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Madrid Rez @DaReal_REZ🔁 Gareth Bale wants to be playing every week.
Lozano is still better than Pulisic @ThankYouIniesta🔁 Sergio Ramos The Captain of Real Madrid
Madrid Seth Balór @SethBalor2018🔁 Madrid toasts to another European title 🍷
Madrid chetcowie @Workin4vacation🔁Real Madrid vs Liverpool - LIVE: Champions League final reaction and Mohamed Salah injury latest
Madrid Hammad Rais @hammadrais32🔁 ... AND THE POPE LIVES. All Thanks To Real Madrid.


Anderson Bàzile Jr! @AndyBazileJr🔁 🎉 CHAMPIONS! 🎉

Congratulations, Real Madrid! 👏


Madrid Tomas Y. 🏌 @thernandez_pr25🔁 Real Madrid are gonna need a bigger trophy room.
Madrid FOX Soccer @FOXSoccer🔁ARE YOU SERIOUS! Gareth Bale scores one of the best goals you'll EVER see to give Real Madrid a 2-1 lead! #UCLfinal
Madrid MisterChip (Alexis) @2010MisterChip🔁Más Copas de Europa:
0️⃣7️⃣ AC Milan
0️⃣5️⃣ Barcelona, Bayern, Liverpool y CRISTIANO RONALDO
#UCLfinal @ChampionsLeague🔁🎉 CHAMPIONS! 🎉

Congratulations, Real Madrid! 👏


Rocket Queen 🚀 @QUEENjessone🔁On Tour June 2018 in Europe 🌍
Tickets at
8.6 -
10 .6 -
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Stefan Roberts @Cameron_Robs🔁 Real Madrid would like to thank Liverpool FC for turning up to their training session😂
Marcel Sierra @negroprimero71🔁A pair of Liverpool supporters show solidarity with ahead of the UEFA between Liverpool and Real Madrid.
farhah @farhahwashere🔁 Congrats Real Madrid and i still hate you 😈
Will Bancroft @billybankers🔁👉Injured Mo Salah(Dislocated Shoulder)
👉Evil Laugh As Left
👉Great Acting. Referee Gives A Free Kick Watching It With Both Eyes
👉Knocked Down The Goalie

That's Your Captain, Real Madrid? RT If You Feel Sergio Ramos Is A Disgrace.

Purelyordinary @viganeswaranrau🔁Congratulations, Real Madrid. AMAZING TO WIN IT 3 TIMES IN A ROW. Congrats to Man Utd fans as well, I understand the feeling. But still, fuck Ramos.
hellhellharley @anirolfel20🔁 Sergio Ramos is an arsehole. I feel so sad for Mo Salah. What a tragedy. Bloody hate Madrid.
HUNT DIFFERENTLY @JayHibbs5🔁I hate Liverpool at the best of times, but the way they left it to Real Madrid players to comfort their own player at probably the lowest point of his career just cements why I can't stand them!
Sayeed @sayeedmunim🔁Jurgen Klopp in his post-match press conference: Congratulations to Real Madrid.

Of course, it (Salah injury) was a big moment in the game. It was a kinda harsh challenge, it's like wrestling. It's unlucky that Mo fell on his shoulder. It's a really serious injury.

Dire @Dire_Corpse666🔁Ronaldo has a contract. Florentino Pérez has just said that. Which means that not only he has tried to overshadow the historical victory, but it is only Real Madrid who can decide his future (€1b buy out clause). On the other hand, Bale...
Saiyaara @BeingKushSharma🔁Let’s be serious here.

Real Madrid deserves to win it. They beat

PSG (French champions)
Juve (Italian champions)
Bayern (German champions)

En route to the final.

Plus Gareth Bale’s goal fit to win any football match. Never mind a UCL final.

Nobody can deny them.


EzdEHar @EzdE707🔁“Hey guys, there’s a bus leaving tomorrow morning for Madrid from Ramses Square (Cairo). We’re gathering at 9am but you better not be late ‘cos we’re gonna beat the living deen out of this guy. Oh and if we have any spare time, we’re totally conquering Andalusia again...”


George Ngcobo @GeorgeNgcoboSA🔁Cristiano’s CL campaign ended up with him being the top goal scorer for the 6th Consecutive season. 100th European club game win& his 5th CL trophy in his career with him being a big part of Madrid’s back to back to back CL wins. Call it what you want he’s a legend of the game 🐐
JIAYI Young @JiayiZS🔁Congratulations to on their unprecedented 13th championship title. We're proud to work with a team that pushes the boundaries of what's possible.
black iverson @Donatkap_14🔁In this world people will do whatever it takes to discredit you. Now people are saying Ronaldo didn't contribute anything. The man scored 15 goals in UCL for Madrid. You think Madrid jumped from Matchday 1 to the final?
buzzort @buzzort🔁New post (Ronaldo to 'give answer in days' on Real Madrid future) has been published on Buzzort -
Jack WillPower @fauwazzup🔁 UCL prediction. Madrid 3-1 Liverpool. #ismailpundit #eypredict
J. @Joseeagq_🔁Más Copas de Europa:
0️⃣7️⃣ AC Milan
0️⃣5️⃣ Barcelona, Bayern, Liverpool y CRISTIANO RONALDO
narayan @Nadu_unchained🔁BREAKING: Real Madrid win record 13th UEFA Champions League title and their third in a row, with a 3-1 victory over Liverpool.
Grace Martin @GraceMa63855513🔁 Gareth wins it for Real Madrid with a wonder goal and a howler. Surely any club would pay the Bale now.
Param Dhillon😎🙏(Follow Back &Rt)👌 @paramdhillon66🔁Shots in the first 15 minutes..

⚪️ Real Madrid - 1
🔴 Liverpool - 6

A strong start from Klopp's men in Kiev 👍

ryaan @Ryaaan31🔁GOAL: Real Madrid 3 - 1 Liverpool. Somebody take Loris Karius off. He's awful. Gareth Bale scores again but Karius has had a nightmare.


Juan A Rodríguez @juanrodpfft🔁ICYMI: Today in Madrid the organization is holding a round-table entitled “The Human Cost of Brexit.” Read here an interview with Eurocitizens president Michael Harris about the outlook Britons in Spain are currently facing
Jorge Baquerizo @BaquerizoJorge🔁Zinedine Zidane has won a trophy every 97 days on average since taking charge of Real Madrid in January 2016.

He has won 9 of the 13 trophies available to him. 😳

elvy_ne @elvy_ne🔁Real Madrid's European Cup success:

1956 🏆🔥
1957 🏆🔥
1958 🏆🔥
1959 🏆🔥
1960 🏆🔥
1966 🏆🔥
1998 🏆🔥
2000 🏆🔥
2002 🏆🔥
2014 🏆🔥
2016 🏆🔥
2017 🏆🔥
2018 🏆🔥

Luke Hurding @LukeHurding🔁 Three weird goals. All-time stunner overhead kick plus two goalie howlers. Madrid have clearly rigged football somehow


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