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AJ 🍸 @aliciainedmonds🔁Me watching the last 10 minutes of #MajorCrimes
#MajorCrimes#MajorCrimes#MajorCrimes Valentina Basso⚽ @FloydVale🔁 The cast of #MajorCrimes celebrates the bittersweet series finale tonight. Enjoy the episode!
#MajorCrimes Jose Antonio Algarra @hutxu🔁I've just watched S06E09 of Major Crimes! #majorcrimes #tvtime tvtime.com
Donald Adams @DonaldA63850741🔁 To sum it up. #MajorCrimes #SharonRaydor @MaryMcDonnell10
Midoris @NoTime4Comedy🔁My sources are talking up @dogecoin. #MajorCrimes
#MajorCrimes Major Crimes @MajorCrimesTNT🔁Witness the thrilling conclusion of the chase tomorrow night on the series finale of #MajorCrimes.
Major Crimes @MajorCrimesTNT🔁It is with both pride and sadness that we raise our glass for a final toast from our creator tonight. Thank you to o twitter.com ur amazing fans for you devotion.
Sam Rubin @SamOnTV🔁Red Alert. More mediocre acting ahead. Tonight I tackle on the series finale… instagram.com
ANNIE @superannielette🔁In all honesty, though. Thank you to for holding together a family for the last 6 seasons, for being a great role model for young women, for showing middle aged women that they can do anything - it’s never too late. Thank you for being Sharon Raydor.
Cmdr.DorkyBadass @MargsMargrete🔁Go Lt. Tao shoot that annoying brit kid. 😂😂 #MajorCrimes
Megan Allford @larizabaluyut🔁As we’re waiting for the final episode to air, let me take a moment to thank this incredible cast and crew for their talent & kindness, for taking us along for this epic journey and welcoming us as part of their family.
Starla J Yarbrough @StarlaYarbrough🔁 has ended I'm now left with wondering why character "had" to be killed off. While I find all characters interesting twitter.com I was sad with this turn of events. & did great with emotions. What's next for these great people?
Boston's Own @AK_FVO🔁They are such an amazing group of people. twitter.com
Valentina Basso⚽ @FloydVale🔁 #MajorCrimes JULIO SPIN OFF PLEASE!!!
Susan Mac Nicol @SusanMacNicol7🔁In the words of Sharon Raydor, be safe, and be kind.

Thanks for the journey.

❤️ MajorCrimesTV

Michael Eddy @MichaelEddy6🔁 Limped to the finish line. Original lead (Sedgwick) leaves + they needlessly kill off the next (McConnell) 3 eps fro twitter.com m the end for no good reason (and cheesingly done). Then take out the prime villain in lame fashion for a final kumbaya moment. Overstayed your welcome
Cmdr.DorkyBadass @MargsMargrete🔁Done with my classes and I can finally watch Though I heard the finale is not that satisfying still watching it coz twitter.com 😉 💕💕
Valentina Basso⚽ @FloydVale🔁Calling all fans! Don’t forget to submit your questions for the cast for tonight’s Facebook Live, and then tune-in to the series finale on .
I'm Not Even Suppose To Be Here Today @PureMassacre89🔁 Series Finale Recap: Who Died? And Who Left the Team? via tvline.com
L.J. @acquariusgb🔁It seems like only yesterday when I watched a panel where and were discussing that it was refreshing to see in a sh twitter.com ow women arguing about the justice system and not boys. After that finale, I wonder what happened to that vision.
Ackeem Duggan @ackeemdugganPIX🔁Retweeted Major Crimes (@MajorCrimesTNT):

The cast of #MajorCrimes celebrates the bittersweet series finale... fb.me

Gary John Stout @43Fellow🔁 Maybe Parker can save Kristina. #MajorCrimes #GeneralHospital #YepIWentThere
Midoris @NoTime4Comedy🔁I sensed that evil puppet master never liked Sharon Raydor as much as he did Brenda Leigh Johnson. The resentment wa twitter.com s never so clear as when Sharon’s last moments - like the dream wedding - in were reduced to near Instagram posts.
Kate Santos @kateXclusivo🔁As we put a bow on tonight, I recall the rewarding experience guarding our beloved Commander, and everyone else on the 9th floor of the .
Joanna Barr @PeaceMamaJo🔁Amazing finale. I will miss you guys. I’ve been watching since the premiere episode of “The Closer.” #MajorCrimes twitter.com
feralpossum @feralpossum🔁I am beyond sad that is finished. 😭 What fabulous writing and actors! Thank you for such stunning entertainment. Lo twitter.com ng live and
Midoris @NoTime4Comedy🔁The series finale would have been far more satisfying if CDR Raydor was the one announcing Buzz’s promotion and tyin twitter.com g up loose ends. The shot of Rusty and Louie looking into Sharon’s empty office was as gratifying as seeing Clint Eastwood talk to an unoccupied chair.
L.J. @acquariusgb🔁 Honestly makes me wonder if I've been watching a different show the past 5 years! So many wrong things in this final twitter.com e! But my first concern is:how did FID clear Provenza when the bullets from his gun wouldn't have match the ones that killed Stroh?
Debrada Browning @DebradaBrowning🔁 Why #MajorCrimes season 7 isn't happening on TNT, anywhere else cartermatt.com
Ms. Officer @50Shades_AKAN🔁Farewell #MajorCrimes it was an awesome 6 seasons
anjatheTEAgirl @AnjaTEAgle🔁 I think all crimes are #MajorCrimes if you look at them from the victim's perspective.
Esther Dean @keithcbarney1🔁💜 While we grieve we’re also so, so grateful & in that spirit we share this Thank You vid organized by & .

