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#MajorCrimes Tony Brice 🏳️‍🌈 ✡ @AmericanCFLFan🔁Watching #MajorCrimes and then calling it a night
#MajorCrimes Major Crimes @MajorCrimesTNT🔁Don’t mess with the boss. #MajorCrimes
MaryMcD Daily @dailymarymcd🔁We've waited for this for so long. ❤
#Shandy #MajorCrimes #SharonRaydor #AndyFlynn
@MaryMcDonnell10 @RealTonyDenison
MaryMcD Daily @dailymarymcd🔁"The rules, mom. THE RULES." #MajorCrimes #SharonRaydor @MaryMcDonnell10

Someone's a stubborn patient. 😂😂😂

Major Crimes @MajorCrimesTNT🔁Get well soon, Commander. #MajorCrimes
Major Crimes @MajorCrimesTNT🔁Check back with us TONIGHT as creator sits down with in this week’s Facebook LIVE. twitter.com
A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁Of course I'm comfortable in backseats, what do you think? Sharon's face! And then she is all don't say THAT at school! #MajorCrimes
Stephen Miller @StephenMiller35🔁I wonder how many people Googled cardiomyopathy during this episode? I did. #majorcrimes
A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁I'm not even Catholic. Just walk around with a guilty look on your face. #Truth #MajorCrimes
Esra Koç @esraakoccc🔁We've waited for this for so long. ❤

A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁3 epis in and Sharon is all Rusty is home! Love it! #MajorCrimes
Claudia Stark @catchmeinadream🔁The moment when you're both crying and smiling at the same time.
I suffered through with this ship but it was worth t twitter.com his moment, this it was! It was worth to hear that "I love you so so much" finally from her mouth!
It's the 😍😍😍

A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁I don't cry in front of people. I am so Rusty! This is why I hate my job, so, so, so, much my boss has made me cry 3 twitter.com times in front of him and others! 3 ! I need a new job ASAP!
Fenny Liu @liufenny14🔁We agree -that was one hell of a moment outstanding performance by Mary and Tony 👌❤️
TonyDenison Fangroup @RealStefanie10🔁We agree -that was one hell of a moment outstanding performance by Mary and Tony 👌❤️ twitter.com
Claudia Stark @catchmeinadream🔁Andy: Sharon, the doctor wanted you to rest.
Sharon: I'm home... I'm sitting!


HA! This woman is me on tv. Really!!!!

A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁When you are having shots and watching and tweeting and everything is all fine and funny but then you scroll down a twitter.com nd are reminded one of your childhood crushes is gone. Well let's just say it's not a good time.
A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁Oh no, Rusty is missing! #MajorCrimes
Claudia Stark @catchmeinadream🔁Andy: Sharon you're off the clock.
Sharon: But I'm curious!

AHAHA she's so me!


A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁When Dr. Leslie hits Grandpa Winchester with a tray, I'm like yay! Then he tries to choke her out and Amy takes him d twitter.com own and Julio is all I'm beginning to like Sykes! YES!
Chad Michael @Chadwik3🔁I love new way of telling stories. The whole multiple cases carried out in an anthology way is & . Thank yo twitter.com u so much
TonyDenison Fangroup @RealStefanie10🔁#MajorCrimes Sanctuary City part 4
Renée Whitfield @ReneeNWhitfield🔁#MajorCrimes As a fellow #BSG fan pointed out to me: Looks like Mary McDonnell is playing the dying leader again.
Fenny Liu @liufenny14🔁 we need more on
Fenny Liu @liufenny14🔁We love some . Always ready to solve a case.
Fenny Liu @liufenny14🔁We need more the fans want more. will make given us a home ?
Fenny Liu @liufenny14🔁We need more in our lives . .
Valentina Basso⚽ @FloydVale🔁 & by RT filming season 6 👮👮😍😍
A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁And there is Grandpa Winchester! @GilMcKinney Too bad, he is evil! #MajorCrimes #Supernatural #SPNFamily
A T @cuzimwhereitsAT🔁3 epis in and Sharon is so protective of Rusty, love it! #MajorCrimes


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