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Manhattan Center Tracy⛄️ @Tracy_Lynn13🔁 First look inside Manhattan Center for #Raw25
Manhattan Center to wealth.. @thegoaliswealth🔁 The Manhattan Center looks awesome! #Raw25
Justin Langlois @justlang🔁 Scanning the Manhattan Center crowd for a familiar face.


Manhattan Center JLF_89📚 @JLF_89🔁 HOLY SHIT! THEY HAVE AN ICOPRO BANNER at the Manhattan Center for #raw25 #raw #wwe
UmmU @SDVJ_0786🔁 Manhattan Center bound for #RAW25
Mustafa Ali @MustafaAliWWE🔁Manhattan Center bound for #RAW25
Ashlee White @AshleeWhite23🔁Wrestling Fam, I have awesome news for you!!! I'll be live on here and Periscope at 7pm EST from the Manhattan Cente r with him and . See the inside of the venue, here our final predictions, news and notes we have on the show!
Jim Ross @JRsBBQ🔁Excited to head to NYC soon for Monday night at 8/7 CT on from the Manhattan Center and to catch up w/
at ringsi de!

Some say we’ll not be as good as we once were but I say we can be as good once as we ever were. (Thx ) @pw_dotcom🔁Christian Bringing Back “Peep Show” at RAW 25? Classic ICOPRO Signs Hanging in Manhattan Center
Josh Crawford @JoshCrawford86🔁It warms my heart to see @JRsBBQ & @JerryLawler in The Manhattan Center tonight! #RAW25
Ed Battes @EdBattes🔁Damn, wish @notsam was live from the Manhattan Center. #RAW25
FINN @FinnishBalor🔁The crowd is definitely gonna take over at the Manhattan Center. #RAW25
JohnNS @John_from_NS🔁I think #RAW25 ends with @BraunStrowman dropping the Barclay center on The Manhattan Center.
PetBunnyFan @PetBunnyFan🔁I'd actually like to be at the Manhattan Center tonight. I'll bet that was ridiculously hard to get tickets for that portion of the card.
James Sweeney @JamesSweeneyIII🔁Are you ready! Fourth row Manhattan Center for Raw25 I think I’m gonna cry Too many memories already! Thank you fo r coming home WWE
Jeff Hill @redsox4evur_os🔁@ZAN_4PM @JasonDirtyBurt @JRsBBQ He is. Him and King are calling the action at the Manhattan Center.
Angelo Di Carlo @angdicarlowndu🔁Nice dude have fun! Hopefully you get some of the good stuff. Will be interesting to see what’s at Brooklyn vs Manhat tan center
Erik Bubba @eanstiss32🔁The Manhattan Center is slowly filling up, and the setup is reminiscent of the original Monday..
Larry W. Callahan @LarryWCallahan🔁Joy,

Spread the word and join the movement to rename Manhattan’s North River Wastewater Treatment Plant as the Donald J. Trump Sewage Plant!

Samuel @Svmmerslam🔁@brieshippie You'd think they'd let the fans watch RAW from Barclays while in the Manhattan Center and vice versa.
James K. Gunjack @the_gunjack🔁 Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross live from The Manhattan Center on the preshow makes me think it’s the 90’s 😍 #RAW25
UmmU @SDVJ_0786🔁Renee Young, David Otunga and Peter Rosenberg are hosting the pre-show at the Barclays Center, and the King Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross are at the Manhattan Center.
Wes Reynolds @WesReynolds1🔁@CoversNuggz The Manhattan Center grand ballroom. They are also at the Barclays Center tonight.
Glock Lesnar @HeelPapi_🔁So is the 1st hr from the manhattan center?
Zac Wassink @ZacWassink🔁@CaseyKulas the Manhattan Center looks amazing btw
mark @ThisHurtsMyEyes🔁the more i see stuff from the manhattan center, the more upset i am i didn’t go


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