& we missed you in the chat tonight but hope you have seen this.❤️

Tara Varughese @TaraV430🔁 I can’t believe they left us hanging!!! I want to see Wes and Cami together! Could have at least had her accept a d twitter.com ate with him!
Angie @aslider98🔁 I love watching this show I will miss it. I wish they would make a new show with Rusty. It can be about law School and the 5 yrs in the D.A. Office.
Sarah Pounds @SarahPounds7897🔁She is alive in my heart
And that will be forever

Goodbye, . I loved you

Sarah Pounds @SarahPounds7897🔁As 💔 as I’ve been these past few weeks after Sharon was unnecessarily killed off I want to thank for bringing a powerful tv character to life, showing strength & femininity & a TY for connecting me w/some amazing friends. I’ll be forever greatful!!💜
Jamar Taurus ♉ @JamarTodd🔁Kyra Sedgwick could've brought her damned ass back for the series finale. #MajorCrimes #TheCloser
Sarah Frater @sarah_frater🔁 As an honest woman who spend her whole life protecting the law, Sharon Raydor would jump out of her coffin if she heard her son shot an unarmed man to death and Provenza helped him cover up. Stroh deserve to die, but this can not be called “Justice”.
Sarah Pounds @SarahPounds7897🔁It's a price I would pay again for the fabulous ride !!!
Thank you!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Lieutenant Andy Flynn @FlynnRaydor_🔁I still wish I got that damn Dirt bag #MajorCrimes but I have to say Kid I am proud of you Rusty you have grown .
michelle @heyitsmichellen🔁 I'm gonna miss seeing a powerful woman in the control. I'm gonna miss her intelligence and leadership. I'm gonna miss Sharon and her example of woman in this sexist society. Thank you for giving always your best.
Sien Hughes @HughesSien🔁Regarding the ratings of i am sure there are fans who tuned in who share vision however judging by the twi twitter.com tter the vast majority have continued to watch out of loyalty to mattered and the best ensemble on tv
Saw @Saw7084🔁 killed off its strong female lead with something that’s usually minor,because women are“weak,” I guess, then focused twitter.com on a white male psychopath and the white men who got to bring him down. Sharon’s funeral got 3 minutes.Stroh got 3 episodes. WTF
Everette @TheOriginalEB3🔁I can't believe this is the end of an era 😢😶😪. From #theCloser to #MajorCrimes #SeriesFinale #ThisIsIt @MajorCrimesTNT ☹️😔♥️
Vezo Movement 💔🚀 @OnlyOneVezo🔁#ChampsVsStars #ANTM #CARvsTBL #MajorCrimes #RHOBH #CuomoPrimeTime #MarriedAtFirstSight Mike Pettine tinyurl.com
The Watchers @TheywatchTV🔁You don’t get to just mention Brenda Lee. 😭 #MajorCrimes
IrishStephen @NDIrishFan_72🔁Just starting the last episode of . There have been some great stories and characters over the last twelve years betw twitter.com een and . Provenza and Flynn were always my favorites, but the cast has been tremendous throughout.
Midoris @NoTime4Comedy🔁 it’s so sad how excited I was before Season6 of .It was going tobe the”season loyal fans deserved.”We would be”satisfied”with the ending.
We’d get more personal content.Nope,nope,nope.The writing got lazy/sexist.Season6 had so much potential,and it SUCKED
brenda m @brendamayall🔁 In this final season of #MajorCrimes, what story has left the biggest impact?
Wendy McNees @wendymncees143🔁 I love watching this show I will miss it. I wish they would make a new show with Rusty. It can be about law School twitter.com and the 5 yrs in the D.A. Office.
All Christian Kane @all_about_CK🔁could be coming back for another season without Brenda and Sharon and in charge? i would definitely watch that. not interested in any other show except for my
Saw @Saw7084🔁 it’s so sad how excited I was before Season6 of .It was going tobe the”season loyal fans deserved.”We would be”satis twitter.com fied”with the ending.
We’d get more personal content.Nope,nope,nope.The writing got lazy/sexist.Season6 had so much potential,and it SUCKED
Donna @DonnaThorson🔁 “@angiedam2: It’s so hard to be a woman these days, even on a tv show 🤷🏻‍♀️ #MajorCrimes”. Bingo!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
IamtheStorm @4jazznjava🔁F@@@ you producers of that kill belonged to Sharon. But you cast the woman aside to make it a boys club ending. FU. twitter.com I see what you did.
Judith Gonda @JudithGonda🔁I think we can all agree that if we can't have on a regular basis, owes us a yearly outing w/Flynn, Provena & Buzz on an "adventure" of some kind. W/appearances from other Murder room regs, of course. Who's with me?
lynda urbanczyk @tweetsabouttv🔁#MajorCrimes finale did not disappoint. Fantastic ending to a fantastic show.
Jason Stermer @jasonbstermer🔁@MajorCrimesTNT #MajorCrimes - did anyone else hope that maybe rusty would be meeting Sharon in a better place in the last episode?
Michelle Cuevas @paula_m_cuevas🔁Ok so my question is now that is over, do we all disband, go our separate ways. Or are we all still family and conti twitter.com nue to tweet each other. But i would be totally lost without each and every single one you guys. You all are family.❤


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