutdown stand in the way of his party at Mar-a-Lago Partying while the government burns.
Danielle Graychik @DaniGraychik🔁@jfoltz61 @FoxNews @POTUS @SenSchumer @WhiteHouse And he wants to look like he saved the day, then celebrate with his Mar a Lago party!
Deanna @SocialControl🔁The only reason we can't call Mar-A-Lago "The Basket" is because Trump's base isn't allowed in.
Vice Admiral Laura Dern @ashcech🔁Trump likes having Haitians work in low paying, seasonal jobs at Mar-a-Lago though. He just got another batch of temporary work visas for them last year.
Lynn Whitener @intosportschick🔁BREAKING:
Because of Trump is GROUNDED as of midnight tonight.
🚫Air Force 1/Marine 1
🚫Car trips to his golf courses or Mar-a-Lago
🚫Car trips anywhere except to Congress or a Federal office.
Steven R. @RoethelSteven🔁Today while a government shutdown looms, Donald Trump will once again be spending millions in taxpayer money to go back to Mar-a-Lago so he can have a campaign fundraising event with tickets costing up to $250,000 per couple to get in. You can’t make this shit up.
Shawn Patterson @shawnmpatterson🔁Trump will mark the first anniversary of his inauguration with a celebration at Mar-a-Lago, with tickets starting at $100,000 a pair, Bloomberg reports.

That amount will pay for dinner and a photo. For $250,000, a couple can take part in a roundtable.

Virginia Lawson @VirginiaWhitlit🔁 @CNN I thought he was packing for mar-a-lago.
tina newman @tinaweit🔁@Stonekettle He wants to go to Mar a Lago dammit!
#VoteThemOut 202-224-3121 🇺🇸 @KsKM3🔁Seems like a good time to re-up this story.
I bet the researcher is reading the news with interest.
Christian Veliz @ChristVeli🔁Trump going to mar-a-lago while government shutdown looms is most irresponsible,self absorbed,dereliction of duty ever by a President.This man doesn’t comprehend work ethic,the office of President,or duty to the country.He understands golf,ice cream,and Big Macs!
Lee Smith @lf092313🔁Meanwhile tax payers will pay for trumps entire Czar Mar Lago bs party while he has fun charging $100k a guest and screws his foreign waitstaff. republiCONSs r traitors promoted this mobster trump. Base cost every wkend is $3.6Million. trump still has vets $5.2M in his pocket
JanLentz @GranJanis🔁Trump postpones weekend Mar-a-Lago trip amid possible government shutdown
Louis Cyfer @LouisCyfer666🔁Trump: C'mon Chuck I have a $100,000 a plate dinner I'm throwing at Mar a Lago this weekend plus I want to get a few rounds of golf in too.
Ruth.Weinfeld @WeinfeldRuth🔁Trump is hosting $100K a couple event at Mar-A-Lago this weekend to celebrate the 1 year inauguration anniversary.
and I are hosting our 1 year ALTiversary Jan 27th. Will accept Cake, Kebab, NOODleS and Forbes Mags*

*Rolled up

Kurt Baldyga @ChiCustomTattoo🔁AND....with a possible govt shutdown looming, instead of staying in Washington, Sir Donald is hosting at Mar-a-Lago, the 1st Annual....Trump SUCK-O-RAMA!! Very presidential. And, glad you can face your children and sleep at night spewing your daily lies. Great parenting
John Kenten @JohnKenten🔁"Welcome to Mar-a-Lago. A magnificent place. It sure ain't no shithole!" Jeanine Pirro said at Trumpettes party at Mar-a-Lago tonight.
Sumac @imsmchenry🔁BREAKING: Trump has temporarily cancelled his scheduled trip to Mar-a-Lago to try to prevent a government shutdown.

Poor baby 👶🏼 has to actually do some work instead of golfing 🏌️ every weekend on the taxpayer’s dime!

Expect an angry tweet incoming!


Orlando A Robertson @Orlando7770🔁Talk about personal profiteering from government position. Ethics out the window. ---> "Trump has just said he will host a $100k-per-couple inauguration anniversary gala at Mar-a-Lago"

Virginia Lawson @VirginiaWhitlit🔁So the $100,000.00 a plate dinner at Mar a Lago this weekend is actually a marathon work session to keep the government open. That’s why it is so pricy! Raising money for the people. What a patriot!!
Galaxi16 @Galaxi162🔁Trump to mark anniversary with Mar-a-Lago bash as thousands get set to protest

Tickets start at $100,000 a pair for the glitzy celebration

Republicans and Democrats locked in stalemate over spending

C Russo @CeeRusso🔁Attendees at the president's for-profit luxury club in Palm Beach celebrate Trump's common touch: “He would always talk to his help"
Susan Warren @EEE_gal🔁He should go to Mar-a-Lago so that we can have a Chris Christie on the closed beach or let them eat cake type photo o p.
JustMe @JustMe94253502🔁. is holding a contest to have dinner with him at the Emoluments Capital of the world, Mar-a-Lago.

Let's do something better. Chip in $3 now—or anything you can—and enter to win a trip to get dinner w/ me on Main Street in Racine instead.


He wants to get as far away from Washington as possible, so he can blame everyone else. He also has a fundraiser and Golf business to attend to.


Such leadership!

Marion @oldwac1🔁To Mar-a-lago guests, eating over-priced, under-rated gala: be careful or the food might make you ill.
Undercooled meat. Dangerous fish. Health inspectors ding Trump’s Mar-a-Lago kitchen
Persist Resist @45isalier🔁Pence will be in Middle East, Tillerson en route to Europe if/when starts this Sunday. Trump postponed weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago.
Nik Riv @nik_riv🔁The Secret Service spent $26,457.28 to rent lights, generators, tables and tents from companies near Mar-a-Lago, apparently for his New Year's party
@RumAndDiabetes @rumanddiabetes🔁Hey, remember when New Jersey government shut down and Chris Christie and his family hit a beach closed to the public?
Trump's off to Mar-A-Lago to golf in the face of a .
That should go over well.


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