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#ManchesterUnited هشام بن أحمد @aboalhish95🔁 Glory Gloey man utd🔥
#ManchesterUnited Mayur Damodare @mayurdams🔁The spark,buildup,finishing all that was missing last season is here now. This is the old #ManchesterUnited
Habib. @famalive🔁 Pogba making it 4. What a pass from martial #mufc #ManchesterUnited
#ManchesterUnited Richie K @1richiek🔁#ManchesterUnited #Lakuku That's TWO!!!
#ManchesterUnited MUFC Polls @olyrics94🔁Bringing all #MUFC fans together!

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Victoria Lopyreva @LopyrevaVika🔁C ya tmrw at the stadium guys ✌🏾V @ManUtd #ManchesterUnited ⚽️
Victoria Lopyreva @LopyrevaVika🔁Hello from Old Trafford! ⚽️Only winners here! 🏆Such a warm welcome! 🙏🏽With a legend Mr Albert Morgan 👋🏾V
THE VIK!NG @KobbyGLive🔁Our performance today was


Oooooo the boys are good #MUFC #ManchesterUnited

festus zixxo @FZixxo🔁#ManchesterUnited!!! We ain't joking
POWERXMOVES @KMuscleOfficial🔁😂😂 and they said Lukaku wouldn't be successful or score much cuz he's at united🤷🏾‍♂️ 2 goals on his league debu t🎯
Nurhadi Arifin @NNine9999🔁Manchester United 4 VS 0 West Ham.
Afolaby Kaiza @Afolabykaiza🔁 are leading the for the first time since they were top of the table after round 1 last season (finished 6th)
Ondrej Herceg @OndrejHerceg🔁What a confident performance on day one by Manchester United. Matic was the most dominant man on the pitch. 37 to go! #ManchesterUnited
Vaibhav Soni @Griz_11🔁Thanks @ChelseaFC for Nemaja Matic.#ManchesterUnited
ManchesterUnited Fan @MAN_UTD_POL🔁Who was the best player during the match?🔴⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
#MUFC #ManUtd #PremierLeague #MUNWHU #ManchesterUnited
Emeka Charles @Charlemex🔁#matic Thankful for leaving #chelseafc #ManchesterUnited awesome first game
. #supersport
ToXiC @FreeFalling_Shr🔁@OfficialFPL When Lukaku Socres and #FPL is down. That's 1.8 million people checking their scores! #GGMU #ManchesterUnited
NN @beautiful_nisah🔁You only need a good coach and team spirit to deliver.. It's matic #MUFC #GGMU #MUNWHU #ManchesterUnited
أبــو هـــادي @ez4emad🔁 Lukaku is on fire!!!! 🔥
#ManchesterUnited are real contenders this year!
KingBabz @danzile🔁Before the season started, I saw many idiots jazzing for #ManchesterUnited and I just kept quiet. The games will speak for me
Ryan @ryanspangenberg🔁Already weird watching @ManUtd without @WayneRooney #epl #ManchesterUnited
Yazan Khrais @YazanKhrais🔁Yaa fuckinnn beauuuty ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #MUFC #pogba #lukaku #united #ManchesterUnited
TUKESIGA M RICHARD @RICHARDTUKESIGA🔁#ManchesterUnited the#1999spirit cld be smelling around🙆
Abbey @snadguy🔁 are leading the for the first time since they were top of the table after round 1 last season (finished 6th)
SJ @asj_tweets🔁This is only a trailer, lots more to come. #ManU #ManchesterUnited #MUFC
Morgan Bolton @FreemanZAR🔁Oh boy, I suspect every #ManchesterUnited fan is gonna crawl out of every nook and cranny to boast about that ruthless performance #GetReady
HENRY ORIWO @ajonyo🔁Ohhh how i love what a game thank you @…


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