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Popular tweets tagged with #MaddenRewards:
#MaddenRewards DemiGodSquad @NotSkeeter🔁 XB1 #MaddenRewards code! First come, first serve! Tweet me with picture of you got it!
#MaddenRewards Russ @Zeus_Zeke🔁If anyone wants this I will sell it for MSP! DM me if interested! #MaddenRewards
#MaddenRewards ️ @1rhquvn_🔁codes still being rolled out? haven't received my email yet 🌚 @mutguru #maddenrewards
#MaddenRewards Cesar @cjdel95🔁 Thank you @EASPORTS_MUT #MaddenRewards #Madden18
Mr_Cintron @Mr_Cintron🔁@BigEdTheDrummer I'm still waiting for my #MaddenRewards like...
#MaddenRewards scOOT @scOOT594🔁 @MUTGuru @EASPORTS_MUT Thanks for the hookup can't wait to start the grind #MaddenRewards
#MaddenRewards dewillia16 @TayillWill🔁Thanks @EASPORTS_MUT and the whole team for this ✌ #MaddenRewards #Madden18
#MaddenRewards Mag Goodwin @magkneezum🔁#MaddenRewards I LOVE this game.. Thank You!!! @Jstein2469 @EASPORTS_MUT @EAMaddenNFL @MUTGuru
Mike McFadden @MUTGuru🔁We've gone DIGITAL this year to give even more codes and go international! Random members can soon find this in thei r inbox!
Mike McFadden @MUTGuru🔁All codes have been sent out. #MaddenRewards #Madden18
Mike McFadden @MUTGuru🔁Thanks brother - wish everyone could've gotten one of course.

Congrats to everyone who got one this year!

MagVikingsFan @Magvikesfan🔁 Check your MUTRewards inbox!
#MaddenRewards #Madden18
Ivory D. Williams @IWILLX2🔁 RT if you did NOT get #MADDENRewards
Packwolf @Bertholomey🔁Some of you lucky folks might be receiving an email like this. Be sure to check your SPAM folder today!
David Young @DaveoYoung🔁We've gone DIGITAL this year to give even more codes and go international! Random members can soon find this in their inbox!
bayoudad @BayouDad🔁Congrats to all the people that #Madden18 codes today @mutguru @RexDEAFootball and guys did great work 10 hours to go #MaddenRewards
Mike @NAMike14🔁I would be more pissed about not getting a #MaddenRewards code if the GOAT edition didn't come out in 10 hours.
Colin @BallinxColin🔁Giving the code you guys sent me to a friend since I already paid for mine. Thanks a lot guys @MUTGuru @RexDEAFootball #MaddenRewards
Josh Harris (Xbox) @Thejosh1492🔁Thanks brother - wish everyone could've gotten one of course.

Congrats to everyone who got one this year!

Jacob @SorryImJacobb🔁Trading PS4 code for XBOX code. Not going first. #MaddenRewards
Shagsylum#BlitzSquad @ItsaBlitz🔁 All codes have been sent out. #MaddenRewards #Madden18
Qastreaking @qastreaking🔁Thanks @EASPORTS_MUT @MUTGuru @RexDEAFootball for the free copy 2 years in a row! #maddenrewards
DastardlyD @DastardlyDuncan🔁Did anyone in the UK get #MADDENRewards - interested to know.
JJ ONES @jj_on3z🔁Hit me up if you got a free copy of madden from the #MaddenRewards
gmia @GmiasWorld🔁Thank you @RexDEAFootball #Madden18 #MaddenRewards
ZachMerces @ZachMerces🔁@RexDEAFootball @MUTGuru Super duper thankful! ❤️🙌 feels good to be back! #MADDENRewards #MaddenSeason
Rex Dickson @RexDEAFootball🔁Overwhelmed by the thank you's. You guys are welcome! RIP Notifications. Thanks @MUTGuru #MaddenRewards #Madden18
Randle Yo @61beatz🔁This first year of mut I was hoping I got one but I didn't unless someone is kind enough to give me one 😭 #MaddenRewards
..... @A4mut🔁It's all good. @MUTGuru @RexDEAFootball. Congrats to the people that won a free copy!! 🔥 #MaddenRewards
#🐐Y BELLINGER @TheUltraDex🔁Going 0/3 on getting an early copy SMH #MaddenRewards
White Walker @ThatBoyElk🔁@skinsfan815831 @MUTGuru @Mutwieners @EASPORTS_MUT If you send one to me, I'll be able to hop online and beat you 🏈 #MaddenRewards
Jose Gonzalez @JgJkuervo🔁@EAMaddenNFL can I get one of those Madden Codes #MaddenRewards I need one "W" today
GOAT @LeBronMyMVP🔁Anyone have a digital copy of madden 18 for PS4? I would love one DM me if you have one thanks! #MaddenRewards
..... @A4mut🔁Fucking christ seems like everyone got one but me #MaddenRewards


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