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Many Sides

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Many Sides Shannon @shannonannne🔁 “Many sides” didn’t do this.
Many Sides chrle1159 @cherylc1159🔁 I know Which of the 'Many Sides' I'm On. The Only GOOD, JUST , MORAL Side...


Many Sides Michel Pilon @jmpilon🔁 President Trump condemns violence "on many sides", in the baby vs cannibals debacle. USA, 2017.
Many Sides Air Max 1833 @its1833🔁 Hate does not have "many sides."
Mark Herring @MarkHerringVA🔁The violence, chaos, and apparent loss of life in Charlottesville is not the fault of "many sides." It is racists and white supremacists.
Chris Evans @ChrisEvans🔁MANY SIDES?!? Ive typed and deleted at least 8 tweets. Words simply arent strong enough to accurately describe how I feel about Donald Trump
Kumail Nanjiani @kumailn🔁"On many sides."

Never forget that phrase.

Three words that protected violent bigotry.

"On many sides."

Gabriel Dalay @gabedalay🔁Trump Saw 'Many Sides' While Some Republicans Saw White Supremacy, Domestic Terrorism #notmypresident
Abby Okin @AbbyOkin1🔁"on many sides" @realDonaldTrump ? It was the white racist terrorist who drove the car into the crowd. You & your racist ideology own this.
Matilde @Matilde5775🔁The Daily Stormer--a neo-Nazi hate site--is positively joyful at Trump's "many sides" comments. They (rightly) see it as tacit acceptance.
sam 🍌 @95taejin🔁Trump's week
✓Threatened nuclear war.
✓Threatened Venezuela.
✓Thanked Putin for expelling US diplomats.
✓"Many sides" after neo-Nazi murder.
Josh Fendley @wishyjoshy🔁When terrorists abroad plow cars into crowds Trump condemns "radical Islam." But when it happens here, he talks of violence "on many sides."
Lancaster Stands Up @lancstandsup🔁Virginia AG to Trump: "Many sides" are not to blame for violence, just white supremacists
Jeffrey Burg @jburg1985🔁Trumps thoughts on:
Obama - disaster
Paris - shithole
White House - dump
Boy Scouts - liars
Neo-Nazi rally - many sides to issue
Tabitha Watts @taw1908🔁TRUMP ON

Irene Costa @imcosta1🔁Dear : There are "many sides" to white nationalist bigotry, but only one color. Are you afraid to name it?
Helen @hmonkeyruns🔁 Trump says he condemns violence in Charlottesville "on many sides" and doesn't get any more specific.

He is truly awful.

Deb MacNeil @JustDebbi🔁Trump condemns hatred "on many sides" in Charlottesville white nationalist protest Only ONE side DT. Neo-Nazi side
Jerry L Oakley @JerryLOakley1🔁 @realDonaldTrump You're disgusting! You really put the blame "on many sides" instead of condemning white supremacists
PJ Montgomery @PJMontgomery🔁In the USA...

Black Lives Matter = violent, looters, domestic terrorists

Nazis = free speech, many sides, bused in AntiFa caused violence

Maria Jose @mjrmas🔁No, Mr. President, not "many sides." There is one side with nazi flags and nazi salutes. America is not on that side.
Alder Wood @_A__Dub🔁The real meaning of Donald Trump's "on many sides" speech: via @slate
Peter W. Singer @peterwsinger🔁3 days before Trump's "many sides" dog whistle, the White House was explicitly saying concerns of white supremacist terrorism are overblown:
Ms. Kurtosis @ms_kurtosis🔁The many sides of white supremacy:


Aimee DeMaio @AimeeDemaio🔁Let's be clear. This is not a push coming from "many sides." It's coming from the Republican Party. Vote them out.
Hissy Fitz @HissyFitz2🔁Daily reminder, our President refuses to repudiate Nazis, KKK & White Nationalist. Many of whom are his supporters👇🏻

Trump Fighter @TrumpFighter🔁. saying "many sides" are at fault, & not condemning white supremacy is him appealing to his alt-right base.
Operation Dumbass @WhinyTrumpy🔁 'Many sides" is the gold medal of dog whistles.
aka: Muad'Dib 🇺🇸 @TheAuraWah🔁Where was all the Democrat RAGE during these riots? There are many sides to this but there is an obvious bias!!

Gussy @GussyKrieg4🔁The Real Meaning of “On Many Sides”

Thoughtful article by Josh Levin. Trump has told us who he is.

Tim Collier @oldtrooper75🔁"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, & violence on many sides..."

Steve Carroll @DrSRCarroll🔁This murder is only "sad"?! The violence had "many sides"?! Trump is such a coward.
!broken need a fix @brokenNotRecord🔁1/ Trump's: "on many sides, on many sides" 👈🏻he literally equated anti Nazi/KKK/Domestic Terrorist to BLM/Anti-White Supremacy supporters.
And Yet @Robirdie23🔁But cannot string together the characters to condemn the white, male HOME-GROWN terrorists HE emboldened. There aren't MANY sides.
Rabiah @iliveforreading🔁 "On many sides."

Never forget that phrase.

Three words that protected violent bigotry.

"On many sides."

Julie Kenward @JulieLKenward🔁Dear America,

The President is wrong. There are not MANY SIDES to hatred and white supremacy. There is only one side: it's WRONG.

The End

amianakali @adtelfair🔁This muthafucka said "the violence going on from many sides" well today it was clearly from White Supremacists smfh
Dianne Singer @DianneSinger🔁. needs to speak out against the poisonous resurgence of white supremacy. There are not "many sides" here, just right and wrong.
Sumeet @klert🔁 (Getting pulled over)
Cop: you were speeding
Me: there was speeding on many sides
Abby @Abby_NYC🔁"Many sides" = can't upset my white supremacist base. What a piece of shit he is.
господин прозорец @MrWindoWH🔁 "On many sides".
Virgil Kennedy @KennedyVirgil🔁Nazi flags, bigotry, racism and cheers of "Heil Trump!" aren't coming from many sides. They're coming from violent white supremacists.
Deborah Gard @GardDeborah🔁 "On many sides" is the low point of a presidency that's already had a record number of low points.
Marcus Rosenlehner @mrosenlehner🔁It was not "on many sides" It was on the side of those screaming racist chants!! The skinhead clan that voted for YOU!
patheticgirl43 @ethnicish🔁Trump condemned "hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides." This isn't a many sides issue. This is about white supremacy, plain & simple.
Brian Orce @jimnobu🔁Trump, Bannon, Gorka, Miller emboldened these Nazis. Encouraged them. And Trump's "many sides" bullshit continues that. This is terrorism.
D. Moody @dmoody_🔁Hey Mr. Trump: Nazis are not "many sides." They're evil. We had a big war to end them. The whole world came. You should read about it.
AbolishTheFed @AbolishTheFed🔁Pres. #Trump under fire after failing to denounce #Charlottesville white supremacists
Irene Costa @imcosta1🔁. comments on using phrase "many sides" to describe sources of violence today in


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